Best Safety Features
HWK Women's Motorcycle Jacket

A reliable option from an industry-leading motorcycle brand.

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Great Value
HWK Women's Motorcycle Jacket for Stunt Adventure

A safe motorcycle jacket with great features.

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Stylish Design
HWK Ladies Leather Motorcycle Jacket

A jacket that is both safe and fashionable.

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Weatherproof Design
ALPHA CYCLE GEAR All Season Women Motorcycle Jacket

A reliable all-season motorcycle jacket for women.

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Breathable Design
HWK Women’s Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

A motorcycle jacket to stay cool in hot weather.

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Motorcycle jackets are an essential safety feature while riding. Motorcycles are fun and a great way to get some extra fresh air combined with a wonderful sense of freedom. This can all come to a halt if you steer the wrong way or get in an accident. That’s why you need the best quality motorcycle jacket to keep you safe from both weather and unexpected events.

Our team has researched and reviewed the top women’s motorcycle jackets so you can ride your sportbike safely. A variety of sizes, materials, and features will ensure you find the best motorcycle jacket for your needs.

5 Best Women’s Motorcycle Jackets

Women’s Motorcycle Jackets Buyers Guide

There are a few things to consider when buying a motorcycle jacket. Safety, size, and features are all important to ensure you are getting the best product at a good price. Be sure to take a look at customer reviews and check out our buyers guide below to help you make an informed decision on your next riding gear purchase.


Safety is the most essential factor when it comes to purchasing a riding jacket. Having the proper safety features will make riding your Harley-Davidson down the freeway even more enjoyable. All the jackets we have reviewed have various safety features, though some have more than others. Comparing safety between jackets and researching women’s motorcycle jackets with armor will help in making a decision to find the right jacket for you.


Size is important to consider because some jackets are tighter fitting than others. Some brands offer sizes XS to plus size, while others are more restrictive in size. Making sure you have the right size is important to ensure all the safety features are falling into place where they should when you wear the jacket.

Finding the right size may take some effort because it’s an important part of a good riding experience. Checking out the size guide online and seeing how customers rate the fit will help judge what size works best for you.


Depending on what features appeal to you, some motorcycle jackets may work better than others to fit your needs. The following is a list of common demands for most motorcycle gear: 

  • Water-resistant
  • Windproof
  • Internal pockets
  • Mesh lining
  • Stretch panels for greater flexibility
  • Room for armor inserts  

Some features vary in importance depending on the general climate of where you live. While a waterproof jacket may be important for all riders, more temperate areas might be better suited for a summer riding jacket than one that is more winter oriented.

Our Review Standards

To select the women’s motorcycle jackets featured in this buyers guide, our team first combed through dozens of resources such as DIY mechanic and auto enthusiast forums, manufacturer and motorcycle-specific websites, instruction manuals from manufacturers, and reviews from online retailers. We pay particularly close attention to quality reviews and recommendations that highlight the quality of warranties, customer service support, build quality, materials, and overall reliability.

We also factored in the quantity and quality of online retailer reviews from websites such as Amazon, RealTruck, Advance Auto Parts, and more. We looked at factors such as standout customer reviews, prices, meaningful superlatives, and discount shipping eligibility.

Why You Can Trust Us

Since 2020, we have published over 200 auto product reviews in an effort to make shopping for auto products easier. Our team of writers, editors, researchers, and product experts collaborates to thoroughly vet top products. We try to perform in-house testing on real vehicles whenever possible before making our recommendations.

When testing is not feasible, however, our aim is to make your life easier by doing all the online research for you and presenting that research in the form of easy-to-read product comparisons and buyers guides, rather than outright recommendations. For more information on our testing methodology and how we evaluate every product, check out our methodology page here.

#1 Best Safety Features: HWK Women's Motorcycle Jacket

The HWK Women’s Motorcycle Jacket is one of the best sellers available for female riders. This jacket is waterproof and breathable with a front and back air ventilation system for easy riding in any weather condition. The jacket is also equipped with a detachable insulated thermal liner for colder weather that can be easily removed in the warmer seasons.

Not only does this HWK jacket have many weather-related features, but it is also an incredibly durable and safe jacket to consider. With double-safety stitching and foam padding on the back, this jacket should fit snugly, while still allowing for unrestricted movement. The jacket also has CE armor shoulders and elbows with a high-density spine protector to best protect against an unexpected accident.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $70
  • 100-percent waterproof
  • Detachable insulated thermal liner
  • Waist connection zip for motorbike pants
  • Arm and waist adjusters
  • Action stretch material in the shoulders and elbows
  • Polyester 600D Cordura Fabric
  • CE armored jacket shoulders, elbows with high-density spine protector

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 based on over 2,700 reviews

Female riders are overall satisfied with their purchase of the HWK Women’s Motorcycle Jacket. Many customers share unfortunate bike accidents, stating the safety features and CE armor saved their lives from what would have otherwise been a very serious accident and long recovery. Though some say the jacket was torn up after an accident, the armor stayed intact and customers were more than happy to purchase a new one.

Some customers were not as pleased with the jacket. One issue noted by customers was sizing. Many riders agreed that the waist and chest of the jacket fit great, but the arms and shoulders were oversized. This made it difficult for some customers to use this jacket because the CE armor did not align correctly.

What Is It Good For?

All HWK gear is equipped with a five-year replacement warranty. This jacket is great if you are looking for a durable and safe jacket with features for both safety and comfort.

#2 Great Value: HWK Women's Motorcycle Jacket For Stunt Adventure

The HWK Women’s Motorcycle Jacket is similar in quality to our top pick for women’s moto jackets, with added features and a lower price point. This quilted jacket has a foam back protector, arm and waist adjusters for a tailored fit, and a waist connection zipper for motorbike pants attachment.

The jacket has several internal and external pockets for mobile devices and storage, making it great for a trip to the store or even a stunt adventure on your dirt bike. With action stretch in the shoulder and elbows, flexible movement in the CE armored jacket should be no problem, even with the added features of this motorcycle jacket.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $50
  • Polyester 600D Cordura fabric
  • 100-percent waterproof with breathable membrane
  • Abrasion-resistant, detachable insulated thermal liner
  • CE armored jacket shoulders, elbows with high-density spine protector
  • Double-Safety stitching
  • Air ventilation system
  • Soft collar with Neoprene lining motorcycle jacket for women
  • Fully reflective for nighttime visibility as a hi-vis cruiser jacket

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 based on over 2,200 reviews

One of the best sellers for moto jackets on Amazon, many customers first shared they were skeptical because of the HWK Motorcycle Jacket’s low price but were blown away by the adjustability and safety features of the jacket. The adjustable waist option and CE armor made it more than worth the purchase for most customers.

There were some customers who were disappointed in the product. There were some issues with sizing, and customers shared that checking the size chart on Amazon and sizing up one from your regular size helps the product fit better.

What Is It Good For?

This is a great option if you are looking for a moto jacket that has multiple safety and comfort features. At a lower cost for a high-quality brand, this is a great choice for you to consider.

#3 Stylish Design: HWK Ladies Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The HWK Leather Jacket is not only made by a top-selling riding gear brand but is also a stylish, yet safe, option while on the road. Made with 100 percent genuine buffalo leather, this jacket has a fixed insulated thermal liner, making it especially ideal for cooler temperatures.

The leather jacket is equipped with four external pockets, an inner mobile device pocket, and a storage pocket to keep your valuables safe while riding. Added features of this riding jacket include rust-free buttons on both the front and back of the jacket, as well as adjustable zipper cuffs for both style and functionality for a secure fit.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $70
  • Double-Safety stitching
  • Rust-free buttons on the front and back
  • Extra-stretch back panels
  • Extra outer coin pocket
  • Long waist adjuster for a tailored fit
  • Reflective for nighttime visibility cruiser jacket
  • Wrinkle-free dual sport jacket for women

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.4 out of 5 based on over 1,200 reviews

Focusing specifically on reviews from motorcycle enthusiasts, riders are pleased with the wind-breaking quality of the jacket, which blocks out the cold weather and windy conditions while riding.

Some customers were disappointed in the quality of the jacket. The majority of these customers were disappointed with sizing issues, including the sizing chart being inaccurate. A small majority gave lower ratings because of the long-term leather quality not holding up as well as cowhide leather. It was recommended by many riders to buy a size down for a more snug fit.

What Is It Good For?

This jacket is great if you are looking to ride in style while staying safe on the road. At a fair price made with authentic leather, this biker jacket is a great choice for both riding and a night out.

#4 Weatherproof Design: ALPHA CYCLE GEAR All Season Jacket

The ALPHA CYCLE GEAR All Season Jacket is a strong contender when searching for a weatherproof riding jacket. This jacket is equipped with all-season features including a thermal removable liner, five airflow systems around the front and back of the jacket, and hand warmer pockets.

This all-season jacket has 10 fully adjustable spots for a custom fit. With sizes ranging from small to 4X-large, this jacket should fit snugly like a glove for most women. The ALPHA CYCLE GEAR jacket has a memory foam collar for comfort and connecting zipper for your motorcycle pants for functionality and a safer riding experience.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $60
  • Three-year warranty
  • Five pieces of CE-approved removable armor on shoulders, elbows, and back
  • High-visibility reflective logos on the front, back, and arms
  • Two soft shell foam layer back protectors
  • Constructed with 1000D Cordura Fabric

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.6 out of 5 based on over 1,000 reviews

Customers overall share their satisfaction with the weather features. This kept female riders cool in hot temperatures and dry in rainy conditions comparable to how a good rain jacket would.

Not all customers were as happy with the purchase. A common theme was sizing. The product appears to be too small as advertised, making it difficult for plus-sized customers to find the right fit. Some customers had to make returns and purchase different sizes to get the right fit, which they felt was a hassle, though the product made it worth it in the end.

What Is It Good For?

This jacket is a great choice when looking for a weather protection jacket. With both heating and cooling features, the ALPHA CYCLE GEAR is a strong contender when it comes to riding in various weather conditions. 

#5 Breathable Design: HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket is a 100 percent breathable jacket, perfect for summer weather and hotter temperatures. While this jacket is incredibly breathable, it is still manufactured with many signature safety features of HWK-brand moto jackets. Equipped with double safety stitching, action stretch in the arms, and CE-armored shoulders and elbows, this lightweight jacket is both safe and functional.

The breathability of this jacket is nearly unbeatable. With a full air ventilation system throughout the front and back of the jacket, it will keep you cool in the hottest temperatures. This long sleeve jacket also has various sizes ranging from small to plus size, along with arm and waist adjusters for a more tailored fit.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $50
  • 3D macro- and micro-mesh panels
  • Polyester 600D Cordura fabric on impact areas
  • High-density foam back protector
  • Soft collar with hook-and-loop fastener
  • Two external pockets plus inner mobile pocket and storage pocket
  • Fully reflective for nighttime visibility
  • Waist connection zip for motorcycle pants

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.6 out of 5 based on over 2,000 ratings

The majority of customers who rated this product highly are pleased with the breathability of the jacket, combined with the safety. Some were skeptical that the lightweight material would affect the safety and durability of the jacket, but they were pleasantly surprised that the jacket had held up well and kept them safe.

A handful of customers had issues with the fit and material of the jacket. The main issue was a lack of adjustment features on the jacket, making it fit baggier, which some riders disliked. Customers shared they believe the baggy fit is because of the mesh material, which is ideal in hot weather, but not for all riders.

What Is It Good For?

This jacket is great to consider if you live in warmer climates. This jacket is not waterproof, which is important to consider before buying. Overall, the safety features make this jacket a strong choice if you are looking for a breathable and lightweight jacket.

What Should You Not Wear On A Motorcycle?

Wearing any clothing item that does not fully cover your skin can put you at risk of injury. Wearing shorts and sandals leaves your skin completely exposed when riding. You are also exposed to the hot engine and exhaust pipes on your motorcycle.

It is best to wear durable clothes that cover your skin, such as a jacket and pants specific to motorcycles. You should also wear motorcycle boots that fully cover and protect your feet and ankles.

Women's Motorcycle Jackets: Bottom Line

The best women’s motorcycle jacket should fit snugly and securely while being safe and comfortable. This buyer’s guide provides all the need-to-know information for you to buy the right motorcycle jacket when the time comes. Whether you plan to cruise around town or hit the freeway, motorcycle jackets should protect you and still be flexible enough to maneuver your bike. Our team has created this buyer’s guide to make finding the right jacket easier than ever, so you can hit the open road as soon as possible.

Women's Motorcycle Jackets At A Glance

CostSize RangeMaterial
HWK Women's Motorcycle JacketAround $70Small – 3X-LargePolyester 600D Cordura Fabric
HWK Stunt Adventure JacketAround $50Small – 4X-LargePolyester 600D Cordura Fabric
HWK Leather JacketAround $70Small – 4X-LargeLeather
ALPHA CYCLE GEAR All SeasonAround $60Small – 4X-Large1000D Cordura Fabric
HWK Mesh JacketAround $50Small – 4X-LargePolyester 600D Cordura Fabric

Women's Motorcycle Jacket: FAQ

*Data accurate at time of publication.