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If you are a resident of Texas, chances are you will need to take a driving safety course at some point. A course for defensive driving in Texas can help you get a minor ticket dismissed or save money on car insurance.

This article will discuss the best Texas online defensive driving courses available. We’ll explain how these driver safety courses work in Texas and help you find the right option for your needs.

In general, we recommend American Safety Council for driver safety classes. The company offers some of the lowest prices among online traffic schools and is worth comparing against any other option.

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    Texas Driver Safety Overview

    Texans drive a lot. Especially around sprawling cities such as Houston, living in Texas means spending a good amount of time in your car, and that time can be dangerous. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 12,161 serious injury crashes in Texas in 2018.

    A Texas driving safety course is required for those trying to get a learner’s permit or looking to get a traffic ticket dismissed. The state of Texas does not mandate a car insurance discount for drivers who complete a defensive driving class. However, many auto insurance companies will offer premium reductions to customers who do.

    4 Best Defensive Driving Courses In Texas

    Here are our top four picks for defensive driving online courses in Texas.

    Defensive Driving Texas
    CompanyOur RatingCourse CostText / Video / AudioExpedited Certificate DeliveryLength of CourseCost for Driving Record
    American Safety Council4.5$25 for text, $34.95 for video*AllYes6 hours$24.95
    iDriveSafely4$25 for text, $34.99 for videoAllYes6 hours$24.95
    Comedy Defensive Driving4$25 online, $29.95 in personVideo onlyYes6 hours$19.95
    DriversEd.com3.5$25Video onlyYes6 hours$24.99

    *American Safety Council offers defensive driving courses through and Video course cost represents

    Prices for Texas defensive driving online courses are similar across the board, so it comes down to how you want to take your course. Consider whether you are a text- or video-based learner as you take a closer look at Texas driving schools.

    Video is more engaging for some learners, but others can complete a text-based course far more quickly and efficiently. Beyond that, a less common choice is an audio driver safety course. You can listen to lessons while performing household tasks or taking a walk. Some driver safety companies, such as Comedy Defensive Driving, also offer an in-person option.

    Why Take A Course For Defensive Driving In Texas?

    Like many states, Texas has a license point system. Any time you are found guilty of a traffic violation, points are added to your record. Once you accumulate six or more points in a three-month period, you are required to pay surcharges. If you receive four moving violations in a twelve-month period, you can have your license suspended.

    Defensive Driving Courses Prevent Minor License Points

    There is no way to have points removed from your Texas driving record except by waiting. Points remain on your license for a minimum of three years. You can, however, prevent some points from being assessed by completing a Texas-approved driver safety course. For some violations, you may be eligible for ticket dismissal but check with a traffic court official to be sure.

    After you get a ticket for a minor offense, pay the Texas traffic ticket first. Then, go to the Texas court in your county on the date of your hearing. Negotiate with the judge to hold the points that would have been added to your record in exchange for a defensive driving certificate.

    Defensive Driving Courses Can Reduce Car Insurance Premiums

    Another reason to take a defensive driving course online in Texas is to lower your car insurance rates. Many auto insurance providers will give a discount of up to 10 percent, but you should verify this with your provider before signing up for a class to save money.

    In addition to completing a Texas state-approved driving safety class, drivers often need to produce driving records for ticket dismissal. Every Texas defensive driving school included in the table above will obtain your driving records for a fee.

    When Can You Take Defensive Driving In Texas?

    You can take defensive driving in Texas once a year to keep points from a minor ticket off your record. Note that you still need to pay for the ticket, but you’ll avoid getting driver’s license points. And if your insurance offers a discount for taking defensive driving in Texas, one class is good for three years.

    In some cases, a judge may allow you to take a defensive driving course again within a 12-month period and apply it to another minor incident. This depends on the judge and how you present your case in court.

    American Safety Council: Best For Defensive Driving In Texas

    In our research, we found American Safety Council to have the best combination of cost, customer experience, and variety of learning styles.

    The company provides convenient means for completing Texas driving safety courses, offering both defensive driving and driver’s ed programs. Defensive driving courses can easily be completed using text, video, or audio options, and a certificate of completion can be expedited to meet a ticket dismissal deadline.

    You can get the course requirements done at your own pace as long as you finish within court requirements. That means you can work the six-hour course into your routine without too much hassle.

    We also think ASC presents the most flexibility when it comes to driver’s ed with parent-led and self-taught options. The ability to take a permit test online will save you a trip to the Texas Department of Public Safety, too.

    To start a driver safety course with American Safety Council, use the sign-up box below.

    Driver's Ed
    Adult Driver's Ed

    Runner-Up: Comedy Defensive Driving Texas

    Comedy Defensive Driving is a good choice for in-person or video defensive driving classes. The video class is designed to be entertaining, with professional comedians leading the course and bringing levity to the usually dry subject of driver safety. Prices for video classes are lower than competitors, and Comedy Defensive Driving offers expedited certificate delivery. It’s a relatively painless way to get your defensive driving Texas online course out of the way.

    Keep in mind that Comedy Defensive Driving does not offer a driver’s education class. But while the company only does one thing, it does that thing well.

    How Much Does It Cost To Take Defensive Driving In Texas?

    Compared to other states, Texas defensive driving courses are averagely priced. You could pay anywhere from $15 to $40 depending on your location. That’s affordable when considering the class could save you from paying more in insurance over the next few years.

    Final Thoughts

    Texas online driver’s ed and defensive driving classes are easy to take, and many are state-approved. We believe the most important elements of an online driving safety course in Texas are price, convenience, and customer service reliability. This is why we recommend American Safety Council.

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