When it comes to extended warranties, a portion of your payment typically goes toward the provider’s overhead, staff, and other expenses. Wholesale Warranties, however, works with a small internal staff and a wide network of dealerships, repair facilities, and other brokerage firms. This allows the company to provide customers with some of the most affordable, yet still comprehensive, coverage plans in the industry.

While the company has a distinct focus on RV extended warranties, it also offers a variety of auto extended warranties, several add-on benefits, and nationwide coverage. It also boasts some of the highest overall customer ratings on third-party review sites. Below, we provide a complete overview of Wholesale Warranties and its coverage options.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a provider specifically focused on car extended warranties, our team has researched and put together a complete guide of the best extended auto warranty providers. We recommend collecting free quotes from several companies and comparing them to find the best protection.

Summary: What We Think About Wholesale Warranties

Wholesale Warranties has been providing extended car service contracts for the past 14 years. With deep roots in the RV community, the company does offer more extended warranty plans for RVs as opposed to other vehicles. If you happen to be a proud RV owner, Wholesale Warranties comes highly recommended.

Even if you’re looking for extended car coverage, Wholesale Warranties may be a good option for you. It enjoys an undeniably large network across the United States and Canada and has a team of knowledgeable warranty representatives who will work to find the extended warranty plan that best meets your needs.

Wholesale Warranties Coverage Options

Wholesale Warranties offers several coverage options through its network of highly rated insurance carriers and repair facilities. Currently, the company offers two types of warranties: auto extended warranties and RV extended warranties. Below, we give an overview of each warranty plan and what it offers:

Auto Extended Warranties

Wholesale Warranties’ auto extended warranty was designed for cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and trucks. As these vehicles typically are used daily, the plans provide coverage especially for this type of frequent use.

Wholesale Warranties offers a wide variety of vehicle warranty options, ranging from specific components (i.e., engine, steering, transmission) to comprehensive coverage. Furthermore, each plan can be customized for every driver, and is available with nationwide coverage across the U.S. and Canada. One of the company’s auto extended service contract specialists will work with you to find a policy perfect for your particular needs.

RV Extended Warranties

This is the clear focus of Wholesale Warranties, which provides three different RV extended warranty options and two optional add-ons. All of the RV warranty plans are fully transferable and can be canceled at any time with a prorated refund. Below, we outline all the RV coverage options available:

Motorhome Warranties

Motorhomes are the most massive of all RVs, generally measuring 26–25 feet long, 8–8.5 feet wide, and between 13,000–30,000 pounds.

  • Coach Only RV Warranty: Basic, yet affordable, coverage. Excludes the engine and powertrain, but still safeguards policyholders from the most expensive repairs and replacements.
  • Comprehensive RV Warranty: The most popular choice, which covers against common RV concerns, including engine, transmission, air conditioning, and the like.
  • Exclusionary RV Warranty: The highest level of coverage available for complete peace of mind. Excludes pre-existing conditions, regular maintenance, and aesthetic or structural components (paint, windows).

Trailer And Fifth Wheel Coverage

Trailers and fifth wheel models are RVs towed by another vehicle. However, at about 22–40 feet long and 7,000–20,000 pounds, they still receive their share of wear and tear when you hit the road.

  • Comprehensive Towable RV Warranty: Protects against the most common trailer failures, including most mechanical and electrical components, seals and gaskets, and deluxe appliances.
  • Exclusionary Towable RV Warranty: The most comprehensive coverage to safeguard almost every part of your vehicle. Excludes pre-existing conditions, regular maintenance, and aesthetic and structural components (fabric, glass).

Pop-Up Camper Protection

Pop-up campers are lightweight, with a trailer on the bottom and tent on top. According to Curbed, they typically range from 8–16 feet in length, weigh 700-4,000 pounds, and still have many of the same mechanisms as larger RVs.

Optional Add-ons

Wholesale Warranties also offers 24/7/365 RV roadside assistance and unlimited RV towing. Customers can also purchase RV Wheel and Tire Protection to cover costs for any tire or rim replacement and repair.

Wholesale Warranties Quotation And Claims Process

Wholesale Warranties has received great customer feedback on sites, such as Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Customer Lobby. Reviews share that the provider’s quotation and claims process is quick and easy, and Wholesale Warranties boasts several five-star ratings.

Wholesale Warranties Quote Process

Wholesale Warranties requires all interested customers to contact them for a free quote. To get a quote for auto extended warranty, fill out a one-page online form, which asks for standard personal and vehicle information.

Quotes for RV extended warranties require a three-step online form. The process is fairly easy and asks for similar personal and vehicle information.

After the form has been sent, you can expect to be contacted by a Wholesale Warranties specialist by email or telephone. Alternatively, no matter what type of extended warranty you’re interested in, you can also call 800-939-2806 to speak directly to an agent.

Wholesale Warranties Claims Process

While the claims process differs depending on the actual warranty company, it generally follows a standard claims process. After filing a claim, a warranty specialist from Wholesale Warranties’ internal claims department will guide you through the entire three-step process.

The first step includes bringing your vehicle to any licensed repair facility in the U.S. or Canada. Then, the repair facility will diagnose the problem and contact your specific warranty company for pre-authorization on the required repairs or replacements. Without a pre-authorization, no expenses will be covered.

Finally, after all required repair work is finished, you can pick up your vehicle and the bill goes straight to the warranty company. Wholesale Warranties pays for all covered parts and labor on pre-authorized service.

Wholesale Warranties Customer Service Reviews

Wholesale Warranties has a great online reputation, with a 4.9 rating (across 111 reviews) from Google Reviews, is an accredited business with an A+ rating on BBB, and an overall five star rating (out of 370 reviews) on Customer Lobby. Below are some of the most recent customer reviews:

“Wow! My vocabulary is too small to verbalize my positive feelings and experiences I have had with Wholesale Warranties. From the purchase of my plan to the claims process – flawless! … Wholesale Warranties is the best value, best customer service, and allows me the confidence to hit the open road without having to worry about breakdowns or unexpected repairs. I love this company.”

– Howard Baker on Google Reviews, 2019

“I am a tough customer to please when it comes to warranties. Wholesale Warranties has been over the top in customer service … I have used my policy twice in the seven months … both claims were handled above my expectations. From purchase of the policy to the claims, I could not be happier. I would and have recommended Wholesale Warranties to friends and family.”

– H.S. Baker, on BBB, July 2019

“A very reliable insurance plan. I shopped around and was told by several on the forums this was a good reliable company. I priced several others and this was not only the least expensive, but offered unlimited miles and covered most everything including TVs and other electronics. I have had to make several claims, and they all were paid within a day of being billed by the camper repair facility.”

–Terry D. on Customer Lobby, July 2019

Cost Of Wholesale Warranties Coverage

Although Wholesale Warranties doesn’t offer any set rates on their site, it does claim to provide owners with some of the most affordable extended warranties. It also works with several providers and is more than willing to find a coverage option with payment plans or financing to fit your budget.

Wholesale Warranties’ plans cover both parts and labor, and customers only have to pay deductibles per visit, not per part. This means that if several covered repairs are needed, you will only have to pay a single deductible. Customer reviews have also mentioned receiving very reasonable offers through their company.

Conclusion: Our Verdict On Wholesale Warranties

Through the years, Wholesale Warranties has become particularly known for its range of RV extended warranty options and for being an active member of the RV community.

However, even those looking for auto extended warranties still may want to consider contacting Wholesale Warranties. Despite its small size, the company has developed a strong network of top rated insurance carriers and repair facilities across the country, and has an in-house team of warranty experts dedicated to finding comprehensive coverage at affordable rates – no matter what vehicle you own.

Our Take

Pros Three different RV extended warranties, with two optional add-ons Coverage across the U.S. and Canada A wide industry network and ability to customize coverage Plans cover both parts and labor Deductibles paid per visit, not per item
Cons Not many options or information about auto extended warranties Company doesn’t provide plans or coverage itself Prices not listed on website

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