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  • Our quotes from Ultimate Transport 123 fall under or within the average cost of shipping from our 2021 survey, which was between $1,500 and $1,999.
  • The provider has average customer review scores online from a few different websites including Google.
  • The relatively young company offers services such as open transport, enclosed transport, and expedited shipping.

Our expert review team collects hundreds of quotes and analyzes over 900 reviews online when looking for the best car shipping companies. After 300 hours of research, we rate Ultimate Transport 123 3.5 out of 5.0 stars for its full range of services and low costs.

Before you make a decision about transportation for your vehicle, compare your options to find the best fit for you. Our team researched and reviewed the best auto transport companies based on reputation, cost, services, and customer experience to help you get started.

Our Ultimate Transport 123 Review And Methodology

When reviewing car shipping companies, we look at reputation, cost, services, and customer experience. The following sections provide additional information on these categories and how Ultimate Transport 123 measures up in each of them.


Ultimate Transport 123 has been organizing car shipments since 2010 and is available in all 50 states, plus some places internationally. Pair these elements with the company’s B rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and we give it a 3.5 out of 5.0-star rating for reputation.


Our team collected quotes from the company for shipping a 2018 Honda CR-V various distances using both open and enclosed transport. Open transport involves your car being shipped on an open-air hauler where it is exposed to the elements. Enclosed transport means your car is shipped in an enclosed hauler that offers more protection, but is more expensive. We give Ultimate Transport 123 a 4.5-star rating for cost.


Ultimate Transport 123 offers a wide range of services, including open and enclosed transport. When shipping with this company, your only option is to use its door-to-door delivery service as it doesn’t offer terminal-to-terminal shipping. You can also take advantage of its expedited shipping service in case you need to ship a vehicle as soon as possible.

For its diverse selection of shipping services, we give the provider a 4.0-star rating in this category.

Customer Experience

When rating a provider for customer experience, we analyze online reviews and use our own experience collecting quotes. Ultimate Transport 123 has average customer service ratings on Google and the BBB website. You can get instant quotes on its website using its instant car shipping calculator. We give the company a 3.0-star rating for customer experience.

Ultimate Transport 123 Overview

Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Baldwin, N.Y.
Service area: The United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and internationally

Headquartered in Baldwin, New York, Ultimate Transport 123 is an auto transport broker that was founded in 2010 as Auto Transport 123. Auto transport brokers connect customers with their networks of auto carriers, negotiating prices and pickup and delivery dates on their behalf. Ultimate Transport 123 works with 15,000 licensed and insured carriers.

Ultimate Transport 123 offers transport services for cars, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles (RVs), and machinery. Ultimate Transport 123 doesn’t offer terminal-to-terminal shipping. In addition to enclosed and open trailer shipping options, the auto transport company provides these services:

  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Expedited shipping
  • Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska
  • International shipping
Pros Affordable pricing Instant quotes Vets all auto carriers in its network Provides transport services for boats, RVs, and oversize vehicles
Cons Many negative customer reviews No terminal-to-terminal shipping

Ultimate Transport 123 Customer Reviews

Our research team analyzed over 950 reviews from different shipping companies to find which had the highest customer satisfaction. A 2021 survey we conducted showed 69 percent of respondents were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied overall with their shipping experience. This isn’t the case for everyone but seems to be the norm in the auto shipping industry.

Compared to other car shipping companies, Ultimate Transport 123 has average customer service ratings and reviews.  Ultimate Transport 123 has a more positive average rating from over 2,000 consumers on Google, with 3.6 stars out of 5.0. Positive customer reviews praise the company’s excellent customer service and pricing, while customer complaints discuss issues with carrier availability and broken promises.

Positive Ultimate Transport 123 Reviews

“Everything worked out great! I was a little nervous to be honest at first as the car was going from New Mexico to Florida. … Once the driver was assigned, everything went smoothly. The driver was professional and I was in contact with him at any time I wanted to be.”

– Gabriel via Google

“Awesome experience. They got back to me promptly with any concerns and my car was picked up and delivered as promised. Highly recommend it.”

– Tanya via BBB

Ultimate Transport 123 Complaints

“[T]hey failed to show up on time, provided zero communication on pickup and delivery expectations, and when you want to cancel, they hold you hostage and threaten to send your contract to collections. Never have I seen a company offer this kind of customer experience in my life.”

– William via Google

“They called me every day until they had a contract in hand, which they lied about the pickup date. After waiting days with no communication or anything, I decided that they were not going to pick up the car. Then that’s when they charged me $250 for something they didn’t do. The communication and the customer service is even worse.”

– Derrick via BBB

Ultimate Transport 123 Auto Shipping Services

Ultimate Transport 123 offers auto shipping to all 50 states, as well as internationally. The company’s services include:

  • Open transport: This is a cheap car shipping option, though your vehicle is exposed to weather and road debris.
  • Enclosed transport: This option is more expensive because your car is shipped in an enclosed trailer or container to prevent damage. It can be a good option for luxury or classic cars.
  • Oversize transport: This option allows you to ship oversize vehicles and heavy-duty machinery nationwide and internationally for a higher fee.
  • Door-to-door: With this car transport method, your vehicle is picked up and delivered as close to your home as possible.
  • Expedited: Choose prioritized auto shipping to have your car shipped on the first available pickup date, which could be as soon as the next day if a carrier is available.
  • Hawaii auto shipping: You can choose to ship your car port-to-port or door-to-port between the mainland U.S. and Hawaii for an additional cost.

Ultimate Transport 123 Extras And Add-Ons

Ultimate Transport 123 also gives customers access to a portal where they can receive real-time updates from their drivers and chat with customer service representatives.

Ultimate Transport 123 Cost

Our team collected over 70 quotes from the industry’s top providers to get an idea of what customers are paying to ship their vehicles. Based on car shipping quotes we received, Ultimate Transport 123 charges $1,260 on average per transport. The company offers competitive pricing for most of its shipping services. Your estimate will vary depending on multiple factors, so we recommend using this as a starting quote.

Our research team found from a recent survey that most respondents shipped between 500 and 1,500 miles, so we collected quotes to fit this range. Here are a few estimates we received from Ultimate Transport 123 for shipping an operable 2018 Honda CR-V:

Shipping DistanceOpen or Enclosed TransportUltimate Transport 123 Quote
520 milesOpen transport$800
1,660 milesOpen transport$1,090
1,660 milesEnclosed transport$1,890

The shipping quote includes all taxes, fees, and insurance costs. You pay a $250 deposit by credit card when your vehicle is assigned to a carrier. The rest of your payment is not due until your car is dropped off at its destination. Most drivers accept cash, money orders, or cashier’s  checks.

Ultimate Transport 123 offers discounts for military members and multi-vehicle shipments.

What Affects Car Shipping Costs

There are several key factors that affect the cost of auto shipping with Ultimate Transport 123, including:

  • Distance: Cross-country shipments have lower rates per mile than shipments traveling only a few hundred miles, but they cost more in total.
  • Transport service: Enclosed carrier transport costs more than open carrier transport.
  • Seasonality: Auto transport services are more expensive during the summer and January due to high demand.
  • Vehicle operability: Inoperable vehicles are more expensive to ship because they require more effort and resources to move.
  • Vehicle size: Larger vehicles, like SUVs and trucks, cost more to ship than standard sedans. This also applies to specialty vehicles such as RVs and ATVs.

How To Ship A Car With Ultimate Transport 123

To get a quote for auto shipping with Ultimate Transport 123, you’ll need to provide a few key details, including:

  • Your pickup and drop-off locations
  • Your vehicle’s year, make, model, and operability
  • Your preferred shipping date
  • Your name, email address, and phone number

The company will use this information to provide you with an instant quote. You can then book your shipment with no up-front fees. Once a carrier is assigned, you’ll be able to confirm your vehicle’s pickup date and estimated delivery date. A carrier will then meet you on the assigned date to transport your car to its destination.

What To Know For A Successful Auto Shipment

All carriers are required to meet insurance standards before joining Ultimate Transport 123’s carrier network. The company currently offers a zero-deductible insurance policy of over $50,000 on open carrier transports and $1 million on enclosed carrier transports. Insurance coverage costs are included in all Ultimate Transport 123 shipping quotes.

A bill of lading is paramount to each vehicle shipment transaction. A bill of lading serves as an agreement between the carrier and customer on where their vehicle is being transported. This document also serves as a way to report any pre-existing damage to the vehicle so the customer is not liable for any damage suffered during the shipping process.

Ultimate Transport 123: Conclusion

We rate Ultimate Transport 123 3.5 stars. The company has solid category scores for its full range of shipping services and low costs, but customer reviews are not always high for the broker. By clearing up any communication problems with customers, the provider could boost its customer experience and reputation scores in the future.

Ultimate Transport 123: Competitors

You should always research transport companies to compare your options. We recommend reaching out to Montway Auto Transport and Easy Auto Ship for free, no-obligation quotes.

Montway Auto Transport: 4.7 Stars

Established in 2007, Montway Auto Transport is a licensed auto transport broker that works with vetted carriers nationwide to provide auto shipping services. It offers open, enclosed, door-to-door, expedited, Hawaii, and international shipping.

Learn more about the company in our Montway Auto Transport review.

Easy Auto Ship: 4.4 Stars

Easy Auto Ship offers customers a price guarantee and full insurance coverage with its shipping services. It provides open and enclosed carrier transport, expedited shipping, door-to-door delivery, motorcycle shipping, and boat and RV transportation to all 50 states.

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Ultimate Transportation 123: FAQ