CarShield Cost

We were quoted $88.78 for 18 months for a 5-year/100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper extended warranty from CarShield. For a 4-year/100,000-mile powertrain plan, CarShield gave us a price of $127.67 for 18 months.

CarShield is one of the most affordable extended warranty providers in the car warranty industry.

CarShield Warranty PlanVehicle ProfileCoverage TermMonthly PaymentDown PaymentTotal Cost
Diamond2018 Toyota RAV4 with 30,000 miles5 years/100,000 miles$88.78 for 18 months$295$1,893
Gold2012 Chevy Equinox with 90,000 miles4 years/100,000 miles$127.67 for 18 months$99$2,398

CarShield Price Range

For both limited and unlimited terms, plans can be as high as $130 and as low as $80 monthly. The $80 figure given at the low end of this range assumes combining the lowest coverage with regularly-offered discounts. You will usually pay closer to $100 a month, at least for CarShield plans.

CarShield Cost Per Month

The CarShield monthly cost starts at $99 per month with a maximum payment plan of two years and the option to pay upfront or over time, according to CarShield. The quotes that our researchers have received have been generally in line with this figure.

CarShield Deductible

CarShield contracts offer no or low deductibles, with $100 being the most common deductible cost. All deductible options include $0, $50, or $100. If you have a deductible, CarShield will pay the repair shop directly, leaving you with a small payment that would cost more without an extended warranty.

Annual Cost of CarShield

Since most plans range between $80 and $130 per month and the typical deductible cost is $100, our researchers have estimated that the annual cost of CarShield ranges from $960 to over $2000/per year. These estimates are figures in quotes from CarShield (see below).

Average Cost of CarShield

The average cost of CarShield for most buyers is around $129 per month, with discounts and promotions that can lower prices to the typical $100 per month. Along with the $100 deductible you pay when your car is in service, you can also expect a $200 down payment.

Is CarShield Expensive?

CarShield’s prices are lower than the competition’s. While the examples above indicate pricing, your specific extended car warranty cost depends on the program selected and your vehicle’s mileage, model, make, age, mechanical issues, service history, and coverage status.

CarShield Extended Warranty Cost: Plans Breakdown

CarShield has six different plans, all varying coverage levels ranging from basic powertrain to comprehensive bumper-to-bumper coverage. CarShield even has specialized plans for ATVs and even high-tech electronics. Generally, as an industry norm, a higher coverage usually means you will pay higher prices.

One thing that stands out about CarShield in this regard is that the different coverage levels all seem almost identical. CarShield can do this because of its flexible month-to-month payment options and the eligibility restrictions on some coverage plans. For example, you may be able to get the same price on a bumper-to-bumper Diamond plan if you drive a vehicle that is newer and less costly to cover. Conversely, suppose you own a car with higher mileage that’s more expensive to cover. In that case, there’s a good chance you will not be eligible for a higher coverage level, but you can get an affordable powertrain plan at nearly the exact same cost.

CarShield Prices

Below are CarShield’s costs for multiple vehicle categories for several plans:

VehiclePlanPeriodDeductibleDown PaymentPayment
2016 Mid-Size SedanGoldUnlimited$1001st payment$99
2013 Luxury CrossoverPlatinumUnlimited$1001st payment$99
2017 SedanDiamondUnlimited$1301st payment$100
2016 Mid-Size Luxury CarDiamondUnlimited$1001st payment$99
2014 Mid-Size SedanPlatinumUnlimited$1001st payment$99
2016 Compact CrossoverDiamond4 years/125,000 miles$100$295$100 x 18 months
2017 CrossoverDiamondUnlimited$1301st Payment$100
2013 SedanGoldUnlimited$1001st payment$99
2017 Luxury Compact CrossoverDiamondUnlimited$1301st Payment$100
2017 TruckPlatinumUnlimited$1301st Payment$99

CarShield prices for various vehicle categories. CarShield monthly payments are lower for those with rolling coverage than the 24-month plan.

CarShield Pricing and Payment Policies

While most people think CarShield’s costs are something only to consider when deciding whether to purchase a warranty or receive a quote from the company, the cost of CarShield follows customers throughout the entire buying process and the life of the warranty in different ways. We discuss these issues below:

CarShield Quote

You can get a CarShield extended warranty quote online or over the phone. When we called to inquire about the quotes we used in this CarShield review, we found the experience simple. However, the representative was persistent when we said we wouldn’t buy them. The hold time was less than one minute, and the process took about 10 minutes.

CarShield Cancellation Policy

Your account doesn’t cancel if you don’t pay your monthly installment. If this happens, arrange a phone call with CarShield’s payment department. This is important because claims cannot be paid for past-due accounts, and you only have a limited time to make a payment. Just as important as the waiting period is the cancellation policy. If you aren’t happy with your coverage, CarShield has a 30-day money-back guarantee where it will refund your payments in full directly to your Visa or Debit Card.

CarShield Payment

One thing that separates CarShield from competitors is its flexible month-to-month payment plans. Because of this, you can opt out of a CarShield contract at any point. This flexible, rolling payment structure prevents you from being locked in, so you can primarily have coverage when needed. Most credit cards can pay CarShield monthly payments through your online account. Payment setup is easy and goes along well with the structure outlined here.

CarShield Cost Reviews

With quotes as low as $80 and plans starting at $99, CarShield provides the most affordable extended warranties on the market. With that said, there are better providers in terms of the claims process and customer service, etc. When dealing with CarShield, you essentially deal with a trade-off between low costs and convenient claims.

We’ve rated CarShield as the most affordable provider on the market. In many cases, like bumper-to-bumper extended warranties, there are no competitors offering prices that are near as low as CarShield’s. To get these lower prices, you must be willing to sacrifice some convenience and customer service for cheap coverage.

Extended Car Warranty Cost Basics

The cost of an extended warranty depends on factors like the level of coverage you receive, your vehicle’s make, model, age, mileage, and location. While these factors for extended warranty cost are the basics, you can get lower prices by researching, getting quotes and comparing costs from multiple providers, and negotiating with the warranty company during the negotiation process.

CarShield Cost: Conclusion

In this guide to CarShield cost, we looked at price ranges, average prices, payment structures, and more. We also reviewed CarShield’s cost and provided high-level tips and details to help you get a lower price on an extended car warranty with CarShield or any other provider.

CarShield Costs: FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about CarShield cost:


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