The Craftsman Shop Vac as reviewed and tested by our auto product team.

Craftsman shop vacs are known for their high quality and durability. You’ve likely seen one of the company’s vacuums at your local store, as Craftsman is one of the most well-known names in the industry. If you’re unsure which model to purchase for your automotive needs, we recommend considering the Craftsman CMXEVBE17594.

The Craftsman CMXEVBE17594 is a heavy-duty shop vac built to handle any DIY project for homeowners, month-long projects at a jobsite, and everything in between. The Craftsman CMXEVBE17594 performed so well in our review team’s testing that we named it the Best Overall shop vac on the market in our review of the best shop vacs.

Craftsman Shop Vac Overview And Features

Our Take

An easily maneuverable shop vac with the perfect amount of suction power.


  • Dual-flex technology
  • Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System
  • 20.0-foot power cord


  • Blower port is always on

Product Specs

  • Amperage: 10.5 amps
  • Horsepower: 6.0 peak horsepower (HP)
  • Weight: 25.8 pounds
  • Tank capacity: 12.0 gallons
  • Airflow: 177.0 cubic feet per minute (CFM)
  • Hose length: 7.0 ft.
  • Power cord length: 20.0 ft.

What’s In The Box?

After ordering the Craftsman CMXEVBE17594, customers can expect to receive the shop vac itself, two extension wands, a car nozzle, a utility nozzle, a wet nozzle, a general-purpose filter, and a dust collection bag. Additionally, the shop vac includes a 2.5-inch by 7.0-ft. locking dual-flex hose in the box.

Craftsman CMXEVBE17594 Testing Process

The Craftsman Shop Vac in use by one of our auto product experts cleaning the interior of a vehicle.

We tested the Craftsman CMXEVBE17594 against the following criteria to get an accurate picture of its performance:

  • Suction power: The suction power of a shop vac is one of its most important traits. Testing involved seeing if the Craftsman CMXEVBE17594 could pick up dirt, sand, pine needles, dog hair, food crumbs, and a variety of other messes in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Maneuverability: Maneuverability is one of the main selling points of a shop vac compared to a traditional or regular vacuum cleaner. We tested this by cleaning a hatchback from front to back with the Craftsman CMXEVBE17594 and noting how easy it was to move the shop vac around our testing vehicle and its ease of access into nooks and crannies.
  • Versatility: Versatility is an often overlooked characteristic of a shop vac. We tested this by using the Craftsman CMXEVBE17594 on a variety of surfaces, including rubber floor mats, car carpets, and even on upholstery.

What We Like About The Craftsman CMXEVBE17594

In short, our product testing team likes just about everything about the Craftsman CMXEVBE17594. This Craftsman shop vac had perfect scores for each of our testing criteria. Our team also likes the fact that the shop vac comes with a three-year limited warranty.

In terms of suction power, this 6.0 peak HP wet/dry shop vac had no problems sucking up both wet and dry messes from a variety of surfaces. Thanks to four casters and four wheels that swivel, we had no issues with maneuvering the shop vac. Additionally, the power cord length is 20.0 ft. and the vacuum hose extends the radius of your work area. We found it to offer nearly as much freedom of movement as a cordless vacuum.

The 12.0-gallon wet/dry shop vac comes with a range of nozzle attachments, from a crevice tool to a more general-purpose utility nozzle – all of which can be helpful. It should be noted that the accessory storage on top of the caster feet for the various nozzle attachments is also very convenient. A filter bag and cartridge filter make collecting fine dust a breeze, while the 12.0-gal. tank size means the shop vac can handle projects of almost any scale.

What We Don’t Like About The Craftsman CMXEVBE17594

While we like the fact that the shop vac comes with a vac filter, we wish that it came with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. HEPA filters remove 99.9 percent or more of particles, making them the best kind of vacuum filter. However, that was the only major drawback of this portable wet/dry shop vac.

A cordless shop vac can help provide some consumers with increased mobility. That said, mobility was never really an issue with 7.0 ft. of hose and 20.0 ft. of charger cable. If 12.0 gal. of storage isn’t enough, you always have the option of getting the Craftsman 16.0-gal. CMXEVBE17594 or even the 20-gal. model.

Craftsman Shop Vac Reviews

Over 8,400 customers have left reviews on Amazon for the Craftsman CMXEVBE17594. Customers rave over this product with 94 percent of reviews rating the wet/dry vac 4 stars or higher. Only two percent of reviewers rate the vacuum 1 star, for an overall average rating of 4.7 stars.

Positive Craftsman Shop Vac Reviews

Positive reviews note the suction power, amps, and peak HP of the Craftsman wet/dry shop vacuum.

“The motors on Craftsman shop vacs are higher amperage, which means they are more powerful and suck up material way better.”

– Larry M. via Amazon

“I got it specifically to clean up some construction mess in the basement; sawdust, concrete dust, limestone chunks, and the occasional cobweb. I blocked out a whole Saturday to get the job done … I gave it a shot. It looks like I’ll have a free Saturday afternoon…”

– CMYK Josh via Amazon

Negative Craftsman Shop Vac Reviews

Negative reviews mention the fact that the blowing port always being on can cause difficulties when vacuuming.

“Problem is this blower port is always on when the vac is on. It is a very strong output so effectively when using this vac you are sucking dirt into one end and blowing dirt (and papers or loose items around the shop) around on the opposite side of the vacuum – stupid design.”

– Dave S. via Amazon

Our Take On The Craftsman CMXEVBE17594: 5 Stars

The Craftsman CMXEVBE17594 is a heavy-duty shop vac designed to handle projects both big and small. This shop vac is excellent for car cleaning, home renovation, and even professional use on job sites.

Overall Rating5 out of 5
Suction Power5 out of 5
Maneuverability5 out of 5
Versatility5 out of 5

Our team of experts highly recommend this product. However, we don’t think this will be the right shop vac for you if you’re short on storage space, as the shop vac itself is rather large and bulky. If you’re most concerned about the nozzle attachments, we recommend the DeWalt DXV06P. If you’re looking for the most powerful shop vac, the Ridgid RT1400 might be the right choice for you.

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