Durable Design
UWS Low-Profile Crossover Toolbox

A basic truck toolbox that is secure, spacious, and simple to install.

High Storage Capacity
Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest

A large toolbox that will fit underneath a tonneau cover.

Simple Installation
UWS Side Mount Truck Toolbox

An easy-access toolbox for those that work out of their truck.

Minimal Design
Undercover Swing Case

An inexpensive and space-efficient truck tool box.

Easy Access
Dee Zee Red Label Gull Wing Crossover Toolbox

A side-access tool box with a lot of storage capacity.

The best truck tool box is durable, secure, and easy to use. But truck toolbox designs can differ in size, method of access, and tonneau-cover compatibility. For example, a swing box takes up less space, but a side-mount box is easier to access. Here, we explain the advantages of each type and recommend our top picks based on durability, capacity, organization, and security.

5 Best Truck Tool Boxes

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Truck Tool Box Buyers Guide

When selecting a truck tool box, some relevant features to consider are durability, capacity, organization, and security.

  • Durability: If your truck tool box is going to see heavy use, you’ll want something with quality latches that won’t easily dent. Truck tool boxes can see a lot of abuse, especially if you’re the type to toss your tools around.
  • Capacity: The larger the truck tool box, the more you’ll be able to store, but the more space you’ll take up in your truck bed. Aim for a truck toolbox that is just big enough for your needs.
  • Organization: A large truck tool box is not convenient to use if all of your tools are mixed up inside. Look for tool boxes that have internal organization so you can quickly access your needed tools. If you only plan to store a few tools in your truck toolbox, organization may be less important. You can also put organizational containers in your toolbox yourself.
  • Security: Truck tool boxes can help keep your tools secure. Steel boxes with durable locks provide the most security. You can increase the security of your truck box by adding your own lock using a double-hinged hasp. Adding a custom locking system will also improve security, as some big box products use the same set of keys across multiple toolboxes.

You should also keep in mind that truck tool boxes can be model-specific. So above all, be sure to pick a truck tool box that will fit in your truck bed.

Types Of Truck Tool Boxes

Different truck tool boxes attach to different parts of your truck. This impacts the size, holding capacity, and how you access the toolbox. Some truck tool boxes can be accessed without opening the tailgate, and others can only be opened after climbing into the truck bed.

Truck Tool Boxes Graphic

  • Cross box: A cross box lays across your truck and is installed near the cab. These aren’t compatible with tonneau covers and aren’t good for storing long items. This type of truck tool box is often lifted above the truck bed, so it doesn’t take up much bed space. The lifted design also leaves room to fit long items down in your truck.
  • Pork chop box: Also called a swing box, these are installed near the rear of the cab and fit over the wheel well. This type of truck tool box makes the most efficient use of space in your truck bed. You’ll need to open the tailgate to access a pork chop box, but you don’t need to climb into the truck bed. Pork chop boxes offer less storage space than other types of truck tool boxes.
  • Side-rail box: Side-rail boxes attach along the side rail. They are accessed from the side of the truck but often lack storage space compared to chest boxes and crossover boxes. However, because they are easily accessed without getting into the truck bed, they are a good choice for those constantly working out of their truck. Side-rail boxes can fit over the lip of the truck bed or come below the edge to accommodate tonneau covers.
  • Chest box: Chest boxes are installed near the cab, but do not “cross over” the truck bed rails. They are often deep and can fit a large number of tools. However, these can only be accessed by hopping into the truck bed. Chest-style truck boxes come in a number of sizes and can often fit under a tonneau cover.

If you have a tonneau cover, you’ll need to choose a toolbox that sits below the bed rails when installed.


Most truck tool boxes are constructed from either steel, aluminum, or plastic. Plastic truck tool boxes are lightweight and inexpensive, but can wear quickly and are less secure.

Aluminum tool boxes are lightweight and corrosion-resistant, but often less durable than steel tool boxes. Steel truck tool boxes are the most heavy-duty, but often the most expensive type of truck tool box.

Truck Tool Box Cost

A truck tool box can cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000 or higher. Prices range depending on model size as well. Cheaper truck tool boxes will dent easier, and the latches will wear out faster. For a quality truck tool box made from durable materials that isn’t easy to break open, expect to spend between $700 and $800. The cost of your toolbox will be less if you have a smaller truck (and buy a smaller toolbox).

If security isn’t a big concern, a workable truck tool box can be had for between $200 and $300 – particularly if you choose a smaller design that uses plastic, like the Undercover Swing Case.

Truck Tool Box Installation

Installing a truck tool box is relatively simple, and can easily be accomplished with minimal tools. You will need to drill holes into your truck to attach a truck tool box, though some trucks have pre-capped holes for this purpose.

Do You Need A Truck Toolbox?

The most common reasons that someone would install a truck toolbox are convenience, weatherproofing, and security. Rather than lugging a heavy toolbox in and out of your truck bed, a dedicated toolbox offers a dry place to store tools that won’t slide around and damage your truck bed.

A truck toolbox can add some security if you choose a durable box with quality locks. That said, nothing will be as secure as taking your tools inside with you overnight or when you park your truck.

#1 Durable Design: UWS Low-Profile Crossover Toolbox

Pros High storage capacity Includes internal organization Double-locking security handles
Cons Can’t be accessed from outside truck

The UWS Low-Profile Crossover Toolbox is a durable, easy-to-use toolbox that offers a lot of tool space. It is constructed from extra-thick aluminum that is backed by a lifetime warranty. The interior of the UWS Crossover is coated with a BedRug liner that prevents tools from sliding around while you drive. There is also a tool tray for added organizational capacity, and the crossbed design frees up space for hauling long objects.

Choose this tool box if you need something that is durable, secure, and has a lot of space for tools. The UWS Crossover can also help keep your tools dry as it features microseal gaskets to keep out unwanted moisture and debris.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $660 – $780
  • Type: Crossover
  • Material: Diamond Plate Aluminum
  • Weight: 47.0 pounds (69.0-inch model)

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 based on over 140 ratings

Amazon review scores for UWS Crossover tool boxes are divided among the different sizes, but reviews are generally favorable. People like this toolbox because it is large, spacious, and simple to install. Many say they like that it feels sturdy and reliable.

Some people have complained about receiving dented boxes. UWS appears to have addressed this complaint, however, as more recent reviews comment about the exceptional packaging.

“Phenomenal packaging to ensure safe delivery.”

– Porter, via RealTruck

#2 High Storage Capacity: Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest

Pros Lots of storage space Lockable paddle latches Fits under tonneau cover
Cons Not weatherproof

Choose the Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest if you’re in need of a large tool box that’s also low-profile. This is a good option for those who have a tonneau cover on their truck. This chest-style tool box offers the greatest amount of truck bed storage, though it mounts near the cab and so can’t be accessed without opening the truck bed.

The aluminum material is lightweight yet durable, and Dee Zee provides a lifetime warranty with the Red Label Utility Chest. It has gas shocks for easy opening and both stainless steel paddle latches are lockable.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $420 – $600
  • Type: Chest
  • Material: Diamond Plate Aluminum
  • Weight: 60.0 lbs. (6.5-foot bed model)

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.3 out of 5 based on over 290 ratings

Those who like this storage box say it is lightweight yet sturdy. The locking mechanism works well, and the chest can fit a large number of tools.

The aluminum design is less rigid than steel, and some have complained that their Dee Zee chest arrived with dents. Another common complaint is that this box isn’t totally weatherproof and may let in some rain.

#3 Simple Installation: UWS Side Mount Truck Toolbox

Pros Easy tool access Durable aluminum construction High storage capacity
Cons Single latch design

The UWS Side Mount Truck Toolbox is a good pick if you regularly retrieve and remove tools from your truck as you work. The side-mounted design allows you to open this toolbox without opening your tailgate. It’s extremely convenient for contractors able to drive right onto the job site.

This toolbox is similar to the UWS CrossBox – it is made from the same aluminum material and has a similar latch design. However, the UWS Side Mount only has a single locking latch, making it a tiny bit less secure. The UWS Side Mount also lacks storage space compared to the UWS CrossBox. The main difference between these boxes is where they attach to your truck.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $390 – $620
  • Type: Side-mount
  • Material: Diamond Plate Aluminum
  • Weight: 21.0 lbs. (36.0-in. model)

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon reviews for the UWS Side Mount toolbox are divided among size and color, and there is not a single option with a large number of reviews. Those reviews that have been written are mostly positive, as nearly all UWS Side Mount toolboxes have an average score of 4 stars or higher.

Positive reviews mention that this toolbox operates smoothly because of quality latches and hinges. It is easy to install and easy to access.

Some have complained about the lack of space. This design doesn’t have the depth to hold a large number of tools as a chest-style box does. At least one person said their UWS Side Mount pops open on bumpy rides, but this may be the result of a defect as it is not a complaint echoed by others.

#4 Minimal Design: Undercover Swing Case

Pros Easy access Space-efficient Lightweight Inexpensive
Cons Small size Less durable than metal alternatives

If you’re looking for a low-cost, space-saving truck bed tool box, consider the Undercover Swing Case. It is made from plastic and is less durable than some of our other recommendations. However, The Undercover Swing Case is quite a bit less expensive than metal truck boxes. This storage system also sits below your trunk line and so can be used with a tonneau cover.

The Undercover Swing Case does come with a lock, but the plastic design of the case means it could be broken into without too much effort. You may not want this tool box if security is your primary concern.

Key Features

  • Cost: Starts at $240 – $460
  • Type: Pork chop
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1.0 lb.

What Customers Are Saying

RealTruck Review Score: 4.7 out of 5 based on over 1,100 ratings

Amazon Review Score: 4.4 out of 5 based on over 1,100 ratings

The Undercover Swing Case is convenient and easy to use, according to reviewers. Most are happy to have a truck tool box that provides a lot of storage space without taking up trunk space.

Those displeased with the Undercover point out that the plastic is not durable and will crack under heavy stress.

#5 Easy Access: Dee Zee Red Label Gull Wing Crossover Toolbox

Pros Lots of storage space Thick aluminum construction Can be opened from the side
Cons Some arrive with small dents Not tonneau-compatible

The Dee Zee Red Label Gull Wing Crossover Toolbox combines some of the best attributes of a crossover box and a side-mounting toolbox. It attaches like a standard crossover box near the cab. However, the dual-lid design allows for this truck tool box to be accessed from either side.

This crossover toolbox is made from the same material as the Dee Zee Red Label utility chest. Like other Red Label toolboxes, the Gull Wing Crossover has shocks for smooth lid operation. Choose this toolbox if you want something that you can access from outside of your pickup truck and need more storage capacity than a standard side-mounted toolbox can offer.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $610 – $650
  • Type: Crossover
  • Material: Diamond Plate Aluminum
  • Weight: 73.0 lbs. (74.0-in. model)

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.2 out of 5 based on over 160 ratings

Reviewers praise this toolbox for its convenient design. Many like that it is lifted so that there is room for sliding long objects into your truck bed.

Complaints about this toolbox largely involve shipping. Many have received dented toolboxes because of indelicate packaging.

Best Truck Tool Box: Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a truck tool box that is durable with decent security and a lot of storage space, we recommend one of the best truck tool boxes that our team reviewed. This buyer’s guide will help you find the right truck tool box for you and your vehicle.

Truck Tool Boxes At A Glance

UWS Low-Profile Crossover Toolbox$660 – $780Crossover47.0 pounds (69.0-inch model)
Dee Zee Red Label Utility Chest$420 – $600Chest60.0 lbs. (6.5-foot bed model)
UWS Side Mount Truck Toolbox$390 – $620Side-mount21.0 lbs. (36.0-in. model)
Undercover Swing Case$180 – $360Pork chop1.0 lb.
Dee Zee Red Label Gull Wing Crossover Toolbox$610 – $650Crossover73.0 lbs. (74.0-in. model)

Truck Tool Box: FAQ

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