Editor’s Pick
Superlift 4-Inch Lift Kit

A high lifting kit that includes dual rate coil springs.

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Best Basic Lift
TeraFlex 2.5-Inch Lift Kit

A 2.5-inch lift kit that won’t sacrifice on-road handling.

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Simplest Install
Rough Country 2.5-Inch Lift Kit

A pared-down lift kit that is (relatively) simple to install.

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Also Consider
Zone 3-Inch Lift Kit

A 3.0-inch lift kit with brake line extensions and sway bar links.

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Best Value
Daystar 2.5-Inch Lift Kit

Provides a solid lift but not the best for off-roading.

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There are a number of reasons Jeep lift kits are among the most popular aftermarket Jeep accessories. For Jeep owners who plan to drive off-road, a quality lift kit can be an essential upgrade. On the other hand, a lift kit quite obviously adds a bit of curb appeal to your Jeep. Our team of experts recommends a range of Jeep lift kits you can trust to improve your off-road performance and better your ride quality for an affordable price.

Our guide to the best Jeep lift kits looks at mods of varying inches of lift that can fit Jeeps old or new – from classic Jeep Wrangler lift kits, something that will transform your new Rubicon, and even suspension kits that will work on that ‘63 Jeep Gladiator you’ve been tinkering on at your dad’s house. Above all else, our team recommends Jeep lift kits that look good and that off-roaders can trust.

5 Best Jeep Lift Kits

#1 Editor’s Pick: Superlift 3600 4-Inch Lift Kit

Pros Lifetime warranty Dual-rate coil springs Substantial height increase Many essential parts included
Cons May require specialist installation Expensive

Cost: Around $1,700

The Superlift 3600 4-inch Lift Kit adds ground clearance for 35.0-in. to 37.0-in. tires and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The components that make this kit stand out are the dual-rate coil springs. These springs are able to extend for off-road adventures, while staying relatively tight for on-road driving, giving you good control in both situations.

Given the high lift height this kit provides, it also comes with:

  • Front track bar bracket
  • Lower link arms
  • Extended sway bar links
  • Compression stop spacers
  • Shock extension brackets

#2 Best Basic Lift: TeraFlex 2.5-Inch Lift Kit

Pros Simple to install Many amenities Durable materials
Cons Expensive May need to replace wheels

Cost: About $970

If you want a simple, quality Jeep lift, the TeraFlex 2.5-inch Lift Kit is a good option. This kit can increase ground distance so that your Jeep can accommodate larger tires without taking too much away from on-road handling. But be aware that you may need to replace your wheels after installing this jeep lift kit, as you’ll need wheels with 4.5-in. backspacing or less.

This kit includes:

  • Lift coil springs
  • Front and rear 9550 VSS shock absorbers
  • Rear sway bar links
  • Heavy-duty rear trackbar axle bracket
  • Bump stop extensions

#3 Simplest Install: Rough Country 2.5-Inch Lift Kit

Pros Inexpensive Easy to install Lifetime warranty
Cons Not the smoothest ride

Cost: Around $370

The Rough Country 2.5-Inch Lift Kit is another short lift kit. This kit is inexpensive and easier to install because it contains fewer components. This kit includes a set of shocks and springs. It is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

This pared-down lift kit won’t cost as much, but it also won’t offer as smooth a ride as the TeraFlex. Of course, you can always add components to this kit, like an extended sway bar or bump stop extensions. Depending on your Jeep, you may need to purchase an adjustable track bar.

#4 Also Consider: Zone 3-Inch Lift Kit

Pros Helpful additional parts Durable
Cons Incorrect parts included

Cost: Around $500

If you try to lift your Jeep 3.0 inches or more, you’ll need a number of additional parts beyond new springs and some spacers. The Zone 3-inch Lift Kit includes them. This kit will allow you to install wheels up to 35.0 inches.

Some reviewers have commented that this kit does not include the right nuts. The included nuts don’t fit the shocks and users have had to go out and purchase separate nuts. This is not a large expense, but is certainly an annoying hassle should this happen to you.

The Zone kit includes all of the necessary installation hardware as well as:

  • Brake Line Extensions
  • Bump Stop Extensions
  • Coil Springs
  • Sway Bar Links

#5 Best Value: Daystar 2.5-Inch Lift Kit

Pros Inexpensive Less involved installation
Cons Low height Not the smoothest ride

Cost: About $200

If you’re just looking to lift your Jeep for the appearance, you might consider this Daystar 2.5-in. lift kit. It includes a set of high-density progressive polyurethane strut and spring spacers.

Given the lower lift height, you likely won’t need to replace other components like your tires or sway bar. Adding a few spacers is the cheapest way to raise your Jeep. But keep in mind that without new springs, shocks, and an extended sway bar, your Jeep won’t ride as smoothly after installing this kit.

Other Jeep Lift Kits We Recommend

Our team researched hundreds of different Jeep lift kits from some of the biggest names in the industry. Below, we detail some honorable mentions for the best Jeep lift kits on the market in 2023.

SkyJacker 4-Inch Basic Lift Kit

The SkyJacker 4-Inch Basic Lift Kit provides everything you need to give your Jeep the ride height you’re looking for. As every Jeep is different, this Jeep lift kit is custom fit to your specific make and model. Additionally, this kit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Alloy USA 4-Inch Lift Kit

More affordably priced than competitive Jeep lift kits, the Alloy USA 4-Inch Lift Kit is sold as a complete kit for both the front and rear of your Jeep. This Jeep lift kit makes it easier to add bigger wheels and tires for a more aggressive look. Alloy USA offers a 30-day return guarantee and a 5-year warranty on this lift kit.

Rancho 4-Inch Lift Kit

The Rancho 4-Inch Lift Kit is custom fit to your Jeep, so you can expect precision-fit components that work with your factory suspension. This Jeep lift kit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, so you can trust in this kit to last and work as expected. You can also expect this lift kit to provide a smooth ride and excellent performance.

BellTech 4-Inch Lift Kit

Easy to install, the BellTech 4-Inch Lift Kit doesn’t require welding and will only require minimal amounts of cutting to get the perfect fit on your Jeep. This Jeep lift kit maintains your factory track width and geometry – and is even backed by a lifetime warranty. This lift kit includes BellTech’s Trail Performance series of struts and shocks.

MaxTrac 3-Inch Basic Lift Kit

The MaxTrac 3-Inch Basic Lift Kit is made in the United States and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Installation is simple and straightforward, as you won’t need to worry about drilling into or modifying your factory suspension. Constructed from steel, this Jeep lift kit features a durable powder coat finish.

Do You Need A Jeep Lift Kit?

There are two reasons someone might purchase a Jeep lift kit: because they use their Jeep for off-roading, or because they like the appearance of a lifted Jeep. Lifting your Jeep can be expensive, increase wear on certain parts like drive shafts, and impact the handling of your vehicle.

However, if you plan to take your Jeep off-roading as a hobby, installing a lift kit is a good idea. Lifting a Jeep allows you to add larger shocks and tires, alterations that can drastically improve vehicle performance and maneuverability over otherwise undriveable terrain.

If you know that you want a jeep lift kit, the next question becomes: how high? This will depend on the terrain you intend to tackle. Basic lift kits typically add between 2.5 and 3.5 inches. If you plan to drive over the most extreme trails, you may need a higher lift.

Jeep Lift Kits: Buyers Guide

When selecting a Jeep lift kit, you’ll first need to decide your lift type and lift height.

Lift Type

There are two types of Jeep lifts, a body lift and a suspension lift.

  • Body Lift: A body lift kit will increase the distance between the car’s frame and the body. This type of lift is primarily cosmetic. If you lift the body any more than an inch or two, you’ll need to install longer shock absorbers.
  • Suspension Lift: A suspension lift kit increases the distance between your Jeep’s axles and the frame. This is the type of lift recommended if you plan to take your Jeep off-roading.

Lift Height

The most common Jeep lift kit adds between 1.0 to 2.0 in. This is considered a small lift. Lift kits can add up to 8.0 in. (or more) of height to your vehicle.

Some people choose their lift kit based on the wheels they hope to install. Any kit will have a maximum allowable tire size, so be sure the tires you are hoping to use will fit your new kit.

Also keep in mind that the higher you lift your Jeep suspension, the more parts you may need to replace. If you’re looking for a basic lift and don’t want to replace a ton of components, stick with a 2.5-in. lift.

Lift Kit Parts

Not all lift kits include the same pieces. The shortest Jeep lift kits can include only some spring spacers, while higher lift kits may include other parts such as:

  • Geometry correction brackets: Help return the steering wheel to center
  • Adjustable control arms: Regulate the up and down movement of the axle
  • Track bars: Center the axle along body of Jeep and control side-to-side movement
  • Sway bars: Connect to the shocks and help prevent tipping
  • Springs: Compensate for uneven weight distribution
  • Shocks: Absorb impacts

These parts will already be installed in your Jeep. However, when you raise your vehicle’s suspension system, you may need to replace some or all of these parts with longer alternatives.

You may also need to upgrade to larger brake rotors and calipers because of the additional weight added by your lift kit and larger tires. In general, the higher you lift your jeep the more quickly the cost increases.

Jeep Lift Kits: FAQ

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