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Extended Warranty For Cars Over 100K Miles

Based on our industry study, Endurance, CarShield, and Carchex offer the best extended warranties for high-mileage vehicles that have over 100,000 miles.

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Last Updated 01/16/2024

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Motor1 Reviews Team Take:

  • Our team recommends Endurance, CarShield, and Carchex as the top warranty options for cars with over 100,000 miles.
  • As cars accumulate more miles on the odometer, they’re prone to more breakdowns and issues. For this reason, warranties for cars with high mileage tend to be more expensive than new car warranties.
  • While many warranty providers offer coverage for cars over 100,000 miles, there are also options to cover vehicles with over 200,000 miles, including Olive and Omega Auto Care.
Industry Standing: 4.3/5.0
Coverage: 4.9/5.0
Cost: 4.6/5.0
Transparency: 4.8/5.0
Customer Service: 4.3/5.0
idée Endurance is our top pick for extended warranties.
  • Best Coverage
  • Maximum Mileage: Up to 200,000 miles
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days for full refund
  • Longest Term: 8 years of coverage
  • Coverage Options: 6 plans including maintenance option
  • Discounts: $300 same-day signup discount, $250 shopping voucher, and others
Plan coverage includes Endurance Elite perks™
Exclusionary plan One-year membership for free
Powertrain plan Tire repair and replacement
Maintenance coverage with Endurance Advantage Key fob replacement
Roadside assistance Total loss protection
Towing Collision discount
Rental car $250 rewards voucher
Trip interruption coverage Endurance Protect app

The more miles you put on your car, the more likely it is your car will need costly repairs. We recommend looking for the best extended warranty for cars over 100,000 miles to keep you covered long-term.

Having invested over 1,400 hours of research, our team has reviewed the industry’s best extended car warranty companies by analyzing hundreds of reviews, collecting over 2,200 data points, and conducting our own consumer surveys. In this article, we’ll point out the best choices for cars with over 100,000 miles on the odometer.

We’ll also explain each provider’s coverage options for older cars, as well as take a look at customer reviews and ratings by industry leaders such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

High-Mileage Car Warranty: Overview Of Top Picks

After carefully researching the best extended car warranty companies, we named Endurance our pick for Best Coverage – overall and for cars with over 100,000 miles specifically. In order to provide unbiased and informative reviews for customers shopping for an extended warranty, we based our rankings on several important factors like coverage options, average cost, trustworthiness, customer service, and additional perks.

Comparison Of The Best Extended Warranty For Cars Over 100K Miles

Our top picks for the best extended warranties for cars over 100,000 miles are Endurance, CarShield, Carchex, and Omega Auto Care. The table below provides a further look into each of these providers, along with the best plans for high-mileage vehicles. (Jump to our methodology here.)

Warranty CompanyMileage LimitBest Extended Warranty for High Mileage CarsOur AwardOur Rating
1. Endurance200,000+ milesSelect PremierBest Coverage4.6 stars
2. CarShield300,000 milesPlatinumBest for Electric Vehicles4.4 stars
3. Carchex250,000 milesPowertrain PlusBest for Used Cars4.5 stars
4. Omega Auto Care250,000+ milesPowertrain EnhancedOver 25 Years of Experience4.4 stars

*Note: Our team reviewed 44 warranty companies and found the average mileage limit is 167,000. Our average rating for companies in the industry is 4.0 stars.

There are other factors worth considering beyond a company’s mileage limit when looking for extended coverage for a high-mileage vehicle. While CarShield can cover cars up to 300,000 miles, we found its plans to be more expensive for long-term contracts than the industry average. Endurance offers better prices overall and can cover cars over 200,000 miles with its Advantage plan.

Best Extended Warranties For High-Mileage Cars

For drivers with high-mileage vehicles who are interested in purchasing an extended warranty, the sections below provide more detailed information about the top aftermarket providers from the table above. 

Endurance: Best Coverage


Why We Picked Endurance

We choose Endurance as the best extended warranty for cars with over 100,000 miles. In addition to its 3.6-star rating from over 7,000 customers on Trustpilot, Endurance can cover over 200,000 miles and offers the widest selection of high-mileage warranty options. Also, Endurance is a direct provider of extended warranties, meaning the company services the contracts it sells instead of using plan administrators. In addition to standard coverage, Endurance offers plans that can cover maintenance services. This is why we rated it Best Coverage. 

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Endurance Warranty Plans

Endurance offers six vehicle protection plans, each of which can last 200,000+ miles. Below is a list of the levels of coverage offered by Endurance with a brief description of each plan’s coverage:

  • Supreme coverage plans provide the most extensive bumper-to-bumper protection.
  • Superior offers coverage for hundreds of components integral to your car’s optimal performance. Compared to Supreme, it covers almost everything, except gaskets.
  • Secure Plus offers coverage for the steering, electrical system, and brakes. It has a shorter waiting period than most other plans.
  • Secure is a budget-friendly option that covers most vital automotive components for an affordable price.
  • Select Premier is the most basic plan for older vehicles, covering your basic powertrain components. It covers a variety of repair costs for high-mileage vehicles, including fixes to engine components, electrical systems, air conditioning, and more.
  • EnduranceAdvantage™ covers mechanical breakdowns as well as maintenance such as oil changes and engine diagnostics.
Endurance Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

The Endurance Advantage plan is a form of mechanical breakdown insurance that covers vehicles up to 20 years old. Endurance’s mechanical breakdown insurance is unique because it comes with maintenance benefits that cover manufacturer-recommended service intervals, tire rotations, oil and filter changes, brake pad replacements, cooling system maintenance, batteries, and wiper blades.

Endurance also offers mechanical breakdown insurance plans in California, including Standard, Premium, and Elite Plus. The Standard plan acts as stated component coverage, protecting your vehicle’s most vital components, while the Premium plan offers enhanced electrical and luxury component coverage. Its third plan, Elite Plus, is touted as the most robust mechanical breakdown insurance plan in the industry and offers coverage closest to manufacturer-level coverage.

Endurance Warranty Benefits

Customers receive additional perks such as roadside assistance, towing, trip-interruption benefits, and rental car coverage for the duration of their warranties. Extended warranties with Endurance also come with one free year of Elite Benefits, which include perks such as reimbursement for your collision deductible, replacements for lost or broken key fobs, regular maintenance like tire rotations, and tire repair or replacement. These benefits can reduce your out-of-pocket costs for maintenance.

One negative aspect of Endurance to note is that the free Elite Benefits expire after the first year of purchase and require renewal and payment after that. Another downside is that most Endurance plans require a 60-day waiting period before you can make a claim (with the exception of the Secure Plus plan).

Endurance Pros And Cons

Pros Plans come with roadside assistance, trip interruption, and rental car coverage, plus one year of free Endurance Elite benefits BBB customer score 30-day money-back guarantee Six plans including one that covers maintenance services Cons Not rated by the BBB Slightly high cost per year of coverage Waiting period of 30 days and 1,000 miles before coverage begins

Carchex: Best For Used Cars


Why We Picked Carchex

Carchex offers five extended warranty coverage options that you can customize to fit your car’s needs. Many cars can carry coverage until they hit 250,000 miles. This extended warranty provider also has many positive online customer reviews. Carchex’s high mileage limit, reliable reputation, and good variety of options make it the Best For Used Cars.

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Carchex Plans

Carchex extended vehicle protection plans are available for most vehicles, including new and pre-owned cars, hybrids, and high-mileage vehicles. Below you will find a description of the five extended warranty plans offered by Carchex:

  • Titanium is exclusionary coverage, similar to a bumper-to-bumper extended warranty, that can cover your vehicle up to 10 years.
  • Platinum is the second-highest plan offered by Carchex and lasts from five to ten years. This warranty covers hundreds of components, which are listed in your contract. However, some high-mileage vehicles may not be eligible.
  • Powertrain plus plans last up to six or seven years and cover your car’s major systems, such as the powertrain, fuel delivery, electrical, and air conditioning. They protect you from the most common repairs that older cars need.
  • Powertrain coverage is the most basic plan offered by Carchex and is recommended for cars with over 150,000 miles. It lasts five or six years and is designed to protect you from the most expensive repairs and most common breakdowns to drivetrain components. These include engine parts, transmission components, and drive axle components.
  • Extra Care plans cover many of the crucial items outside of the powertrain such as components from the electrical system, steering, suspension, and braking system.

Carchex Pros And Cons

Pros Plans come with roadside assistance, trip interruption, and rental car coverage A+ rating with accreditation from the BBB 30-day money-back guarantee Affordable cost per year of coverage Five coverage plan options Cons Waiting period of 30 days and 1,000 miles before coverage begins

CarShield: Best For Electric Vehicles


Why We Picked CarShield

CarShield is the most popular warranty provider on the market and has a 4.1-star rating from over 40,000 customers on Trustpilot. CarShield offers warranty coverage ranging from comprehensive coverage to basic levels, with some of its extended car warranties lasting up to 300,000 miles. CarShield’s unique plan is its Electric Vehicle Coverage plan, which can cover EV drive systems in addition to standard systems like steering and suspension.

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CarShield Plans

CarShield plans give customers the option of month-to-month contracts. This monthly payment plan gives customers the freedom to cancel their plans before the end of the year. Below you will find the six extended warranty plans offered by CarShield and a brief description of component part coverage:

  • Diamond is similar to new car factory warranties. It is exclusionary, meaning the car warranty lists only the excluded items.
  • Platinum is the highest level of inclusionary coverage with CarShield and covers many parts integral to the engine, transmission, cooling system, electrical system, steering, air conditioning unit, and brake system, among others.
  • Gold offers enhanced powertrain coverage and includes protection for your car’s engine, transmission, alternator, water pump, starter, air conditioning, and more.
  • Silver is the most basic powertrain warranty plan and covers all lubricated engine parts and the drive axle, transmission, and water pump.
  • Aluminum offers protection for complex electronic systems including power seat control, voice activation control, sensors, cruise control, gauges, GPS, and more. 
  • Motorcycle & ATV offers a variety of coverage levels for motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

CarShield Pros And Cons

Pros Plans come with roadside assistance, trip interruption, and rental car coverage 30-day money-back guarantee Six plans to choose from Cons D rating on the BBB website High cost per year of coverage on average Waiting period of 30 days and 1,000 miles before coverage begins

Omega Auto Care: Over 25 Years Of Experience


Why We Picked Omega Auto Care

Next on our list of the best extended warranties for cars over 100,000 miles is Omega Auto Care. Like other companies on this list, the warranty provider offers robust coverage options for older cars and additional benefits. We like it because coverage can last up to 15 years or 250,000 miles, depending on the plan you choose. And having been in business since 1968, it has a very long history for a warranty company.

Omega Auto Care Plans

Drivers can choose from three main extended warranty plans with Omega Auto Care. The basic powertrain plan offers two upgrade options. Plans include:

  • New Exclusionary is similar to a bumper-to-bumper warranty but only covers vehicles up to 7 years old and with less than 100,000 miles on the odometer at the time of purchase.
  • Used Stated covers vehicles up to 10 years old and with less than 150,000 miles on the odometer, protecting components like the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axles, and forced induction.
  • Powertrain Enhanced is the most comprehensive powertrain plan offered, adding protection for the cooling system and fuel system parts not covered in the lower-tiered powertrain warranties.
  • Powertrain Plus is an upgrade to the basic powertrain plan and tacks on coverage for additional parts like the air conditioning, heating, and electrical systems.
  • Powertrain covers components related to the engine, forced induction, transfer case, transmission, and drive axle.

Each Omega Auto Care contract comes with added benefits, like 24/7 roadside assistance, road hazard coverage, trip interruption benefits, and rental car reimbursement. Most contracts also include maintenance benefits, such as oil changes, brake pads, and shoe and battery replacement.

Omega Auto Care Pros And Cons

Pros Plans come with roadside assistance, trip interruption, rental car coverage, road hazard tire repair, and one year of free maintenance A+ rating with accreditation from the BBB 30-day money-back guarantee Low cost per year of coverage Five plans to choose from Cons Waiting period applies (details not on sample contracts)

Extended Car Warranties By Mileage Limits

It can be difficult to get a car warranty for cars that have high mileage, but not impossible. While we reviewed the best extended warranty for cars over 100,000 miles, some of the used car warranty companies we mentioned above offer car warranties for cars with far more than 100,000 miles. Since extended warranty eligibility periods are usually based on both age and mileage, there are many high-mileage warranties for vehicles that are older as well.

Longest Extended Car Warranty

Below is a list of companies that offer extended warranties for cars with high mileage:

Longest Extended Warranties for Cars Over 100,000 MilesCoverage Limit
CarShield300,000 miles
Carchex250,000 miles
Omega Auto Care250,000 miles
Endurance200,000 miles
Olive185,000 miles

There are several pros and cons of extended car warranties for high-mileage cars. Some things to look out for when considering an extended car warranty company are BBB ratings, online reviews, additional perks available, and customizable options to make a plan that will best protect your high-mileage vehicle.

Extended Warranty For Cars Over 150,000 Miles

CarShield offers an affordable extended warranty for cars with over 150,000 miles, with a coverage limit ranging as high as 300,000 miles. Additionally, Carchex, Omega Auto Care, Endurance, and Olive can cover vehicles over 150,000 miles.

Warranty For Cars Over 200,000 Miles 

The EnduranceAdvantage plan is the highest tier of coverage offered by the top provider from our reviews and covers vehicles over 200,000 miles. Carchex, which we’ve rated as Best for Used Cars, offers warranties for cars with up to 250,000 miles.

What Does An Extended Warranty For Cars Over 100,000 Miles Cost?

The average extended car warranty for used vehicles ranges from $350 to $700 per year. Every car and policy is different, as age and mileage are huge factors in determining extended car warranty cost. Generally, cars with higher age and miles have higher warranty prices. That said, there are many providers who offer powertrain plans that are very affordable for cars with over 100,000 miles.

Are Extended Warranties Worth It For Cars Over 100K Miles?

Our team polled 1,000 warranty customers in 2021 from across the country on their experiences. About 40 percent said an extended warranty is worth it, while 45 percent said a warranty may be worth it depending on the situation. The remaining 15 percent said an extended warranty was not worth it. Of those who had warranties, 65 percent were satisfied overall.

If you own a vehicle that has over 100,000 miles and you would like to keep your vehicle for at least a couple more years, an extended warranty may be worth the cost.

Our team also polled consumers on why they chose their extended warranty, and the results are featured below:

Unfortunately, cars that have over 100,000 miles are vulnerable to a variety of costly issues. Here are three common issues car owners experience with high-mileage vehicles and their respective costs:

  1. Transmission failure: As a car’s transmission gets older, it is more likely to fail. When this happens, an expensive repair is needed. For example, the average cost of a transmission replacement can range anywhere from $1,800 to $3,400.
  2. Suspension failure: The suspension is what keeps your vehicle riding smoothly. A suspension is made up of several different parts, and if one of these parts fails, it can be very expensive to replace. A new suspension can cost between $1,000 and $5,000 or more, depending on the type of suspension system.
  3. Camshaft failure: A camshaft controls how an engine takes in air. Over time, a camshaft can break if it gets overly filled with dirt and debris. When this happens, the replacement cost can be between $1,500 and $3,000.

We asked Endurance Director of Marketing Jessica Campbell what the most common type of claim is and its average cost. Here’s what she said:

“Transmissions are the most common repair claim, followed by water pumps. Repair costs can vary widely depending on several factors, including vehicle type, model, age, and the complexity of the individual repair.”

Best High-Mileage Used Cars

The 2023 J.D. Power U.S. Vehicle Dependability Study℠ measures cars that have issues after three years of ownership, and the best brands are good candidates for high-mileage longevity. According to J.D. Power, the most dependable brands are Lexus, Genesis, Kia, Buick, and Chevrolet.

However, the models that make it to a high mileage can be a different story. In its Longest-Lasting Cars study, iSeeCars ranked the vehicles most likely to make it beyond 250,000 miles based on an analysis of over 260 million vehicles. According to the research, the Ford F-350 Super Duty had the highest likelihood of lasting beyond 250,000 miles. After that, Toyota takes three spots with the Land Cruiser, Tundra, and Sequoia.

iSeeCars’ Executive Analyst, Karl Brauer, said:

“It’s not surprising to see so many trucks, including heavy duty trucks, on this list. Trucks like the Ford F-Series Super Duty are work vehicles, often purchased by businesses to serve as a key resource driving a company’s success.”

Below are the top 10 vehicles most likely to go the distance along with the chance of lasting beyond 250,000 miles. (The industry average is an 11.8 percent chance.)

Vehicle% Chance of Lasting Beyond 250,000 miles
Ford F-350 Super Duty49.10%
Toyota Land Cruiser47.90%
Toyota Tundra47.90%
Toyota Sequoia47.10%
Ford F-250 Super Duty43.60%
Honda Pilot42.70%
Toyota Tacoma41.70%
GMC Sierra 2500HD41.30%
Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD41.20%
Toyota 4Runner41.00%
Industry Standing: 4.3/5.0
Coverage: 4.9/5.0
Cost: 4.6/5.0
Transparency: 4.8/5.0
Customer Service: 4.3/5.0
idée Endurance is our top pick for extended warranties.
  • Best Coverage
  • Maximum Mileage: Up to 200,000 miles
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days for full refund
  • Longest Term: 8 years of coverage
  • Coverage Options: 6 plans including maintenance option
  • Discounts: $300 same-day signup discount, $250 shopping voucher, and others
Plan coverage includes Endurance Elite perks™
Exclusionary plan One-year membership for free
Powertrain plan Tire repair and replacement
Maintenance coverage with Endurance Advantage Key fob replacement
Roadside assistance Total loss protection
Towing Collision discount
Rental car $250 rewards voucher
Trip interruption coverage Endurance Protect app

Warranties For Older Cars: Buying Guide

A vehicle’s age can factor heavily into your vehicle’s eligibility for an extended car warranty, sometimes even more than high mileage. For example, if you have a car that is 10 years old and has 180,000 miles, it wouldn’t be eligible for an extended car warranty from most providers on the market.

In this case, car owners will inevitably pay for unexpected repairs out of pocket since the factory warranty might have expired. Unlike in the past, where extended warranties only covered newer cars, older car owners can get a classic car warranty coverage with the providers mentioned above, even in cases where vehicles have well over 100,000 miles.

Why Have An Extended Warranty For Older Cars?

Though the age of a vehicle doesn’t really define how frequently it experiences problems, older cars have a higher likelihood of breaking down more often. Those driving older cars should consider getting extended warranties to avoid paying steep repair bills all at once. However, all vehicles can benefit from extended coverage since even new cars can experience challenges, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Used Car Warranty For Cars Over 10 Years Old

Of the extended auto warranty companies we reviewed, Carchex does offer a used car warranty for cars over 10 years old.

As car owners know, as older cars cover more and more mileage, the risk of breaking down increases. In the case of an older car, an extended warranty can go a long way when the vehicle in question breaks down. This can cover all the mechanical repair bills, giving you some peace of mind as you drive the car. However, one should note that an extended warranty for older vehicles doesn’t work in the same manner as insurance, since insurance only covers the vehicle in an auto accident. 

Classic Car Warranty

While classic car warranty coverage can be difficult to come by, it’s not impossible. Companies like Freedom Warranty offer classic car warranties for vehicles that are 10 to 20 years old. One major difference between classic car warranties and standard extended warranties is that the coverage periods for classic car warranties are often much shorter.

Auto Repair Insurance For Older Cars

Car repair insurance, which is often called mechanical breakdown insurance, covers the cost of repairing a vehicle’s mechanical issues after a manufacturer’s warranty has expired. You can get breakdown insurance for older cars from auto insurance companies like Allstate and Geico. 

While auto repair insurance for older cars may be cheaper than an extended warranty, the coverage isn’t always as expansive. You may also be able to get auto repair insurance on older vehicles that are not eligible for most extended car warranties. 

Extended Warranty For Vehicles Over 100,000 Miles: Conclusion

Buying an extended warranty for your vehicle that has surpassed the 100,000-mile mark will save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. We recommend getting quotes from a few companies. Start with those listed above, but do your own research to find the best price range and fit for you.

Extended Warranty For Vehicles With High Mileage: FAQ

Below are some common frequently asked questions about extended warranties for cars with over 100,000 miles:

How much is a 100,000-mile warranty?

According to our research, a 100,000-mile extended warranty usually costs between $2,500 and $4,000. In one quote we received, Endurance’s Supreme plan was $3,420 for 5 years/100,000 miles. Similarly, CARCHEX quoted us $3,281 for a 6-year/125,000-mile Titanium plan.

Is a 100,000-mile warranty worth it?

Extending your car’s manufacturer warranty to 100,000 may or may not be worth it, depending on the price. We’ve found you get more bang for your buck with third-party warranty companies that can cover your car beyond 100,000 miles.

How much does CarShield typically cost per month?

CarShield typically costs between $109.99 and $139.99 per month. Your cost will vary depending on your vehicle’s condition and age as well as the type of coverage you want from CarShield.

How long are extended warranties for cars?

Manufacturer extended car warranties extend the true factory warranty. For example, an automaker may offer protection that extends coverage from 3 years/36,000 miles to 5 years/60,000 miles.

What does a 100,000-mile warranty cover?

The Hyundai and Kia factory warranties offer 100,000-mile powertrain coverage as part of a new car purchase. These warranties cover the cost of repairs for the engine, fuel pump, gaskets, and other parts listed in the manufacturer’s warranty.

Can you get a warranty on a car with over 100,000 miles?

Yes, our research team found that Carchex, Endurance, and CarShield all offer warranty plans for cars over 100,000 miles. Keep in mind that the older cars may not qualify for more comprehensive coverage plans.

What is a lot of miles on a car?

Most vehicles are considered to be in the high-mileage range at around 100,000 miles. That said, many modern cars last well past the 100,000-mile mark.

What is CarShield’s mileage limit?

Cars under 300,000 miles are eligible for CarShield’s vehicle protection plans. This is the highest mileage limit in the extended car warranty industry.

How long do vehicle service contracts last?

Vehicle service contracts, which function like and are often called extended warranties, extend the 3-year/36,000-mile warranty to well beyond 6 to 8 years and 100,000 miles, addressing the fact that vehicles have more potential for repairs as they age.

Extended Warranty Reviews: Our Process

Each year, our research team collects over 2,200 data points on extended car warranty plans to rank the best coverage on the market. We compare pricing from quotes obtained via secret shopping, analyze coverage quality and plan options, and evaluate contract transparency and customer satisfaction.

The extensive data we collect is used to create a score in each review category based on a systematic rating methodology. To keep our data current, we refresh our data points throughout the year. Below, you can learn more about how ratings are determined in each category:


Focused on overall coverage quality, this rating is based on types of extended warranty plans, coverage term length, and added benefits like roadside assistance. A provider scores well if it offers more than three plans and mileage limits over 150,000 miles. Because it’s uncommon in the industry, coverage options for maintenance items like brake pads are also noted.


The overall cost of coverage is one of the most significant factors that impact customers’ decisions about buying an extended warranty. The review score for cost is determined by comparing the price per year of coverage from various providers, with higher scores being awarded for lower average rates.

To accurately estimate warranty pricing information, our research team reviews sample quotes for a variety of plans and vehicles. This data is compiled from over 140 individual quotes we received from different companies for a range of plans and payment options. We present example quotes in this article, but be aware that you may find different prices based on personal factors like vehicle type, provider, length, and level of coverage.

Contract Transparency

Transparency is an important quality to look for in extended warranty providers. Some companies make it easy to find sample contracts and read the fine print, while others make it difficult. Our transparency score takes into account sample contract accessibility as well as the presence of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Service

Great coverage options and prices mean nothing if the company lacks good customer service. We comb through customer reviews and perform our own shopper analysis to get a sense of the responsiveness and helpfulness of each warranty company. When speaking to representatives, our researchers assess issues like whether agents are more likely to explain coverage or are focused only on making a sale.

Industry Standing

Warranty providers with a history of strong business practices and endorsements from experts receive the highest scores in this category. We look at the longevity of a company, its availability by state, partnerships with industry leaders like RepairPal and CARFAX, and BBB ratings.

Extended Warranty Customer Reviews

How we weigh each of these categories to determine the overall score is influenced by a survey conducted by our research team. To complete the survey, we polled 1,000 consumers who have bought or thought about purchasing an extended warranty.

Which factors are most important to consumers when purchasing an extended warranty? Most respondents answered that coverage was the most important factor.

Below are the top five factors most important to extended warranty customers:

  • Coverage (52 percent)
  • Cost (19 percent)
  • Customer service (13 percent)
  • Transparency (10 percent)
  • Industry standing (5 percent)

Of those who had extended warranties (whether they had used coverage or not), 65 percent of respondents were satisfied, and 13 percent of respondents were dissatisfied to some degree.

*Data accurate at time of publication.