Purchasing the right cover for your van can lengthen your vehicle’s lifespan and save you money on costly cosmetic repairs. But what are the best van covers on the market?

In this article, we discuss high-quality van covers for both commuter vans and conversion vans based on durability, indoor/outdoor function, affordability, and design features. We’ve done the homework so you can find the best van cover for your needs.

#1 Best For Commuter Vans: Motor Trend 7 Series Defender Pro SUV/Van Cover

Featuring six layers of protection, the Motor Trend 7 Series Defender Pro SUV/Van Cover is a heavy-duty weatherproof and waterproof option. Each layer is designed to protect against a different element or damage, including rain, snow, UV rays, dirt, debris, moisture build-up, and cosmetic nicks and scratches.

The van cover also includes windproof straps that attach at the front and rear wheels, reflective strips for low-light visibility, a cable and lock to deter theft, and a storage bag for easy portability. However, the cover does not feature a driver’s side door zipper or an elastic hem. While we like these features for accessibility and fit reasons, some drivers may not need them.

The Motor Trend SUV/Van Cover comes in four sizes, ranging from 185 inches in length to 225 inches in length. Based on the size chart, commuter van owners will want to look at the XL, 2XL, and 3XL options.

Key Features

  • Four sizes available
  • Six layers of material
  • Breathable material to guard against unwanted moisture
  • Waterproof, sunproof, dirtproof, and windproof
  • Front/rear buckles and straps for added security
  • Soft cotton interior
  • Front and rear reflectors
  • Storage bag included
  • Cable and lock included
  • Weight ranges from 6 pounds to 9 pounds, depending on the size

What Customers Are Saying

In an average of about 130 Amazon customer reviews, the Motor Trend 7 Series Defender Pro SUV/Van Cover holds a 4.5- out of 5.0-star rating. Seventy-seven percent of customers give the cover a perfect score. A total of 86 percent give it at least a 4.0-star rating.

We also looked at reviews on other online retail sites to get a better idea of how the cover performs. Many customer reviews praise the Motor Trend cover’s water resistance in inclement weather and snug fit for a variety of van models. Negative customer reviews note that the added cable and lock may not fit around certain vans, and some reviewers wish the cover came with an antenna patch kit.

#2 Best For Conversion Vans: CarCovers.com Platinum Shield Conversion Van Cover

One of the few conversion van covers on the market, the CarCovers.com Platinum Shield Conversion Van Cover is a durable, yet breathable choice for your next adventure. Its multiple layers protect against wind, rain, dirt, debris, and scratches, and the material allows moisture to escape, guarding against mold or mildew.

Rather than a fully elastic hem, this CarCovers.com model comes with reinforced grommets and elastic front and rear hems to secure the cover on windy days. We also like the product’s double-stitched seams. A problem we often see with vehicle covers is that although the material is waterproof, it leaks through the cover’s seams. Double stitching helps alleviate this issue.

CarCovers.com offers semi-custom products in which drivers can input their vehicle dimensions to ensure the right fit for their van. Plus, the cover comes with a lifetime warranty in case of any defective materials or workmanship.

Key Features

  • Semi-custom sizing for multiple models
  • Multi-layered
  • Reflective polyester external layer with waterproof coating
  • Waterproof, sunproof, dirtproof, and wind-resistant
  • Mold- and mildew-resistant synthetic materials
  • Built-in grommets
  • Fleece interior
  • Elastic hem
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Front and rear labeling for easy installation
  • Antenna patch kit included
  • Storage bag included
  • Cable and lock set included
  • Machine washable
  • Lifetime limited warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Since CarCovers.com combines its car, truck, and SUV cover reviews, it’s difficult to find a concrete rating for its van cover. Overall, the company boasts a 4.8- out of 5.0-star customer review average. Positive customer reviews note the retailer’s covers’ long-term durability, ease of use, and snug fit.

We also turned to trusted review sites like Trustpilot to get a clear understanding of CarCovers.com’s’ overall customer satisfaction ratings. On Trustpilot, the company has a 4.0-star rating and boasts largely positive customer reviews. However, some buyers noted communication issues when trying to use their lifetime warranty.

#3 OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Auto Cover

Our third pick for best van covers, the OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Auto Cover fits SUVs, trucks, and vans up to 206 inches in length. With seven layers of breathable weather protection, the OxGord cover will keep your vehicle safe from rain, UV rays, wind, dirt, and debris.

To ensure the right fit, the OxGord cover comes with a drawstring hem and built-in grommets. The grommet and hem design may provide an easier installation process for larger size vans, such as a sprinter van, as you can place the cover before securing it. However, since this cover is on the heavier end, you may need more than one person to install it.

While the cover does not feature reflective accents to help with low-light visibility, it does include other nice features such as reinforced seams, an antenna patch kit, and a storage bag.

Key Features

  • Vehicle-specific fit
  • Seven layers of material
  • Waterproof, sunproof, dirtproof, and windproof
  • Mold- and mildew-resistant breathable materials
  • Soft interior
  • Adjustable drawstring hem
  • Reinforced seams
  • Antenna patch kit included
  • Storage bag included
  • Weighs around 16 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

The OxGord Executive Storm-Proof Auto Cover currently holds a 4.2-star rating with just under 150 Amazon customer reviews and has similarly high reviews on other retailers’ sites. Sixty-two percent of Amazon customers gave the cover a 5.0-star rating. A total of 81 percent scored it at least a 4.0.

Positive customer reviews mention the cover’s heavy-duty protection and water resistance. However, some customers say this cover is not easy to install. Because it’s so heavy, you may need more than one person to put it on your van.

#4 CarsCover Waterproof Class B RV High Top Conversion Van Cover

Another quality option for conversion and high top van drivers, the CarsCover Waterproof Class B RV Van Cover can protect the following vehicle models:

  • Winnebago Era
  • Airstream Interstate
  • Great West
  • Leisure Travel
  • Pleasure-Way
  • Roadtrek

The outdoor car cover can accommodate both recreational vehicles (RVs) and larger vans, such as a cargo van or camper van, and even those with a built-in air conditioning unit.  The cover sports zippered panels for easy access at all times, a cinching system for a perfect fit, and buckles and straps for added security against the wind during outdoor use.

Key Features

  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Breathable material
  • Zippered panels
  • Rear cinching system
  • Elastic corners
  • Buckles and strap attachments
  • Storage bag included
  • Weighs just over 14 pounds

What Customers Are Saying

Though this particular model does not have many customer reviews, it does have a 4.2- out of 5.0-star rating from Amazon customers. Positive reviews mention a quality fit, durable protection, and secure design features. However, buyers caution that installing this cover may require more than one person. Some customers also note that the cover does not include front and rear labels, which can make installation difficult.

#5 Budge Rain Barrier Van Cover

If you’re looking for a lightweight option to be used indoors or outdoors, consider purchasing the Budge Rain Barrier Van Cover. Available in three sizes, the Budge cover offers indoor and some outdoor protection. It features three breathable layers to protect against trapped moisture, UV rays, light rain, dirt, and debris. It is important to note that this cover is water-resistant, but not waterproof.

For wind and theft protection, the van cover sports both built-in grommets and an elastic hem. It’s a smart option for drivers who have a garage or covered parking area but want some added protection.

Key Features

  • Three layers of material
  • Breathable material
  • Water-resistant
  • Built-in grommets
  • Elastic hem
  • Antenna patch included
  • Storage bag included
  • Lightweight
  • Three sizes available

What Customers Are Saying

Though the Budge Rain Barrier Van Cover does not have the highest average Amazon reviews score – 3.7 stars – 49 percent of buyers gave it a 5.0-star rating and 67 percent gave it at least a 4.0-star rating. We also looked at other industry retailers to get a better sense of this cover’s quality. Not including its Amazon rating, the Budge Rain Barrier Van Cover earned a higher 4.1-star rating on average.

Looking at verified customer reviews, positive feedback mentions easy-on, easy-off installation, a snug fit for many van models, and quality protection against Mother Nature.

However, this van cover is not the best for long-term use, based on customer reports. The biggest complaint we saw was that the cover disintegrates over time, sometimes within a year of purchase.

Review Standards

To select the five van covers in this review, our team searched Amazon and Advance Auto Parts for top products, looking at factors like customer ratings, price, superlatives, and Prime shipping eligibility.

What To Consider When Buying A Van Cover

Although some van covers offer a universal fit, they typically are not a one-size-fits-all product. When selecting the best van cover for your vehicle, you’ll want to consider a few different factors, including fit, materials, and added features.


A van cover should fit snugly to keep out unwanted water and debris. Make sure to double-check a cover’s size range or model fit before going to checkout. Amazon offers a helpful tool for van owners to input their make, model, and year to compare to the cover manufacturer’s dimensions.

We also recommend looking for a cover with an elastic or adjustable hem as well as grommets and buckles. These design features help secure your van cover against strong winds and help adjust the fit where needed.


Multi-layer van covers are common, as different layers protect against different elements and sources of damage. However, you may come across single-layer covers intended for indoor use as well.

Below, we’ve explained common materials used in high-quality van covers.

  • Aluminum: Reflects UV rays for sun protection
  • Polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA): Plastic-derived waterproofing material with some mildew resistance (also used for water resistance)
  • Polyethylene (PE): Another waterproofing material made from plastics (also used for water resistance)
  • Polyurethane: Usually a protective coating for weather and corrosion resistance
  • Synthetics: More resistant to mildew and mold
  • Cotton: Guards against scratches, chips, and other cosmetic damage

Added Features

Helpful design features differentiate good van covers from great van covers. Look out for these added features when shopping for a vehicle cover:

  • Buckles and clips: Secure cover in case of wind and provide a snug fit
  • Antenna patch: Reseals van cover after a small cut is made for antenna
  • Grommets: Threaded to secure cover in case of wind and help achieve a more custom fit
  • Reflective accents or external layer: Allow the vehicle to be seen in low light conditions
  • Storage bag: Allows for portability and storage convenience
  • Front and rear indicators: Design makes it easier for drivers to put cover on in the right
  • direction
  • Door zipper: Driver’s side door can be accessed even with cover on

FAQ: Best Van Covers