’s Editorial Guidelines

Our Mission has a strong and unwavering commitment to creating honest, independent, and objective reviews and recommendations on automotive products and services. Our mission is to supply readers with the well-researched and fact-checked information they need to make sound purchasing decisions.

Key Principles

Our team takes great pride in the extensive, behind-the-scenes research that goes into all of our reviews. Each year, we evaluate over 1,000 auto products and services and follow strict editorial standards to produce our content.

  • Firsthand Experience: We verify each product’s quality through hands-on research, and our team follows an in-depth testing process for products we review in person. We aim to perform in-house testing on real vehicles whenever possible before making our recommendations. For automotive services such as car warranties and car shipping, we work to gain as much direct product experience as possible to evaluate providers. While many publishers produce reviews based solely on online research, our team fully vets each service. We’ve personally shipped cars across the country, purchased extended warranty plans, and mystery shopped various providers to obtain hundreds of pricing quotes.
  • Reader-First Reviews: Before writing a review or informational article, we analyze what matters most to our readers. We’ve surveyed over 15,000 auto insurance, warranty, shipping, and loans customers to understand the factors consumers weigh when purchasing a product or service. We also review the top terms and questions shoppers search when researching a product to direct our fact-finding efforts.
  • Editorial Independence: Our reviews are always objective and not influenced by advertising relationships or affiliate partnerships. Our editorial team works independently to create impartial, high-quality articles that are based on thousands of hours of research.

Our Team

The editorial team consists of experienced automotive researchers, product testers, and journalists. 

In addition to Motor1, our writers have contributed to auto news sites such as Automoblog and HotCars. One of our senior product testers is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician through Safe Kids Worldwide and is taking an Automotive Repair Technician course through Penn Foster. When our team doesn’t have the expertise necessary to test a specific product, we consult with other experts in the field. Jonathan Benson, founder of, serves as an independent tire tester with more than 15 years of experience in the tire industry and countless hours spent testing products on the track.

We also operate a product testing facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Affiliate Partnerships

Our content is free to consumers and always will be because and their partners may be compensated if you purchase a product or service through the links on our website. 

The compensation we receive from the brands reviewed provides a sustainable source of funding that allows us to deliver better content, creative, and digital tools to readers.

Our Methodology

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