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Defensive driving courses can take anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on the state. That’s a long time to listen to someone lecture about traffic signs and turn signals. Comedy Defensive Driving attempts to make those hours a little more entertaining by hiring professional comedians to teach its classes.

Our review takes a closer look at the Comedy Defensive Driving school. We explain how each class works by state and comb through customer reviews.

Comedy Defensive Driving is available in Texas, Florida, and New Jersey. If you are looking for online auto safety classes in other states, our top recommended driver safety provider is American Safety Council. You can sign up for a class by following the link below.

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    About Comedy Defensive Driving

    Founded in 1989, Comedy Defensive Driving offers state-certified driving classes in Texas, Florida, and New Jersey.

    Classes will be a little different in every state, because every state has different traffic laws. But the general schtick of Comedy Defensive Driving is the same everywhere: Learn through funny videos with amusing animations. Comedy Defensive Driving tries to take as much pain as possible out of what can be a tedious process.

    As its name suggests, Comedy Defensive Driving offers defensive driving courses specifically. It does not have driver’s education or mature driver classes. The Florida and New Jersey classes are exclusively offered online. In Texas, you have the option to sign up for in-person classes.

    How It Works

    The Comedy Defensive Driving animations are low-quality and the comedians mediocre, but the final product is amusing. There is a certain charm to the cheesy jokes and low-budget illustration. While comedians aren’t top-notch, they are experienced performers, and you will learn the information you need to know. Just expect a lot of dad jokes.

    After watching a series of videos on topics such as traffic laws and defensive driving techniques, students are prompted to complete a multiple choice test. Lessons are punctuated by quizzes and tests that you can retake as many times as you need to pass. After passing the final exam, a certificate of completion can be mailed to your house or downloaded to your computer.

    The process for signing up and completing a Comedy Defensive Driving class is straightforward and simple:

    • Sign up online
    • Watch the provided videos
    • Take a final exam
    • Print a certificate of completion (or have it mailed for an additional fee)

    Comedy Defensive Driving guarantees that its classes will remove points from your license or dismiss your ticket. If not, there is a full refund policy.

    Comedy Defensive Driving Texas

    In Texas, there is a license point system. When you commit traffic violations, points are added to your license. The only way to remove these points is to wait (they remain on your license for three years), however in many cases, a Texas driver can have their traffic ticket dismissed if they attend a defensive driving school.

    Texas does not have a mandatory insurance reduction policy for defensive driving course completion, but many insurance companies will still reduce your car insurance rates. Check with your provider before signing up for a defensive driving course to find out.

    Comedy Defensive Driving offers online and in-person classes in Texas. Both are intended to last for six hours, but it may be possible to complete the online course more quickly. Comedy Defensive Driving Austin has the most in-person locations and even offers a Spanish class.

    The cost for the online class is $25. The price for in-person classes varies by location but starts at $29.95. Both are approved for ticket dismissal by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

    You can also order your driving record through Comedy Defensive Driving for $19.95.

    Comedy Traffic School Florida

    Driver’s licenses are suspended in Florida if they accumulate 12 points within 12 months. There is no way to remove points from your Florida license, but you can sometimes prevent points from being added in the first place by completing a state-certified traffic school.

    Florida does not have a mandatory insurance reduction policy for traffic school completion. Many insurance providers may still offer discounts though, so check with your provider before signing up for a class.

    The Comedy Defensive Driving traffic school in Florida is four hours long, and you can print your certificate of completion from home. It is approved by the state of Florida and will count toward point reductions. Including state fees and processing, the Comedy traffic school online class costs $24.95.

    Comedy Defensive Driving New Jersey

    New Jersey has a points reduction program that lets drivers remove two points from their licenses. This benefit is applied when you complete a state-certified defensive driving class.

    The state of New Jersey also requires that car insurance companies lower premiums for customers who complete a defensive driving course. The reduction can be as high as 10 percent and lasts for 3 years.

    The Comedy Defensive Driving course in New Jersey is six hours long and costs $28.95. It is officially approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commision.

    Comedy Defensive Driving Reviews

    Comedy Defensive Driving is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and currently holds an A+ rating. There are only two complaints filed through BBB, and both of them have been answered.

    There are no customer reviews on the BBB website, so we looked at reviews on Yelp, which were mixed. Most customers said that the service was quick and easy to use, but some complained about long processing times for certificates. However, there were only six reviews, which is a poor sample size.

    Reviews can also be found on This is a website that companies hire to solicit reviews from customers, so it may be biased toward favorable feedback. Customer reviews on this website were mostly positive (4.7 out of 5 stars). Customers were pleased with the program’s ease of use.

    Generally, people like the convenience and speed with which they are able to follow the Comedy Defensive Driving videos. They say the test is very easy, and few have had issues with customer service.

    Verdict On Comedy Defensive Driving

    A Comedy Defensive Driving class is an easy way to get a ticket dismissed or lower insurance rates. Though the animations and comedians are of middling quality, most people think they make the lessons entertaining. It’s not as amusing as professional standup, but it’s probably more entertaining than traditional traffic school.

    All courses have the necessary state approvals and can meet your legal needs. Lessons are succinct and easy to follow, and the class has a very high pass rate. You can take the test as many times as you need to pass. It’s a good choice if you have trouble paying attention for four to eight hours at a time.

    Comedy Defensive Driving is a little more expensive than other online defensive driving courses in Florida and New Jersey. You can probably save between $5 to $10 if you shop around. But for many, the amusement factor may make the price worth it.

    All Comedy Defensive Driving classes are taught through video with no text options. This won’t matter if you prefer video classes. However, if you are trying to complete a course as quickly as possible, you may prefer a text-based option.

    Our Recommendation For Driver Safety

    Comedy Defensive Driving isn’t a bad choice by any means, but availability is limited to three states. The company does not offer a driver’s ed or mature driver course.

    Our first choice for driver safety, American Safety Council has more services in more states and lower rates. It focuses on helping customers lower insurance premiums, reduce license points, or get their license. Comedy Defensive Driving may be worth the premium for more engaging content, but if it is not available to you or you want to skip the gimmicks, American Safety Council is a solid, easy-to-use alternative.

    If you are looking for the fastest and cheapest way to complete a driver safety class, sign up with American Safety Council.

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