When you buy a new Land Rover, it’ll be covered by a factory warranty. After that warranty expires, however, you could find yourself on the hook for an expensive repair unless you purchase a Land Rover extended warranty. Land Rover vehicles have some reliability issues, so this may be a real concern.

Land Rover extended warranties are available from the dealership as well as third-party providers. Though, keep in mind that not all providers cover luxury brands like Land Rovers. At the same time, Land Rover’s extended warranty can be quite expensive.

We’ve conducted extensive research and have identified a couple of excellent third-party warranty providers, CARCHEX and CarShield, that do cover Land Rover. Below, we’ll explain why you may need long-term coverage, what the Land Rover extended warranty entails, and why you should consider a plan from one of the best extended car warranty providers.

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How Does The Land Rover Extended Warranty Work?

Land Rover sells extended warranties through its dealers. The company is not forward with details about its extended auto warranties and instructs those interested to contact dealers. Land Rover claims that its extended warranty provides “extensive” coverage for mechanical and electrical parts. However, it’s unclear if this is exclusionary coverage or not. Likewise, Land Rover states the claim and mileage allowances are also “generous” but does not offer specific details.

Land Rover Extended Warranty Coverage

Through our research, the standard Land Rover Vehicle Protection Plan provides coverage for up to 7 years and 100,000 miles. Land Rover extended warranties include but are not limited to coverage for the following vehicle parts:

  • Braking System
  • Axels
  • Steering
  • Transfer Box
  • Engine
  • Transfer case
  • Cooling system
  • Braking system
  • Air conditioning
  • Transmission
  • Catalytic Converter
  • Powertrain control unit

Our own research has uncovered some details, but ultimately, warranty provisions may be up to the dealer. You should contact your local Land Rover retailer for specifics.

Land Rover Extended Warranty Perks

Benefits of the Land Rover extended warranty include:

  • Repairs will be made with genuine Land Rover parts.
  • Your car will be serviced by company-approved Land Rover technicians.
  • Travel protection is provided while you’re abroad.

Land Rover Extended Warranty Cost

In our research, we found that a Land Rover extended warranty can cost $5,870 for 7 years/100,000 miles of coverage. Keep in mind that coverage for some models, especially more expensive models, may cost more.

Further, experts at Edmunds.com suggest that dealers often mark up extended warranties by $200 to $500. A dealer may try to mark the extended warranty up well above the $5,870 market value price. The warranty also comes with a $100 dollar deductible. Terms and prices may change, so contact a local Land Rover dealer if you want to learn more.

Land Rover New Vehicle Limited Warranty

New Land Rovers are covered by the New Vehicle Limited Warranty, but coverage is provided for only 4 years or 50,000 miles, whatever comes first.

The Land Rover Vehicle Limited Warranty is exclusionary, so the vast majority of parts and components are covered. You’ll also receive four years of complimentary roadside assistance, which includes:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance, including flat tire changes, lockout services, fuel delivery, and battery jumps
  • Trip interruption protection that provides limited reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses should your breakdown occur more than 50 miles from home
  • Complimentary towing to the nearest Land Rover retailer within 50 miles

In addition, Land Rover has a Retailer Mobile Technician Program. If your breakdown occurs near a Land Rover retailer, the company may dispatch an authorized technician and specially equipped vehicle to service you. Land Rover also carries a six-year unlimited mileage corrosion perforation warranty and provides additional coverage for emissions.

Still, four years will pass quickly, and Land Rover doesn’t have longer powertrain warranty coverage like some other brands. Given how expensive Land Rover repairs are, it’s a good idea to consider an extended warranty to offset the costs.

Are Land Rovers Reliable?

Land Rovers are known for being tough and capable off-road vehicles. Doctors, aid workers, and others have often relied on Land Rovers for treks into remote areas. Unfortunately, however, there are some serious shortcomings when it comes to everyday reliability. RepairPal ranks Land Rover 31st out of 32 brands for reliability. J.D. Power and Consumer Reports put Land Rover toward the bottom of their dependability and reliability lists, too.

RepairPal’s study also showed a Land Rover will land in the repair shop for unscheduled repairs about 0.7 times per year. This compares with 0.4 across all brands. Sixteen percent of needed repairs were classified as “severe,” compared to an average of only 12 percent.

Should I Get A Land Rover Extended Warranty?

Land Rover repairs can be quite costly. Land Rover owners spend an average of $1,174 a year to keep their Land Rover on the road. Let’s take a look at some potential repairs for a 2017 Land Rover Range Rover, based on RepairPal data, so you have a better idea of how much repairs will cost:

  • Head gasket replacement: $2,037 to $6,425
  • Water pump replacement: $942 to $1,327
  • Transmission replacement: Over $5,000

Repairs for other Land Rover models are similarly expensive. If something major breaks, such as the transmission, you could be on the hook for a hefty bill.

However, if your Land Rover breaks down while it’s under a Land Rover factory warranty or extended warranty, the repair costs might be covered. Other third-party warranty providers also offer a variety of coverage options that can give you peace of mind if major parts get damaged.

Land Rover Extended Warranties: Conclusion

If you’re interested in getting a Land Rover extended warranty, you’ll need to contact a dealer. However, there are many more third-party warranty providers such as CARCHEX,  Protect My Car, and CarShield that can provide you with vehicle coverage. Unfortunately, since Land Rover is a luxury brand, many third-party warranty companies don’t actually cover Land Rover. Even still, we recommend searching around and comparing offers to find the best deal.

You can start comparing quotes from top auto warranty providers with our free tool below.

Many third-party warranty providers don’t cover Land Rovers or other luxury cars. Repairs can simply be too expensive. However, CARCHEX is one company that offers limited protection on Land Rovers. In our review of the best extended car warranty providers, we gave CARCHEX the Best for Used Cars award and rated the company 4.4 out of 5.0 stars.

CARCHEX Coverage Plans

CARCHEX offers several Extended Vehicle Protection Plans through five coverage tiers:

  • Titanium: Exclusionary coverage, similar to a bumper-to-bumper plan
  • Platinum: An extensive non-exclusionary warranty that covers most parts
  • Gold: A great plan for high-mileage vehicles that covers many major systems and components
  • Silver: Covers powertrain parts, as well as fuel delivery, electrical, and air conditioning
  • Bronze: A basic plan that covers most major powertrain parts

Whether your Land Rover is eligible for a given plan will depend on its model, year, and mileage.

CARCHEX Reputation And Reviews

Some extended car warranty providers have earned a reputation for poor coverage. On paper, a company’s warranties might look great but when you try to claim a repair, some may try to deny your claim. That’s why we took a long look at customer reviews for CARCHEX. We came away impressed with what we found.

First, we looked at over 1,400 customer reviews found on Trustpilot. Seventy-three percent of the Trustpilot reviews were “excellent” while fourteen percent were “great.” Only nine percent of reviews were “bad.”

CARCHEX is also highly regarded by the Better Business Bureau. The BBB gave CARCHEX an A+ review. Just over 100 customers have filed a complaint against CARCHEX through the site in the last three years. While you never want to see complaints, this is well below industry norms.

Owing to the diversity of plans and the excellent reputation that CARCHEX has, we believe that the company’s extended vehicle warranties are a solid option for most Land Rover owners.