The Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer.

If you’re wondering how to restore headlights in the simplest way possible, Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer could be your answer. That’s because – unlike most competing brands – it’s a one-step solution (no need to rub abrasives on your headlights beforehand). Has Chemical Guys tapped into some secret automotive sauce that solves hazy headlight lenses? Or should you leave this product off your wishlist?

In this review, we’ll take an up-close look at Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer. Our product experts have tested several renewal products to find the best headlight restoration kit and make your shopping experience easier. Read on for complete test results and analysis of Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer’s overall value.

Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer Overview And Features

Pros Easy to use Restores optical clarity to even very hazy headlights Plenty of product
Cons Relatively expensive Doesn’t include supplies such as sandpaper and wipes

What’s In The Box?

You get 16.0 ounces of Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer and Protectant. What isn’t included, but which you will need to restore your headlights are:

  • Sandpaper
  • Gloves
  • Drill attachments (rotary polisher or backing plate)
  • Polishing pads

Also missing are materials such as soap and a microfiber towel that come in handy for washing the headlights before applying the headlight restorer solution. Customers looking to take on this DIY project should also consider buying masking tape to protect the area around the headlights.

Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer Testing Process

Our product review team prioritized three factors while testing this renewal kit: results, clarity of instructions, and price.

  • Results: A good headlight restoration kit removes built-up oxidation and offers long-lasting UV protection.
  • Clarity of instructions: Some headlight kits involve multiple steps, so clearly stated directions are important for you to achieve the best results.
  • Price: Headlight restoration kits are fairly affordable as automotive care goes, with most checking in at around $20.

Our review team used Chemical Guys headlight compound in hopes of restoring several pairs of heavily oxidized headlights. Since the manufacturer says multiple attempts may be necessary to achieve the desired results, we conducted three passes on each headlight. However, we conducted no more than three to ensure fairness with other renewal kits, some of which promise results in less than half an hour.

What We Like About Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer

When it comes to product quantity, Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer lacks nothing. With a single bottle, you will have enough of the polishing compound to restore headlights on multiple cars. Plus, if you have another clear coat, wet-sanding technique, or ceramic coating you prefer, you could easily incorporate Chemical Guys into the process. Or you can go waterless, skipping the drill or sanding block altogether.

What We Don’t Like About Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer

Simplicity is a double-edged sword for Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer. Although the product works well, you can pay just a little more for headlight restorer kits that provide all the materials needed to tackle headlight restoration by hand. The same is true for renewal kits that use drill attachments.

Another downside is that using only Chemical Guys takes much longer to achieve similar results than using other heavy-duty headlight restoration kits.

What Do Professionals Say? 

To get a better sense of car detailing at the professional level, we reached out to several automotive experts. Kyle Marker, a parts manager at Leith Lincoln in Raleigh, North Carolina, said a common misstep when using a headlight lens restorer is not applying a sealant after buffing. 

“Most people, they’ll refinish their headlights and then they’ll ignore the clearcoat part of the solution,” he said.  “And then they wonder why it’s hazy in six months.” 

For owners of vintage vehicles, Marker added swapping out clear plastic lenses for glass housings can be an effective solution for foggy headlights. 

“Glass doesn’t discolor like plastic… If you’re on an older model, like a muscle car [or] like an 80’s car, you can move to a glass headlight versus a plastic headlight, and you never have to worry about it ever again,” he said. “And usually, you get better light, too.”

Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer Reviews

Amazon Review Score: 4.4 out of 5 based on over 7,800 ratings

Positive Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer Reviews

Two features of Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer often lauded by users are the simplicity of the restoration process and the initial results.

“I only used a microfiber towel, and it got some extremely yellow and faded headlights to about 80 [percent] clarity . . . with just a microfiber towel, a bit of elbow grease, and 10 minutes of time. Not to mention a little of this product goes a long way, so this bottle will last me forever.”

– Dezymond via Amazon

“Overall, I think this is a great product – easier to apply than multiple sandings/polishings and very cost-effective. First application was not perfect, but it obviously works. Happy with my purchase.”

– Nicholas via Amazon

Negative Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer Reviews

Some gripes from customers say Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer doesn’t do away with enough of the hazy look. Other negative reviews say the protection didn’t last very long and that faded headlight plastic returned fairly quickly.

“I used this on my headlights but found that the initial good results only lasted a day or two . . . It wasn’t durable. Whatever chemical was filling in the headlight pores to make them look clear and sharp did not last very long.”

– Amazon customer

“If there is heavy oxidation on plastic, unfortunately, using a heavy grit compound isn’t going to magically fix it. I was so impressed with the videos the product had, but I did not have the same results.”

– Hannah via Amazon

Our Take On Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer: 4.5 Stars

Even though it doesn’t come with the restoration essentials that accompany other products we’ve tested, Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer delivers quality results. Getting hazy lenses to look brand new may take more than a few hours, but improving overall visibility requires far less time. Finishing two headlights took us not quite an hour.

Overall Rating4.5 out of 5
Results4 out of 5
Instructions5 out of 5
Value4 out of 5

Chemical Guys is a good option if you’re looking for an easy-to-use headlight restorer that doesn’t need power tools. It’s also a solid choice as a supplement to other car-care products.

However, if you’re looking for noticeable results in 30 minutes or less, you may want to think about other options. The Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit and Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit were our top two choices for treating hazy headlamps based on our tests to find the best headlight restoration products.

Chemical Guys Headlight Restorer: FAQ

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