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Best Used Car Warranty

Based on our 2023 industry-wide study, CARCHEX, CarShield, Omega Auto Care, Endurance, and Toco are the best used car warranty companies in the industry.

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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Speed Reads:

  • The best used car warranty companies accept cars with high mileage and provide quality coverage regardless of vehicle age.
  • We recommend CARCHEX, CarShield, Omega Auto Care, Endurance, and Toco if you’re searching for a used car warranty.
  • Used vehicle coverage can be worth it for owners who don’t want to deal with the unexpected repair costs of unreliable older models.

Used car warranty companies promise to cover repairs as cars age, but not all deliver on that promise equally. That’s why our review team spent over 1,475 hours researching dozens of companies through secret shopping, surveying customers, analyzing reviews, and comparing car warranty quotes.

In this article, we’ll reveal our recommendations for the best used car warranty companies. These providers have the best extended car warranties due to strong claims reputations and a wide variety of coverage plans.

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Best Used Car Warranty Companies

The best used car warranty companies offer several coverage options, affordable pricing, and a good customer experience. In our research, we found that CARCHEX, CarShield, Omega Auto Care, Endurance, Toco, Protect My Car, Olive, and Concord Auto Protect offer comprehensive coverage and long-term lengths for used vehicles.

Best Warranty For Used Cars

See how the top used car warranty providers compare in the table below (jump to our review methodology):

Best Used Car Warranty
Longest Coverage
#1 CARCHEX10 years250,0005No
#2 CarShield7 years300,0006No
#3 Omega Auto CareNot listed250,0005Yes
#4 Endurance8 years200,000+6Yes
#5 TocoNot listed250,0004No
#6 Protect My Car4 years200,000+3Yes
#7 Olive3 years185,0003Yes
#8 Concord Auto ProtectNot listedNot Listed3No

*All of our top picks offer 30-day money-back guarantees.


Longest coverage term: 10 years
Mileage limit: 250,000 miles
Choice of repair shop: You can choose any licensed mechanic, including dealerships
Maintenance plan availability: No maintenance plan

CARCHEX has been in business since 1999, holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and partners with industry leaders like Edmunds.com and Kelley Blue Book. With coverage for vehicles up to 250,000 miles, CARCHEX is one of the best choices among used car warranty companies.

Pros CARCHEX has good longevity for the industry, having been in business since 1999 CARCHEX plans are more affordable per year of coverage than average compared to other providers Rental car benefit during repairs covers alternative transport like Uber and Lyft, which is unique
Cons CARCHEX doesn’t cover all vehicles like some luxury models While CARCHEX responds to all complaints on the BBB, it has a 1.9-star rating from customer reviews

CARCHEX Coverage Plans

CARCHEX works with highly rated administrators such as American Auto Shield to offer plan options that last for up to 250,000 miles. The following extended warranty plans are available from CARCHEX:

  • Titanium: Exclusionary protection similar to a bumper-to-bumper factory warranty
  • Platinum: The highest level of stated-component coverage
  • Powertrain Plus: Enhanced powertrain coverage for major components
  • Powertrain: Basic powertrain coverage for high-mileage vehicles
  • Extra Care: Covers nearly everything but powertrain components

Each of these coverage plans comes with perks such as 24/7 roadside assistance, towing services, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption benefits.

CARCHEX Warranty Cost

In our experience, CARCHEX offers affordable plans that can last for a long time and plenty of miles. The average cost of a warranty from CARCHEX is about $638 per year, which is cheaper than many other companies. The company’s plans don’t require a down payment, so coverage starts with your first month’s standard charge.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionaryTitanium6 years/125,000 miles$182 for 18 months$3,281
Mid-levelPlatinum6 years/100,000 miles$212 for 18 months$3,824
PowertrainBronze5 years/100,000 miles$177 for 18 months$3,191

*These quotes have a $100 deductible and apply to a 2017 Honda CR-V with 45,000 miles.

When we called for free quotes, the CARCHEX agents were helpful and walked our team through all possible options. While discounts aren’t advertised online, we were offered a few:

  • First-time buyer discount
  • Military discount
  • Friends and family discount

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#2 CarShield

Longest coverage term: Seven years
Mileage limit: 300,000 miles
Choice of repair shop: You can choose any licensed mechanic including dealerships
Maintenance plan availability: No maintenance plan

CarShield earns a 4.0-star rating on Trustpilot from over 40,000 customer reviews. As the most popular used car warranty company on the market, CarShield is known for its comprehensive coverage and flexible contracts. It’s the only major provider to offer month-to-month plans, giving drivers more options than if they sign up for a long-term contract.

Pros CarShield can cover up to 300,000 miles, which is the highest mileage limit in the industry CarShield’s Aluminum plan is designed to cover high-tech components and enhance an existing powertrain plan CarShield offers unlimited month-to-month contracts, which are unique in the industry
Cons While month-to-month contracts are convenient, they are more expensive for long-term plans than other options on the market

CarShield Coverage Plans

CarShield offers six vehicle warranty plans ranging from basic component coverage up to comprehensive coverage for the whole car. The company’s plans, which can last for up to 300,000 miles, come with roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption coverage.

Take a look at CarShield’s used car warranty plans in the table below:

  • Diamond: Bumper-to-bumper warranty offering comprehensive coverage
  • Platinum: Stated-component plan that covers the engine, transmission, electrical system, and air conditioning
  • Gold: Mid-level plan covering a variety of essential systems
  • Silver: Basic powertrain coverage for your engine, transmission, and drivetrain
  • Aluminum: Coverage for high-tech electronics
  • Motorcycle & ATV: Protection for alternative vehicles like motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles

One unique feature of CarShield is that its rental car coverage also covers rideshare services up to a specific limit. Instead of getting a rental car, you could use Uber or Lyft to get to work and still receive reimbursement from CarShield.

CarShield Warranty Cost

CarShield is somewhat different from other used car warranty companies because it offers unlimited contracts. The company charges a certain cost per month that lasts however long you continue the contract, whether that’s for a few months or a few years. Because each driver’s coverage term varies so much, it’s difficult to predict the total price you could pay.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost

*These quotes have a $100 deductible and apply to a 2017 Honda CR-V with 45,000 miles.

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#3 Omega Auto Care

Longest coverage term: Not listed
Mileage limit: 250,000 miles
Choice of repair shop: You can choose any licensed mechanic, including dealerships
Maintenance plan availability: Omega Maintenance add-on option

Omega Auto Care has been in business since 1968 and offers various types of vehicle service contracts. The company holds an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB along with a 3.9-star rating. Omega Auto Care covers vehicles with up to 250,000 miles on them, making it a compelling choice for the best used car warranty.

Pros Omega Auto Care has a 3.8-star rating from BBB reviews and a 3.9-star rating on Trustpilot, which are high ratings for the warranty industry Omega Auto Care waives the deductible if you go to a RepairPal Certified Shop All plans come with maintenance and tire repair benefits for one year
Cons Only one deductible option


Omega Auto Care Coverage Plans

Omega Auto Care offers five extended car warranty options that each come with strong coverage benefits. The company can cover vehicles with up to 250,000 miles on them, meaning that most vehicles are eligible for coverage. Here are Omega Auto Care’s plans:

  • Exclusionary: Covers nearly every part of your vehicle and acts similar to a bumper-to-bumper warranty on a new car.
  • Used Stated: You’ll receive protection for the vast majority of car parts, though this plan lists specifically excluded components. 
  • Powertrain Enhanced: Receive coverage for your car’s powertrain, along with the air conditioning, heating and cooling systems, and fuel system.
  • Powertrain Plus: Get slightly slimmed-down protection for the same systems as those in the Powertrain Enhanced plan.
  • Powertrain: Gain protection for only the most valuable and pricey-to-repair parts like the engine, transmission, and drive axles.

Omega Auto Care also provides 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption benefits with each plan. Car owners can add the Enhanced Electronics Package if they’d like up to $750 of repair and replacement costs for their car’s radio, audio system, touch screens, and navigation system.

Omega Auto Care Cost

Omega Auto Care is yet another affordable used car warranty company. According to the quotes we received, a year of coverage costs an average of $583 per year. Omega Auto Care only provided one deductible option of $100 to our secret shoppers.

One unique feature of Omega Auto Care is that the company will waive your deductible if you go to a mechanic certified by RepairPal. To find one, you can contact Omega Auto Care or use the RepairPal website.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionaryNew Exclusionary5 years/100,000 miles$125 for 24 months$3,008
Mid-levelUsed Stated5 years/106,000 miles$121 for 24 months$2,904
PowertrainPowertrain Enhanced5 years/96,000 miles$118 for 24 months$2,832

*These quotes have a $100 deductible and apply to a 2017 Honda CR-V with 45,000 miles. The deductible is $0 if the repair is performed by a RepairPal-certified mechanic.

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#4 Endurance

Longest coverage term: Eight years
Mileage limit: 200,000 miles for standard plans, additional mileage on Advantage maintenance plan
Choice of repair shop: Licensed mechanic is available
Maintenance plan availability: Advantage maintenance plan option

Endurance stands out for its comprehensive extended coverage options. You can choose between five standard warranty plans or a sixth plan that covers regular maintenance items as well. Endurance is also a direct warranty provider, which means it handles the warranty claims process itself instead of using a third-party administrator.

Pros Endurance offers the most extensive coverage options, ranging from basic coverage to comprehensive plans with maintenance Endurance directly administers its warranty contracts, which means you don’t have to call a third-party company to file a claim Endurance Advantage plans cover maintenance services like oil changes and brake pads, which is rare for the industry
Cons Endurance Elite Benefits include extras like tire repair and key fob replacement but are only free for the first year

Endurance Warranty Coverage Plans

Endurance offers used car extended warranty plans in every state. An Endurance extended car warranty covers can cover up to 200,000 miles, and you have access to six plans with varying levels of coverage: 

  • Supreme: Bumper-to-bumper exclusionary warranty that covers most components of your car
  • Superior: Stated-component coverage for hundreds of parts
  • Secure Plus: Enhanced powertrain plan that covers steering, electrical, and braking systems
  • Secure: Most affordable plan focused on protecting essential components
  • Select Premier: Protection for high-mileage vehicles
  • EnduranceAdvantage™: Covers mechanical breakdowns plus maintenance such as oil changes and engine diagnostics

Additionally, the Highline add-on for Supreme coverage offers protection to a variety of luxury and high-performance cars. The Mercedes AMG line, BMW M and 8 models, and various Porsche and Audi vehicles are a few that qualify for Highline coverage.

Endurance offers standard warranty perks such as roadside assistance, towing services, rental car coverage, and trip interruption benefits. All plans also come with one free year of Endurance Elite Benefits, which covers tire repairs and replacements, key fob replacements, collision discounts, and total loss protection.

Endurance Warranty Cost

Like CARCHEX, Endurance offers fairly affordable plans with an average cost of $640 per year. While the quotes we received required a down payment of between $150 and $300, Endurance agents offered to waive it if we signed up for coverage that day.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionarySupreme5 years/100,000 miles$114 for 30 months$3,420
Mid-levelSuperior5 years/100,000 miles$134 for 24 months$3,224
PowertrainSecure5 years/54,000 miles$133 for 24 months$3,199

*These quotes have a $100 deductible and apply to a 2017 Honda CR-V with 45,000 miles.

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#5 Toco

Longest coverage term: Not stated
Mileage limit: 250,000 miles
Choice of repair shop: Any licensed mechanic
Maintenance plan availability: No maintenance plan

Toco is another great option for a used car warranty. Founded in 2012, the company has a track record for customer service with a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. Toco is also very transparent about what its plans cover. The website doesn’t just list sample contracts with fine print, it breaks down those contracts in easy-to-read explanations.

Pros Toco’s monthly payments are $75 on average, which is cheaper than the industry average of $128 Toco has an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB Toco can be a good option for travelers since it offers discounts on Hotels.com and rebates
Cons Toco has a 90-day/1,000-mile waiting period, which is longer than average Coverage isn’t available in Alaska, Missouri, or Washington


Toco Coverage Plans

Toco offers four plans, from bumper-to-bumper to powertrain coverage. The powertrain plan can cover vehicles with up to 250,000 miles, which makes it a good option for a used car warranty. The four plans are called Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Green. 

While there are four plans, you may only have one to choose from at the time. This is because Toco separates the plans by mileage: 0 to 100,000, 100,000 to 150,000, 150,000 to 200,000, and 200,000 to 250,000.

  • Orange (0 to 100,000 miles): Comprehensive coverage for any breakdown except for a list of exclusions
  • Yellow (100,000 to 150,000 miles): Extensive coverage for a variety of systems including technology, electrical, air conditioning, and more
  • Blue (150,000 to 200,000 miles): Mid-tier coverage for important vehicle systems including the engine, fuel system, electrical, and more
  • Green (200,000 to 250,000 miles): Basic coverage for crucial components in the engine, transmission, drivetrain, and hybrid components (if selected)

All Toco warranty plans come with 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption coverage. They also include 5 percent cash back on hotel bookings through partners. 

Toco Warranty Cost

Overall, Toco warranty costs are about average for the industry. You pay the monthly price for the duration of the warranty and can cancel whenever you want during the term. Plans have a $100 deductible unless you go to Pep Boys, where it’s $50. Our team gathered quotes from three of the plans offered by Toco:

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
(for 3 Years)
ExclusionaryOrange3 years/75,000 miles$68$2,448
Mid-levelYellow3 years/36,000 miles$72$2,592
PowertrainBlue3 years/250,000 miles$100$3,600

The exclusionary plan applies to a 2017 Honda CRV with 45,000 miles, the mid-level plan applies to a 2017 Toyota Camry with 75,000 miles, and the powertrain plan applies to a 2013 Toyota Camry with 100,000 miles.

#6 Protect My Car

Longest coverage term: Four years
Mileage limit: 200,000+ miles
Choice of repair shop: Any licensed mechanic
Maintenance plan availability: Ultimate plan comes with maintenance, others have optional maintenance upgrade

Protect My Car has been in business since 2005 and has a solid industry reputation. The company stands out for its consistently positive customer reviews, with a 4.2-star rating from over 3,500 reviewers on Trustpilot. Protect My Car is also known for having a smooth claims process and helpful customer service representatives.

Pros Protect My Car covers vehicles up to 20 years old, while other companies often have lower vehicle age limits Plans come with long repayment terms of 48 months to keep monthly payments low Protect My Car plans come with three oil changes and two tire rotations per year
Cons Protect My Car only offers three plans, while the average for the industry is five Protect My Car isn’t available in California or Washington


Protect My Car Coverage Plans

Protect My Car offers three extended warranty options that can cover your vehicle for up to 125,000 miles. It delivers three different coverage plans that can cover the needs of nearly anyone looking for a high-quality used car warranty.

  • Ultimate: Coverage for most vehicle systems that mirrors a factory warranty
  • Deluxe: Protection for low-mileage cars that covers the powertrain, air conditioning, steering, suspension, and seals and gaskets
  • Essential: Enhanced powertrain coverage for only critical components

Each Protect My Car coverage plan includes 24-hour roadside assistance, towing, rental car reimbursement, trip interruption benefits, and enrollment into the PMC Rewards program.

Protect My Car Cost

Protect My Car generally costs a bit more than some other providers, but it can still be a good option depending on your situation. The quotes we received offered extended coverage up to 75,000 miles with no time limit. When we interacted with Protect My Car’s team, we found the agents to be helpful and to offer quick service.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionarySupremeUp to 75,000 miles$108 for 48 months$5,184
Mid-levelSelectUp to 75,000 miles$98 for 48 months$4,704
PowertrainDrivelineUp to 175,000 miles$133 for 36 months$4,788

*The Supreme and Select plans apply to a 2017 Honda CR-V with 45,000 miles and the Driveline plan applies to a 2013 Toyota Camry with 80,000 miles.

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#7 Olive

Longest coverage term: Three years
Mileage limit: 185,000 miles
Choice of repair shop: Any licensed repair facility
Maintenance plan availability: No maintenance option

Olive is a digital-focused used car warranty company that allows customers to buy and manage their warranties entirely online. Though the company was only founded in 2020, its owners have been in the car warranty business for two decades. The Olive brand’s owner, Repair Ventures, holds an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB.

Our team named Olive the Best Online Warranty of 2023 due to the fact that customers are generally pleased with Olive’s easy sign-up process and low overall costs.

Pros If you visit a RepairPal Certified Shop, Olive covers $100 of your deductible and the shop guarantees the repair for 12 months/12,000 miles Our warranty cost analysis shows Olive is more affordable than the industry average in terms of both monthly payments and total warranty cost Olive doesn’t require a waiting period or inspection, while many other companies do Olive has strong customer reviews with a 4.7-star rating on Google
Cons Olive’s longest term is three years, while you can find five-, six-, or seven-year warranties from other companies Olive’s contracts exclude rideshare vehicles, which means Uber and Lyft drivers aren’t covered Olive doesn’t offer roadside assistance or trip interruption like many other providers


Olive Coverage Plans

Olive offers three levels of extended warranty coverage. Contracts are only available for three-year periods but cover vehicles for up to 185,000 miles. Plans include a towing benefit and rental car reimbursement, but leave out all other roadside assistance services. While Olive warranties are shorter than most, they cover high-mileage vehicles and can be less expensive than those from many competitors.

  • Complete Care: A bumper-to-bumper warranty that covers most vehicle components minus a short list of exclusions
  • Powertrain Plus: This plan covers powertrain components and a few other critical systems such as steering, suspension, air conditioning, and electrical parts
  • Powertrain: Basic powertrain coverage for the engine, transmission, drive axle, and fuel system

One main downside of Olive’s plans is that they don’t come with roadside assistance or trip interruption benefits. These are often included in a used car warranty.

Olive Warranty Cost

Olive is known for the extreme affordability of its used car warranty options, with plans only costing an average of $437 per year. The quotes we received came with a $500 deductible, meaning the plan kicks in if a covered breakdown costs more than $500. If you choose a lower deductible, you may receive slightly more expensive quotes from Olive.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionaryComplete Care3 years/unlimited miles$26 for 36 months$929
Mid-levelPowertrain Plus3 years/unlimited miles$25 for 36 months$898
PowertrainPowertrain3 years/unlimited miles$25 for 36 months$898

*These quotes have a $500 deductible and apply to a 2017 Honda CR-V with 45,000 miles.

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#8 Concord Auto Protect

Longest coverage term: Not listed
Mileage limit: Not listed
Choice of repair shop: Any licensed repair facility
Maintenance plan availability: No maintenance option

Concord Auto Protect is a well-regarded auto warranty company that is an affordable option for drivers. We award it as the best for luxury cars due to its high customer service ratings, affordable rates, and the fact that it’s a direct provider.

Pros Concord offers lower monthly payments and total costs than the industry average according to our shopping analysis The warranty provider offers rental car reimbursement of $75 for four days which is higher than the industry average
Cons Coverage isn’t available in California, Florida, or Washington Concord’s website doesn’t provide easily accessible sample contracts, which makes it hard to know what’s covered before you get a quote


Concord Auto Protect Coverage Plans

Concord Auto Protect offers three levels of coverage ranging from a powertrain plan to a premium plan (similar to a bumper-to-bumper). Below is a further breakdown of each plan and what is covered.

  • Premium: Closest to a bumper-to-bumper warranty, this covers the engine, transmission, drive axles, suspension, fuel system, air conditioning, and more
  • Advanced: A mid-level protection plan covering engine, transmission, and drivetrain components as well as steering, brakes, and the cooling system
  • Powertrain: Similar to a typical powertrain warranty, covers the basic components that make the vehicle go

With every plan that it sells, Concord Auto Protect includes the following benefits:

  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Full transferability
  • Towing to nearest repair facility
  • Lockout service

Concord Auto Protect Cost

Concord Auto Protect offers prices that are often below the industry average. Extended warranties typically fall in the total cost range of $1,500 to $4,000, however, our team found that quotes from the company tend to be on the lower side. We received a few quotes from Concord Auto Protect, all for 5 years/60,000 miles, as shown in the table below. Each quote comes with a $100 deductible.

TypePlan NameVehicleMileageMonthly Cost
ExclusionaryPremium2017 Honda CR-V45,000$44 for 36 months
ExclusionaryPremium2017 Chevrolet Silverado50,000$53 for 36 months
Mid-LevelAdvanced2017 Honda CR-V100,000$48.60 for 36 months
PowertrainPowertrain2017 Honda CR-V120,000$48.60 for 36 months



Best Extended Warranty For High Mileage Cars

Our editorial team found that Endurance and CarShield offer some of the best extended warranty coverage for cars over 100,000 miles. The table below provides details on these two providers, including maximum coverage limits and the best plan offered by each company for high-mileage vehicles.

Extended Warranty CompanyHighest Mileage LimitBest Extended Warranty
for High Mileage Cars
1. Endurance200,000+ milesSelect Premier
2. CarShield300,000 milesPlatinum

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Endurance: Best Coverage

Endurance was chosen by our team as the best extended warranty for high-mileage vehicles. With six different vehicle protection plans, coverage lasts up to 200,000+ miles, depending on the warranty you select. Its Select Premier plan is the best plan for older vehicles, as it covers basic powertrain components, electrical systems, air conditioning, and more.

All Endurance extended auto warranty plans come with additional perks such as roadside assistance, trip interruption benefits, and rental car coverage for the duration of their warranties. Extended warranties also come with one free year of Elite Benefits, with benefits like reimbursement for your collision deductible, replacements for lost or broken key fobs, regular maintenance like tire rotation, and tire repair or replacement.

CarShield: Best Monthly Payments

CarShield is one of the most popular extended warranty providers in the industry, offering coverage up to 300,000 miles. It offers six extended warranty plans, ranging from comprehensive to basic powertrain coverage. Its Platinum plan is geared towards higher mileage vehicles, offering the highest level of inclusionary coverage to protect the engine, transmission, cooling system, electrical system, steering, and brake system.

All CarShield extended warranties come with 24-hour roadside assistance, trip interruption, and rental car reimbursement.



Best CPO Warranty Programs

Some used vehicles may come with a certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty that protects your auto from any possible defects. During our research, we found that Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and Kia offer the best CPO manufacturer’s warranties.

CPO WarrantyAdditional BenefitsCPO Vehicle
1. Mitsubishi10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warrantyBattery jump starts, flat tire changes, gas delivery, lockout assistance, and towing to the nearest dealershipUnder 5 years/60,000 miles
2. Hyundai10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty,
5-year/60,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty
Roadside assistance, trip-interruption coverage, and rental car reimbursementUnder 5 years/60,000 miles
3. Kia10-year/100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty,
1-year/12,000-mile Platinum coverage
Roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage, rental car coverage, lockout services, and flat tire changesUnder 6 years/80,000 miles

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For manufacturers, Mitsubishi offers the best CPO warranty in the industry. All CPO vehicles come with a 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty or a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty from the vehicle’s original in-service date for all other parts.

The Mitsubishi CPO warranty features additional benefits like roadside assistance, which comes with flat tire changes, gas delivery, and battery jump-starts.


Similar to Mitsubishi, Hyundai offers strong CPO warranty coverage with long term limits. Drivers are offered a CPO powertrain warranty that lasts for 10 years or 100,000 miles or the remainder of the 5-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Hyundai CPO vehicles also come with a 10-year/unlimited mile roadside assistance plan and a 10-year/100,000-mile hybrid/EV battery warranty for electric models.


Kia’s CPO warranty lasts up to 10 years/100,000 miles on the powertrain or 1 year/12,000 miles for Platinum coverage, which covers all other parts and begins on the vehicle’s purchase date. The CPO warranty also includes a 10-year/unlimited miles roadside assistance plan, along with travel breakdown and rental car coverage.



Used Car Warranty Buyer’s Guide

With so many options, it can be difficult to make a decision on a used car warranty. Next, we’ll go over what to know when shopping for an extended warranty on your used car.

Buying A Used Car Warranty

When you’re shopping for a used car warranty, consider getting multiple quotes from different companies. You may find out your car is eligible for different types of coverage from various providers.

It can often be helpful to call a company representative and have them walk you through the different plans. But hold your ground if you want to take time to consider your options. You can always call them back to make the purchase, as quotes are often good for 30 days.

After you find out the type of coverage you can get and the price, you’ll sign a contract electronically with the company to purchase a used car warranty. At that point, the waiting period starts. Usually, you need to wait 30 days and a few hundred miles before using warranty coverage. This is so the company doesn’t pay for preexisting issues.

The way you pay for the used car warranty will depend on what the company offers. You might want to pay for the whole plan upfront to save a bit on the total cost, or you could make monthly payments. Some companies charge payments for the duration of the plan while others lump payments into the first one, two, or three years.

How To Buy A Used Car Warranty

The used car warranty market can be overwhelming due to hundreds of providers and plans, varying payment and claim structures, and confusing fine print. Before contacting used car warranty companies for quotes, it’s important to understand the landscape and reflect on your needs.

Important Used Car Warranty Questions

Along with big-picture questions such as your level of vehicle protection and how much you’re willing to pay, here’s a short list of questions to ask during your search:

  • Is the used car warranty company known for reliable and fast customer service?
  • Does the company have high ratings from expert sources?
  • What are customers saying in online reviews?
  • Can you file claims on the weekend?
  • How many years has the company been in business?
  • Do the customer service representatives seem more eager to make a sale than meet your needs?
  • Are warranty plans transferable?
  • What other benefits are offered with the provider’s warranty plans?
  • Are there restrictions, limitations, or inconveniences outlined in the fine print?

What To Look For In Used Car Warranty Companies

From coverage plans to what customers have to say, there’s lots to consider when comparing the best used car warranties. The best car warranty companies are known for reliably paying out claims on repairs and parts that are under contract. For this reason, buying from dependable used car warranty companies helps you get the best value.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a used car warranty, here are some items to consider:

  • Reputation: The used car warranty company’s reputation is key. Much of your satisfaction with the warranty plan will depend on how helpful customer service representatives are throughout the entire process.
  • Industry reviews: Websites like the BBB and Trustpilot can give insight into customers’ experiences and help you find the best used car warranty.
  • Transparency: Make sure you can easily locate sample contracts on the company’s website easily. Also, see if there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Coverage terms: Consider how long you plan to keep the vehicle, what parts need to be covered, and what it would cost to cancel or transfer coverage.
  • Price: The best used car warranty companies should be able to provide coverage at a price you’re comfortable with, and the plan should be as flexible as possible. You should have $0 deductible options along with your choice of a repair shop.

It’s important to consider these questions whether you’re looking at an automaker-backed plan, one from a third-party extended warranty company, or coverage in the form of mechanical breakdown insurance.

Used Car Warranty Coverage

Used car warranty companies offer multiple plans that cover different lists of vehicle components. Below are the three main coverage types you’ll find:

  • Bumper-to-bumper: A bumper-to-bumper warranty is most similar to the new vehicle limited warranty and covers all parts not specifically listed as exclusions. Because of this, it’s commonly known as an exclusionary warranty.
  • Stated-component: These plans protect most major components such as the air conditioning and electrical systems, but they’re less comprehensive than bumper-to-bumper plans. Stated-component coverage only protects what’s written in the contract and is often considered best for high-mileage vehicles.
  • Powertrain: A powertrain warranty covers the most essential systems the car needs to function, like its engine, transmission, and drive axles. Because powertrain coverage is pretty basic, you’ll also find that it’s the cheapest coverage option.

Even with a used car, you’ll likely be eligible for a bumper-to-bumper warranty from most third-party providers. Note, though, that many people searching for used car warranties consider stated-component coverage instead of full bumper-to-bumper protection.

Used Car Warranty Exclusions

Note that warranties are meant to pay for auto repairs when car parts fail or break as a result of normal use. This means a used car warranty won’t pay for damages caused by a car accident, poor weather, or lack of proper maintenance. Providers also exclude damages covered by car insurance companies and wear and tear parts like brake pads, wiper blades, and tires.

Vehicle protection plans generally won’t cover the following:

  • Regular maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations
  • Unauthorized vehicle repairs
  • Repairs that upgrade the car
  • Aftermarket parts
  • Cosmetic items such as paint, glass, and fabric
  • Parts covered by the car’s manufacturer

Benefits Of A Used Car Warranty

Most extended car warranty plans come with extra benefits beyond the repair contract. These usually include roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and trip interruption. In most cases, you’ll need to cover these costs yourself and then submit receipts later on for reimbursement.

  • Roadside assistance: This covers towing services, fuel deliveries, lockout assistance, spare tire changes, and battery jump-starts.
  • Rental car reimbursement: This covers rental car costs while your own vehicle is in the shop for a covered repair. Warranty plans usually limit coverage to a set amount per day and set a maximum number of days.
  • Trip interruption: This covers certain food and lodging costs if your car breaks down far away from home.

In our experience, most used car warranty companies offer all three benefits on stated-component and bumper-to-bumper coverage contracts. Some offer all three with powertrain plans, while other companies may just offer roadside assistance.

Used Car Warranty Cost

A used car warranty can cost between $1,500 and $4,000 in total depending on the provider, coverage plan, and term length. Some companies require you to pay the entire cost upfront, while others allow you to make monthly payments of about $100 to $200 per month. On top of your monthly payment, some companies require a down payment of up to $300.

Should I Buy A Used Car Warranty?

Whether you should get a used car warranty depends on your needs and budget. Some drivers may prefer to pay for car repairs as they arise, while others may not be able to afford unexpected expenses out of pocket.

If your car doesn’t experience any major issues, you’ll spend more money on the extended warranty than on auto repairs. However, used car warranties offer peace of mind and offset repair costs if you purchase a car that’s no longer under its original factory warranty.

Is A Used Car Warranty Worth It?

To determine whether a used car warranty is worth it, research common issues for your car’s make and model year when warranty shopping. Note that your make and model, as well as the year of your car, will impact your used car warranty cost as well.

Use resources like RepairPal and Edmunds to estimate how much you’d pay in repair costs over the next few years. If these costs exceed what you feel comfortable spending on your vehicle, an affordable monthly payment for a used car warranty could be smart.

Used Car Extended Warranty Survey

Our research team polled 1,000 consumers who either bought or considered purchasing a used car warranty. Warranty cost, term length, and covered components were the most important factors to consumers as they considered buying an extended warranty.

Here are some additional takeaways from the survey:

  • Satisfaction: Over 41 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with their extended car warranty because it covered needed repairs. An additional 24 percent said they were satisfied with their provider despite never filing a claim.
  • Value: Our survey found that almost 41 percent of respondents think buying an extended warranty is worth it, while nearly 45 percent think “it depends.” In other words, only about 15 percent of respondents feel that an extended car warranty isn’t worth the investment.

Pie chart showing how satisfied respondents to our consumer survey were with their extended car warranty.

Used Car Warranty Pros And Cons

Below, we’ll discuss several reasons a used car warranty may or may not be worth it:

Used Car Warranty Pros

Below are some strong reasons to consider purchasing a used car warranty:

  1. You won’t pay for repairs out of pocket: The chance of your car suddenly requiring an expensive repair increases as the vehicle ages. If you aren’t able to pay for a $1,000 or $2,000 repair bill out of pocket, a used car warranty provider may be worth considering.
  2. You’ll gain peace of mind: With an extended car warranty, you’ll have a set monthly budget for auto repairs. In this way, a warranty acts as a sort of insurance for car repairs, protecting you against bank-breaking bills.
  3. You can keep your car longer: If you love your used vehicle and want to keep it for years to come, a used car warranty will help you do so by covering future repair costs. The sooner you purchase an extended car warranty, the sooner you can lock in a low rate for the long term.
Used Car Warranty Cons

Below are reasons to potentially consider avoiding a used car warranty:

  1. Extended warranties don’t cover everything: A used car warranty isn’t a promise to pay for every repair that your car may need. After your vehicle breaks down, you’ll need approval from your claims administrator before repairs are made. Your claim could be denied if the contract doesn’t cover a certain part or breakdown.
  2. Used car warranties can be expensive: If you have thousands in savings to use for car repairs, it’s probably not worth it to purchase a used car warranty. While it’s not fun to foot a pricey repair bill, you could save more money by not purchasing an extended car warranty.
  3. You may not keep the used car for long: If you plan to buy a different car in the near future, purchasing a used car warranty may not be worth it. However, most extended warranties are transferable and could improve the car’s resale value.



Best Used Car Extended Warranties: Conclusion

We used our findings from 1,475 hours of research to rate the eight best used car warranty companies according to industry standing, coverage, cost, transparency, and customer service. Based on that criteria, we found that CARCHEX is the best provider of used car coverage plans. We’d also recommend CarShield, Omega Auto Care, Endurance, Toco, Protect My Car, and Olive.

Best Used Car Warranty: FAQ

Below are several frequently asked questions regarding the best used car warranties:



Extended Car Warranty Reviews: Our Process

Each year, our research team collects over 2,200 data points on extended car warranty plans to rank the best coverage on the market. We compare pricing from quotes obtained via secret shopping, analyze coverage quality and plan options, and evaluate contract transparency and customer satisfaction.

The extensive data we collect is used to create a score in each review category based on a systematic rating methodology. To keep our data current, we refresh our data points throughout the year. Below, you can learn more about how ratings are determined in each category:

Industry Standing

Warranty providers with a history of strong business practices and endorsements from experts receive the highest scores in this category. We look at the longevity of a company, its availability by state, partnerships with industry leaders like RepairPal and CARFAX, and BBB ratings.


Focused on overall coverage quality, this rating is based on types of extended warranty plans, coverage term length, and additional benefits like roadside assistance. A provider scores well if it offers more than three plans and mileage limits over 150,000 miles. Because they’re uncommon in the industry, coverage options for maintenance items like brake pads are also noted.


The overall cost of coverage is one of the most significant factors that impact customers’ decisions about buying an extended warranty. The review score for cost is determined by comparing the price per year of coverage from various providers, with higher scores being awarded for lower average rates.

To accurately estimate warranty pricing information, our research team reviews sample quotes for a variety of plans and vehicles. This data is compiled from over 140 individual quotes we received from different companies for a range of plans and payment options. We present example quotes in this article, but be aware that you may find different prices based on personal factors like vehicle type, provider, length, and level of coverage.

Contract Transparency

Transparency is an important quality to look for in extended warranty providers. Some companies make it easy to find sample contracts and read the fine print, while others make it difficult. Our transparency score takes into account sample contract accessibility as well as the presence of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Service

Great coverage options and prices mean nothing if the company lacks good customer service. We comb through customer reviews and perform our own shopper analysis to get a sense of the responsiveness and helpfulness of each warranty company. When speaking to representatives, our researchers assess issues like whether agents are more likely to explain coverage or are focused only on making a sale.

Extended Warranty Customer Reviews

How we weigh each of these categories to determine the overall score is influenced by a survey conducted by our research team. To complete the survey, we polled 1,000 consumers who have bought or thought about purchasing an extended warranty.

Which factors are most important to consumers when purchasing an extended warranty? Most respondents answered that coverage was the most important factor.

Below are the top five factors most important to extended warranty customers:

  • Coverage (52 percent)
  • Cost (19 percent)
  • Customer service (13 percent)
  • Transparency (10 percent)
  • Industry standing (5 percent)

Of those who had extended warranties (whether they had used coverage or not), 65 percent of respondents were satisfied, and 13 percent of respondents were dissatisfied to some degree.

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