Half Helmet
ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet

A half helmet from a reliable motorcycle gear brand.

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Most Stylish
VCAN Cruiser Half Face Motorcycle Helmet

A stylish yet safe and secure motorcycle helmet.

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Best Bluetooth
FreedConn Flip Up Modular BM2-S Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

A hands-free Bluetooth women’s helmet.

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The best women’s motorcycle helmets are designed to protect the most important part of your body – your head. In the event of a collision, you never want your head to be exposed to the hard ground or a nearby vehicle. The type of helmet you choose helps ensure you are riding in the safest way possible.

Our team has researched and reviewed the best motorcycle helmets for women riders. This in-depth review and buyers guide will help you make a confident decision when purchasing your newest helmet. Whether you ride a dirt bike, ATV, or a classic motorcycle, we have a variety of bike helmets available so you can choose the best fit for both style and safety.

5 Best Women’s Motorcycle Helmets

Women’s Motorcycle Helmet Buyers Guide

Before purchasing one of the best motorcycle helmets for women, there are a few things you should consider. Safety, features, and the type of helmet can vary and should all be considered before buying one of these women’s motorcycle helmets.


Safety should always be the number one priority when looking for any kind of helmet. Some helmets offer more coverage and protection than others, making them more desirable if you ride at higher speeds or often go on off-road adventures in your ATV or motocross bike. A full face helmet offers the safest features available on the market. Consider our number one pick or the ILM Bluetooth Helmet as two good options that prioritize safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides resources on choosing the right motorcycle helmet for both safety and a comfortable fit.


Some helmets offer desirable features that can make all the difference. Looking at Bluetooth capabilities and speaker systems should be taken into consideration if either appeals to you when researching for a high-quality helmet. Looking at the ILM Bluetooth Helmet and the FreedConn Bluetooth Helmet, both offer the necessary safety features but also provide various Bluetooth capabilities.

Take a look at both of these products if Bluetooth and hands-free calling are important considerations for your next motorcycle purchase.

Type Of Helmet

The type of helmet and what you plan to use it for affects the purchase you plan to make. Both the VCAN and ILM half-helmets are more desirable for cruising around town, small commutes, or riding a scooter. A full face or modular flip-up helmet offers more protection and is designed best for longer work commutes, off-roading, or traveling on highways.

Our Review Standards

To select the women’s motorcycle helmets featured in this buyers guide, our team first combed through dozens of resources such as DIY mechanic and auto enthusiast forums, manufacturer and motorcycle helmet-specific websites, instruction manuals from manufacturers, and reviews from online retailers. We pay particularly close attention to quality reviews and recommendations that highlight the quality of warranties, customer service support, build quality, materials, and overall reliability.

We also factored in the quantity and quality of online retailer reviews from websites such as Amazon, RealTruck, Advance Auto Parts, and more. We looked at factors such as standout customer reviews, prices, meaningful superlatives, and discount shipping eligibility.

Why You Can Trust Us

Since 2020, we have published over 200 auto product reviews in an effort to make shopping for auto products easier. Our team of writers, editors, researchers, and product experts collaborates to thoroughly vet top products. We try to perform in-house testing on real vehicles whenever possible before making our recommendations.

When testing is not feasible, however, our aim is to make your life easier by doing all the online research for you and presenting that research in the form of easy-to-read product comparisons and buyers guides, rather than outright recommendations. For more information on our testing methodology and how we evaluate every product, check out our methodology page here.

#1 Editor's Choice: ILM Dual Visor Flip Up Modular Helmet

The ILM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is designed to keep you safe and your head secure while riding. Exceeding Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards and designed with high-resistance ABS shell plastic, this helmet is made for strength and durability. 

This helmet is designed with a wide-view anti-scratch, anti-fog, and flip-up face shield. These features ensure a steady and clear view of the road in front of you. This full-face helmet also has a quick-release chin strap for easy removal and adjustment.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $90
  • Lightweight helmet liner and cheek pads that are easy to remove and are machine-washable
  • Aerodynamic design that helps prevent wind noise and resistance
  • Air vents that can be open or closed are located on the chin guard, forehead, and the top and back of the helmet
  • Communication system speaker pockets work with Bluetooth® on your personal device

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.6 out of 5 based on over 10,000 ratings

Most customers share that the lightweight design, combined with comfort and durability, make this helmet more than worth it. Some even recount how this helmet protected them in a high-speed collision they were involved in.

Some motorcyclists had issues with visibility, sharing their disappointment in the anti-fog function of the visor. Customers said it was not effective and obstructed their view of the road on foggier days.

What Is It Good For?

The ILM Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is a great choice for any female rider looking for a safe and reliable modular helmet. With a variety of color combinations available, you get a personalized touch to this durable motorcycle helmet.

#2 Best Half Helmet: ILM Half Helmet

The ILM Motorcycle Half Helmet is both functional and safe for casual riding. This helmet is suitable for both men and women riders. The durable half helmet is built with ABS on the outer shell and high-density EPS foam inside, making this a great dual-sport helmet.

With a removable sun visor, this helmet can accommodate all weather conditions. An added bonus is the ventilation system throughout the top of the helmet, allowing for airflow while riding and keeping your head and hair cool.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $65
  • Tested and DOT approved
  • Quick-release chin strap buckle
  • Drop-down sun shield visor
  • Ear flap is skin-friendly and adjustable for the best fit

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.3 out of 5 based on over 3,400 ratings

Despite the lightweight design, many customers share that the helmet feels durable, with some highlighting this helmet’s performance in a collision.

Some customers did express issues with the ear flaps on the helmet. The major problem was the adjustability of the ear flaps hurting riders’ ear drums at higher wind speeds. While this was only a handful of customers, ensuring the ear flaps cover your ear securely will help prevent pain when riding.

What Is It Good For?

The ILM Half Helmet is a great choice if you want a lightweight and comfortable helmet that is still secure and ideal for casual riding or everyday work commutes.

#3 Best Full Face: ILM Bluetooth Modular Flip Up Helmet

The ILM Bluetooth Full Face Helmet has Bluetooth capabilities and various protective features. This full face motorcycle helmet exceeds DOT safety standards and is equipped with DSP echo and noise cancellation so you can answer calls hands-free and without interference.

The one-touch control ventilation system can keep you cool in hot temperatures, warm in cold weather, and prevent your flip-up visor from fogging up on humid mornings. With both a chin guard system and chin curtain, this helmet stays securely on your head and protects you from high wind speeds while riding. As an added bonus, the chin guard can be released with the press of a button, turning your full face helmet into a flip-up helmet.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $250
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology allows for 8 hours of talk time and 110 hours of standby 
  • Drop-down internal sun visor with UV protection
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Washable microfiber lining
  • Two built-in speakers with full stereo sound
  • Intercom for rider-to-rider communications with a maximum distance of up to 1,640.0 feet

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.3 out of 5 based on around 3,000 ratings

The majority of riders are pleased with the sturdiness that the helmet offers, making it feel secure while riding. Most customers are also more than pleased with the speaker quality being clear, even when riding at high speeds.

Some customers described the helmet as being heavy and uncomfortable to use. Seven percent of customers described the helmet as being either too small or too heavy to wear while riding. It is important to note that ILM states the helmet runs one size smaller due to the built-in Bluetooth technology. Be sure to check the size chart found on Amazon before purchasing this product.

What Is It Good For?

This helmet is a great choice if you want a more heavy-duty helmet with Bluetooth capabilities. The ILM Bluetooth Helmet may be especially desirable for off-road, motocross, or longer commutes due to the durability and features it offers.

#4 Most Stylish: VCAN Cruiser Half Face Helmet

The unisex VCAN Cruiser Helmet is designed with a high-quality thermoplastic resin shell combined with interior padding that sits on top of your head for a comfortable fit. As with any motorcycle helmet, safety is important. This half-helmet meets both DOT standards and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 218.

This open-face helmet offers a variety of both gloss and matte finishes for you to pick which shell best fits your riding style. With adult sizes ranging from X-Small to 3X-Large, it accommodates head sizes of just over 20.0 to 26.0 inches in diameter.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $55
  • Adjustable D-ring nylon chin strap
  • Moisture-wicking interior padding
  • Density impact-absorbent liner
  • Removable peak sun visor

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.3 out of 5 based on over 1,400 ratings

Being a more budget-friendly bike helmet, customers are pleasantly surprised when the helmet proves to be both durable and comfortable to wear while riding.

Some customers complain about the quality and longevity of the helmet. They felt uneasy riding at higher speeds because this helmet lacks the same durability as a full face helmet. Most customers do prefer using this helmet when riding a scooter versus an off-road bike or motorcycle at higher speeds.

What Is It Good For?

The VCAN Half Face Helmet is ideal for scooter and bike riders who do not reach high speeds. This is a great helmet for trips to the store or shorter work commutes when you want to show up in style.

#5 Best Bluetooth: FreedConn Flip Up Modular BM2-S Bluetooth Helmet

The FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is a multi-function communication system with the required helmet safety features. This helmet has two stereo speakers with echo and noise canceling communication, preventing interference and static when riding your moto at high speeds. With Bluetooth 3.0 technology you can listen to music, FM radio, GPS prompts, and intercom functions of nearby riders.

The helmet uses a single button control to safely answer, decline, or redial any caller. You can also trigger Siri to input commands without having to use your device. The Bluetooth capabilities make this helmet a safe, hands-free modular motorcycle helmet.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $220
  • Intercom range up to 1,640.0 feet for 2 riders talking or 3 riders pairing 
  • Exceeds DOT safety standards
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Eight hours of intercom talk time and 110 hours of standby
  • Washable and easily-removable liner

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.3 out of 5 based on around 2,000 ratings

On top of the comfort that the inner liner provides, the majority of customers share that the Bluetooth and calling features work great with little to no interference or audio difficulties.

Some customers express disappointment in the longevity of the Bluetooth. While the Bluetooth capabilities still worked, a handful of customers experienced static after a short period of consistent usage.

What Is It Good For?

The FreedConn Modular Bluetooth Helmet is a great choice for any woman rider looking for a lightweight design with various Bluetooth capabilities to take calls and listen to music.

Women’s Motorcycle Helmets: Bottom Line

The best women’s motorcycle helmet should be snug and secure while providing safety and comfort at the right price. Our buyers guide provides an in-depth understanding of how to find and select the right helmet for you to enhance your riding experience while staying safe on your bike.

Women's Motorcycle Helmets At A Glance

CostSize RangeStyle
ILM Dual Visor Flip Up Modular HelmetAround $90Small – X-LargeFull Face
ILM Half HelmetAround $65Small – XX-LargeHalf Face
ILM Bluetooth Modular Flip Up HelmetAround $250Small – XX-LargeFull Face
VCAN Cruiser Half Face HelmetAround $55X-Small – XX-LargeHalf Face
FreedConn Flip Up Modular BM2-S Bluetooth HelmetAround $220Medium – X-LargeFull Face

Women’s Motorcycle Helmets: FAQ

*Data accurate at time of publication.