The British Range Rover essentially created the luxury SUV category in the United States when the first model arrived in 1987. Today, Range Rover is the top of the Land Rover family and includes four model lines: Evoque, Velar, Range Rover Sport, and the flagship, called simply Range Rover.

Range Rover’s warranty is fairly typical for luxury brands. Some luxury SUV makers offer more generous warranties and have better reputations for quality and reliability.

Customers love Range Rovers for their distinctive design, sumptuous luxury, powerful performance and, let’s be honest, image. In fact, the brand has one of the highest customer loyalty ratings in the industry, according to J.D. Power.

Despite that love, we think Range Rover customers should consider buying an extended auto warranty. Land Rover/Range Rover dealers offer such an option, but looking to third-party providers reveals more choices, potentially better value, and a much wider selection of repair facilities.

We’ve researched such aftermarket auto warranties and ranked what we think are the best extended car warranty companies. We think your best bet as a Range Rover buyer would be to consider a top-tier plan from one of our recommended providers. That’s based on Range Rover’s reliability (hint: not great) and cost of repairs (hint: expensive).

When shopping for an extended warranty, we’ve found that if you get several free quotes, you can end up with the best deal.



Range Rover Warranty Details

The top Range Rover model can zoom past $200,000 fully optioned. Despite that, you still get the same 4-year/50,0000-mile bumper-to-bumper new vehicle warranty as the customer buying a Range Rover Evoque, which starts at $42,650.

Range Rover WarrantyCoverage Length
Limited Warranty (includes powertrain)4 years/50,000 miles
Corrosion Perforation6 years/unlimited miles
Roadside Assistance4 years/50,000 miles

Range Rover Emissions Warranty

As with all new vehicles, there are also mandated emission control system warranties. Range Rover includes the main emissions warranty in its 4-year/50,000-mile new vehicle warranty, compared to the 2-year/24,000-mile coverage mandated by the federal government. That’s a good thing.

In California and the states that follow its emissions rules, coverage is extended on certain emission control components. Check your Range Rover warranty booklet or ask a dealer for details. In all states, mandated coverage includes 8 years/80,000 miles for certain components, including the powertrain control module and catalytic converters. That, too, is a good thing, since replacing a Range Rover’s catalytic converter can cost over $2,000, according to RepairPal.

Range Rover Roadside Assistance

Included with the 4-year/50,000-mile warranty, Land Rover/Range Rover roadside assistance provides flat tire changes, emergency fuel delivery, battery jump-starts, and unlocking service. The included complimentary towing will take your disabled vehicle to the nearest Land Rover/Range Rover dealer, or to another Land Rover/Range Rover dealer of your choice within 50 miles of the nearest dealer.

Depending on where you live, a Range Rover dealer may be far away. There are just 185 total dealers in the U.S., and some states don’t have any.

The Land Rover/Range Rover Roadside Assistance Program provides what it terms “reasonable reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses if a warranty-related disablement occurs more than 50 miles from home.”

In some markets, your Range Rover roadside assistance may come from a factory-trained Land Rover Mobile Technician driving a specially equipped Land Rover model.

Range Rover Warranty Exclusions

As with any brand’s new vehicle warranty, Range Rover’s warranty comes with some exclusions to coverage. While Range Rover touts its vehicles’ off-road capability, it is important to note that the warranty will not cover damage resulting from the misuse of the vehicle. We’d suggest consulting a Land Rover/Range Rover dealer about what constitutes “misuse” before driving into the wilderness.

What is clear is that the Range Rover warranty will not cover damage from road salt, tree sap, bird droppings, dings or dents, stone chips, bad weather, objects striking the vehicle, scratches, collision damage, or floods. Those are common exclusions in any brand’s warranty, but those are also some conditions that you might encounter when driving off-road.



Comparing Range Rover’s Warranty

Range Rover is part of the same company as Jaguar, and the two brands share many mechanical features, such as engines and other components. It’s too bad they don’t share a warranty, as well, because Jaguar’s new vehicle warranty covers the vehicle for 5 years/60,000 miles, including the powertrain.

In addition, Jaguars come with complimentary scheduled maintenance for that period, but Range Rovers do not. Range Rover dealers offer prepaid scheduled service plans for an extra cost.

Here’s how Range Rover compares to several brands that offer SUVs in its price spectrum:


New Vehicle Warranty

Powertrain Warranty

Range Rover

4 years/50,000 miles

4 years/50,000 miles


3 years/unlimited miles

3 years/unlimited miles


4 years/50,000 miles

4 years/50,000 miles


4 years/50,000 miles

6 years/70,000 miles


5 years/60,000 miles

5 years/60,000 miles


4 years/50,000 miles

6 years/70,000 miles


4 years/50,000 miles

6 years/70,000 miles


4 years/50,000 miles

4 years/50,000 miles



Land Rover’s Certified Pre-Owned Program

According to Cox Automotive, some 60 percent of Land Rover/Range Rover customers lease their new vehicles. This is important to know for two reasons.

First, if you are among those who lease, you do not need to be concerned about an extended warranty. Just by the way most leases are structured, these customers are generally always within the warranty.

Second, many of those lease-return vehicles are resold through Range Rover’s certified pre-owned (CPO) program. All Land Rover CPO vehicles must have less than 60,000 miles and be less than 5 years old to be eligible for this program. You’re likely to find many CPO models with fewer miles and younger than that. Each vehicle selected for the CPO program goes through a 165-point inspection.

Range Rover’s CPO warranty is strong. Known as the Land Rover Approved Certified Limited Warranty, it covers CPO Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles for a total of 7 years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first, measured from the vehicle’s original in-service date.

In a brief search of Range Rover CPO inventory, we found several 2017 Range Rover models with 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Consider the example of a Range Rover placed into new service exactly three years ago, and that has 25,000 miles. The CPO warranty, which is comprehensive but not exactly the same as a new Range Rover’s warranty, will cover the vehicle for another four years or 75,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Buying a CPO Range Rover closer to the program’s limit on age and mileage in the CPO program will cost less, but it will leave you with less warranty coverage. That’s a compelling reason to consider an extended car warranty or service contract. Keep reading for additional evidence to support that suggestion.



Range Rover Quality And Reliability

As mentioned, Land Rover/Range Rover does not have a stellar reputation for reliability. So why do owners love these vehicles? The customers that largely drive Range Rovers are in a demographic group that can afford to own or lease several vehicles at once, and so dealing with a disabled car is not as big an issue as it may be for many other people.

Land Rover/Range Rover scored second from worst in the 2019 J.D. Power U.S. Initial Quality StudySM, which looks at problems owners experience in the first 90 days. (The 2020 study is scheduled for release in June 2020.)

Range Rover landed in last place in the 2020 J.D. Power U.S. Vehicle Dependability StudySM, which tracks problems experienced after three years of ownership. (In the 2019 study, the brand was second-to-last behind Fiat, which moved up several slots for 2020. For 2018, Land Rover/Range Rover was second-to-last behind Chrysler.)



Range Rover Extended Warranty 

Range Rover dealers offer an extended warranty called the Land Rover Vehicle Protection Plan. The company says it “covers nearly every mechanical component of the vehicle.” There is a $100 deductible, but this is waived if repairs are performed at an authorized Land Rover dealer. The warranty is transferable.

The comprehensive coverage includes most vehicle systems, such as:

  • Powertrain components
  • Transmission and drive axle components, including four-wheel drive
  • Suspension and steering components
  • Electronics (audio and navigation systems)

We recommend that you compare the Range Rover Vehicle Protection Plan to the top-level plans offered by our recommended third-party providers. Consider cost, coverage, and added benefits, such as roadside assistance with trip interruption reimbursement.



Range Rover Repairs Can Be Expensive

Loyal Range Rover customers are likely not surprised by the need for repairs, nor the cost, either. But if you switch to Range Rover from a different SUV brand, it pays to consider these costs before you buy.

We previously mentioned the cost of replacing a Range Rover catalytic converter. Here are costs for a few other repairs, based on data from RepairPal.

ModelRepairEstimated Cost
2018 Range RoverReplace water pump$1,198 to $1,308
2018 Range RoverFront suspension strut assembly (one wheel)$1,549 to $1,612
2017 Range Rover EvoqueReplace cylinder head gasket$2,027 to $2,529*
2017 Range Rover SportReplace supercharger assembly$4,351 to $4,560

*For this repair, 90 percent of the cost is for labor.



Other Warranty Choices For Range Rover

Since most Range Rover customers lease their vehicles, the most likely customer for an extended warranty might be someone buying a CPO vehicle. The CPO Range Rover warranty comes with a generous coverage period, but if you plan to keep the vehicle beyond that term, an extended warranty could be considered a solid investment.

Though we recommend getting top-tier plan coverage for a Range Rover, you will find that some third-party warranty providers also offer more affordable choices, such as a powertrain-only plan. That would still leave you vulnerable to the financial impact of a major repair elsewhere in the vehicle.

An aftermarket warranty from one of our top-ranked providers will cover repairs at more than 30,000 repair facilities around the U.S., usually with a deductible. A $0 deductible may be available, but with a higher plan cost.

Start by contacting one or more of the providers listed in our review of the best extended warranty companies. Make your comparisons before you shop for a Range Rover.

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