Best Running Battery Life
ILM Bluetooth Helmet

A Bluetooth helmet with a long-lasting battery.

Best Bluetooth Intercom
Sena Outrush

A Bluetooth helmet that’s great for group communication.

Best Value
Torc T14B

A Bluetooth helmet with a sophisticated graphic.

Best Noise Cancellation
Freedconn Helmet

A Bluetooth helmet that stops echoing and outside noise.

Best Aerodynamics
Shoei GT-Air II

A Bluetooth helmet designed for use at high speeds.

Motorcycle helmets are made to protect your head during a crash. Bluetooth® motorcycle helmets take these safety devices a step further, allowing riders to stream music, take phone calls, and even speak with other riders. This not only enhances one’s riding experience but also allows for safe communication with friends and family when you’re out on the road.

Whether you’re taking incoming calls or listening to turn-by-turn directions, one of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets in our review can help you stay connected on your next ride. We’ve gathered the best options on the market to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

5 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Man sitting on a motorcycle, wearing jeans and a black jacket, fastening his helmet with a landscape in the background.

  1. Best Running Battery Life: ILM Bluetooth Helmet
  2. Best Bluetooth Intercom: Sena Outrush
  3. Best Value: Torc T14B
  4. Best Noise Cancellation: Freedconn Helmet
  5. Best Aerodynamics: Shoei GT-Air II

Buyers Guide: Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is a great way to stay connected with those you care about while you’re out on your bike. However, with an overwhelming number of options to choose from, it becomes difficult to distinguish the best from the rest. Our team of experts looks at how Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work and a list of characteristics we think you should pay attention to when choosing which helmet is right for you and your needs.

Types Of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

In terms of motorcycle helmets, there are three types: full, modular, and half.

  1. Full helmets: Full motorcycle helmets cover the entire head of a rider and typically are made of polycarbonate materials for better protection.
  2. Modular helmets: This type of helmet has an open-face design, so riders can choose whether or not to utilize a face shield.
  3. Half helmets: These helmets cover only the top of the rider’s head, but can still be integrated with a Bluetooth system.

Each of the three types of helmets listed above is available with Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth-ready helmets are the most common type of helmet and are the easiest to use. These come preinstalled with a Bluetooth device, speakers, and a microphone. An additional benefit to these helmets is their one-touch control system so riders don’t have to worry about taking their hands off of the handlebars while riding.

Bluetooth-enabled helmets have a small space within them in which riders can fix a Bluetooth attachment. These helmets require riders to purchase a Bluetooth device separately. While they feel just as comfortable as Bluetooth-ready helmets, they tend to have more buttons, which can confuse riders.

How Does A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Work?

A Bluetooth motorcycle helmet works just as any other Bluetooth device does. They pair to your smartphone wirelessly using Bluetooth technology, which allows you to listen to music, take phone calls, or even chat with a passenger or other nearby riders who are on the same network. The Bluetooth device in the helmet is battery-powered and can be replaced or recharged when it dies.

Choosing The Right Motorcycle Helmet

When deciding to buy any motorcycle helmet, you should keep a few details in mind:

  • Weight: The weight of the helmet can make riding longer distances uncomfortable over time. Metal may make for a tougher helmet, but there are weight-saving construction methods like carbon fiber and other high-grade materials.
  • Fit: More than anything, a helmet should fit the rider securely and comfortably. Items like a chin bar should fit in the proper spot on the face, and an open face helmet should provide adequate coverage to the back and sides of the head.
  • Field of view: Visibility is key when riding. A low-profile helmet may offer greater visibility, but fewer safety features like a visor for UV protection. The best helmet should offer safety and ample vision.

Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a useful guide on motorcycle helmet safety and all the associated factors to consider when choosing your next helmet.

Our Review Standards

To select the Bluetooth motorcycle helmets featured in this buyers guide, our team first combed through dozens of resources such as DIY mechanic and auto enthusiast forums, manufacturer and motorcycle gear-specific websites, instruction manuals from manufacturers, and reviews from online retailers. We pay particularly close attention to quality reviews and recommendations that highlight the quality of warranties, customer service support, build quality, materials, and overall reliability.

We also factored in the quantity and quality of online retailer reviews from websites such as Amazon, RealTruck, Advance Auto Parts, and more. We looked at factors such as standout customer reviews, prices, meaningful superlatives, and discount shipping eligibility.

Why You Can Trust Us

Since 2020, we have published over 200 auto product reviews in an effort to make shopping for auto products easier. Our team of writers, editors, researchers, and product experts collaborates to thoroughly vet top products. We try to perform in-house testing on real vehicles whenever possible before making our recommendations.

When testing is not feasible, however, our aim is to make your life easier by doing all the online research for you and presenting that research in the form of easy-to-read product comparisons and buyers guides, rather than outright recommendations. For more information on our testing methodology and how we evaluate every product, check out our methodology page here.

#1 Best Running Battery Life: ILM Bluetooth Helmet

Pros Features Bluetooth 3.0 technology Supports up to three riders Has removable/washable liners
Cons Isn't available in Size Small

The ILM Bluetooth Helmet meets the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) safety standards thanks to its dual visor, replaceable liners, and air ventilation system. Its Bluetooth 3.0 technology is ideal for streaming FM radio and listening to GPS navigation on long rides. One of its best features is its flip-up design, so riders can cruise at low speeds without covering their face.

With noise-canceling microphones and built-in speakers, the ILM Bluetooth helmet provides exceptional audio quality, even in windy conditions. The intercom system supports up to three riders at once within a range of 500.0 feet. At full charge, this helmet has up to 12.0 hours of phone talk time, 8.0 hours of intercom time, and 110.0 hours of standby time.

If you frequently make calls while riding, whether they’re work calls or you’re just keeping in contact with family, the ILM Bluetooth helmet is worth considering. This Bluetooth-integrated modular motorcycle helmet has a battery life that can last for even the longest road trips.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $230
  • Certification(s): DOT
  • Available sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large (XL), and XX-Large (XXL)

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.2 out of 5 based on over 1,000 ratings

Customers like the way the ILM helmet fits and commend it for allowing minimal wind noise when using the intercom system. Those who don’t like this helmet say it’s because the sound quality of the Bluetooth speakers is poor.

#2 Best Bluetooth Intercom: Sena Outrush

Pros Features Bluetooth 3.0 technology Supports up to 2 riders Has three-way ventillation
Cons Size XXL is currently unavailable

Featuring a Bluetooth 3.0 headset, the Sena Outrush has a built-in intercom to produce high-quality audio. This means that riders will be able to connect their phone to Bluetooth to listen to their playlists, talk on the phone, or follow GPS directions. Advanced Noise Control technology digitally reduces ambient riding noise to ensure riders can hear everything that they need to.

This helmet features an intercom mode allowing two riders up to 800.0 meters away from each other, with a battery that allows up to 15.0 hours of talk time. A quick-release ratchet strap secures the helmet snugly to a rider’s head while an integrated drop-down sun visor paired with a face shield helps to keep dirt and debris out of your eyes. A multi-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) liner absorbs impacts to keep you safe in the event of an accident or fall.

If you’re riding with another motorcyclist and need to communicate, check out the Sena Outrush. It’s a budget-friendly Bluetooth motorcycle helmet that can help you keep track of nearby riders.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $230
  • Certification(s): DOT
  • Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL

What Customers Are Saying

RevZilla Review Score: 4.0 out of 5 based on over 30 ratings

A large number of reviewers mention the quality of this helmet. An individual reviewer claims he took a call from a friend while out riding and his friend couldn’t believe he was on his bike due to how clear his call audio was. Reviewers with negative feedback complain that the helmet is uncomfortable.

#3 Best Value: Torc T14B

Pros Features Bluetooth 3.0 technology Tailored for intermediate oval head Removable/washable liner
Cons Can't link to other riders

Designed for use with street bikes, the Torc T14B can also be used when riding similar vehicles such as scooters. Pre-installed with a Blinc Bluetooth system, this helmet can handle short-range communication and streams high-quality music with no hassle.

Our review team likes the Torc T14B’s stylish design. Its red and black graphic gives the helmet a futuristic look without sacrificing safety. If aesthetic value is important to you, take a look at the Torc T14B motorcycle helmet. Its matte finish gives it an edge that other helmets can’t match.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $200
  • Certification(s): DOT and ECE
  • Available sizes: X-Small (XS), Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4 out of 5 based on nearly 100 ratings

While some customers like this helmet’s Bluetooth features, others are quick to criticize its sound quality. There are even customers who say the Bluetooth stops working altogether after a few months of use.

#4 Best Noise Cancellation: Freedconn Helmet

Pros Features Bluetooth 3.0 technology Supports up to three riders Utilizes echo cancellation technology
Cons Isn't available in Size Small

The Freedconn Helmet allows riders to enjoy their music or podcasts in stereo sound thanks to its two-speaker system. The microphone in this Bluetooth helmet works great, as it prevents echoing and wind noise from the background. This helmet also boasts Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) certification.

This helmet can be easily cleaned thanks to its washable microfiber liner. With its one-touch control system, riders don’t have to worry about fiddling with extra buttons to answer a phone call or changing tracks on a playlist. We especially like that the Freedconn Helmet gives voice commands for GPS directions when linked to a smartphone.

For optimal noise control, the Freedconn Helmet is a valuable option. Riders who live in windy areas or take frequent trips at high speeds will appreciate its noise suppression technology.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $220
  • Certification(s): DOT and ECE
  • Available sizes: Medium, Large, and XL

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.2 out of 5 based on over 1,200 ratings

Despite being advertised as being noise-free, some customers complain that they still experience wind noise during calls when using this helmet. Customers who enjoy using this helmet say it’s because it fits properly and has long battery life.

#5 Best Aerodynamics: Shoei GT-Air II

Pros Comes with seven-year warranty Features all-new inner sun shield from Shoei Lightweight
Cons Doesn't include built-in Bluetooth headset

With the Shoei GT-Air II, riders can prevent overheating using this helmet’s first-position shield opening to improve ventilation. This feature also improves aerodynamics for better control and less wind resistance at high speeds. Riders should also note this helmet’s progressive streamlined shell shape that creates less drag.

The biggest downside to this helmet is that it doesn’t come pre-installed with a Bluetooth headset. One must be purchased separately and installed in order to reach this helmet’s full potential. This helmet is designed to pair well with the Sena SRL2 Communication System.

If you want a full face helmet that doesn’t affect your control of the bike at high speeds, the Shoei GT-Air II should be on your radar. Not only are its shape and modifiable face shield great for reducing wind resistance, but its Bluetooth capabilities are sure to enhance your journey.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $650
  • Certification(s): DOT and ECE
  • Available sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL

What Customers Are Saying

RevZilla Review Score: 4.3 out of 5 based on around 100 ratings

Customers like the GT-Air II’s anti-fogging properties and those who use the Bluetooth system saw it works flawlessly. A frequent complaint from customers is about this helmet’s ventilation system, which supposedly creates excess noise when not properly functioning.

Other Recommendations

Many of you may already own a motorcycle helmet and are reluctant to swap out your trusted gear. If your motorcycle helmet has Bluetooth capabilities but lacks a Bluetooth headset, check out our recommendations below.

Cardo PackTalk Bold

Cardo PackTalk Bold

Check Price

The Cardo PackTalk Bold is one of the best Bluetooth headsets for motorcycle helmets for a number of different reasons. This Bluetooth headset can support up to fifteen riders for a maximum range of up to one mile. It should also be noted that this waterproof Bluetooth headset comes with a two-year warranty.

Sena 50R

Sena 50R

Check Price

Utilizing a mesh 2.0 intercom, the Sena 50R can accommodate up to 24 riders up to a distance of one mile. Multi-channel protocol even allows riders the freedom to swap to different channels to talk to different groups of riders. This Bluetooth headset features improved HD speakers and a more simplified button layout compared to previous generations of this headset.

Cardo Spirit

Cardo Spirit

Check Price

The Cardo Spirit is a very simple and easy-to-use Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets. This headset can support two riders up to a distance of 0.25 miles, which makes this a great option for couples and best friends. What separates this headset from its competitors is the fact that it can connect with any other brand of Bluetooth headset.

Sena SMH10-11

Sena SMH10-11

Check Price

Featuring Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, the Sena SMH10-11 offers up to 12 hours of talk time. However, the reason this Bluetooth headset stands out is that it can last for up to 10 days on a single battery charge. This headset can accommodate four riders up to half a mile apart and features glove-friendly controls. Riders will easily be able to operate this headset with one of the best motorcycle gloves on the market.

Lexin B4FM

Lexin B4FM

Check Price

The Lexin B4FM is a standout Bluetooth headset for motorcycle helmets due to its incredible durability and build quality. This Bluetooth headset is not only waterproof, but it can operate in temperatures as low as -15° Fahrenheit. Up to ten riders can connect to this headset for a maximum distance of 2,000.0 meters apart.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet: Bottom Line

If you want the “best” Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, you must first decide what makes it the best of the best. If you’re looking for a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet with a long-lasting battery, the ILM Bluetooth Helmet is worth considering. If voice quality is of utmost importance, check out the Sena Outrush. For those that want to stay connected on their rides but don’t want to fork over hundreds of dollars, the Torc T14B is a great entry-level Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Our final two recommendations are tailored for the speed demons out on the open road. The Freedconn Helmet offers incredible audio quality, even at high speeds on particularly windy days. The Shoei GT-Air II ensures that you can talk with friends without sacrificing any speed on your morning commute.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets At A Glance


Size Range (Centimeters)

Approximate Cost

ILM Bluetooth Helmet

57.0 — 64.0


Sena Outrush

55.0 — 64.0

$230 — $365

Torc T14B

53.0 — 64.0


Freedconn Helmet

57.0 — 62.0


Shoei GT-Air II

53.0 — 64.0


Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet: FAQ

*Data accurate at time of publication.