Finding the best extended car warranty isn’t an easy task. From used car dealers to robocalls, there’s a lot to navigate. That’s why our team spent 1,475 hours researching dozens of extended warranty providers in and out.

Each year, our research team collects hundreds of data points on warranty companies to rank the most reputable providers. We compare quotes and customer service through secret shopping, evaluate contract transparency, and analyze warranty coverage options. After our industrywide review, we found the best extended warranty companies to be:

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of an extended warranty ranges from about $1,600 to $4,500.
  • This article covers third-party extended warranties, which you can buy online and are often more flexible than manufacturer or used car dealership options.
  • An auto warranty covers repairs to essential parts and components such as the engine and transmission for a set number of years or miles.
  • Endurance is the best extended car warranty provider, closely followed by ForeverCar and Olive.
  • An extended used car warranty is worth it for many drivers who want peace of mind on the road.
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Methodology: How We Rate Warranty Companies

Our team scores companies in each of the following categories: industry standing, coverage, cost, transparency, and customer service. Taken together, these ratings factor into an overall weighted score out of 5.0 stars. Throughout the year, we refresh our data to keep our rankings current. You can learn more about our methodology categories below.

Industry Standing

Warranty providers with a history of strong business practices and endorsements from experts receive the highest scores in this category. We look at the longevity of a company, its availability by state, partnerships with industry leaders like RepairPal or CARFAX, Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, and more.


This rating is based on types of extended warranty plans available, coverage terms, and added benefits like roadside assistance. A company scores high if it offers more than three plans and mileage limits over 150,000 miles. We also note if a company offers coverage for maintenance items like brake pads, because this is uncommon in the industry.


Our research team reviews sample quotes for a variety of plans and vehicles. We received over 140 individual quotes from different companies for a range of plan and payment options. Companies with lower prices per year of coverage receive the best scores. 

This is one of the most significant factors that impacts consumers’ decisions to buy an extended warranty. The cost of an extended warranty depends on several things, such as vehicle type, provider, length and level of coverage, and more. We present example quotes in this article, but be aware that you may find different prices based on your vehicle and situation.


Transparency is an important quality to look for in extended warranty providers. Some companies make it easy to find sample contracts and read the fine print, while others make it difficult. Our transparency score takes into account sample contract accessibility as well as the presence of a money-back guarantee.

Customer Service

Great coverage options and prices don’t mean anything if the company doesn’t have good customer service. We comb through customer reviews and perform our own shopper analysis to get a sense of the responsiveness and helpfulness of each warranty company. Are agents willing to explain coverage or do they just want to make a sale?

Our goal is to present a range of reputable extended car warranty providers for shoppers to compare. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, there are a number of extended car warranty companies that rise above the rest. We will review our top picks in this article.

Our Customer Survey

Our team surveyed 1,000 extended warranty customers to learn what matters to consumers. When asked which factors are most important when purchasing an extended warranty, most respondents said coverage was the most important factor. Here are the top five things people look for when shopping for extended coverage:

  • Coverage (52%)
  • Cost (19%)
  • Customer service (13%)
  • Transparency (10%)
  • Industry standing (5%)

These answers influenced how we weighted different categories of our methodology. We also asked customers if they were satisfied with their extended warranties or not. Overall, 65% were satisfied, while 13% were dissatisfied to some degree.

What To Know Before Buying An Extended Warranty

An extended car warranty, also called a vehicle service contract or aftermarket car warranty, is an optional service plan that helps cover the cost of certain car repairs or part replacements. An extended service plan usually takes effect after your manufacturer’s factory warranty has expired, though coverage can overlap depending on the extended warranty plan.

The main difference between a manufacturer’s warranty and an extended auto warranty is that a manufacturer’s warranty is included at the time of a vehicle’s sale. Extended car warranties, on the other hand, cost an additional fee.

Manufacturer Vs. Third-Party Extended Warranty

You can get extended warranties from manufacturers, like Honda and Ford, or from third-party companies like Endurance and CarShield. Manufacturer extended warranties offer factory-trained technicians and OEM parts, but they require you to visit a dealership for repairs and may not last as long as third-party options. Below are a few pros and cons of each.

Manufacturer Extended Warranty Pros and Cons

Pros Factory-trained technicians perform repairs Covers OEM replacement parts Cost can be rolled into your auto loan Coverage designed for your specific vehicle
Cons Usually only available at time of car purchase or before factory warranty expires Not many coverage options to choose from Requires visiting the dealership for repairs Coverage may not last much longer than 100,000 miles

Third-Party Extended Warranty Pros And Cons

Pros You can visit any certified mechanic for repairs Plans can cover 200,000 miles or more Many coverage options to choose from Plans are available long after factory warranty expires
Cons Extra benefits like rental car coverage are paid through reimbursement Plans don’t guarantee factory-trained technicians You can’t roll the cost into your auto loan

Used Car Dealer Warranties

There is another place to purchase extended warranties – from a used car dealership when you buy a vehicle. In general, we don’t recommend buying these plans. Used car dealers’ warranties are not backed by the manufacturer. And they may or may not even be backed by a reputable administrator. 

You don’t have much time at the dealership to go over the fine print of the warranty plan or even compare other companies. Used dealer warranties are often more restrictive than plans from independent providers. They may even require you to visit that exact dealership location for all warranty repairs.

For more information on the different types of coverage plans and exclusions, check out our extended warranty guide later in this article.

Extended Warranty Company Comparison

Below, you can compare our ratings and important company information at a glance.

Best Extended Car WarrantyMotor1 AwardOverall RatingCost RatingCoverage LevelsYear FoundedCustomer Service Rating
#1: EnduranceBest Coverage4.64.5620064.4
#2: ForeverCarBest Value4.54.8420114.1
#3: OliveBest Online Warranty4.54.8320004.3
#4 CarShieldBest Monthly Payments4.54.6620054.2
#5: CARCHEXBest for Used Cars4.44519993
#6: Protect My CarBest Customer Experience4.44.2320054.4
#7: Omega Auto Care4.44.134.4
#8: autopom!Best Claims Process4.33.9420094.6

Best Extended Car Warranties

Endurance is our top pick overall for its wide selection of coverage options and reasonable prices. However, you may find another company on our list is a great fit for you depending on your situation. 

1. Best Coverage: Endurance

Why we chose it: Widest selection of standard warranties and maintenance plans

A direct provider for vehicle protection, Endurance is an extended car warranty provider with over 10 years of experience backed by an AM Best insurance company with an A rating.

Unlike most car warranty companies, Endurance is a direct administrator of warranty plans, meaning it handles all claims directly, so there’s no go-between involved. You talk with just the Endurance team at every point of the process. Not only can this speed up the claims process, but you also won’t be wondering who you should call for what issue.

Endurance Car Warranty Cost

Average cost per year of coverage: $646

Our team reached out for Endurance quotes and found plans can range from $3,200 to $4,900 total depending on the coverage and terms you select. Monthly payments range from $107 to $163 over 24 or 30 months. Compared to other companies, Endurance offers fairly affordable coverage considering the number of years that the plans cover.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionarySupreme5 years/100,000 miles$114 for 30 months$3,420
Mid-levelSuperior5 years/100,000 miles$134 for 24 months$3,224
PowertrainSecure5 years/54,000 miles$133 for 24 months$3,199

*These quotes have a $100 deductible and apply to a 2017 CR-V with 45,000 miles.

Endurance Extended Warranty Coverage

Endurance offers six levels of auto protection that can last up to 8 years/200,000 miles, according to our secret shopper analysis. Below is a summary of each Endurance warranty plan.

Endurance Warranty Car Plans

Warranty PlanRecommended ForDetails
SupremeExclusionary coverageThe most extensive plan with bumper-to-bumper protection
SuperiorMost stated-component coverageCovers hundreds of components
Secure PlusFast coverageCovers steering, electrical, and brakes with a shorter waiting period (30 days and 1,000 miles) than the Select Premier plan
SecureMost affordable coverage optionCovers the most vital car components
Select PremierOlder vehiclesCovers basic powertrain components
EnduranceAdvantage™Aftermarket auto warranty and maintenance coverageCombines mechanical breakdown coverage with maintenance services like oil changes

Additionally, the EnduranceAdvantage plan is unique in the industry because it offers both extended warranty coverage and vehicle maintenance. There are three levels of coverage within the plan – Prime, Plus, and Preferred – all of which include high-level, stated-component coverage and many maintenance services.

Endurance Roadside Assistance (And Other Perks)

Each Endurance plan comes with the following perks: 

  • Roadside assistance: Covers battery jump-starts, lockout assistance, spare tire installation, fuel delivery, and towing up to a maximum cost per occurrence
  • Rental car reimbursement: Covers rental car costs while your car is in the shop after a covered repair up to a limit
  • Trip interruption: Covers food and lodging if your car breaks down over 100 miles from home up to a limit

What makes the company stand out is its Endurance Elite Benefits, which are included with your first year of coverage. The benefits include:

  • Key fob replacement: Covers up to $500 to replace your key fob if its lost or stolen
  • Tire replacement/repair: Covers up to two tires per year
  • Collision discount: Covers up to $500 toward collision damage repairs per accident ($1,000 total limit)
  • Total loss protection: Covers up to $1,000 for a replacement vehicle after a total loss

These benefits are some of the best you’ll find in the extended auto warranty industry. The downside is that you have to pay to get these Endurance Elite benefits for more than the first year.

Is An Endurance Car Warranty Worth It?

Yes, an Endurance car warranty can be worth purchasing for several reasons. The company provides extensive coverage options and other features, which include:

  • Quick and easy claims process: Customers can make claims online or by phone.
  • Collision discount: Endurance Elite Benefits include a reimbursement of $500 per covered collision to help with your car insurance deductible (up to $1,000 total).
  • Endurance mobile app: This app connects you with Endurance staff and makes it easy to access benefits like roadside assistance.
  • Highline add-on: The Supreme Highline add-on can cover performance luxury vehicles like many of the Mercedes AMG vehicles and BMW M Series models.

For more information on this extended car warranty provider, check out our complete Endurance warranty review.

2. Best Value: ForeverCar

Why we chose it: Simple three-year contracts with affordable payments

If you’re on a budget, ForeverCar is a great company to look into. We found very affordable monthly payments and total costs from the company. ForeverCar also keeps things simple and offers unlimited-mileage plans for three-year contracts. The company offers four plans and can cover vehicles up to 10 model years old.

ForeverCar has been in business since 2011 and has an A+ rating with accreditation from the BBB. The company also has a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot from over 4,700 customer reviews.

ForeverCar Warranty Cost

Average cost per year of coverage: $700

In the extended warranty industry, $50 a month is a great monthly payment. All the ForeverCar quotes our team received were around $50 per month for 36 months. Plans last three years regardless of mileage, so once the payment is over, the plan is over. Once your plan expires, you can reapply and start another contract if your car is still eligible.

Looking at total costs, ForeverCar plans range from about $1,740 to $1,890 for a 2017 Honda CR-V with 45,000 miles. Be aware plans may cost more for an older car or a vehicle with more miles. Our quote experience was fast and easy. You can see prices for multiple plans online after filling out a few basic questions about your vehicle.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionaryPlatinum3 years/unlimited miles$53 for 36 months$1,890
Mid-levelGold3 years/unlimited miles$50 for 36 months$1,798
PowertrainSilver3 years/unlimited miles$48 for 36 months$1,744

*These quotes have a $100 deductible and apply to a 2017 CR-V with 45,000 miles.

ForeverCar Warranty Coverage

As we mentioned above, ForeverCar offers simple coverage plans. You can choose between four plans depending on the condition of your vehicle. All plans last for three years and unlimited miles. Our quotes included a $100 deductible, but you can also choose $0, $250, or $500. Although ForeverCar doesn’t list a maximum mileage limit, it doesn’t cover vehicles beyond 10 model years old.

ForeverCar Warranty Plans

Warranty PlanYears of CoverageRecommended ForDetails
Platinum Plus3Factory coverage for newer vehiclesCovers almost any breakdown except for a list of exclusions and also covers wearable parts like fuses, light bulbs, and brake pads
Platinum3Factory coverage for newer vehiclesCovers almost any breakdown except for a list of exclusions
Gold3Enhanced coverage for most major systemsProtects most major systems of the vehicle and adds enhanced coverage for a variety of electrical and mechanical components
Silver3Basic coverage for most major systemsProtects most major systems of the vehicle

ForeverCar Perks

All ForeverCar contracts come with the following perks:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Trip interruption

Is A ForeverCar Warranty Worth It?

ForeverCar can be worth it if you’re looking for an affordable warranty plan on a car under 10 years old. Here are the top reasons we like ForeverCar:

  • Transparency: Sample plans are easy to find on the website and simple to understand.
  • Good coverage options: ForeverCar’s lowest plan offers more than a basic powertrain contract, and the highest plan can cover wear-and-tear items like brake pads.
  • Good value: Monthly payments and total plan costs are affordable compared to other options in the industry.

3. Best Online Warranty: Olive

Why we chose it: Innovative online warranty company with easy-to-understand plans

Having compared many different warranty websites, Olive’s website felt the most modern to our team. It’s organized well and makes comparing coverage easy. The site also has a useful chat service during business hours and a chatbot when the office is closed. The chatbot actually has a personality and knows some good questions to ask as it helps out. 

Olive was founded in 2000 but only recently began focusing efforts on selling its warranty products online. The company has an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB.

Olive Car Warranty Cost

Average cost per year of coverage: $596

Olive is another company that offers affordable coverage. The quotes we received ranged from $1,310 to $2,382 total for a 2017 Honda CR-V. Payments ranged from $36 to $66 per month for 36 months. Olive offers deductibles of $100, $250, or $500. As you click between deductibles on the quote screen, you’ll see that higher deductibles lower the overall cost.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionaryComplete Care3 years/unlimited miles$66 for 36 months$2,382
Mid-levelPowertrain Plus3 years/unlimited miles$46 for 36 months$1,668
PowertrainPowertrain3 years/unlimited miles$36 for 36 months$1,310

*These quotes have a $100 deductible and apply to a 2017 CR-V with 45,000 miles.

Olive Warranty Coverage

With Olive, you have access to three plans with varying levels of coverage, ranging from bumper-to-bumper coverage to basic powertrain protection. Each of Olive’s plans comes with towing and rental car reimbursement, but not roadside assistance or trip interruption.

Olive Car Warranty Plans

Warranty PlanYears of CoverageRecommended ForDetails
ExclusionaryUp to 8The most comprehensive coverageProtects virtually all mechanical and electrical components unless the component is specifically listed as not covered
Mid-LevelUp to 7High-mileage vehiclesProtects the systems included in the lower-tier Powertrain-Plus plan, as well as named additional components within the steering, suspension, fuel delivery, cooling, and braking systems
Powertrain-PlusUp to 6Powertrain coverage with optional add-onsProtects named components for the essential powertrain systems, with the option to add electrical, air conditioning, and fuel systems

Olive Perks

Olive plans only come with towing and rental car coverage. On the one hand, it’s a shame they don’t come with roadside assistance and trip interruption. On the other hand, many people either already have a roadside assistance company or don’t need that coverage. By not providing these options, Olive keeps costs low.

Is An Olive Car Warranty Worth It?

With each of the plans, you can get benefits such as towing and rental car reimbursement. As for pricing, Olive is cheaper than many other top providers of vehicle service contracts. Our team reached out for quotes for different vehicles and received extended warranty rates that were consistently lower than other leading companies.

If you’re looking for a three-year warranty from a self-serve website, Olive could be a good option. Here are the reasons we like Olive:

  • Affordability: Olive’s plans are typically more affordable than plans from its competitors.
  • Transparency: The website makes it easy to compare each plan and see exactly what’s covered. Olive provides an interactive table that shows coverage by vehicle system.
  • Simplicity: Olive offers three plans that cover up to three years of the car’s life. You can make 36 monthly payments or 3 annual payments.

4. Best Monthly Payments: CarShield

Why we chose it: Flexible monthly payment plans and most popular provider

CarShield started in 2005 and has since protected over one million vehicles. Our team recognized it for having the Best Monthly Payments because it offers month-to-month contracts that you can cancel anytime. CarShield has an average rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars across more than 34,000 Trustpilot reviews and gets 4.2 out of 5.0 stars averaged from more than 12,000 Google reviews.

CarShield sells plans from multiple providers, including American Auto Shield, and operates as the liaison between the customer and a warranty company. It has several levels of coverage for new and used cars, but we especially like its protection for specialty vehicles and high-tech systems and components.

CarShield Cost

Average cost per year of coverage: $1,580

CarShield isn’t necessarily the cheapest option out there, but it’s the most flexible. That’s because CarShield offers month-to-month warranty coverage. All other companies on our list have contracts that start at three years, but you could get coverage for less than that with CarShield.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost

*These quotes have a $100 deductible and apply to a 2017 CR-V with 45,000 miles.

CarShield Coverage

CarShield can cover vehicles up to 300,000 miles. That’s the highest mileage limit of any company on our best extended car warranty list. The maximum number of coverage years isn’t listed on the company website.

CarShield Protection Plans

Warranty PlanRecommended ForDetails
DiamondOwners looking to maintain factory-level coverageBumper-to-bumper coverage designed to be similar to a manufacturer’s warranty for new cars
PlatinumHigh-mileage vehiclesComprehensive coverage
GoldCoverage for both minor and major vehicle partsPowertrain-plus coverage for the engine, transmission, water pump, air conditioning, starter, and more
SilverThe most basic coveragePowertrain coverage for the most important parts of your vehicle
AluminumVehicles with advanced electrical systemsProtects the engine control module, alternator, navigation/GPS, electrical system, starter, and more
Motorcycle & ATVMotorcycles and all-terrain vehiclesVariety of coverage levels and contracts for specialty vehicles

To make coverage as flexible as possible, many of the company’s plans are month-to-month contracts, so you’re not locked in for any number of years. Since your vehicle’s age and mileage help determine eligibility, the best way to find out how long you can cover your vehicle is to call CarShield.

CarShield Perks

CarShield contracts come with the following perks:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental car reimbursement (included on most plans)
  • Trip interruption

Is CarShield Worth It?

CarShield can be a good idea for drivers who want maximum flexibility in a warranty contract. We like CarShield for:

  • Coverage options: CarShield offers a variety of standard plans plus a plan that covers high-tech components only.
  • Month-to-month contracts: Carshield offers extra flexibility by letting you decide how long you want to keep a warranty plan.
  • High mileage limit: CarShield’s 300,000-mile limit can cover many more vehicles than most extended warranty companies.

For more information on this vehicle service contract provider, check out our CarShield review.

5. Best For Used Cars: CARCHEX

Why we chose it: High mileage limits and strong industry reputation

CARCHEX has been in business for more than 20 years and offers five coverage tiers with several plan options under each tier for a total of 16 warranty plans. We name it Best for Used Cars because it can cover up to 250,000 miles and offers affordable plans. Sample contracts are available on the company’s website, and though the contracts are long (14 to 34 pages), CARCHEX representatives will walk you through them to help you understand what is and isn’t covered.

CARCHEX Warranty Cost

Average cost per year of coverage: $646

According to quotes our team received from CARCHEX, five- and six-year plans range from $3,200 to $4,000. Payments range from $177 to $222 per month. You may find different prices based on your vehicle and desired coverage.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionaryTitanium6 years/125,000 miles$182 for 18 months$3,281
Mid-levelPlatinum6 years/100,000 miles$212 for 18 months$3,824
PowertrainBronze5 years/100,000 miles$177 for 18 months$3,191

*These quotes have a $100 deductible and apply to a 2017 CR-V with 45,000 miles.

CARCHEX Warranty Coverage

CARCHEX works with multiple contract administrators, including Royal Administration, so each contract has customization opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at what a CARCHEX extended car warranty covers under each tier:

CARCHEX Coverage Plans

Warranty PlanYears of CoverageRecommended ForDetails
TitaniumUp to 10Owners looking for the most protection availableExclusionary coverage, similar to a bumper-to-bumper warranty
PlatinumUp to 10Long-term coverage of stated componentsHundreds of specific components covered
GoldUp to 10Vehicles over 60,000 milesComprehensive coverage of most major vehicle systems, with flexible terms
SilverUp to 7High-mileage vehiclesProvides essential coverage for many major systems
BronzeUp to 6Drivers looking for basic protectionProtects you against the most common and expensive repairs


All CARCHEX plans come with these three standard perks:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental car coverage
  • Trip interruption

Is CARCHEX Worth It?

Based on our research, CARCHEX is one of our top choices for the best extended car warranty. Here’s what makes the company stand out from others in the industry:

  • Coverage selection: CARCHEX’s five plans cover the range from factory-level coverage to basic protection. You can also upgrade different plans to cover luxury electronics or important emissions components.
  • High mileage limit: CARCHEX’s limit of 250,000 miles gives you plenty of time to enjoy your vehicle while it’s covered for repairs.
  • Reputation: CARCHEX is a long-standing member of the auto industry and has partnerships with leaders like Kelley Blue Book and 

For more information on this extended car warranty provider, check out our CARCHEX review.

6. Best Customer Experience: Protect My Car

Why we chose it: High customer satisfaction ratings on the BBB and Trustpilot

Established in 2005 and based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Protect My Car is a popular choice for vehicle service contracts. Protect My Car offers three warranty plans — Supreme, Select, and Driveline. With Protect My Car’s two highest levels of protection, you will have a $100 deductible. Its lowest level of protection has a $200 deductible. A $0 deductible option isn’t available.

Protect My Car stands out because it has high customer satisfaction ratings, which is fairly unusual for the extended warranty industry. On the BBB, customers rate Protect My Car 4.1 out of 5.0, and on Trustpilot customers rate it 4.4 out of 5.0.

Protect My Car Warranty Cost

Average cost per year of coverage: $1,365

Protect My Car offered fairly affordable monthly rates around $100 on the quotes we received. Plans came with 36- or 48-month terms, so total costs ranged from about $4,200 to $4,500.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionarySupremeUp to 75,000 miles$108 for 48 months$5,184
Mid-levelSelectUp to 75,000 miles$98 for 48 months$4,704
PowertrainDrivelineUp to 175,000 miles$133 for 36 months$4,788

*The Supreme and Select plans apply to a 2017 Honda CR-V with 45,000 miles and the Driveline plan applies to a 2013 Toyota Camry with 80,000 miles.

Protect My Car Coverage

Protect My Car offers three plans: Supreme, Select, and Driveline. The Supreme plan is similar to a factory warranty, while the Driveline plan covers the powertrain plus a few more systems. Protect My Car can cover up to 200,000 miles, which makes it another good option for high-mileage vehicles.

Protect My Car Plans

Warranty PlanRecommended ForDetails
SupremeOwners looking for something similar to the manufacturer's warrantyDesigned for customers who need additional coverage because they plan to keep their new vehicles beyond the manufacturer’s factory warranty term
SelectVehicles over 50,000 milesComprehensive extended warranty for cars that covers most systems of the vehicle
DrivelineVehicles that are 4 to 10 years old with more than 80,000 milesCovers many of the same components as the Supreme and Select plans, but excludes the front and rear suspension, turbocharger, and navigation system

Protect My Car Perks

Protect My Car plans come with the following perks:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental car coverage
  • Trip interruption

Customers also benefit from the PMC Rewards program. With this points program, you can get discounts at stores, restaurants, and hotels. You can also enter drawings for perks like free gift cards and products.

Is Protect My Car Worth It?

If you are looking for solid coverage at an affordable price, Protect My Car is worth considering. The company provides several benefits for drivers, including:

  • High coverage limit: Protect My Car can cover vehicles that have up to 200,000 miles.
  • PMC Rewards: Protect My Car customers have access to PMC Rewards, a shopping and dining discounts reward program.
  • Flexible payment terms: Protect My Car has flexible payment terms, with monthly payment plans that last between 36 and 48 months and allow you to finance your coverage over many years.

For more information on this extended car warranty provider, check out our Protect My Car review.

7. Omega Auto Care

Why we chose it: High mileage limit with maintenance and tire protection

Omega Auto Care has offered vehicle service contracts for over two decades and provides solid coverage options with good added benefits. Omega Auto Care also makes our list because it has an A+ rating from the BBB along with a 4.2-star customer rating on Trustpilot.

Omega Auto Care Warranty Cost

Average cost per year of coverage: $583

Looking at average cost per year of coverage, Omega Auto Care offers affordable plans for budget-conscious drivers. Monthly payments for the quotes we received were around $120, but you pay the plan off in 2 years instead of 3 or 4. This results in below-average total costs that range from about $2,800 to $3,000. Considering plans last for five years, Omega Auto Care is a good deal.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionaryNew Exclusionary5 years/100,000 miles$125 for 24 months$3,000
Mid-levelUsed Stated Coverage5 years/106,000 miles$121 for 24 months$2,904
PowertrainPowertrain Enhanced Protection5 years/96,000 miles$118 for 24 months$2,832

*These quotes have a $100 deductible and apply to a 2017 CR-V with 45,000 miles. The deductible is $0 if the repair is performed by a RepairPal-certified mechanic.

Omega Auto Care Warranty Coverage

Omega Auto Care offers three main warranty plans – a factory-level plan, a mid-tier plan, and a powertrain plan that covers some additional systems. Plans can cover vehicles up to 250,000 miles, which puts Omega Auto Care in league with companies like CarShield, CARCHEX, and Endurance.

One unique thing about Omega Auto Care is that its powertrain plan has three levels of coverage itself: Powertrain, Powertrain Plus, and Powertrain Enhanced. So, if you count these three separately, drivers can pick between five plans total.

Omega Auto Care Warranty Plans

Warranty PlanRecommended ForDetails
New ExclusionaryCars up to 7 years old with less than 100,000 milesCovers almost any breakdown except for a list of exclusions
Used Stated CoverageCars up to 10 years old with less than 150,000 milesCovers a wide range of systems on the vehicle including electrical, air conditioning, steering, suspension, cooling, and more
Powertrain ProtectionCars up to 15 years old with less than 250,000 milesCovers the engine, transmission, drive axle, and hybrid drive components (Powertrain Plus adds air conditioning and electrical, Powertrain Enhanced adds the fuel and cooling systems)

Omega Auto Care Perks

Omega Auto Care plans come with the following perks:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental car coverage
  • Trip interruption

Omega Auto Care takes it a step further and offers maintenance benefits plus tire hazard protection. Maintenance benefits include:

  • Three oil changes
  • $100 or $130 toward brake pads on select vehicles
  • $100 toward one battery replacement
  • $40 toward cooling system maintenance
  • One safety inspection and wiper blade change

These maintenance benefits take effect during the second month of your contract and expire twelve months later.

Tire hazard protection covers $20 toward tire repair per tire or $100 toward tire replacement with a maximum benefit of $400.

Is An Omega Auto Care Warranty Worth It?

An Omega Auto Care warranty can be worth it if you have a high-mileage vehicle or want a warranty plan with some maintenance benefits. Here’s what we like about Omega Auto Care:

  • High mileage limit: 250,000 miles can cover almost any vehicle you’d want to have a warranty on.
  • Helpful benefits: Along with benefits like roadside assistance, all plans come with maintenance benefits for 12 months and tire hazard protection.
  • Affordable plans: Quotes show plans cost about $583 per year of coverage, which is well below the average of $812 for the industry.

8. Best Claims Process: Autopom!

Why we chose it: Strong customer service record for shopping and claims experience

The name for autopom! comes from the company’s mission: to provide automotive peace of mind. The warranty company prides itself on its consultative approach to customer service and a low-pressure quotes process, which we like. Autopom!’s CEO is known for stepping in and helping out if a customer can’t get a claim approved when it should be.

Autopom! Warranty Cost

Average cost per year of coverage: $1,105

Based on our research, autopom! tends to cost between $130 to $160 per month depending on the coverage level you choose. The total cost of an extended warranty from autopom! ranges from $4,700 to $5,800, which is slightly higher than the average range.

TypePlan NameTermMonthly CostTotal Cost
ExclusionaryExclusionary5 years/75,000 miles$155 for 36 months$5,580
Mid-levelMid-Level5 years/75,000 miles$145 for 36 months$5,220
PowertrainPowertrain Plus4 years/48,000 miles$130 for 36 months$4,680

*These quotes have a $0 deductible and apply to a 2017 CR-V with 45,000 miles.

Autopom! Plans

Autopom! offers three extended warranties for cars: Exclusionary, Mid-Level, and Powertrain-Plus. The company can cover vehicles up to 150,000 miles. It’s a decent mileage limit, but it may not work for everyone.

Autopom! Car Warranty Plans

Warranty PlanYears of CoverageRecommended ForDetails
ExclusionaryUp to 8The most comprehensive coverageProtects virtually all mechanical and electrical components unless the component is specifically listed as not covered
Mid-LevelUp to 7High-mileage vehiclesProtects the systems included in the lower-tier Powertrain-Plus plan, as well as named additional components within the steering, suspension, fuel delivery, cooling, and braking systems
Powertrain-PlusUp to 6Powertrain coverage with optional add-onsProtects named components for the essential powertrain systems, with the option to add electrical, air conditioning, and fuel systems

Autopom! Perks

Autopom! plans come with the following perks:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental car coverage
  • Trip interruption
  • Tire repair or replacement

Of these, tire repair is a benefit that only a few companies offer. 

Is An Autopom! Warranty Worth It?

An autopom! warranty can be worth it for drivers who want peace of mind when driving their vehicle. Here’s what we like about autopom!

  • Customer service: Autopom! goes the extra mile to help customers get their claims approved and to make sure they are satisfied.
  • Added benefits: Along with roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and trip interruption, some autopom! plans come with tire repair coverage.
  • Reputation: Autopom! has been in business since 2009, has an A+ rating from the BBB and a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot.

For more information on this extended vehicle warranty provider, check out our autopom! review.

Extended Car Warranty Guide

The sections below serve as a guide to help drivers who are looking for an extended car warranty find the best coverage to fit their needs and budget.

Extended Warranty Coverage

Extended car warranties cover repairs and replacements for breakdowns that come from normal use. Depending on your plan, it may cover your powertrain, electrical system, air conditioning, and other systems.

Most extended warranties don’t cover routine maintenance for your vehicle. Things such as oil changes, brake pads, and tires are usually the owner’s responsibility. The best extended car warranty providers have several coverage options, so you can select a plan that fits the needs of your vehicle.

Types Of Extended Warranty Coverage for Cars

Aftermarket car warranties generally fall under three main types: bumper-to-bumper, mid-tier, and powertrain. We’ve outlined some of the basics for each type of warranty below:

  • Bumper-to-bumper: Bumper-to-bumper warranties usually offer the most comprehensive coverage. Most include the car’s major mechanical systems, except for certain excluded items. The excluded components of a bumper-to-bumper extended warranty should be listed in the warranty details.
  • Mid-tier: Mid-tier plans can cover up to a dozen systems on your vehicle. These include systems like the air conditioning, electrical, steering, suspension, and brake systems along with the powertrain.
  • Powertrain: Powertrain warranties cover the major parts that make your car go. This includes most of the internal parts of the engine, transmission, and drive axle. Extended powertrain warranties are usually recommended for high-mileage or older vehicles.

Read the fine print of your warranty or look at a sample contract to make sure you know what type of service contract your aftermarket car warranty falls under.

Extended Car Warranty Benefits

Extended car warranties keep your car covered in the case of a mechanical or technological failure. Based on what type of car you have and how much it costs to own over its lifetime, this could save you money.

Besides protecting your vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, the best extended car warranties provide benefits such as:

  • Convenience: If you have an issue covered by your service contract, you’ll know exactly who to call to get it fixed. Most warranty providers let you choose your own mechanic or repair facility. The best companies will even pay your repair shop directly.
  • Risk mitigation: While some vehicles cost less than others to repair, recurring issues – or even just one costly repair – can quickly add up to a hefty repair bill. An aftermarket car warranty alleviates the cost of repairs as your vehicle ages.
  • Added perks: Many of the best extended car warranty companies include benefits with their protection plans, such as roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, or towing services.

Extended Car Warranty Exclusions

Extended car warranties only cover components that break down as a result of normal use. Damage resulting from an accident, misuse, or improper maintenance won’t be covered. Certain items aren’t covered under any circumstance. These typically include non-mechanical parts such as bumpers, glass, trim, and upholstery. Wear and tear items such as tires, brake pads, wiper blades, and shock absorbers are also typically excluded from coverage.

Extended Auto Warranty Vs. Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Some car insurance providers offer mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI). This is an add-on that covers mechanical issues similar to an extended auto warranty. However, MBI often requires you to visit a small network of dealerships, and it usually doesn’t last as long as plans from the best car warranty providers.

Extended Car Warranty Cost

Based on our research, extended warranties lasting between three and six years cost anywhere from $1,600 to $4,500 on average. Bumper-to-bumper warranties tend to be more expensive, as they cover more components. Longer-lasting coverage also increases the contract price. Other factors that affect car warranty costs include:

  • Deductible
  • Vehicle age, make, model, and mileage
  • Existing coverage
  • Location
  • Provider

What Is A Good Price For An Extended Car Warranty?

A good price for a comprehensive extended car warranty is between $2,000 and $3,500 in total. Prices vary depending on the coverage and limitations you select. Many companies offer monthly payments that range from $80 to $125.

Can You Buy An Extended Car Warranty After Purchase?

You can buy an extended warranty from a reputable third-party provider at almost any time after purchase. Manufacturers, on the other hand, usually require you to buy an extended warranty before the factory warranty expires. Some only allow you to buy one when you purchase the vehicle.

How Do Extended Warranties Work?

An extended warranty helps protect you by covering the cost of certain repairs if a mechanical or electrical component breaks down. Exactly which parts are covered depends on your contract. Typically, there are two types of coverage plan options: exclusionary coverage and named-component coverage.

  • Exclusionary coverage: This type of car warranty plan covers all parts of your vehicle in the case of a mechanical breakdown, except for a short list of excluded parts and components.
  • Stated-component coverage: This type of auto warranty, also known as inclusionary coverage, is essentially the opposite of exclusionary coverage. Your contract will specifically list the covered parts and systems. Any parts not listed aren’t covered.

Stated-Component Car Warranty Plans

Within stated-component coverage, you can find various plan levels, such as:

  • High-stated coverage: This level of coverage can cover thousands of components on the vehicle and is just one step below factory-level coverage.
  • Medium-stated coverage: This level usually covers most of the main systems of the car and includes things such as air conditioning, steering, and electrical components.
  • Low-stated coverage: Also known as a “powertrain plus” plan, this covers the powertrain and a few important systems.
  • Basic powertrain: This is typically the lowest protection level an extended warranty company offers and is comparable to a powertrain warranty. It covers repair costs for the engine, drivetrain, and transmission. These can be costly repairs, so it’s a good idea to protect them on high-mileage cars.

Extended Car Warranty Waiting Period

After purchasing your contract, most warranty providers require you to go through a waiting period until you can use your coverage. This helps protect the provider from someone purchasing a warranty right after discovering an issue with their car. Most extended warranties require you to wait 30 days and 1,000 miles before making a claim for car repairs.

How To Use An Extended Car Warranty

If you experience a covered breakdown after your waiting period is up, you’ll file a claim with your warranty provider. Depending on your contract, you may have to use a network of dealerships, or you might be able to use your favorite repair facility. Most plans require you to pay a deductible, and the extended warranty covers the rest of the repair cost.

How To Cancel An Extended Car Warranty

Reputable extended car warranty companies will allow you to cancel a warranty for a full refund within 30 days. They will also provide prorated refunds after that. You will need to contact the contract administrator and provide a written odometer statement to cancel the extended car warranty.

How To Avoid Car Warranty Scams

Unfortunately, some providers take their business practices to new lows and are outright scams. Here are a couple of ways to avoid these companies:

Disregard Spam Calls

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reports that there are a number of car warranty scams in which a car owner will receive a sales call that states their warranty is about to expire. During these calls, the scammer may pose as an employee from a legitimate company and may even be able to provide specific information about the receiver’s car, further deceiving the receiver into believing the call is from a reputable business.

However, the caller is generally phishing for personal information, so do not provide any sensitive information. If you believe you have been contacted by one of these scammers, you can report it to the FCC.

Recognize Unreliable Companies

Outside of these phishing scams, there are vehicle warranty companies that will simply make getting any of the coverage you’re paying for either impossible or an absolute nightmare. Red flags you should look out for when vetting an extended warranty company are a lack of industry endorsements, major limitations in coverage, and poor ratings on popular review sites.

The BBB lists consumer complaints on its site, so that’s a great place to look. Ideally, you’ll want to look for a company with a relatively low volume of complaints.

Are Auto Extended Warranties Worth It?

You may have never been in an accident, but you still need car insurance. The reasoning for an extended car warranty follows the same principle. You may not need it today, but if you ever do need it, you’ll be glad the protection was available.

According to AAA, 64 million Americans don’t have the funds to cover unexpected car repair costs. Instead, they would go into debt to cover the bill. An average repair bill costs between $500 and $600, but when a major component breaks, you could be looking at far more.

Here are a few average prices for expensive car components according to data from RepairPal.

ComponentAverage Price
Engine control unit$925 to $1,002
Turbocharger assembly replacement$1,840 to $2,117
Suspension assembly replacement$852 to $928
Catalytic converter$1,695 to $1,733

Best Extended Auto Warranty: Conclusion

While there are many providers in the industry, we think Endurance has the best extended car warranty overall. The company offers a wide range of coverage options that last for several years and many miles. Plus, Endurance is a direct warranty provider, so you’ll never need to worry about dealing with any other company.

Getting an extended warranty quote online and comparing prices from several extended warranty providers can help you find the best fit for your car and budget.

Best Extended Car Warranty: FAQ

*Data accurate at time of publication.