Speed Reads:

  • Porsche Vehicle Service Protection plans, or Porsche extended warranties come with two options: powertrain and platinum.
  • Porsche extended warranties come with perks like 24/7 roadside assistance, $250 towing reimbursement, and a rental car reimbursement.
  • The average breakdown repair cost for a Porsche is nearly $1,200; an extended warranty can help protect you from paying that total out of pocket.

Wondering if you need a Porsche extended warranty? We’ll help you decide by explaining Porsche’s extended warranty options as well as third-party alternatives such as those from Endurance, CarShield, and CARCHEX. If you choose to purchase an extended warranty, make sure it is from one of the best extended warranty companies.



Porsche Extended Warranty Plans

There are two Porsche extended warranty plan options (called Porsche Vehicle Service Protection plans): Platinum and Powertrain. Both warranties will provide coverage up to 10 years/100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Keep in mind this isn’t an additional 10 years past your factory warranty, but rather, a total of 10 years.

Porsche Extended Warranty PlanCoverage Terms
PowertrainUp to 10 years/100,000 miles
PlatinumUp to 10 years/100,000 miles

Porsche Extended Warranty Coverage

The Platinum Plan provides the most comprehensive coverage of the two options. It covers:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive axle
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Climate control
  • Shocks
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical system
  • Navigation
  • Audio and high-tech features

The Powertrain Plan is limited to the engine, transmissions, drive axle, and seals and gaskets. Some powertrain warranty plans don’t cover seals and gaskets, so it’s nice to see Porsche providing this coverage.

Porsche Extended Warranty Perks

In addition to the above coverage, your Porsche Vehicle Service Protection plan will also provide 24-hour roadside assistance, reimbursement up to $250 for towing, and rental car reimbursement ($50 per day) for up to 10 days while your car is being repaired.

You can select either a $100 or $250 deductible per claim. Plans with lower deductibles have higher premiums. The $100 option is technically a “disappearing” deductible, meaning if the covered repairs are performed at your selling dealership, the deductible is waived.

Porsche Extended Warranty Add-Ons

Porsche also sells the following plans separately:

  • Premier Tire & Wheel Protection: Protects against road hazards and comes with a $50 deductible per service session
  • Dent Protection: Repairs dents caused by normal use and comes with no deductible
  • Windshield Protection: Covers repair costs for damage caused by road hazards and comes with no deductible
  • Key/Key Fob Protection: Replaces keys or key fobs that are lost or damaged and comes with no deductible



Porsche Factory Warranty

Porsche offers similar factory warranty coverage to that of other luxury brands. Your new Porsche will be covered for 4 years/50,000 miles, whichever comes first. If you buy a certified pre-owned Porsche, you’re covered for two more years (unlimited miles).

Porsche’s factory warranty is exclusionary, so repairs will be covered unless explicitly noted as excluded in the warranty. Some exclusions include:

  • Tires damaged by road hazards or premature wear
  • Parts that fail due to normal wear and tear
  • Damage due to improper use of lubricants
  • Glass breakage (unless due to craftsmanship)

Make sure you follow Porsche’s maintenance guidelines. If you fail to change your oil or undertake other regular repairs, you could be denied coverage.

Either way, these warranties aren’t meant to last forever, and you’ll be on your own in four years at best. Fortunately, you can purchase an extended auto warranty either from Porsche or a third-party warranty company to continue that protection.



Do You Need A Porsche Extended Warranty?

Porsche ranked in the top four in the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study. But while these vehicles may be dependable, even the most reliable cars can break down at some point. And when a Porsche breaks down, repairs can be very expensive. The average Porsche annual repair cost weighs in at $1,192, according to RepairPal.

Just how expensive could those repair bills be? Let’s take a look at some repairs for the popular 2017 Porsche 911:

  • Head gasket replacement: $1,295 to $3,308
  • Water pump replacement: $944 to $1,181
  • Transmission replacement: $7,000 or more

If your car is not under either Porsche’s factory warranty or an extended warranty, you’re responsible for paying all repair bills. Having peace of mind to not pay out of pocket for repairs, especially with a Porsche is the main reason why customers choose to purchase extended warranties. According to our 2022 customer survey, these are the other top reasons why customers choose extended warranties.

Stylized graph of reasons customers chose an extended warranty.



Is Porsche’s Extended Warranty Your Best Option?

All in all, Porsche’s extended warranties aren’t bad. Many extended warranties only last eight years, so the ten-year option is solid. But should you get a Porsche Protection Plan? There are some drawbacks, especially regarding costs. While Porsche doesn’t publish prices, we found Porsche owners report paying $4,000 to $6,600 for a plan.

You’ll also have to negotiate with a Porsche dealer for coverage. Our research has found that dealers often mark up warranty costs by several hundred dollars.

Eligibility is a huge drawback for Porsche extended warranties. While contracts are available for new, pre-owned, and certified pre-owned Porsches, the vehicle must be under the 4-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty. If you found a good deal on a used Porsche and the warranty has already expired, you’re out of luck.

The fact is, you may be able to get a plan that provides just as much coverage, if not more, through a third-party auto warranty provider. These companies usually have more coverage options that can be customized to your vehicle. You can also get coverage if your Porsche is new, used, or certified pre-owned, even if it’s well past the manufacturer’s warranty period. Many times, a third-party warranty company will also be the cheaper option to cover your Porsche.

Endurance Porsche Extended Warranty

Our top recommendation for a Porsche extended warranty is Endurance. The company’s best plan, the Supreme plan, also has a Highline option designed for luxury and performance vehicles. This plan can cover any mechanical breakdown unless the part or damage is explicitly excluded. The following models qualify for Endurance’s Highline Supreme plan:

  • 718
  • 911 (except 911 Cabriolet)
  • GT models
  • Boxter
  • Cayman
  • Cayenne
  • Macan
  • Panamera
  • Taycon



Porsche Extended Warranty: Conclusion

Getting a Porsche extended warranty can give you peace of mind when your vehicle needs maintenance or repairs. The automaker’s coverage offerings come with comprehensive protection, but it comes with a large price tag. While the company’s warranty plans can be a good option, we recommend comparing multiple auto warranty providers to find the best deal for you.

You can start searching for warranty offers for your vehicle with the tool below.

Reputable Extended Car Warranty Companies

Interested in an extended warranty for your Porsche? Given the high repair costs, you may find that an extended warranty will pay for itself many times over. All Porsche owners should consider protecting their car and bank account with an extended warranty. Having the peace of mind to know that you’re covered in the case of a breakdown, especially with a car that can cost a lot to repair if you end up paying out of pocket.

We recommend reaching out to some of the best extended warranty companies, such as EnduranceCARCHEX, and CarShield, and seeing what coverage they offer for Porsches. You can compare quotes and coverage to Porsche’s extended warranty and select the best fit for your vehicle and budget.

Below is a breakdown of the most popular extended warranty providers, according to our survey results.

Most popular extended car warranty companies according to our survey

Porsche Extended Warranty vs. Third-Party

Here’s a quick comparison of the Porsche Extended Warranty compared to some of our most recommended third-party extended warranty providers.

Porsche Extended WarrantyEnduranceCARCHEXCarShield
Start DateAnytimeAnytimeAnytimeAnytime
Max Length of Coverage10 years/100,000 miles8 years/200,000+ miles10 years/250,000 miles300,000 miles
# of Plan Options2656
Deductible$100 or $250$0+$0+$0+
Trip Interruption
Roadside Assistance
Repair NetworkPorsche dealers onlyRepair facilities certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE®)> 30,000 facilities nationwideASE-Certified repair facilities
Cancellation PolicyNoRefund if within 30 daysRefund if within 30 daysRefund if within 30 days
AvailabilityFrom local dealerFree, instant quoteFree, instant quoteFree, instant quote