The DeWalt DXV08S Shop Vac.

When you’re looking for a high-powered car vacuum to deep clean your vehicle, the power of the DeWalt shop vac can handle just about any job. Its strong suction power, several attachments, and large capacity make it a versatile option suitable for a wide range of applications, whether you need a tool for car detailing or you’re looking to clean up workshop spills.

The DeWalt DXV08S is a shop vac-style vacuum cleaner capable of wet and dry vacuuming. In our roundup of the best car vacuums, we named the DeWalt DXV08S the best overall.

DeWalt DXV08S Overview And Features

Our Take: A heavy-duty DeWalt wet/dry vacuum suitable for most tasks

Pros High suction power Multiple attachments Large capacity Wet and dry vacuuming 3-year warranty
Cons Corded Expensive

Product Specs

  • Weight: 15.0 pounds
  • Power: 120.0 volts
  • Tank capacity: 8.0 gallons
  • Power source: A/C outlet
  • Wet or dry: Both
  • Approximate cost: $130*

*Price accurate at time of publication

What’s In The Box?

The Dewalt Car Vacuum box.

The DeWalt DXV08S includes the following accessories in addition to the vacuum:

  • Extension wand
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Two wide utility nozzles
  • Vacuum bag
  • Accessory storage bag

The several included attachments are more than enough to help vacuum every part of your vehicle, and even clean up a jobsite. However, noticeably absent from the package is a foam filter cover. This filter cover is necessary if you want to use the wet vac function as it protects the paper filter from damage.

You can buy a foam filter for around $10, but it would be ideal if the vacuum came with this and you could avoid the hassle of purchasing separately. You can upgrade to a washable HEPA filter for a few dollars more, as well.

DeWalt DXV08S Testing Process

To review the DeWalt DXV08S, we made sure to test the vacuum’s performance in a few categories, including:

  • Suction Power: A vacuum’s suction strength makes a significant difference in how effectively it can clean your vehicle. To evaluate the suction power of the DeWalt DXV08S, we tested the vacuum’s ability to remove chips, glitter, and embedded dog hair from a cloth floor mat.
  • Maneuverability: A good car vacuum should be capable of reaching every part of your vehicle. We evaluated how easy it is to maneuver the DeWalt shop vac through a car by cleaning a sedan front to back.
  • Ease of Maintenance: We serviced the DeWalt DXV08S after use and rated it based on how easy it was to empty and clean, as well as how convenient it was to store the vacuum and its accessories.
  • Versatility: We tested the effectiveness of the DeWalt DXV08S on various surfaces throughout a car, including rubber floor mats, fabric floor mats, seats, and the center console. We also rated it based on the usefulness of its included attachments.

The Dewalt Car Vacuum in use by one of our product team experts cleaning the interior of a vehicle.

What We Like About The DeWalt DXV08S

The DeWalt DXV08S performed well in all of our review categories, but it did best with suction powerease of maintenance, and versatility. This vacuum can pick up the most deeply embedded crumbs and clean almost any type of mess that might occur inside your vehicle. It’s also simple to clean and maintain.

Suction Power: 4.5 out of 5

The DXV08S doesn’t have the strongest suction among the vacuums we’ve tested, but it does produce powerful suction capable of thoroughly and quickly cleaning out a vehicle. The DeWalt shop vacuum is one of the few vacuums from our testing that removed embedded dog fur from a cloth floor mat. It performed well as a dust extractor, making it perfect for heavier workshop messes such as sawdust spills.

For raw specs, it produces a respectable airflow of 90.0 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Ease of Maintenance: 4 out of 5

The top of the DeWalt DXV08S pops off to expose the collection canister. We found that the included vacuum bag is easy to remove once it fills up, though it takes some time since the tank holds eight gallons. The vacuum may require a more thorough cleaning if you use the wet vac function.

The included accessories bag makes storing the hose and attachments convenient, but the size of the vacuum and number of attachments means you couldn’t easily store this vacuum in your trunk. You’ll need to find storage space in a closet or workshop.

Versatility: 5 out of 5

Versatility is where the DeWalt DXV08S shines. A shop vac-style vacuum generally offers the most versatility with car detailing, which is why most professional detailers use this type of vacuum. The extension wand and crevice nozzle are useful for reaching between and under the seats and fit snugly on the vacuum’s blower port. This corded wet/dry vacuum also can manage wet or dry spills and serve as a blower.

The large tank capacity allows you to use the DeWalt DXV08S for several cleans before emptying.

What We Don’t Like About The DeWalt DXV08S

There are two main downsides to the DeWalt DXV08S: the cost and the bulk. The size is a pro if you want a vacuum that you don’t need to empty often, but it can be an inconvenience if you’re seeking a more maneuverable option. It costs over $100, which is reasonable for a shop vac, but you can find a light-duty vacuum for much cheaper.

Maneuverability: 3.5 out of 5

If you have an extension cord, you can vacuum every part of your car with the DeWalt DXV08S. However, you won’t be able to bring it inside your car due to its size and the need to plug it in. While this isn’t a major drawback, it does make the vacuum less maneuverable compared to cordless wet-dry vacuums that use lithium-ion batteries.

This vacuum is mounted on casters so you can easily wheel it around your car as you work, and the extension hoses allow you to reach deep into your vehicle.

DeWalt DXV08S Reviews

The DeWalt DXV08S has an average Amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on over 200 ratings. The product received 4 stars or more from 91 percent of reviewers. While DeWalt wet/dry vacuum reviews are limited, our experience validates it being a quality car vacuum.

Positive DeWalt DXV08S Reviews

Positive reviewers often praise the quality of the craftsmanship and the excellent suction power of this stainless steel wet-dry vacuum.

“This thing is a beast. The power is incredible. You will need someone to hold your rugs down while you vacuum them.”

– Reviewer Groot via Amazon

“Works better than my older Ridgid shop vac, follows the quality that you would expect from DeWalt.”

– Jordan H. via Amazon

Negative DeWalt DXV08S Reviews

At the time of publication, the DeWalt DXV08S had no negative Amazon reviews, with the exception of one customer who complained about the engine being only 4.0 horsepower. Apparently, the product photo previously advertised a 5.0-horsepower engine, but this is no longer the case.

Our Take On The DeWalt DXV08S: 4.5 Stars

The DeWalt DXV08S is an excellent all-around car vacuum suitable for any type of car cleaning, and for big messes and detailing, in particular. This vacuum is a bit expensive (more than $100) compared to low-powered vacuums, but it’s a good price for a quality-built shop vac.

Overall Rating4.5 out of 5
Suction Power4.5
Ease of Maintenance4

Consider buying this product if you need a reliable car vacuum to clean any mess in your car. Don’t buy this product if you lack the space to store a rather large vacuum or don’t want to spend more than $100 on a car vacuum.

If you’re looking for a light-duty, inexpensive vacuum, you might consider the ThisWorx 12V. Or if you need a high-powered brushless vacuum you can easily store in your trunk, check out the Milwaukee 0880-20.

Are Wet/Dry Vacuums Worth It?

If you’re performing work that demands more than a standard home vacuum, a wet/dry vacuum might be a worthy addition to your home. These devices can handle messes in workshops like debris from heavy-duty sanding, metal shavings, or small pools of liquid. 

If you’re not tethered by a power cord, some wet/dry vacuums can be used in tighter spaces than a regular vacuum. Car detailing is a great example as you may not always be close to an outlet. The downside is chargers are not included with all models.

DeWalt DXV08S Shop Vac: FAQ

*Data accurate at time of publication.