Delta Auto Protect joined the extended warranty marketplace in 2013 and grew to be a nationwide provider of extended warranty policies. These Extended Service Programs, as the company officially calls its vehicle service contracts, pay for your covered auto repairs should a mechanical breakdown occur. However, Delta Auto Protect stopped taking on new customers in 2020.

Our Delta Auto Protect review below explains the company’s Extended Service Programs for existing customers, quotes process, and quality of customer service. We’ll also compare Delta Auto Protect with other top extended warranty brands we’ve researched to see how it fares against the competition.

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Summary: What We Think About Delta Auto Protect

Our research team attempted to contact the provider numerous times in the following months and was unable to reach a representative or get an extended warranty quote.

The extended car warranties once provided by Delta Auto Protect were competitively priced and covered the major systems and components across the three levels of coverage. It’s unclear whether the provider is still servicing existing warranties.

Before Delta Auto Protect shut down, the company’s quotes process was slower than other providers, and the quotes expired quickly, which could leave drivers feeling pressured to decide on an extended warranty plan without reviewing all the possible options. Delta Auto Protect’s customer service was also inconsistent, with varying ratings across the board.



What Are Delta Auto Protect Coverage Options?

For existing customers with Delta Auto Protect, coverage is divided into three tiers: Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Diamond Premier. Like most other providers, these three tiers range from the most comprehensive coverage (Diamond Premier), to simply the basic powertrain coverage (Diamond), and a mid-range option (Diamond Plus).

  • Diamond: The Diamond plan is Delta Auto Protect’s entry-level coverage and protects your vehicle’s powertrain and some additional components.
  • Diamond Plus: The Diamond Plus plan is Delta Auto Protect’s mid-range level of coverage and protects most of the essential components in your vehicle.
  • Diamond Premier: The Diamond Premier plan is Delta Auto Protect’s highest level of coverage and protects most of the components in your vehicle.
PlanDiamondDiamond PlusDiamond Premier
Electrical System
Cooling System
Drive Axle
Four-wheel and All-wheel drive/ AWD
Steering System
Fuel System
Differential Assembly
Air Conditioning
Front and Rear Suspension
High-Tech Components



Additional Perks Of Delta Auto Protect

Regardless of the coverage option you chose, Delta Auto Protect offered all policyholders 24/7 roadside assistance. The company also paid a fixed reimbursement amount for:

  • Towing to the nearest repair facility ($120 per occurrence)
  • Lockout assistance (up to $30)
  • Battery boost or jump-start ($40 per occurrence)
  • Out of gas fuel delivery ($40 per occurrence)
  • Emergency trip interruption ($50 per day, for up to three days)
  • Rental car costs ($65 per day, for up to four days and a total of $260 per breakdown)

The rental car reimbursement was especially competitive and could cover the full cost of a basic rental car.

Cancellation Policy

Delta Auto Protect provides a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. As long as you’ve not filed a claim within the first 30 days, you should receive a full purchase price refund. If you have filed a claim within the first 30 days, your refund will be a prorated amount based on either the number of days you’ve had the contract or the number of miles driven since you purchased the contract, whichever results in a lesser refund. The cost of any claims will also be deducted from the refund.

If you cancel your contract after the 30-day grace period, the same refund rules apply. You will receive the lesser refund amount based on either the number of days you’ve had the contract or the number of miles you’ve driven since the contract began, in addition to the cost of any claims you’ve filed. There is also a $25 processing fee for refund requests after 30 days.



Delta Auto Protect Reviews

Depending on whom you ask, Delta Auto Protect’s customer service is hit or miss. From the customer reviews posted online across several sites, filing a claim is generally a much more positive experience than trying to cancel your contract.

The ratings across customer review sites vary. While the provider has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), there are higher scores on Trustpilot and Google reviews. Delta Auto Protect has had more than 1,000 customer complaints logged with the BBB in the last 3 years.



The Cost Of Delta Auto Protect Coverage

The cost of an extended warranty depends on factors such as the year, make, model, and current mileage of your vehicle, as well as your location. When Delta Auto Protect was operating, it required a down payment that varied depending on the level of coverage you chose and whether you opted a plan with no deductible.

During our secret shopper analysis, we were quoted a monthly rate of $75 for 24 months to cover a reliable vehicle that was 30,000 miles past its powertrain warranty expiration. There was a $250 down payment and a $100 deductible per visit, but those prices dropped the longer we stayed on the phone.

Delta Auto Protect once offered a price-match guarantee if you identified a competitor’s policy that offered identical services at a lower price. There are exclusions such as special hourly, daily, and holiday sales, but if you were willing to shop around, you could have ended up with a better extended warranty at a lower price.



Our Take On Delta Auto Protect: 2.0 Stars

Delta Auto Protect once offered standard extended car warranty coverage at a competitive price. Its additional perks were helpful, and as a direct provider of the warranty, customers could feel confident in a straightforward claims process. However, the COVID-19 pandemic appears to have halted Delta Auto Protect’s operations, at least for potential new customers. You likely will not be able to reach the company for a quote.

Delta Auto Protect Pros & Cons

Pros Affordable plans and a price-matching guarantee Coverage is administered directly by the provider Coverage for vehicles up to 20 years old
Cons No longer taking new customers Customer service can be inconsistent, as customers filing for claims tend to have a better experience than those requesting policy refunds



Our Recommendations For Extended Auto Warranty Coverage

You owe it to yourself to research more than one extended warranty provider. Our team selected Endurance as the best overall car warranty company based on coverage options, customer service, business reputation, and additional perks.

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