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Lincoln Warranty: Coverage And Terms

As Ford’s luxury line, a Lincoln warranty offers 4 years/50,000 miles of bumper-to-bumper protection.

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Brogan Woodburn
By: Brogan Woodburn Senior Writer

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Last Updated 01/14/2024

Motor1 Reviews Team Take:

  • The Lincoln New Vehicle Warranty includes comprehensive exclusionary coverage for 4 years/50,000 miles and powertrain coverage for 6 years/70,000 miles, whichever comes first. 
  • Lincoln warranty coverage on new vehicles also includes safety restraint, corrosion, and hybrid component coverage. 
  • Lincoln repair costs are high, meaning Lincoln owners can benefit considerably from extended warranty coverage.
Industry Standing: 4.3/5.0
Coverage: 4.9/5.0
Cost: 4.6/5.0
Transparency: 4.8/5.0
Customer Service: 4.3/5.0
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  • Best Coverage
  • Maximum Mileage: Up to 200,000 miles
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days for full refund
  • Longest Term: 8 years of coverage
  • Coverage Options: 6 plans including maintenance option
  • Discounts: $300 same-day signup discount, $250 shopping voucher, and others
Plan coverage includes Endurance Elite perks™
Exclusionary plan One-year membership for free
Powertrain plan Tire repair and replacement
Maintenance coverage with Endurance Advantage Key fob replacement
Roadside assistance Total loss protection
Towing Collision discount
Rental car $250 rewards voucher
Trip interruption coverage Endurance Protect app

The Lincoln warranty is a bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers the first four to six years of ownership. The company also offers extended car warranties that last for up to eight years. Extended warranties are a particularly good option for those looking for long-term coverage after the original Lincoln warranty expires.

Aside from the basic options provided by Lincoln, extended warranties can also be purchased at almost any time from third-party extended warranty providers. We’ve done in-depth research to come up with a list of the best extended car warranty providers, as well as why they come highly recommended. Compare quotes between these brands to find the best deal.

Lincoln New Vehicle Limited Warranty Coverage

Lincoln’s factory warranty, also referred to as the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, is comparable to those offered by other brands. As long as you properly operate and maintain your vehicle according to the owner’s manual, Lincoln guarantees the replacement and repair of any part that malfunctions due to a defect in factory-supplied materials or workmanship.

Lincoln WarrantyTerm LengthCoverage
Bumper-to-bumper warranty4 years/50,000 milesLincoln’s warranty covers most vehicle parts and systems – with a few exceptions – and is often referred to as a comprehensive warranty.
Powertrain warranty6 years/70,000 milesThe powertrain warranty covers the engine and transmission as well as the drive axle and front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive.
Safety restraint systems5 years/60,000 milesCovers defects in the vehicle’s safety belts and airbags.
Corrosion coverage5 years/unlimited milesLincoln’s warranty covers body sheet metal panels against corrosion due to manufacturer-supplied defects. If any damage has been caused by airborne materials, without any manufacturer-supplied defect, Lincoln will still cover paint damage for 12 months or 12,000 miles.
Roadside assistanceLifetime for original owners, 6 years/70,000 miles for secondary ownersRoadside assistance covers flat tire replacement (owners must provide spare), battery jumpstarts, lockout assistance, and up to two gallons of fuel delivery.
Hybrid Unique Components8 years/100,000 milesThis covers a hybrid vehicle’s electric drivetrain system as well as specific components.
Limited wear and tearVariesThis includes a limited tire warranty, wheel alignments, tire balancing, wiper blade replacements, and brake pad and lining replacements.

If you decide to sell a vehicle still protected by the original factory warranty, the remainder of the warranty will be fully transferred to the new owner. However, roadside assistance coverage drops from lifetime coverage to the remaining duration of the powertrain warranty. 

Ford notes that bumper-to-bumper coverage may occasionally include no-cost, service-type vehicle improvements to a Lincoln vehicle. These are typically completed during routine maintenance services or repair visits. 

Benefits Of Lincoln Warranty Coverage

Aside from coverage for parts and labor, Lincoln factory warranty coverage for new vehicles comes with some surprising benefits. 

Additional Roadside Assistance Perks

It bears repeating that original Lincoln owners have 24/7 roadside assistance coverage for the lifetime of the vehicle. Subsequent owners can enjoy these benefits for the remainder of the vehicle’s original powertrain warranty coverage, 6 years or 70,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

Lincoln’s roadside assistance coverage includes standard services such as towing, flat tire assistance, lockout assistance, and fuel delivery. This program also includes travel reimbursement of up to five days for a maximum of $1,000. Travel protection coverage helps with lodging, rental vehicles, and meals for drivers who experience a mechanical issue 100 miles or more from home. 

Roadside assistance coverage also comes with winching service, which will pull a vehicle back onto the road from within 100 feet of the roadside. 

Lincoln Pickup And Delivery

New Lincoln vehicles come with 4 years or 50,000 miles of Pickup and Delivery, a service that provides scheduled pickup and dropoff of Lincoln vehicles when they need repairs. Lincoln Pickup and Delivery also provides a Lincoln loaner for up to two days during scheduled vehicle services. 

Mileage limitations may apply for customers more than 20 miles from servicing Lincoln dealerships. 

International Coverage

Lincoln extends warranty coverage to owners who drive their vehicles in foreign countries under two conditions:

  1. The vehicle was purchased through the Ford Export Operations Military Sales Program
  2. The vehicle was purchased or leased from Ford Motor Company in the U.S. or U.S. territories and originally licensed and operated in the U.S. or Canada

Lincoln owners may take their vehicles to the nearest Lincoln dealer in whichever country or may receive reimbursement for repairs completed at a repair facility other than Lincoln. 

What’s Not Covered In Lincoln’s Warranty?

There are several exclusions in Lincoln’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty, most of them concerning repairs from damage.

General damageIncludes accidents and collisions, theft or vandalism, fires, explosions, and general misuse of vehicle (driving over curbs, overloading, racing)
Damage from alteration or modificationAny changes made to the body, chassis, or other components, or any installation or use of a non-Ford Motor Company component or software
Damage from use or environmentSurface rust or deterioration, earthquakes, floods, road salt, and more
Maintenance and wearAny parts and labor needed to maintain the vehicle through normal wear and tear (oil changes, tire rotation)
Tire wear or damageNormal wear or worn-out tires, damage due to over-inflation, racing, or improper mounting
SYNC hands-free communication and entertainment systemAny loss of personal recording media or data, damage caused by modifications, and more
Other items or conditionsVehicles with any alteration, aftermarket parts or components, and more

What Will Void Lincoln’s Factory Warranty?

Lincoln notes that certain changes to vehicles will void the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Installing aftermarket parts or making modifications to existing components may void warranty coverage on those parts or systems. Failing to take your vehicle to a Lincoln dealership for repairs may also void select coverages. 

Finally, failing to keep up with recommended maintenance as outlined in your Lincoln owner’s manual can void coverage for affected parts.

Most commonly, vehicles labeled as reconstructed, salvaged, rebuilt, and the like won’t be covered by a Lincoln warranty. This includes any vehicle determined to be a “total loss” by an auto insurance company.

It’s also best to use Ford replacement parts or EPA-certified parts when repairing your vehicle to prevent voiding your warranty.

How Do I Know If My Vehicle Is Still Under Warranty?

Lincoln owners can go to the company’s website and search by vehicle or vehicle identification number (VIN) to find the status of their warranty. VINs are usually found on the vehicle title, inside of your driver’s side door, or on the lower right corner of the inside windshield.

Although this usually comes with a fee, the VIN can also be used to run a vehicle history report and find any associated warranty terms. This may be handy if you have a pre-owned Lincoln and need more information.

How Does Lincoln’s Warranty Compare To Others?

While Lincoln’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty offers much of what’s expected in the industry, it stands out with the duration of its coverage and limited wear item coverage.

Many factory bumper-to-bumper warranties last 3 years/36,000 miles. Most luxury vehicles are covered for 4 years/50,000 miles, like Lincoln. However, Lincoln’s powertrain warranty lasts 6 years/70,000 miles, which isn’t as common.

Original owners also enjoy lifetime roadside assistance, with secondary owners having a considerable six years of the service.

Lincoln even throws in limited coverage for smaller components, such as wiper blades within the first six months, and wheel alignments and brake pad replacements within the first twelve months.

Lincoln Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Warranty Coverage

Lincoln certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles pass a 200-point inspection and come with their own comprehensive limited warranty. All Lincoln CPO warranties last for 6 years/100,000 miles (whichever comes first) from the start date of the original factory warranty. This means they get an extra 2 years/50,000 miles.

Lincoln coverage for certified used cars includes repairs and replacements of more than 1,000 different components, as well as the cost of labor. Owners are also protected against component failure or mechanical breakdown resulting from defective materials or workmanship.

However, CPO coverage excludes cases of normal wear-and-tear and any repairs already covered by insurance or another warranty.

Similar to Lincoln’s factory warranty, CPO warranties are transferable to new owners. They also come with the option to extend coverage with a Lincoln extended warranty up to 8 years/125,000 miles.

How Extended Warranties Protect Your Lincoln 

According to S&P Global Mobility, the average age of vehicles on the road in 2024 rose to a record high of 12.5 years. This means many drivers are sticking with their vehicles for longer. 

RepairPal gives Lincoln models a reliability score of 3.0 out of 5.0 and estimates the brand’s average annual repair costs to be a staggering $879. That’s well above the industry average of $652 across all brands and models.

Lincoln repairs can be costly, and the standard manufacturer warranty – even one as long as Lincoln’s – is not enough to cover a car in the long run. For this reason, you can benefit from having an extended warranty.

Extended car warranties are primarily used as protection against any repairs or replacements after the original warranty expires. However, they can also be used to fill in any gaps in your existing warranty, such as for specific components or preferred services.

Lincoln prides itself in offering comprehensive extended warranties, with over 35 million service contracts sold. Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plans (ESPs) can cover parts and labor for up to 10 years/175,000 miles. The company offers four different levels:

PremiumCareThe brand’s most comprehensive extended warranty, covers over 1,000 components, from engine and transmission to audio and high-tech gadgets.
ExtraCareCovers 113 components, including all steering and brake systems, and major engine, transmission, and electrical components.
BaseCareCovers 84 components, including all steering components and major engine, transmission, and electrical components.
PowertrainCareCovers 29 components, including major engine and transmission systems.

Under Lincoln ESPs, repairs are made with genuine brand parts and performed by factory-trained technicians. Every plan also comes with access to a network of Lincoln dealerships across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as 24-hour roadside assistance and rental car benefits of $60 per day for up to 10 days.

Most plans also come with the option to make monthly payments with interest-free financing for up to 30 months. Paying an agreed amount per month is often preferred to any unexpected high costs that come with car repairs or replacements.

At the end of the day, the right extended car warranty will not only shield you from any unforeseen expenses, but it will also put your mind at ease knowing you’re protected while on the road.

Our Extended Warranty Surveys

In December 2023, our team surveyed 1,000 drivers with manufacturer extended warranties to understand driver satisfaction. Unfortunately, no drivers with Lincoln extended warranty products responded to our initial survey, so in January 2024, we launched another survey specifically targeting high-income drivers. We had 20 respondents with Lincoln extended warranty products, and of those 20 respondents, 40 percent reported paying between $2,000 and $3,000 for coverage. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “I am very happy with it, but it was expensive. It does give me peace of mind if something goes wrong.”
  • “The warranty immediately caught my attention as being very detailed and keeps my maintenance costs low. It is very easy to use.”
  • “The brand’s warranty policy is very comprehensive, covering not only major components such as the engine, drivetrain, and body, but also many other details. My satisfaction with the warranty coverage is very high.”

Several Lincoln warranty holders reported a positive experience with the claims process:

  • “I had an issue with the lift gate, and they repaired it with no issues.”
  • “I submitted a warranty request and the experience was excellent.”

Common Repair Costs For Lincoln Vehicles

To help realize the benefits of its ESPs, Lincoln offers a breakdown of common repair costs for a single vehicle:

Component or SystemRepair Cost
Air conditioning and heating$1,000-$2,000
Lincoln audio$400-$600

RepairPal clocks the average repair cost for a Lincoln at $879. While this is a general estimate, it’s enough to see how making monthly payments for an extended warranty can be well worth the investment and end up saving you money overall.

Benefits Of Third-Party Extended Auto Warranties

While Lincoln shares basic information about its extended warranties, there are many other details to be aware of when it comes to vehicle coverage.

After doing extensive research on Lincoln’s extended warranty plans, our team has found that getting coverage from a third-party warranty provider can be a more affordable, flexible choice. Not only does it expand your options of providers, you are also given more control over the coverage plan.

For example, two of our top-rated third-party providers, Carchex and Endurance, allow you to buy protection plans at any time. In contrast, Lincoln requires extended warranties to be purchased before the factory warranty expires. Third-party extended warranty terms can even surpass Lincoln’s 10 years/175,000 miles, and offer the flexibility of choosing from thousands of approved nationwide repair facilities.

Bar graph depicting the four most popular extended auto warranty companies, as reported by respondents in our 2023 customer survey.

Lincoln Warranty: Bottom Line

Lincoln warranty terms are average compared to other manufacturer warranties, with a 4-year/50,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty and 6 years or 70,000 miles of powertrain coverage. What makes a Lincoln warranty stand out is its lifetime emergency roadside assistance coverage for the original vehicle owner and the company’s Pickup and Delivery service. However, like most factory warranties, coverage terms for a Lincoln warranty are brief, and repairs can be costly.

When your Lincoln warranty is about to expire, we recommend getting quotes from these leading providers to see which extended warranty is best for your needs.

Industry Standing: 4.3/5.0
Coverage: 4.9/5.0
Cost: 4.6/5.0
Transparency: 4.8/5.0
Customer Service: 4.3/5.0
Memorial Day Special – Save $400 Off Any Plan
  • Best Coverage
  • Maximum Mileage: Up to 200,000 miles
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days for full refund
  • Longest Term: 8 years of coverage
  • Coverage Options: 6 plans including maintenance option
  • Discounts: $300 same-day signup discount, $250 shopping voucher, and others
Plan coverage includes Endurance Elite perks™
Exclusionary plan One-year membership for free
Powertrain plan Tire repair and replacement
Maintenance coverage with Endurance Advantage Key fob replacement
Roadside assistance Total loss protection
Towing Collision discount
Rental car $250 rewards voucher
Trip interruption coverage Endurance Protect app

Lincoln Warranty: FAQ

Below, we cover some of the most frequently asked questions about Lincoln warranty coverage:

How long does a Lincoln warranty last?

Lincoln’s new vehicle limited warranty lasts for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever happens first. The company’s new vehicles also come with standard powertrain coverage for 6 years or 70,000 miles.

What is covered in a Lincoln bumper-to-bumper warranty?

Lincoln’s new vehicle bumper-to-bumper warranty covers most parts and repairs except for a small list of exclusions. Like most bumper-to-bumper plans, the Lincoln new vehicle warranty won’t cover routine maintenance, cosmetic damage, or damage caused by severe weather or vehicle misuse.

Is there a deductible for a Lincoln warranty?

New Lincoln warranty coverage does not have a deductible. However, the company’s extended warranty coverage uses deductibles ranging from $0 to $200, with vanishing deductible options available.

Does Lincoln offer a 100,000-mile warranty?

Lincoln CPO vehicles come with a limited 6-year/100,000 mile comprehensive warranty. The company says its CPO limited warranty coverage covers more than 1,000 components in the engine, transmission, drive systems, brakes, and other systems.

How much does a Lincoln warranty cost?

Lincoln new vehicle warranty coverage is built into the cost of the vehicle. While the company doesn’t list costs for its extended warranty coverage options, most drivers pay between $2,000 and $5,000 for extended warranty coverage.

Are Lincolns expensive to maintain?

Lincolns are more expensive to maintain than many other vehicles. RepairPal estimates annual repair costs for Lincoln vehicles at $879, well above the industry-wide average of $428.

Is Lincoln a long-lasting car?

Lincoln is rated 3.0 out of a possible 5.0 by RepairPal for overall reliability and ranked 24th out of 32 vehicles. Lincoln came in second-to-last in the 2023 J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study, reporting 259 problems per 100 vehicles.


In an effort to provide accurate and unbiased information to consumers, our expert review team collects data from dozens of extended auto warranty companies to formulate rankings of the best providers. Companies receive a score in each of the following categories, as well as an overall weighted score out of 5.0 stars.

  • Industry Standing: Warranty providers with a history of strong business practices and endorsements from experts receive the highest scores in this category.
  • Coverage: This rating is based on types of extended warranty plans available, coverage terms, and added benefits like roadside assistance.
  • Cost: Our research team reviews sample quotes for a variety of plans and vehicles. Companies with lower prices per year of coverage receive the best scores.
  • Transparency: This score takes into account contract transparency and the availability of a money-back guarantee.
  • Customer Service: We comb through customer reviews and perform our own shopper analysis to get a sense of the responsiveness and helpfulness of each warranty company.

*Data accurate at time of publication.