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Best Truck GPS

A specialized truck GPS can help big rigs find better routes.
Written and Tested By:
Ben Kasierski
Written and Tested By: Ben Kasierski Contributor – Motor1 Review Team

Ben Kasierski is a North Carolina native who covers the latest automotive and motorcycle products. He has tested hundreds of car detailing products – including tire shines,  car wash soaps, and full detailing kits – as well as gadgets to make life easier for the everyday driver like key finders and GPS trackers.

Last Updated 01/08/2024

Motor1 Reviews Team Take:

  • The best Truck GPS systems in 2024 are the Rand McNally TND 750, Garmin Dezl OTR800, Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S, TomTom Trucker 620, and OHREX GPS.
  • Truck GPSs can cost around $50 to well over $500. More expensive options typically include more route-planning features and more frequent map updates.
  • Useful additional features for a truck GPS include truck-specific speed limit notifications, gas price information, and restaurant locators.
Best Truck GPS
Rand McNally TND 750

A reliable truck GPS loaded with useful features.

Most Versatile
Garmin Dezl OTR800

A truck GPS with countless routing options.

Best Accessories
Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S

A functional truck GPS with easy installation.

Best Smartphone Compatibility
TomTom Trucker 620

A smart truck GPS that pairs well with phones and tablets.

Best Multi-Use GPS

A truck GPS that doubles for cars, RVs, and more.

Planning out a trip can be difficult, but having to navigate a truck through overcrowded streets adds another layer of stress to your journey. This is where having a reliable, state-of-the-art truck GPS system comes in handy. These devices plan truck routes that stay away from hazards such as low bridges and narrow roads as well as avoid places that are difficult for large rigs to traverse. They also provide truck drivers access to other valuable resources that car global positioning systems (GPS) may overlook such as truck stops, weigh stations, and more.

Having the right truck GPS on your dashboard can mean the difference between a short trip and a long haul. Our product review team has rounded up, tested, and reviewed the best truck GPSs to help you plan your next journey. A good truck GPS can give you better route options and make your trip much smoother.

Truck GPS Reviews

The Rand McNally TND 750 Truck GPS attached to a testing vehicle windshield.

The truck GPS devices in this article went through two rounds of reviews. We started by searching Amazon for top products, looking at factors like Prime shipping eligibility, customer ratings, Amazon superlatives, and prices.

Our product testing team then ordered the GPSs that best met these standards. A team member tested each product on a car, taking note of how easily the GPS was installed in our testing vehicle, the responsiveness of the GPS’s touch screen, its route planning capabilities, and any additional features the GPS offered. Each truck GPS was given a rating out of 5.0 stars based on this criteria.

What Is The Best Truck GPS?

We named the Rand McNally TND 750, Garmin Dezl OTR800, Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S, TomTom Trucker 620, and OHREX GPS as the best-rated truck GPS devices on the market in 2024.

Brand/ModelCostOverall RatingAward

Rand McNally TND 750



Best Truck GPS

Garmin Dezl OTR800



Most Versatile

Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S



Best Accessories

TomTom Trucker 620



Best Smartphone Compatibility




Best Multi-Use GPS

*Because cost data fluctuates, the prices in the table above are approximate values that our team regularly updates.

Truck GPS Ratings: Our Testing Process

After looking at factors such as features, touchscreen design, customer ratings, and prices, our product testing team ordered the truck GPS systems that best met these standards. A team member tested each product, taking note of ease of installation, route planning features, and touchscreen response. Each truck GPS was given a rating out of 5.0 stars based on these criteria.

Learn more about how we tested truck GPS systems in our full testing methodology section here.

1. Rand McNally TND 750: Best Truck GPS

Rand McNally TND 750
  • Cost: $450
  • Amazon review score: 4.1 out of 5.0 based on around 1,000 ratings
  • WiFi-compatible
  • Real-time traffic
  • Dynamic weather overlays
  • Fuel prices and mileage logs
  • On-screen alerts
  • Clean interface

Rand McNally TND 750 Review

The Rand McNally TND 750’s large 7.0-inch screen makes it very easy to read. Its live traffic alerts are great for truck routing, plus it provides on-screen alerts for changes in traffic patterns. Other features include the 750’s dynamic weather overlays, 3D building and landmark tracking, and fuel cost and mileage calculator.

We recommend the Rand McNally TND 750 to any trucker who needs a smooth interface, reliable navigation, and accurate driver data tracking. We were blown away by how many additional features the TND 750 offered and found them to be surprisingly useful.

You can see how the Rand McNally TND 750 performed in each of our testing categories below:

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Route Planning5.0
Additional Features5.0
Overall Rating5.0

Below you can see the pros and cons of the Rand McNally TND 750:

Pros Real-time traffic updates Smooth interface Fuel and mileage logs Dynamic weather overlays
Cons Low volume

Rand McNally TND 750: Our Experience

Based on our experience with the TND 750, we rated it 5.0 out of 5.0 stars. It performed exceedingly well to our expectations, and we especially liked how seamless the interface was.


Each of the pieces to the TND 750’s windshield mount locked together without requiring much effort. They remained sturdy on our vehicle’s windshield, too. Because of its magnetic mount, we were able to easily remove the TND 750 and use it as a small tablet.


The TND 750’s touchscreen was very responsive. There was almost no delay between clicks and typing was not a problem. Thanks to its modern interface, truckers can easily learn how to use the 750’s extensive features after only a couple of uses. The 750’s advanced hardware is also extremely durable, making it perfect for day-to-day driving.

Route Planning

We were able to plan a safe route that had little-to-no traffic outlined between us and our destination. The TND 750 even marked alternative routes that we could take. Along our route were various pinned restaurants, rest stops, and more, which the TND 750 automatically added.

Additional Features

A feature that really impressed our testing team was the Mileage and Fuel Log, which provided average fuel consumption and gas prices. Considering the current fluctuation in gas prices nationwide, this tool could help drivers save considerable amounts of cash.

Rand McNally 3in1

Rand McNally TND 750: What Customers Are Saying

Customers who like the TND 750 appreciate the amount of data it gives them on their fuel economy. They also like the large 7.0-in. display and upgraded map software. Those who had issues with the TND 750 criticized its low volume output when turned up all the way.

2. Garmin Dezl OTR800: Most Versatile

Garmin Dezl OTR800
  • Cost: $550
  • Amazon review score: 4.4 out of 5.0 based on more than 4,400 ratings
  • Connectivity with Garmin Drive App
  • High-resolution touch screen
  • Custom truck routing
  • Real-time traffic and route notifications
  • Load-to-dock guidance
  • Voice assistant
  • Hands-free calling

Garmin Dezl OTR800 Review

As one of the most reliable truck GPSs available on the market, the Garmin Dezl OTR800 delivers exceptional quality in a high-functioning package. Custom truck routing is one of the OTR800’s most important features. With this, truckers can locate routes with appropriate space and speed limits for safe traveling. It also allows truck drivers to view popular routes among other drivers to make the most informed decisions when planning a particular path. For a truck GPS bursting with extra features, the Garmin Dezl OTR800 has plenty of pros to enhance your next trip.

You can see how the Garmin Dezl OTR800 performed in each of our testing categories below:

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Route Planning5.0
Additional Features5.0
Overall Rating4.8

Below you can see the pros and cons of the Garmin Dezl OTR800:

Pros Custom truck routing Lane assist Hands-free calling Load-to-dock guidance
Cons Difficult installation

Garmin Dezl OTR800: Our Experience

We scored the OTR800 at 4.8 stars for its unparalleled versatility. Features such as its voice-activated navigation, lane assist, and frequent driver alerts thoroughly impressed our review team.


Although the ball mount was difficult to lock into place, the suction cup attached to our vehicle’s windshield with no problem. We were able to link our OTR800 to WiFi for setup and once complete, it was good to go. The whole process took less than a few minutes from start to finish.


The OTR800’s touchscreen was responsive and we could read it with very little difficulty. This GPS provides real-time updates on traffic, bridge heights, and even where sharp curves may appear on the road, among other risks. It can also locate truck-friendly parking along routes as well as potential loading zones or storage lots.

Route Planning

Thanks to Garmin’s WiFi-enabled map and smart updates, we made a route that best matched the specifications of our vehicle. We also liked that the OTR800 allowed us to create points of interest along our route.

Additional Features

Some of the features that our team found helpful were the truck-specific speed limit notifications, services directory, and Tripadvisor travel ratings on food and lodging.

Garmin Dezl OTR800: What Customers Are Saying

Many positive reviewers commend the OTR800 for its easy setup process and convenient mapping technology. Some negative reviews claim the OTR800 didn’t keep them off of non-truck roads.

3. Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S: Best Accessories

Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S
  • Cost: $260
  • Amazon review score: 4.3 out of 5.0 based on more than 2,700 ratings
  • Easy break planning
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Preloaded points of interest
  • Garmin eLog Compliant
  • Customized truck routing

Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S Review

The Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S offers easy break planning to assist drivers in finding rest stops, gas stations, and more if they’re feeling tired after a long haul. It’s Bluetooth®-compatible with most smartphones for hands-free calling and will even display text messages. Because it has built-in WiFi, the LMT-S automatically updates when connected to the internet for precise mapping. After reviewing the Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S, we believe it works best for anyone who likes no-hassle installation and maintenance.

You can see how the Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S performed in each of our testing categories below:

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Route Planning5.0
Additional Features5.0
Overall Rating4.5

Below are the pros and cons of the Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S:

Pros Easy to set up Sturdy build Frequently updates for precise mapping Easy break planning
Cons Unresponsive touchscreen

Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S: Our Experience

The LMT-S earned 4.5 stars for its adjustable accessories and easy setup, plus advanced extra features. Its touchscreen was not as responsive as we had hoped.


We found the LMT-S to be very easy to install in our vehicle. Its accessories had great mobility, but they didn’t slip after first placement.


Unfortunately, the touchscreen of the LMT-S took a few taps per button before registering a click. Thanks to its preloaded simple truck monitoring, drivers can send and receive texts through the LMT-S, which is helpful for sharing addresses at a moment’s notice.

Route Planning

We were able to plan a safe route according to our vehicle’s specifications. Garmin even offered multiple restaurant locations near our area, which we liked.

Additional Features

The hands-free calling feature worked with no issues, plus our team liked the Garmin eLog feature for those who need to track their drive time for commercial purposes. A WiFi connection is required for the best results, so having constant connectivity to the internet goes a long way for this device.

Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S: What Customers Are Saying

Many customers said their LMT-S was great for accurate routing, although it meant having to update their GPS frequently. Those who didn’t like their LMT-S cited poor navigation for cars including longer routes and inconsistent traffic reporting.

4. TomTom Trucker 620: Best Smartphone Compatibility

TomTom Trucker 620
  • Cost: $475
  • Amazon review score: 3.7 out of 5.0 based on more than 520 ratings
  • Links with TomTom MyDrive App
  • Active magnetic mount
  • Free lifetime map updates via WiFi
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Now
  • Preloaded points of interest for trucks
  • 6.0-in. display

TomTom Trucker 620 Review

With TomTom MyDrive, users can pre-plan routes on their smartphone, laptop, or tablet and sync them to their TomTom Trucker 620. It has a 6.0-in. touchscreen, lifetime truck maps, real-time traffic updates, and over 1,500 preloaded truck-related points of interest. The Trucker 620 is Siri and Google Now accessible for hands-free calling and texting for improved safety. It can even read incoming text messages out loud so drivers can focus on the road. We recommend it for drivers who like their smart devices interconnected with their truck GPS units.

You can see how the TomTom Trucker 620 performed in each of our testing categories below:

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Route Planning5.0
Additional Features4.5
Overall Rating4.4

Below are the pros and cons of the TomTom Trucker 620:

Pros Compatible with Siri and Google Now Free lifetime map updates Links with TomTom MrDrive App 6.0-inch display
Cons Difficult to install Longer routes

TomTom Trucker 620: Our Experience

Because of how responsive the touchscreen was and its numerous additional features, we scored the Trucker 620 at 4.4 stars. Although we liked these functions, it lost points for its tricky installation process.


The adhesive mount was difficult to stick to our vehicle’s windshield, so we attached it to the dashboard after a few unsuccessful attempts on glass. The MyDrive app also took over ten minutes to install on our phone.


We had no issues with the Trucker 620’s touchscreen. The response is perfect and near-instant.

Route Planning

Setting up a route was simple and we were even able to find points along our route to stop in case we needed a break, which would be great to have for long trips.

Additional Features

Some of the features our team particularly enjoyed were the voice-activated texting and calling, the bright 6.0-in. display, and the truck and trailer services directory.

TomTom Rider 550 Motorcycle GPS Device

TomTom Trucker 620: What Customers Are Saying

A high number of negative reviews claimed the Trucker 620 sent them on parkways and narrow roads when driving large trucks. Some of these reviews also claim it did not provide warnings for hazards such as low bridges. Positive reviews, on the other hand, enjoyed the free map updates and automatic navigation. Several reviewers say the TomTom Trucker 620 has the best free truck GPS app they’ve used.

5. OHREX GPS: Best Multi-Use GPS

  • Cost: $60
  • Amazon review score: 3.6 out of 5.0 based on more than 4,400 ratings
  • Free lifetime map updates
  • Supports multiple vehicle modes
  • Spoken turn-by-turn directions
  • Intelligent voice alerts
  • Bluetooth hands-free calls


The most budget-friendly option in our review, the OHREX GPS serves as both a truck and car GPS that can easily switch between both modes of transportation. It supports truck, car, RV, ambulance, bus, and even taxi routing. The OHREX has built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling for safe driving. It can provide spoken turn-by-turn directions as well as intelligent alerts for road hazards such as weight limits. If you’re searching for a basic, simple-to-use truck GPS, then look no further than the OHREX GPS.

You can see how the OHREX GPS performed in each of our testing categories below:

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Route Planning5.0
Additional Features3.0
Overall Rating3.8

Below are the pros and cons of the OHREX GPS:

Pros Voice-guided navigation Bluetooth connectivity Intelligent voice alerts for hazards Frequent updates
Cons Few additional features Tricky installation

OHREX GPS: Our Experience

Based on our experience, we gave the OHREX GPS 3.8 stars for its straightforward setup process and route planning. It doesn’t have many extra features beyond routing and the touchscreen was semi-responsive at times, which lost it some points.


The OHREX installed with no trouble. However, the mount seems flimsy and we question how well it would perform after a few potholes on the road.


Although the touchscreen worked well at first, it didn’t respond as frequently after a few minutes of use.

Route Planning

Creating routes was easy and sent us ways that best suited our vehicle’s size requirements.

Additional Features

Besides navigating, the OHREX didn’t offer very much in terms of other features. The most useful feature we could find was a point-of-interest locator for marking specific destinations along a route.

ohrex gps 2

OHREX GPS: What Customers Are Saying

Reviews that were positive commended the OHREX for its large display and voice navigation prompts. Those who left negative reviews said their GPSs gave inaccurate weight readings of their vehicles and found longer routes.

Truck GPS Buying Guide

A truck Global Position System, or GPS, is a satellite-based navigation system that determines a vehicle’s real-time location, speed, and direction to create a route. Truck GPSs differ from other GPSs in that they create routes designed for the size and weight of your truck, as some roads are engineered specifically for sedans and SUVs.

Some features you might consider when comparing Truck GPS systems are the display size, mounting style, and Bluetooth compatibility.

Compare Truck GPS Systems

Brand/ModelDisplay SizeMounting TypeBlueTooth Compatible?

Rand McNally TND 750

7.0 inches



Garmin Dezl OTR800

8.0 in.



Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S

5.0 in.



TomTom Trucker 620

6.0 in.




7.0 in.



Display Size

The larger the display size of your truck GPS, the easier it is to operate. However, this means it will take up more real estate on your windshield, potentially blocking your view of the road.

Mounting Type

Magnet mounts tend to offer better performance than suction-style mounts. However, this can depend on your driving conditions. Especially high heat environments can loosen the adhesive that attatch the magnet mount to your windshield.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Bluetooth-compatible truck GPS systems can pair with a smartphone to offer additional features such as hands-free calling and text-to-speech, improving safety on the road (compared to fiddling with your phone).

If you already have and use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, this feature may be redundant.

What Is A Truck GPS?

While a truck GPS’s main purpose is navigation, they are generally equipped with other useful features designed to make life on the road easier. This includes locating rest stops and refueling stations, alerting drivers of high-traffic areas, and even providing advanced lane guidance for when a truck is on a narrow highway.

Truck GPSs are more expensive than car GPSs because of their advanced features specifically designed for trucks, such as mileage logging. Because truckers spend much of their time on the road, having hours of service from a GPS navigation device is very important.

Best Truck GPS: Bottom Line

In this article, along with sharing helpful purchasing tips for those interested in purchasing a truck GPS, we reviewed the top truck GPSs in 2024:

  1. Best Truck GPS: Rand McNally TND 750
  2. Most Versatile: Garmin Dezl OTR800
  3. Best Accessories: Garmin Dezl 580 LMT-S
  4. Best Smartphone Compatibility: TomTom Trucker 620
  5. Best Multi-Use GPS: OHREX GPS

Truck GPS: FAQ

Do truck GPSs come preloaded with maps?

Most truck GPSs come automatically installed with maps of North America and Canada. Some GPSs will allow for additional maps to be downloaded depending on the country.

Can I link my phone to my truck GPS?

Most GPSs pair with smartphones such as iPhones and Androids for hands-free calling and, in some cases, texting. It’s smart to link the two to avoid calling or texting while driving.

Can I use my truck GPS simultaneously with my dash cam?

Yes, you can. The two will not interfere with each other’s function. There are even some truck GPS options that link directly to both dash and backup cameras for enhanced visibility while driving.

What is the best truck GPS on the market?

Our reviews team chose the Rand McNally TND 750 for its large, responsive screen and real-time weather updates.

Is Google Maps good for truck drivers?

Google Maps is useful for finding places like gas stations, restaurants, and rest stops quickly on your phone, but may not be the best navigation tool for truck drivers.

Full Truck GPS Testing Methodology

We used a 2014 Honda Civic SE sedan to test each of our best truck GPSs. Each truck GPS was installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We then tested its route planning by creating a path to a nearby location, taking note of which route it decided to take us on, the stops it offered, and other driver-oriented features.


Since truck GPSs come with various accessories designed to secure them to a vehicle’s windshield, we scored each one in our roundup on how well the accessories held together and whether or not they created a secure fit. GPSs that were installed with little hassle and did not swivel or fall at any point scored highest in this category.


Truckers may have to make on-the-go adjustments as they drive, so a responsive touchscreen display means the difference between seamless navigation and a troublesome distraction. Truck GPSs that responded to touch easily and were easy to navigate scored highest in this category.

Route Planning

Since large trucks have trouble navigating roads that may be otherwise suitable for cars, a truck GPS needs to be able to assess the best possible route to accommodate them. GPSs that found accessible truck routes with detailed maps and turn-by-turn directions scored higher in this section.

Additional Features

Because truckers spend most of their time on the road, knowing what’s nearby is essential. This includes the nearest gas or weigh station, when to avoid crowded highways, and even where a great restaurant is in an unfamiliar area. Truck GPSs should be able to provide this information, and those that had a greater number of helpful, easy-to-use features scored higher in this category.

How We Score Products

Every truck GPS we test is given a score between 1.0 and 5.0 stars in each category. Here’s what those star ratings mean in concrete terms:

  • 5.0 Stars: A 5.0-star rating means a truck GPS is among the best in a category.
    • Installation: The GPS installs quickly and seamlessly in under a minute with no difficulties.
    • Touchscreen: The touchscreen is responsive and it is easy to navigate the menus.
    • Route Planning: It is easy to plot routes with the GPS, which features pin drops, restaurant recommendations, rest stop locations, and truck-specific route information.
    • Additional Features: The GPS offers a host of additional features that are useful for trucks such as gas information, truck-specific speed information, or a services directory.
  • 4.0 Stars: A 4.0-star rating means a truck GPS performs better than average in a category.
    • Installation: The GPS installs quickly in a few minutes, though may require some finagling.
    • Touchscreen: The touchscreen is responsive with only minor lag.
    • Route Planning: It is easy to plot routes with the GPS, though one or more convenience features may be lacking, such as pins or truck-specific route information.
    • Additional Features: The GPS offers some additional features useful for trucks.
  • 3.0 Stars: A 3.0-star rating indicates what is average or typical for a truck GPS, based on our testing experience.
    • Installation: The GPS can be installed without too much difficulty, but this process may take some time or we have doubts about the ability of the mount to stay attached once installed.
    • Touchscreen: The touchscreen works, though it is not always perfectly responsive. There is typically some lag between touch input and in-screen response.
    • Route Planning: The GPS can plan a route but lacks truck-specific features.
    • Additional Features: The GPS offers no additional features.
  • 2.0 Stars: A 2.0-star rating indicates the truck GPS performs poorer than the average silicone wiper blade.
    • Installation: The GPS is very difficult to install and/or does not seem stable once attached.
    • Touchscreen: The touchscreen does not function properly and is frustrating to use.
    • Route Planning: It is difficult to plot routes using this GPS.
    • Additional Features: The GPS offers additional features that do not work.
  • 1.0 Star: A 1.0-star rating indicates that the truck GPS performs well below expectations in a category.
    • Installation: It is impossible to install the GPS without advanced electrical know-how or the help of an expert.
    • Touchscreen: There are no touchscreen features.
    • Route Planning: This GPS fails to plot navigable routes.
    • Additional Features: The GPS offers additional features that are prone to malfunction in a way that decreases driver safety.

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