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Whether it’s the holiday season or a loved one’s birthday is around the corner, finding the best gifts for car lovers may present a bit of a challenge. You’re likely looking for a thoughtful gift to show you care, but a new Ferrari isn’t quite what you have in mind.

Our team has tested an array of products, car gadgets, and car accessories, some of which are featured in this gift guide. We pride ourselves on thorough testing and honest reviews of car products in the hopes that we can provide great gift ideas for the car enthusiasts in your life.

Gifts For Car Lovers: Electronics And Essentials

This section is designed to help you find gifts for the people in your life that live for their cars. If your loved one has cars, motorsports, and automotive repairs on their mind from sunup till sundown, you’re in the right place.

Kingslim D4 Dual Dash Cam

Unfortunately, most drivers have experienced a car accident or know somebody who has. The Kingslim D4 Dual Dash Cam is truly a no-brainer for a gift recommendation. This dash cam features high-resolution 4K video footage for both the front and rear of your vehicle.

The Kingslim D4 Dual Dash Cam has a touch screen that makes the device easy to use and even has the ability to connect to your iPhone or Android for video download capabilities. This top-of-the-line dash cam is reasonably priced, making it stand out against the competition.

You can learn more about our experience with the Kingslim in our team’s review of the best dash cams on the market.

ThisWorx 12V Car Vacuum

If the auto enthusiast in your life loves cars – but doesn’t love cleaning – then this is the gift for them. The ThisWorx 12V Car Vacuum is portable and easy to store, and it even plugs into your car’s auxiliary outlet for quick, convenient cleaning. It eliminates the need for low-quality vacuums at a car wash.

This car vacuum offers incredible suction power for its size and even ships with a car air freshener included. The ThisWorx 12V Car Vacuum comes with a multitude of features, including a flexible extension hose, crevice nozzle, floor brush attachment, filter dusting brush, and HEPA filter.

Our team found a lot to like about the ThisWorx vacuum in our review of the industry’s best car vacuums.

Grit Performance Tire Deflator

This gift idea is for the backcountry guys and gals who love anything and everything auto-related. Whether they’re going mudding, driving in the snow, or just having a good time on a 4×4, the Grit Performance Tire Deflator is a must-have for the car lover in your life.

With its inclusion of a tire pressure gauge, this product offers precision tire deflation in seconds, down to the exact psi you’re looking for. The tire gauge face even glows in the dark, so the Grit Performance Tire Deflator is ready to go in any situation. We highly recommend this product, as precision tire deflation is a necessity in the off-roading world.

Tile Pro

Do you know somebody who loves to drive, but always misplaces their car keys? Well, this is the perfect gift for them. The Tile Pro has up to 400.0 feet of range, so finding your keys is as easy as following the ringtone alert that your Tile Pro plays after hitting the Tile button.

This product is waterproof and compatible with Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. By downloading the free Tile app, you can search for the last location of your car keys using the app’s map feature. Additionally, the Tile Pro has replaceable batteries and a design perfectly fitted for a keychain.

Auto-Vox CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera

True auto enthusiasts will love this thoughtful gift idea, especially if they drive a classic car such as a Porsche 911-964 or an older muscle car that doesn’t have a backup camera equipped.

With the help of the Auto-Vox CS-2 Wireless Backup Camera, your car lover will be able to enjoy peace of mind while reversing their favorite car into a parking space. Also, the digital transmission of this device means that there won’t be any Bluetooth® interference. This is a great gift idea for someone looking to protect their car.

Launch CRP129E Scan Tool

The Launch CRP129E Scan Tool is a must-have for the extreme car enthusiast in your life. In terms of OBD2 scanners, this is as good as it gets.

The Launch CRP129E Scan Tool has extensive diagnostic features and an internal battery, so using it won’t drain your car battery. This OBD2 scanner has an ample number of data code protocols from nearly 60 car manufacturers and over 1,000 car models. It also comes complete with free lifetime updates, meaning the information on the device will be consistently up to date.

Check out our experts’ review of the best OBD2 scanners to learn more.

WeBoost Drive Reach Cell Phone Signal Booster

Planning on taking an RV adventure with the family in 2023? The WeBoost Drive Reach will keep everyone occupied on a road trip and allow your family to stay connected in case of emergency, even in remote locations. This cell phone signal booster offers 5G compatibility and works with every network and carrier.

WeBoost is the only cellular booster company that designs, assembles, and tests its products solely in the United States while also being FCC-certified. You can stay connected and have fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, and faster mobile internet with this product.

P.I. Auto Store 110V/120V AC – 12V DC Power Converter

P.I. Auto Store 110V/120V AC – 12V DC Power Converter is a unique gift for car lovers who are always behind the wheel. Featuring 12.0 volts of power, this device can supply battery power up to 120.0 watts. It’s great for plugging in various car accessories and can even power a TV.

The P.I. Auto Store Power Converter is an easy-to-use device. There’s no need for an adapter as the power converter comes ready to be plugged into the car charger or cigarette lighter in your vehicle. This device can be incredibly useful for the auto enthusiast who’s got a back seat full of gadgets, toys, and electronics.

Gifts For Car Lovers: Kids And Teens Edition

As car lovers ourselves, we understand that car enthusiasm starts at a young age. We’ve detailed our top picks for kids and teens below in the hopes of inspiring the next generation of car fans.

LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang

Let’s face it: LEGO was cool when our parents were growing up and it’s still cool today. There’s no better way to kickstart your teen’s love for automobiles than with the LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang. This LEGO set will keep your teen busy with over 1,400 individual LEGO pieces.

The LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang features racing stripes, a supercharger, a rear ducktail spoiler, a V8 engine, and even a nitrous oxide tank. This LEGO Ford Mustang measures 3.0 inches in height, 3.0 inches wide, and 13.0 inches long, and will provide endless fun for young car lovers.

PXN V3II PC Racing Wheel

If your budding auto enthusiast is anything like the ones we know, they just want to get behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, they may have to wait quite some time before that becomes a reality.

However, the PXN V3II PC Racing Wheel gives your child the opportunity to control a car in a safe environment. It’s compatible with all major gaming consoles, including the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, PS3, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. This steering wheel is also compatible with most racing games on the market, including the GT Racing Series.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo Switch

There’s a certain generation of car lovers that started out playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo 64. Though the N64 is no longer around, Nintendo and Mario Kart have both continued to push out products for the next generation.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe allows for up to 12 players at one time. A kid-friendly game that has stood the test of time, Mario Kart will always be a great gift for speedsters, no matter their age.

RC Off-Road Stunt Truck

The RC Off-Road Stunt Truck is one of the best remote-controlled cars our team stumbled across while researching gifts that a young car lover would enjoy. With four rechargeable batteries and a screwdriver included, you’ll almost never have to worry about this RC car dying.

The RC Off-Road Stunt Truck features oversized tires and four-wheel drive to allow the car to run on a variety of surfaces. It has an effective control range of 100.0 feet and a simply designed remote control with two joysticks, making it easy to use for children ages six and up.

Fuel ‘N Duel Rocket Racers

This gift is a great option for moms and dads who want their children to have a toy they can learn something from. The Fuel ‘N Duel Rocket Racers combine chemistry and racing, giving your child the chance to experiment with different fuel-making processes.

Rest assured, the Fuel ‘N Duel Rocket Racers feature non-toxic materials and are completely kid-friendly. This hands-on toy set even features added spill stoppers, so the drag races can continue indoors and cleanup will be a breeze.

Gifts For Car Lovers: Other Products We Recommend

Below are a few other gifts we recommend for any car or auto lover. Whether you are looking for a fun project to spruce up the garage or you want to read about the behind-the-scenes action of a hit TV show. These recommendations can be the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for any car lover.

Riparo Men’s Genuine Leather Driving Gloves

The Riparo Men’s Genuine Leather Driving Gloves are for the true car guys out there. These high-quality, handmade leather driving gloves come in seven sizes and eleven colors. The driving mitts can enhance a car lover’s driving experience and are great for road trips or an afternoon out on the local speedway.

The Riparo Men’s Genuine Leather Driving Gloves feature reverse stitching and a snap closure design for easy removal from your hands. We think these driving gloves will receive a much better reaction from the car enthusiast in your life than the coffee mug or car-inspired bottle opener you found on Etsy.

Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer

You can’t consider yourself an automotive enthusiast if you’ve never looked into headlight restoration. Headlights are one of the first things you notice when you see a vehicle, and you want your car lover’s first impression to be a good one.

The Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer is an easy-to-use and incredibly effective solution that can drastically reduce the level of oxidation and hazing on your vehicle’s headlights. Unlike most of its competitors, Chemical Guys uses a one-step process that makes giving a car lover’s vehicle a face-lift as easy as possible.

Our team tested and reviewed the best headlight restoration kits, so we know the Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer will make a great gift for the car enthusiast in your life.

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating

If the gearhead in your life is anything like the ones we know, their second home is their garage. Whether they’re installing new car parts or performing DIY car care, they always seem to be there. This is why we think the Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating is one of the best car-related gifts you can find for the car lover who spends a lot of time in their garage.

Due to its two-part formula, Rust-Oleum’s EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating will protect your garage floor against damage from motor oil or antifreeze. This kit will transform the look of your garage, all while protecting against cracking, peeling, stains, chemicals, and more.


And On That Bombshell: Inside The Madness And Genius Of Top Gear

Written by Top Gear’s script editor, Richard Porter, this book details behind-the-scenes stories spanning 13 years and 22 seasons of the hit TV show. From death threats from Bolivian drug lords to the inclusion of a dog on set, this book has it all.

If your car enthusiast is looking for some lighthearted reading filled with comedic relief and awe-striking stories, this is the book for them. The book, And On That Bombshell, features 256 pages packed with the tales and woes of the Top Gear crew. Additionally, this book is available in paperback, audiobook, and Kindle format.

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