Wiper blades are important to maintain, as poor wipers can become a safety hazard in heavy rain. The best silicone windshield wiper blades have water-repellent features and can last for some time before needing to be replaced.

A wiper blade’s material – typically rubber or silicone – is important, but so is the wiper’s design. For this guide, we tested several top brands to suggest high-quality silicone wiper blades that work well and can last for years, potentially saving you money in the long term.

5 Best Silicone Wiper Blades

Best Silicone Wiper Blades

  1. Best Overall: Rain-X Endura
  2. Runner-Up: PEAK Silicone Plus
  3. Long-Lasting: Piaa Si-Tech
  4. Best Value: METO T6 Silicone Wiper Blade
  5. Also Consider: Silblade WB126S Silicone Wiper Blade

#1 Best Overall: Rain-X Endura

Rain-X Endura

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The Endura is Rain-X’s entry into the silicone wiper blade market. This beam-style wiper blade is performance-tested for durability and longevity. As a silicone blade, it can withstand extreme temperatures. As a beam-style blade, it is appropriate for use in snow and icy conditions.

Key Features

  • Approximate cost: $25 per blade
  • Material: Silicone
  • Blade style: Beam
  • Attachment types: Pinch tab, pinch tab button, J-hook, side pin, pin arm

Our Experience

The attachment instructions for the Endura blade are simple to follow. The universal adapter is compatible with a wide range of connector types.

In use, the Endura wiper blades are silent and effective. We noticed no streaking during our tests.

Overall Rating4.5 out of 5

What Customers Are Saying

There are more than 4,500 ratings for the Rain-X Endura silicone wiper blades on Amazon. The average score is 4.5 out of 5 stars, and 89 percent of reviewers rate these blades 4 stars or more.

Based on customer comments, most seem to get between one and two years of use from these wiper blades. Longevity can depend on weather conditions and care. Some report up to five years of effective use.

Most agree that these blades are quiet and easy to install. Several users report extended longevity when paired with regular applications of Rain-X glass cleaner.

There are some complaints from drivers with J-hook attachment types. According to Amazon reviewers, the so-called “universal adapter” does snugly connect to this type of blade attachment.

#2 Runner-Up: PEAK Silicone Plus

PEAK Silicone Plus

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The PEAK Silicone Plus wiper blades are built with a tri-layer silicone compound and infused with water-repelling technology that reduces streaking. A universal connector means this wiper is able to fit most modern vehicles.

Key Features

  • Approximate cost: $25 per blade
  • Material: Silicone
  • Blade style: Beam
  • Attachment types: J-hook, side pin, bayonet, pin arm, pinch tab, pinch tab button

Our Experience

We found these wiper blades simple to install. The included instructions are among the easiest to follow and compatible with many blade connector types.

When it comes to a streak-free wipe, the PEAK blades perform similarly to the Rain-X Endura blades. These blades are silent and effective, producing no noticeable streaking.

Overall Rating4.3 out of 5

What Customers Are Saying

These silicone wiper blades have an average Amazon rating of 4 stars based on around 200 ratings. Based on user reviews, the PEAK wiper blades can last between one and two years. There are not as many reports of longevity past two years as there are for the Rain-X Endura blades.

Many drivers report a similar experience to our test: a silent and streak-free affair. However, there are some complaints about blade thickness. Those with front trunks (frunks) report frustration that the blade doesn’t fit under the frunk lid when not in use.

#3 Long-Lasting: Piaa Si-Tech

Piaa Si-Tech

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Piaa Si-Tech blades are built with multiple pressure points for fluid action. The beam style design is suitable for all climates. Piaa also offers a one-year warranty with all wiper blades as well as a promise to repair or replace defective blades.

Key Features

  • Approximate cost: $30 per blade
  • Material: Silicone
  • Blade style: Beam
  • Attachment types: J-hook, pin arm, side pin, bayonet, pinch tab, pinch tab button

Our Experience

The Piaa blade includes several attachment adapters and easy-to-follow instructions.

We did notice some streaking on our vehicle, near the very tip of the blades. These blades also produced some squeaking noises while in use. The pressure distribution for the Piaa blades does not seem to be as even as our top-rated silicone blades.

Overall Rating3.8 out of 5

What Customers Are Saying

With over 2,800 global ratings, the Piaa Si-Tech wiper blades have an average Amazon review score of 4.6 stars. Around 90 percent of reviewers give these blades 4 or more stars.

Reports of wiper longevity range from one to five years, with many reviewers claiming that they will last for at least three.

Not all automotive windshields are identical, so while these wiper blades did not perform the best on our vehicle, they work well for many others. According to a few reviewers, these blades have a break-in period and improve in performance after a few months.

#4 Best Value: METO T6 Silicone Wiper Blade

METO T6 Silicone Wiper Blade

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METO T6 wiper blades offer premium durability and a water-repellent design. The inside of the blade contains sheet steel, which is strong enough to keep blades perfectly pressed against your windshield. These blades include a one-year warranty.

Key Features

  • Approximate cost: $25 per blade
  • Material: Silicone
  • Blade style: Beam
  • Attachment types: J-hook, side pin, pin arm, pinch tab, bayonet, pinch tab button

Our Experience

While we had some initial difficulty installing the METO wiper blades (mostly due to a different attachment system than the other blades), they were not too hard to get on once we determined how. The included instructions could be more helpful. However, these wiper blades are compatible with a good number of attachment types.

Once installed, the blades did not streak, though they did make some noise. They were not completely silent during our test drive.

Overall Rating3.7 out of 5

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon reviewers rate the METO T6 blades an average of 4.3 stars based on more than 2,900 reviews. A total of 81 percent of reviews rate these blades 4 or more stars.

Customer reports of durability vary. Some claim to only get six months from these blades, while several others report longevity of up to three years and beyond. It may depend on specific vehicle fit and local conditions. Overall, most seem to get at least a year of streak-free use from these wiper blades.

The METO blades are easy to install for most, though there are some complaints that they don’t fit certain vehicles. Some users report streaking, which may be a result of the blades being bent from improper shipping.

#5 Also Consider: Silblade WB126S Silicone Wiper Blade

Silblade WB126S Silicone Wiper Blade

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Silblade silicone wiper blades are made from high-gauge steel coated with protective paint. This hinge-style blade evenly distributes pressure for a smooth glide across the windshield. However, as a hinge blade, this may not be suitable for winter driving in climates with a lot of snow and ice.

What makes the Silblade stand out is that it is backed by a five-year warranty, which is a very long time for a wiper blade to last.

Key Features

  • Approximate cost: $25 per blade
  • Material: Silicone
  • Blade style: Hinge
  • Attachment types: J-hook, pin arm, bayonet

Our Experience

The first thing we noticed about the Silblade out of the box is that it doesn’t have as many connector types as the other blades we tested. It did not have an attachment to fit our first test vehicle, and we needed to try it on another.

These wipers are easy to install if you have the right connector type and do an excellent job gripping the windshield. They offer a noiseless, streak-free performance.

Overall Rating3.8 out of 5

What Customers Are Saying

With more than 1,200 Amazon ratings, the Silblade has an average score of 4.3 stars. A total of 83 percent of reviews rate these wiper blades 4 or more stars.

Most report that these blades will last a minimum of three years. They are backed by a five-year warranty, and a good number of reviewers have claimed to get that much use from Silblade wipers.

Amazon reviewers generally confirm that these are effective wiper blades, though some have claimed that they squeak. Remember that you need to clean down wiper blades before you use them and if you park where they will accumulate dust or pollen.

Buyers Guide: Best Silicone Wiper Blades

Unless you buy a new car every two years, chances are you’ll need to replace your OEM wiper blades. When trying to find the best silicone wiper blades, you’ll first want to select a brand that is compatible with your vehicle. There are two features that you need to consider: blade length, and connector type.

Blade Length

Different cars require different length wiper blades. Some cars use two wipers of the same length, and others require two different size windshield wipers. Check your owner’s manual to determine the correct blade length for your vehicle. You can also measure your old wiper blades.

Most wiper blades are sold in a variety of lengths. When purchasing blades pay special attention to how many come in an order. Typically, you will buy one blade at a time, but some sellers sell both blades together.

Connector Type

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single standard for wiper blade connections. The part of your car that holds the blade (wiper arm) will feature one of several common types of connections. The most common types of connection designs are the J-hook, side pin, and bayonet. Most wiper blades will include attachments that allow you to connect them to these types of connectors.

This guide shows a simple description of many of the common types of connectors, and includes pictures. Remove your current windshield wipers to determine which type of connector you have.

Blade Style

There are three common wiper blade styles:

  • Hinge, or traditional, wiper blades have an exposed metal frame. A spring arm provides multiple points of contact to make sure the blade is pressed evenly across the surface of the windshield. Hinge blades don’t work as well in extreme weather conditions. These blades can be damaged by snow and ice buildup in the joints, so are not appropriate for winter driving in areas that get below freezing.
  • Beam blades have a frameless design, they are constructed from a single piece of metal that fits the curvature of your windshield. A plastic cover that encases the top part of the blade. This style of blade is suitable for any weather condition and needn’t be changed seasonally.
  • Hybrid blades may feature a metal frame with several joints and contact points like a traditional blade. However, with a hybrid windshield wiper, all of these components are encased in plastic, so that they appear similar to a beam wiper blade. Because the frame is protected, this type of blade is suitable for winter use.

While hinge blades can be less expensive, it is better to opt for a beam or hybrid style blade unless you want to change out your wiper blades every winter (and in this case you’d still need to buy a second set of beam or hybrid blades for the winter months).

Our Review Standards

The best silicone wiper blades in this article went through two rounds of reviews. We started by searching Amazon for top products. We combed through verified customer reviews to select wiper blades for testing.

Each of the wiper blades that we recommend was tested in person. We evaluated wiper blades based on performance, durability, and ease of installation.  Each wiper blade was given a rating out of 5 stars based on these criteria.


A quality wiper blade should slide smoothly across the windshield without shuddering or streaking. The best silicone wiper blades cling firmly and evenly to the windshield across the length of the blade. Blades that function smoothly, silently, and push water without streaking score best in this category.


The lifespan of a wiper blade varies depending on use conditions. But typically the best wiper blades should last up to a year. The best silicone wiper blades can last longer, depending on how they are cared for. We assessed durability by sorting through customer reviews, looking for those who owned their blades for at least six months. Blades with the best reports of long-term use scored highest in this category.


Not all wiper blades are compatible with every car, and some blades are also easier to install than others. We gave the highest installation scores to blades compatible with the most different styles of wiper blade arm. We also considered the quality of instructions.

Silicone Wiper Blade Testing Process

To test each silicone wiper blade mentioned in this review, we attached a pair to the windshield of our test vehicle. We then drove the vehicle in heavy rain and captured blade performance using a high-definition camera at 60 frames per second. In addition to assessing visibility in person, we also reviewed the footage to more closely examine each blade’s performance and streaking (or lack thereof).

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