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  • The best truck cover in 2023 is the CarCovers.com Platinum Shield. The Platinum Shield truck cover from CarCovers.com offers a customized fit for your vehicle and is covered under a limited lifetime warranty.
  • The Seal Skin Supreme Truck Cover is a great option for those who simply want the highest quality outdoor truck cover on the market. The tie-down straps that connect under your pickup truck’s undercarriage guarantee a snug fit.
  • If you are looking for an indoor truck cover, you might want to consider the soft and stretchy CarCovers.com Black Satin Truck Cover.
Best Truck Cover
CarCovers.com Platinum Shield Truck Cover

A versatile cover with a soft lining for weather and UV protection.

Best Weatherproof Truck Cover
Seal Skin Supreme Truck Cover

A durable truck cover for great weather and UV protection.

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Best Truck Cover Under $100
Tour Performance

A mid-priced, semi-custom fit car cover that’s especially easy to use and store.

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Best Indoor Truck Cover
CarCovers.com Black Satin Truck Cover

A soft and stretchy indoor car cover that protects against dings and scratches.

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Best Truck Cab Cover
Covercraft Sunbrella Truck Cab Cover

A rugged, colorful cover designed to offer excellent UV protection.

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Truck covers protect vehicles from environmental damage while keeping paint, mirrors, and other external accessories in pristine condition. But with so many options out there, how do you zero in on the best truck covers for your vehicle?

Rather than spend hours researching, reading this truck covers review will ensure you’re making a quality, cost-effective choice for your vehicle. Consider our top picks to help narrow your search and save time.

Truck Covers

A truck cover placed over the exterior of a truck.

After researching the best truck covers and pouring over customer reviews, our team decided that CarCovers.com offers the best truck cover because the Platinum Shield truck cover is well-made and will snugly fit your truck.

What is the Best Truck Cover?

After extensive research and testing, we think that CarCovers.com, Seal Skin, Eevelle, Covercraft, Budge, and Kayme offer some of the best truck covers based on material quality, easy of use, fit, and overall value.

The table below outlines our ratings for some of our favorite truck covers based on the above-mentioned criteria:

Brand/ModelOverallMaterialFitEase of Installation
CarCovers.com Platinum Shield4.
Seal Skin Supreme Truck Cover4.
Tour Performance4.
CarCovers.com Platinum Shield4.
Covercraft Sunbrella4.
Budge Indoor Light Truck Cover3.
Kayme 6-Layer Heavy Duty Truck Cover3.

Best Rated Truck Covers: Our Testing Process

To select the truck covers featured in this buyers guide, we consulted our network of experts for their thoughts on vehicle covers. These experts have over 100 years of combined experience in aftermarket auto fields ranging from detailing to accessories to tires, and everything in between. They helped us identify the qualities that would be most important to someone looking for a car cover. One important feature we looked for in particular was car covers that would not retain moisture.

We next ordered a number of car covers for testing, with an aim to try out car covers at a variety of price points. We also ordered the most popular products from retailers like Amazon and RealTruck.  When ordering these covers, we look at factors such as material quality, customer ratings, and prices. Even after our initial testing, we continue to keep an eye out for new quality car covers and may update this page if we come across more worthy recommendations.

For our in-person testing, a team member tried each car cover on a Truck, taking notes on how well the car covers fit, material quality, and ease of use. Each car cover was given a rating out of 5.0 stars based on these criteria. These car covers were tested using a 2016 Chevy Colorado.


For this testing category, we first took note of each truck cover’s materials. Strong and breathable materials that prevent water accumulation and mold scored better in this category. During testing, we observed how the material stretched across our test vehicle and gauged its durability, noting any rips or tears. We also like to inspect the seams and stitching, looking for quality stitchwork that doesn’t easily fray.


We gave the highest scores in this category to snug-fitting truck covers that managed to envelop the entire vehicle. Loose-fitting truck covers that can be well-secured with tie-down straps could still receive a high score in this category. Truck covers that are especially baggy or could blow off in a strong wind scored poorly in this category.

Ease of Use

Our ease of use rating is an evaluation of how quickly a truck cover can be installed and removed, as well as how easy it is to fold and store. To score well in this category, a truck cover should be easily attached and secured by one person in a few minutes. Truck covers that fold away well, or fit easily into a carrying case also received high ratings in this category.

Why You Can Trust Us

Each year, we test over 350 auto products on vehicles and in our testing lab. Our team of product testers thoroughly researches top products, unboxes and puts our hands on each component, and tests the items on real vehicles before making recommendations to readers.

We publish hundreds of product and service reviews to bring car enthusiasts detailed guides on automotive tools, detailing kits, car seats, pet products, and much more. For more information on our testing methodology and how we evaluate every product, check out our methodology page here.

Truck Cover Reviews

Cost, weight, and warranty are a few common determining factors for those looking to buy a new pickup truck cover.

We list the following specifications below along with a few of the best pickup truck covers on the market:

CarCovers.com Platinum Shield$214.95 10.0 poundsLimited Lifetime
Seal Skin
Supreme Truck Cover
$149.99 10.0 lbs.Lifetime
Tour Performance$99.99 10.0 lbs.2 years
CarCovers.com Black Satin$204.95 8.0 lbs.10 years
Covercraft Sunbrella$593.99 - $753.994.0 lbs.6 years
Budge$45.28 4.0 to 7.0 lbs.2 years
Kayme$61.57 8.7 to 10.5 lbs.12 months

*Because cost data fluctuates, the prices in the table above are approximate values that our team regularly updates.

For those interested in learning more, we’ve provided a detailed review of each of the best truck covers in the sections below:

1. CarCovers.com Platinum Shield: Best Truck Cover

CarCovers com Platinum Shield Truck Cover
CarCovers.com Platinum Shield Truck Cover
$214.95 CarCovers.com
  • Tearproof
  • Water resistant, yet breathable
  • Backed by lifetime warranty
  • Hard to fold away
  • Expensive

The Platinum shield is a custom-fit all-weather car cover. The polyester fabric is treated for UV resistance and the reflective surface reduces heat buildup. This is a durable outdoor car cover that will reliably protect your vehicle. CarCovers even backs their products with a lifetime warranty as a guarantee against rips, tears, and any type of long-term degradation.

CarCovers.com Platinum Shield Truck Cover Review

We think this is one of the best all-around car covers, due in large part because of the durable, weather-resistant materials. The Platinum Shield utilizes a layer of microporous film that creates a water-resistant barrier that also allows for evaporation, preventing the buildup of mold and mildew.

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Ease of Use4
Overall Rating4.5

CarCovers.com Platinum Shield: Our Experience

The Platinum Shield performs well by all of our testing metrics. What stands out most about this truck cover is the premium feel of the material—noticeably hardier than most car covers we have tested. CarCovers.com also takes care to include microfiber towels and a quality carrying bag to protect your investment.


The material of the Platinum Shield is among the best car cover materials that we’ve tested. Not only is it essentially tear-proof, it is water-resistant with excellent breathability. You do not want a car cover that is 100 percent waterproof. That’s because some water incursion is inevitable and can cause mold and mildew if it doesn’t evaporate. The Platinum Shield has a microporous layer for optimal breathability.


CarCovers.com truck covers are custom fit to your vehicle, and CarCovers will replace items that do not fit properly. The cover we ordered for our truck was slightly too large, but we were able to secure a snug fit using the tie-down straps.

Ease of Use

Though especially tough, the Platinum Shield is not particularly heavy. The front and back ends are clearly labeled, so we had no issues attaching this truck cover. We further secured this cover using the supplied tie-down straps.

Folding away this car cover is made difficult by the thick material. However, the carrying bag is large enough that you don’t need to perfectly compact this truck cover in order to store it.

2. Seal Skin Supreme Truck Cover: Best Weatherproof Truck Cover

seal skin supreme truck cover
Seal Skin Supreme Truck Cover
$149.99 Seal Skin
  • 5-layer, water-resistant material
  • Soft interior
  • Reflective strip for low-light visibility
  • Heavy
  • Difficult to fold into storage bag

The Seal Skin Supreme truck cover is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It features a rubber-like exterior that repels water and is soft on the inside to preserve your truck’s paint job. Seal Skin covers are backed by a 5-year warranty and are matched to fit each truck’s specific dimensions.

Seal Skin Supreme Truck Cover Review

Choose the Seal Skin Supreme truck cover if you need something that can withstand the elements. The outer material is treated for UV resistance and the double-stitched seams reduce water incursion, making this a good year-round truck cover.

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Ease of Use3.5
Overall Rating4.3

Seal Skin Supreme Truck Cover: Our Experience

Like the CarCovers.com Platinum Shield, what is immediately apparent about Seal Skin covers is the durability of the material. It is both thick and breathable for ultimate protection. Another thing that stood out about the Seal Skin cover is the soft interior that will prevent accidental scratching.


Seal Skin covers are made with a mixed polypropylene and cotton fabric for the best of both worlds—protection from the elements while being soft on your car’s paint.


The Seal Skin cover fit a little too loosely on our test vehicle. The included tie-down straps allow for some adjustment and this cover certainly isn’t going to blow away once installed. Because the cover is so water-resistant, having a slightly loose fit actually helps with airflow and prevents the accumulation of mildew.

Ease of Use

The downside of the 5-layer design is that it results in a very heavy car cover, making it harder to install. It’s possible to lift this cover over your truck with one person, but it is much easier with help. The thick material also makes it difficult to fold this cover tightly when storing away.

3. Eevelle Tour Semi-Custom Truck Cover: Best Truck Cover Under $100

Tour Performance
$99.99 National Car Covers
  • Easy to use
  • Includes large carry bag
  • Relatively low cost
  • Semi-custom sizing only

The Eevelle Tour Truck cover is a 3-layer polypropylene car cover that costs a little bit less than similar covers. This material is water-resistant while allowing for breathability and offers semi-custom sizing.

Evelle Tour Truck Cover Review

The Eevelle Tour truck cover is comparable to the Seal Skin of Platinum Shield truck covers. It is not quite as durable and features fewer layers. However, it is also less expensive and will nonetheless provide decent protection from the elements. Best of all, it fits well and is easy to use.

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Ease of Use5.0
Overall Rating4.3

Eevelle Tour Performance Truck Cover: Our Experience

We like this truck cover and  despite advertising a “semi-custom” fit, found that it fit as well as most custom fit truck covers. What makes the Tour Performance truck cover stand out is the lower price point compared to similar offerings. It does feature fewer layers than the Platinum Shield, though is still a rugged option.


The material doesn’t feel especially thick, so we wouldn’t expect it to fair as well against hail as the Seal Skin Supreme cover. However, it is resilient and suitably water resistant. We don’t expect this cover to be easily torn and it is guaranteed by a warranty for at least two years.


This “semi-custom” fit truck cover fit our vehicle nicely. It is not a problem if a truck cover is somewhat loose, as this allows for more airflow. What’s important is that it is secured, and the Tour Performance includes straps for this purpose.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is where the Tour Performance most stands out. Not that any truck cover we recommended was particularly difficult to install or remove. What is nice about the Eevelle cover though, is the included carrying bag. Most truck covers come with such a bag, but these are usually so small that it is difficult to fold the truck cover tightly enough to fit inside.

The carry bag that comes with the Tour Performance is plenty big. While we wouldn’t recommend it, you could roughly stuff the truck cover into the bag with little care and it will still fit. Folding a car cover is similar to folding a fitted bedsheet, so a larger carry bag like this can make a big difference when it comes time to put away this truck cover.

4. CarCovers.com Black Satin: Best Indoor Truck Cover

CarCovers.com Black Satin Truck Cover
$204.95 CarCovers.com
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent fit
  • Easy to store
  • Thin material
  • Expensive

The Black Satin car cover is designed primarily for indoor use. As an indoor car cover, it doesn’t offer protection from the elements, but it will protect against accidental scratches and dust accumulation for garaged vehicles.

CarCovers.com Black Satin Review

For indoor car covers, it’s best to find an option that is soft, fits snugly, and provides excellent breathability. The CarCovers.com Black Satin truck cover meets these criteria. We recommend it because of its light weight, excellent fit, and durability.

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Ease of Use5
Overall Rating4.3

CarCovers.com Black Satin: Our Experience

Indoor truck covers like the CarCovers.com Black Satin truck cover are not made from thick materials like outdoor covers are. As such, they aren’t quite as rugged. However, the Black Satin truck cover is stretchy and the seams are double-stitched for improved durability.


The Black Satin material is soft, stretchy, and sure to be gentle on your vehicle. The thin material makes this car cover easy to fold away and store while also tightly fitting your vehicle. Though it is thin, this material is tough—more likely to stretch than tear—and all the seams are reinforced.

This truck cover is not suitable for outdoor use, and would soak up rain rather than repel it. However,  it is breathable and soft, making it an ideal indoor truck cover.


This cover fit our test vehicle perfectly. The elastic material makes for a better fit than rougher car covers.

Ease of Use

The light weight makes this a very easy-to-use car cover. The front and back portions are clearly labeled, and the Black Satin truck cover is perhaps among the easiest truck covers to install with a single person. This cover also fits into the storage bag very easily. Thicker truck covers can be a pain to fold away.

5. Covercraft Sunbrella Cab Cover: Best Truck Cab Cover

Covercraft Sunbrella Truck Cab Cover
$593.99 - $753.99 RealTruck
  • Simple installation
  • Treated for UV protection
  • Only covers the cab
  • No carry bag included

The Covercraft Sunbrella is designed to protect your cab and interiors from the harsh rays of the sun. This custom fit truck cab cover is available in three colors and backed by a 6-year warranty.

Covercraft Sunbrella Review

Choose the Covercraft Sunbrella truck cover if you are mostly concerned with sun protection for your truck cab. A cab cover can be easier to install than a full cover but will keep your cab shaded, protecting your paint and interiors.

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Ease of Use4
Overall Rating4.0

Covercraft Sunbrella: Our Experience

We like the look of the Sunbrella and found it easy to install once we figured out which way was the front (the labels are hard to find).


The Sunbrella material is not as weather-resistant as other truck covers we’ve tested. Though the materials are treated to resist moisture, this cover is more designed to protect from UV rays than rain. The material is breathable, however, so there is little risk of moisture buildup.


This cover fit our truck, though it hung loosely. However, there are grommets for tying this truck cover tighter to your vehicle. There is no antenna patch included, which wasn’t a problem for our test vehicle that has a removable antenna.

Ease of Use

The smaller size makes the Sunbrella truck cover easier to use than larger, heavier alternatives. We deduct some points, however, because the Sunbrella doesn’t come with any kind of carrying bag.

6. Budge Indoor Lite Truck Cover: Best Budget Indoor Truck Cover

Budge Indoor Lite Truck Cover
Budge Indoor Lite Truck Cover
$45.28 Amazon
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost
  • Not very durable
  • No custom fit options

A lightweight alternative to many of the heavy-duty truck covers on our list, the Budge Indoor Lite Truck Cover is an excellent choice for indoor and light outdoor protection. This single-layer truck cover guards your vehicle against pollen, dust, dirt, and UV rays. Its breathable fabric also doesn’t collect condensation, warding off mildew and mold.

Budget Indoor Light Truck Cover Review

The Budge Lite sports an elastic hem and built-in grommets for easy installation and peace of mind that it will stay secure even in high winds. This truck cover comes in six size options, ranging from 197.0 to 264.0 in. Its largest size is designed to fit models such as the Chevy Silverado 2500 and Ford F-350. We also like the Budge Lite’s price point – under $50 for the basic model.

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Ease of Use4
Overall Rating3.5

Budge Indoor Light Truck Cover: Our Experience

The Budge indoor cover fit our test vehicle well and was not hard to install. For the cost, we found this to be an excellent truck cover. Of course, in material quality the Budge does not compare to our premium picks.


The Budge is made with cheap material, reflected by the low price point. The cover is, however, thin and breathable to reduce moisture buildup. The inside of the cover is not as soft as a Seal Skin or CarCovers.com cover.


Budge has semi-custom fit and we found it adequately fit our test vehicle. Tie-down straps are included which ensure this cover won’t blow away.

Ease of Use

The lightweight design of the Budge makes it easy to throw over a truck and remove when necessary. The storage back is sewn into the end of the cover, guaranteeing it will never be lost.

7. Kayme 6-Layer Heavy Duty Truck Cover: Best Budget Outdoor Truck Cover

Kayme 6-Layer Heavy Duty Truck Cover
Kayme 6-Layer Heavy Duty Truck Cover
$61.57 Amazon
  • Low cost
  • Six layers of protection, including a soft inner-layer
  • Heavy and difficult to install
  • No custom sizing

The Kayme truck cover makes our list of best truck covers thanks to its durable protection, helpful design features, and affordable price. The cover’s six layers and additional buckles make it suitable for indoor and heavy-duty outdoor use, offering protection against rain, snow, wind, excessive sun, dirt, and debris. It also features door zippers and front and rear indicators for easy access and installment.

Kayme 6-Layer Truck Cover Review

The Kayme truck cover is a good option for an outdoor truck cover if you are on a budget. While it does not seem to boast the material strength of some of our other recommended truck covers, it is a solid option for the price (under $100). This six-layer cover will reflect harsh UV rays and keep out precipitation.

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Ease of Use3
Overall Rating3.3

Kayme 6-Layer Truck Cover: Our Experience

When we tested the Kayme truck cover we found it to be similar in style and design to the CarCovers.com Platinum Shield. However, the overall quality is a little bit lower compared to the Platinum Shield. The Kayme truck cover does not offer a custom fit and the material does not seem as durable.


The Kayme offers six layers of protection, including a soft inner layer to keep your vehicle free of scratches. The silver surface material can reflect UV rays and is highly water-resistant.

The quality of the stitching and overall construction of this car cover is good for the price, but doesn’t compare to a high-end truck cover such as the CarCovers.com Platinum Shield, which is noticeably stronger and more tear-resistant.


This cover was a little large for our test vehicle. The Kayme is not sold as a custom-fit truck cover and so fits will vary from vehicle to vehicle. This truck cover likely fits some vehicles better than others.

The Kayme does come with three tie-down straps, while many car covers only include one. This allows for a more secure fit.

Ease of Use

We had no difficulty getting the Kayme truck cover attached to our vehicle. Since this cover was a little big, we used the tie-down straps. There are three straps which means a better fit in the end, but this does also mean an extended installation time.

Like many truck covers, the Kayme comes with a storage bag. We had little difficulty rolling up this car cover and returning it to the bag, which was suitably large.

Covers For Trucks: Buying Guide

A car cover placed over a vehicle.

As far as truck accessories go, there are few products in the automotive industry as useful as a quality truck cover. However, there are a few factors to consider when buying a truck cover. Below, we outline how a truck cover’s fit, materials, and added features should affect your purchase decision.


The fit of your truck cover can affect its ability to guard against damaging environmental factors. Truck covers that are too large may result in material rips due to strong winds or cause water to pool in certain areas. Truck covers that are too small may not fully cover the bed or tailgate of your truck and offer little protection.

We recommend truck covers with an elastic or adjustable hem to give the vehicle a snug fit.


Some truck covers use multi-layer systems, while others opt for a single layer. Depending on the truck cover’s function, different layers are needed. Here’s a breakdown of common cover materials:

  • Aluminum: Reflects UV rays for sun protection
  • Polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA): Plastic-derived waterproofing material with some mildew resistance (also used for water resistance)
  • Polyethylene (PE): Another waterproofing material made from plastics (also used for water resistance)
  • Polyurethane: Usually a protective coating for weather and corrosion resistance
  • Synthetics: More resistant to mildew and mold
  • Cotton: Guards against scratches, chips, and other cosmetic damages

Added Features

For added security and convenience, look out for the following features when deciding on a pickup truck cover:

  • Buckles, clamps, velcro, and fasteners: Secure cover in case of wind and provide a snug fit
  • Antenna patch: Reseals truck cover after a small cut is made for antenna
  • Grommets: Threaded to secure cover in case of wind and help achieve a more custom fit
  • Reflective accents or external layer: Allow the vehicle to be seen in low light conditions
  • Storage bag: Allows for portability and storage convenience
  • Front and rear indicators: Design makes it easier for drivers to put cover on in the right direction
  • Door zipper: Driver’s side door is accessible even with cover on
  • Bed access: Allows the driver the ability to grab previously stored items in the truck bed

How Much Do Truck Covers Cost?

Truck covers can range in price from roughly $40 to over $500, according to our research. While we believe that the difference in quality will be apparent between two truck covers on opposite ends of the price spectrum – we don’t believe you need to spend $500 to be happy with your purchase in most scenarios.

What Else Should Consumers Look For?

Other than fit and finish, consumers should be looking for companies that stand behind their products, according to Hunter Gill – owner of aftermarket truck accessory retailer TEQ Customs.

“You can always get a good idea of a product’s quality by the warranty the manufacturer offers,” Gill said. “No company is perfect 100 percent of the time, so in the event of premature damage or defects, you want to know that the company will take care of any issue for you.”

We advise consumers to seek out covers with warranty periods of one year at minimum.

Best Pickup Truck Covers: Bottom Line

Ultimately the style of truck you own and where you typically park it will be your biggest considerations as a customer looking to purchase a truck cover. We’ve researched and analyzed multiple different truck covers for a variety of needs at competitive price points. We firmly believe that our buyers guide will help you find a high-quality truck cover that fits your needs.

Below are our picks for the best truck covers on the market in 2023:

  1. Best Truck Cover: CarCovers.com Platinum Shield Truck Cover
  2. Best Weatherproof Truck Cover: Seal Skin Supreme™ Truck Cover
  3. Best Truck Cover Under $100: Eevelle Tour Semi-Custom Fit Truck Cover
  4. Best Indoor Truck Cover: CarCovers.com Black Satin Truck Cover
  5. Best Truck Cab Cover: Covercraft Sunbrella Cab Cover
  6. Best Budget Indoor Truck Cover: Budge Indoor Lite Truck Cover
  7. Best Budget Outdoor Truck Cover: Kayme 6-Layer Heavy Duty Truck Cover

Best Truck Covers: FAQ

Below are some common frequently asked questions about truck covers:

*Data accurate at time of publication. Products subject to availability.