The Raptor Liner as tested and reviewed by our auto product team.

Your truck’s bed is meant to take a beating. That’s why protecting it is essential. Spray-on truck bed liners create skid-proof, dent-resistant surfaces that handle wear and tear and keep your bed safe from long-term damage. While a DIY kit requires more prep work than a drop-in liner, spray-ons are permanent and tougher. U-Pol Raptor 1K Bed Liner acts as a protective coating for the bed of your truck against any damage.

Our product review team tested the best truck bed liners out there and the Raptor 1K stood out for its ease of application, durability, and value. Based on these factors, we break down how well it performs and whether or not this is one of the best truck bed liner kits on the market.

Raptor Liner Overview And Features

Our Take: Great for full beds, touch-ups, and more, but requires a careful hand to apply.

Pros Simple, easy-to-follow directions Sprays evenly Abrasion-resistant One-year warranty
Cons Only enough in a can for one truck bed Requires precision to use

The Spray-On Raptor Liner is advertised as a superior adhesion promoter, and many customers agree that it creates a flexible truck bed coating. As a spray can, it can also save you money otherwise required to buy a spray gun or other application tools for roll-on kits.

Raptor Liner Testing Process

The Raptor Liner being sprayed outdoors as part of our auto team's testing process.

We tested the Spray-On Raptor Liner on a piece of steel sheet metal. Our sheet metal was prepared according to the instructions provided by U-Pol. After being sprayed with bed liner coating, the metal was left outdoors for a week and results were recorded.

Our product review team considered five factors when testing the Raptor Liner: ease of application, waterproofing, temperature resistance, scratch resistance, and value.

  • Ease of application: Truck bed liners must be able to be evenly applied to create a balanced seal.
  • Waterproofing: Most truck bed liners are waterproof to prevent the bed from rusting after continuous wear and tear.
  • Temperature resistance: Because they are exposed to the outdoors, truck bed liners should be resistant to extreme temperatures that can cause cracks or bubbles. They should be UV resistant, as well.
  • Scratch resistance: Truck bed liners are designed to prevent scratches to both protect the bare metal underneath and create a pleasant aesthetic.
  • Value: The average price of a can of truck bed liner spray is anywhere between $10 and $30 and has enough fluid to coat one bed.

What We Like The About Raptor Liner

Instructions for the Raptor Liner were straightforward. Unlike other liners that require an application gun or epoxy primer, Raptor Liner sprays straight from the can. After the initial spray, the first layer of liner dried quickly and evenly. The second layer dried even quicker and our whole application process took little time for an evenly-coated finish.

Our team found no evidence of cracks or bubbles on our testing materials. This was even after colder days averaging around 35.0 degrees Fahrenheit that transitioned up to 70.0-degree days as well as rainstorms. We liked that the Raptor Liner showed no evidence of corrosion after spending a week outdoors.

Although advertised for truck beds and fiberglass surfaces, spray-on liner paints can be applied to other surfaces such as bumpers, fenders, and even floorboards. Raptor Liner can provide a water-tight textured seal onto nearly any metal surface of your vehicle.

What We Don’t Like About The Raptor Liner

Because it comes in an aerosol can, applying the Raptor Liner can lead to overspray or double-layering. Our product team needed a couple of tries before getting comfortable with the aim and pressure of the spray can.  For first-time use, we recommend spraying a practice line outside of your truck bed to get comfortable with the bottle.

Raptor Liner Reviews

The Raptor Liner Spray-On bedliner is below-the-radar on Amazon, with only around 130 reviews. It has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars and is currently Amazon’s Choice for the search term “raptor liner spray can.” Roughly 78 percent of these reviews are 4-star reviews or higher, with 62 percent giving the product 5 stars.

Positive Raptor Liner Reviews

The main characteristic of the Raptor Liner Spray-On bedliner that reviewers seem to appreciate is its usefulness for touch-ups. Other reviewers recommend the Raptor Liner for its simple directions.

“Easy to use. Followed prep directions.”

– William via Amazon

“Great stuff. Used for touch-ups.”

– Customer via Amazon

Negative Raptor Liner Reviews

Some complaints we saw mention issues with the spray can’s functionality. One review in particular that stands out says:

“The can would only spray when upright, and it kept spitting and sputtering.”

– John via Amazon

Our Take On The Raptor Liner: 4.8 Stars

The Raptor Liner Spray-On truck bed liner is a versatile, powerful tool, but requires precision for the best results. Should it not live up to your expectations, however, you can contact U-Pol about its limited one-year warranty.

Overall Rating4.8 out of 5
Ease of Application4.5 out of 5
Waterproofing5 out of 5
Temperature Resistance5 out of 5
Scratch Resistance4.7 out of 5
Value5 out of 5

The Raptor Liner pictured outdoors next to the testing materials used to spray the truck bed coating.

If you need to touch up your truck bed liner, Raptor Liner is a superb choice. It can be applied quickly and doesn’t take long to dry, plus it creates a sealant that is both waterproof and nearly scratch-resistant. Raptor Liner can also be applied to other metal car surfaces to increase their protection. Be sure to practice before using it, though, to understand the best way to layer evenly.

How It Compares

For those who want an upgrade from the Raptor 1K, check out the Raptor 2K liner spray. It claims to be 10 times tougher than regular aerosol spray-on liners due to its extra urethane additives. Also, Raptor 2K claims to have better adhesion properties that prevent it from wear and tear.

If you want a more comprehensive kit, the U-Pol Raptor Tintable Truck Bed Liner VOC Kit comes equipped with 4.0 liters of coating that must be manually applied via spray gun or rolling tools. It comes with a mixing cup, hardener, and base and is tintable to any color you desire.

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