Buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) Audi means buying a used car that underwent one of the industry’s most extensive vehicle inspections. You also get an Audi CPO warranty that has some attractive features for car owners, but how does the luxury carmaker’s coverage compare to that of other brands?

This overview will examine what coverage you get with an Audi CPO warranty, how long coverage lasts, and your options for long-term protection. If you’re interested in extended coverage, you can start getting free quotes from the best extended car warranty providers on the market today.

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Audi CPO Warranty Overview

Audi vehicles come standard from the factory with an Audi New Vehicle Limited Warranty, which includes joint bumper-to-bumper warranty and powertrain warranty coverage for 4 years/50,000 miles. The Audi CPO warranty that comes with certified pre-owned vehicles includes any coverage left on a vehicle’s original warranty, as well as an added year of coverage.

If the factory warranty has expired, Audi just offers 1-year/unlimited-mileage bumper-to-bumper protection from the purchase date of the CPO vehicle. Here are some of the parts covered under this Audi CPO warranty:

  • Fuel system: Fuel tank, fuel pump, intake manifold, mass airflow sensor
  • Cooling system: Coolant pump and impeller, thermostat, radiator
  • Engine: Timing belts, engine block, crankshaft
  • Transmission (in both automatic and manual cars): Transmission mounts, gearshift lever
  • Suspension: Front axle subframe, rear axle beams, coil springs
  • Steering: Power steering pump, steering shafts, steering column
  • Climate control: Air conditioning compressor, heater control unit, fresh air blower

A few items not covered under warranty include regular maintenance services and any damage caused by collisions, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. For a more detailed list of inclusions and exclusions, you can review your Audi CPO warranty booklet.

One highlight of the warranty is that Audi doesn’t charge a transfer fee if you sell your vehicle on the private market before coverage expires. There’s also no deductible, so car owners don’t have to pay any out-of-pocket costs for vehicle repairs. Audi will even provide a loaner vehicle while your car is in the shop after a covered breakdown.

Industry-standard perks like 24-hour roadside assistance and trip interruption reimbursement are also folded into the CPO Audi warranty, so you’ll be covered if you get a flat tire, lock your keys in your car, need a tow, or break down while on vacation.

How Does Audi CPO Warranty Coverage Compare To Other Brands?

Audi CPO warranty coverage is lacking in longevity when compared to some other brands’ offerings. While an added year of protection is a nice boost, Audi owners will have burned through this extra coverage before Genesis and Jaguar owners’ factory warranties expire.

Compared to other luxury brands’ CPO coverage, it’s about average. Many brands, like LexusMercedes, and BMW, offer the same terms.



Audi Pre-Owned Certification Process

To qualify as a CPO Audi, used cars must be five model years or newer and have no more than 60,000 miles. They must also have no aftermarket modifications.

To become a CPO vehicle, an authorized Audi dealer will do an over 300-point inspection where the car is surveyed and undergoes a comprehensive road test. If any issues arise during this inspection, applicable repairs may be made to the vehicle, or it may fail the inspection altogether. The CPO program also looks at each car’s vehicle history report to determine if there have been any prior accidents.



Do You Need More Coverage?

If it seems like your Audi CPO warranty isn’t going to give you enough peace of mind, an extended warranty could be a solution. Before buying extended coverage, you’ll want to consider your average Audi maintenance costs and whether picking up another automotive bill makes sense for your personal finances.

According to the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Vehicle Dependability StudySM, Audi owners experience a slightly above-average number of issues with their cars. The study reported an average of 127 mechanical issues per 100 Audi vehicles – the industry average for 2021 was 121 issues.

Data from RepairPal also shows that Audis have a high cost of ownership, coming in well above the national average for annual repair costs. More Audi reliability data from RepairPal is presented below.

RepairPal Reliability FactorAudi AverageIndustry Average
Average Annual Repair Cost$987$652
Frequency of Repairs0.8 times per year0.4 times per year
Chance of Needed Repair Being Severe*13%12%

*A severe repair is any repair costing more than three times the average annual repair cost.

Repair costs are something to consider when weighing the pros and cons of extended car warranties. If you can’t afford to pay some of the following repairs on your vehicle out of pocket, it might be worth buying extended protection, which allows you to finance repair coverage by making monthly warranty payments.

Audi ModelCommon RepairAverage Repair Cost*
Audi A4Valve cover gasket replacement$187 to $262
Audi A7Headlight bulb replacement$333 to $381
Audi Allroad QuattroCatalytic converter replacement$1,907 to $1,968
Audi A8 QuattroThermostat replacement$562 to $699

*According to RepairPal.



What Does An Audi Extended Warranty Cover?

If you prefer having your repairs handled by the manufacturer, certified pre-owned Audi models are eligible for the Audi CPO Vehicle Service Protection program. This vehicle service protection option increases coverage for mechanical repairs and defects by an additional 2 years/unlimited miles. Like the Audi CPO warranty that comes with your vehicle free of charge, you will not have to pay a deductible for repairs covered under this vehicle service contract.

With each Audi CPO Vehicle Service Protection plan, drivers get perks including roadside assistance, towing reimbursement, rental car reimbursement, and trip interruption coverage. For a fee of $50, motorists are able to transfer coverage to subsequent private owners if they decide to sell during the warranty period. You can also cancel the policy at any time after 30 days for a $50 fee.

Other Choices For Audi Coverage

With the original vehicle warranty, Audi CPO warranty, and vehicle service contract, you can get a total of 7 years/unlimited miles of protection for your car. If you’re looking for an extended warranty to last longer than this, your best bet is to go with an independent extended warranty company.

Buying coverage from a reputable extended car warranty company has several advantages. Car owners are able to buy coverage for vehicles at mileages most carmakers won’t touch, and you can better customize a policy to fit your needs. Unlike the extended Audi CPO warranty, you may have up to six plan options to choose from, depending on the provider you go with.

Similar to when shopping for auto insurance, doing research and getting free quotes from multiple companies is the best way to find a low price for vehicle protection. If you’re not sure where to start your search, we recommend looking into EnduranceCARCHEX, and CarShield. Our research team has reviewed independent warranty providers across the industry and ranked these as the best extended car warranty companies. To start getting free quotes from each of these providers, click below.

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