Best Overall
Callahan CCK03032

A top-of-the-line brake caliper with a one-year warranty.

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ACDelco 18FR984

An easy-to-install and high-quality brake caliper.

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Best Value
Raybestos Element3 Caliper

A low-cost yet high-quality set of brake calipers.

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Also Consider
A-Premium APBC0229

A great brake caliper that’s worth consideration.

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Best Remanufactured Caliper
Carquest Premium 18-B4729

A brake caliper that meets OE and SAE standards.

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There’s no reason to get into a car with less-than-optimal brakes and risk getting in an accident. A high-quality brake caliper could be the difference between your car stopping in time to avoid an accident and a costly trip to the repair shop, or worse. Our review team delves into what makes all these brake calipers the best in the business and what to look for when shopping for brake calipers.

5 Best Brake Calipers

A close up image of a disc brake inside a vehicle in the process of new tire replacement.

  1. Best Overall: Callahan CCK03032
  2. Runner-Up: ACDelco 18FR984
  3. Best Value: Raybestos Element3 Caliper
  4. Also Consider: A-Premium APBC0229
  5. Best Remanufactured Caliper: Carquest Premium 18-B4729

#1 Best Overall: Callahan CCK03032

The Callahan CCK03032 is a fully assembled brake caliper that comes ready for bolting. All of Callahan’s calipers are thoroughly inspected for quality and safety, and they are even pressure tested to ensure confident braking and prevent leaks. Beveled slots wipe away brake dust from under the brake pad, improving braking power by eliminating debris that’s typically found on the pad.

The rotors featured within these brake calipers are cross-drilled to prevent rotor warping and for faster heat transfer. These, and all other drill holes, present on this brake caliper are chamfered to prevent cracking and stress-risers. Zinc plating on the rotors lengthens the life of your calipers as it makes them corrosion– and rust-resistant. It should be noted that there is a 12-month warranty on all parts in this brake caliper kit.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5

Key Features

  • Cost: Around 610
  • Beveled slots
  • Zinc plating
  • 12-month warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4 out of 5 based on around 25 ratings

The majority of reviews state the calipers fit properly and work as advertised. One reviewer states that these brake calipers work a lot better than the stock calipers they had on their truck prior to buying these.

#2 Runner-Up: ACDelco 18FR984

Developed without attached brake pads for ultimate customization, the ACDelco 18FR984 is made from high-quality materials for ultimate durability. This means both aluminum and iron castings were used in the creation of this brake caliper, but this doesn’t mean added stress on the brake-boosting mounting. These remanufactured disc brake calipers are tested to ensure they meet ACDelco’s specifications.

These loaded calipers contain Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) components, which provide superior resistance to corrosion, heat, and leaking. For easy installation, ACDelco includes bleeder screws, copper sealing washers, hardware, and mounting brackets in the box.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $60
  • Aluminum and iron castings
  • EPDM components
  • Compatible with General Motors (GM) vehicles and non-GM vehicles

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.6 out of 5 based on over 400 ratings

Many customers speak to how well these brake calipers work as a direct replacement for their stock calipers. A few reviewers are impressed with how thick the calipers are. One customer notes he removed his old calipers to install these in less than an hour.

#3 Best Value: Raybestos Element3 Caliper

Raybestos Element3 Caliper is made entirely of newly manufactured materials, rather than rebuilt or remanufactured materials. This brake caliper has been rigorously tested for temperature, torque, degradation resistance, and extreme pressure to ensure reliable performance for thousands of miles and to meet Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards.

These brake calipers have been engineered to meet and/or exceed Original Equipment (OE) specifications. EPDM rubber components are featured throughout these brake calipers, which makes for superior heat resistance. Silicone boots are included for heavy-duty applications. It should be noted that this is a front brake caliper, rather than a full set or a rear brake caliper.

Our Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $55
  • Meets SAE standards
  • EPDM components
  • Made from newly-manufactured materials

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 based on over 100 ratings

The vast majority of reviewers note how easy the installation process is. One reviewer notes that all of the necessary hardware is included in the box. A reviewer who left a negative comment complains that this caliper went bad in less than six months.

#4 Also Consider: A-Premium APBC0229

Easy to install and set up, the A-Premium APBC0229 comes with all the required hardware for brake caliper assembly. An anti-rust coating is present on the bracket to extend its life, while a dual-seal and dust cover of the piston prevents dust from infiltrating that part of the brake caliper. Furthermore, a dust-proof plug on the oil inlet ensures there won’t be any impurities and guarantees performance.

Regardless of mileage, A-Premium offers a one-year quality guarantee on this brake caliper. It should be noted that this brake caliper is specifically compatible with a Ford F-250 Super Duty from 2005 to 2011 and an F-350 Super Duty from 2005 to 2012. For the latter, this brake caliper only fits the model with single rear wheels.

Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $170
  • Anti-rust coating
  • Dust-proof plug on oil inlet
  • Dust-covered piston

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.4 out of 5 based on around 50 ratings

Almost every review for this brake caliper speaks to how easy it was to install. Several go as far as to say the brake caliper fits like OE equipment. A negative review states the brake pads don’t clear the bracket on a 2012 Ford F-250.

#5 Best Remanufactured Caliper: Carquest Premium 18-B4729

The Carquest Premium 18-B4729 is a remanufactured brake caliper that’s been extensively tested to meet and/or exceed OE and SAE standards. Banjo bolts and copper washers are included for a perfect seal while parking brake cable brackets, levers, and return springs are all pre-installed to make your life easier. Pad installation hardware is also included.

These brake calipers feature a specially formulated zinc dichromate finish which ultimately makes your calipers corrosion– and rust-resistant. Phenolic pistons are made from advanced polymers that resist heat transfer, while EPDM rubber seals increase resistance to thermal deterioration.

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $80
  • Meets OE and SAE standards
  • EPDM rubber seals
  • Zinc dichromate finish

What Customers Are Saying

Advance Auto Parts Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 based on over 200 ratings

About 90 percent of all reviewers would recommend these brake calipers to a friend. Most reviewers mention how this brake caliper is an exact fit on their vehicle and of OE quality. A negative review complains that the caliper mounting frame needs to be blended and smoothed out.

Brake Caliper Buyers Guide

There are two main types of brake calipers, floating calipers, and fixed calipers. Regardless of which caliper you choose to put in charge of your vehicle’s braking, both emphasize the importance of properly lubricating your disc brake system. It should be noted that it’s recommended to use silicone-based brake fluid, rather than petroleum-based.

Types Of Brake Calipers

Fixed calipers are the most simple to operate of the two types of brake calipers. Fixed calipers don’t move when you apply the brakes, while floating calipers do.

  • Fixed calipers: Pistons are located on each side of a fixed caliper. When the brakes are applied, pistons apply the brake pads on both sides of the rotor.
  • Floating calipers: There is only one caliper piston in a floating caliper. When the brakes are applied, the piston comes out and applies the inboard pad while the caliper itself simultaneously slides inward to apply the outboard pad.

How To Fix Brake Squealing

Do you find that your brakes squeal whenever you apply them? It’s a relatively common problem for drivers all across the United States, and it can be fixed more easily than you may imagine. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to take your car for a full brake service if the brakes are squealing. Rather, you can use brake shims.

Brake shims are thin metal or rubber adhesive pads that fit between the brake caliper and brake pad to correct small differences that ultimately lead to the squealing noise you’ve been hearing. A shim will prevent small vibrations and eliminate annoying noises while you brake.

One of our review team’s favorite shims on the market is the MTC Shims Kit.

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