Motorcycle goggles look cool in the movies, but are they actually necessary for riding a motorcycle? Many riders wear full-face helmets that include a visor. For these people, goggles would be superfluous and silly.

However, many motorcycle helmets feature an open-face design, which leaves the rider’s sensitive eyeballs unprotected. When riding at high speeds, insects or road debris can be a major, accident-causing distraction. The best motorcycle goggles provide wind, sun, glare, and insect protection.

Below, we discuss what to look for in a pair of motorcycle goggles and suggest several pairs that we were able to test in person.

Motorcycle Goggles Buyers Guide

As with selecting any motorcycle equipment, safety should be your first concern. When it comes to motorcycle goggles, the safest goggles are those that fit comfortably and don’t fog or obscure your vision.


Most motorcycle goggles attach to your head via an adjustable strap. Poorly designed goggles can dig painfully into the skin around your eyes. A good pair of motorcycle goggles should form a strong enough seal to shield your eyes from the wind without causing pain or irritation.

Be sure to pick a pair of goggles that are compatible with your helmet and head shape. Also, consider whether or not you wear glasses. If you do, then be sure to pick eyewear designed to fit over your glasses.

Lens Material

Any decent pair of motorcycle goggles will feature a UV-resistant coating. It’s beneficial to wear UV protection for your eyes any time you are outside during the day.

Some motorcycle goggles may also include features like anti-reflective coatings and polarized or photochromic lenses.

  • Anti-reflective: These coatings can reduce glare from the sun and headlights. Some claim that these coatings also help improve night vision.
  • Polarized lenses: This type of coating also helps to reduce road glare and can improve visibility by increasing the contrast in your vision.
  • Photochromic lenses: This lens material reduces intense sunlight, transitioning into motorcycle sunglasses when hit with intense UV rays.


Motorcycle riders shouldn’t wear anything that compromises their ability to see the road. Any safety benefits granted by motorcycle goggles are undone if the goggles completely fog over. The best motorcycle goggles have anti-fogging features so that this doesn’t happen. Goggles with good airflow are often more comfortable and less prone to fogging.

Motorcycle Goggles Cost

Motorcycle goggles can range greatly in cost. Recommendations on this list span from $20 up to $120. In general, the advantage of more expensive goggles is that they feature more durable construction and more comfortable materials.

5 Best Motorcycle Goggles

Motorcycle Goggles

  1. Editor’s Choice: Bertoni Aviator Vintage Motorcycle Goggles
  2. Best Photochromic Lenses: Bobster Night Hawk
  3. Best for Glasses: Biker Armor Motorcycle Safety Goggles
  4. Best Value: GGBuy Pilot Glasses
  5. Best for Off-Road Riding: Get Lost Motorcycle Goggles

#1 Editor’s Choice: Bertoni Aviator Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

Bertoni Aviator Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

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Pros Photochromic lenses Excellent airflow that prevents fogging Thick padding for improved comfort
Cons High price point compared to other options

Cost: About $120

After testing several pairs of motorcycle goggles, we felt that the Bertoni Aviator Vintage Motorcycle Goggles were the best pair all-around. These goggles look good and have excellent airflow. They didn’t fog a bit in our test, and this experience is confirmed by a large number of reviewers.

The Bertoni Aviator goggles are comfortable and feature photochromic lenses. This means you don’t need to transition between high- and low-light goggles when road conditions shift.

Our Experience

Bertoni Aviator Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

The Bertoni glasses were the most comfortable among the motorcycle goggles we tested. While the goggles are rigid, thick padding around the eyes disperses pressure well. We found this set of motorcycle goggles had the best airflow of any that we tested, keeping our tester’s face cool.

While these goggles feature photochromic lenses, they aren’t especially strong. Still, the lenses dimmed noticeably in the sunlight compared to regular lenses, helping reduce the sun’s brightness.

Overall Rating4.7 out of 5

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.2 out of 5 based on more than 450 reviews

The most frequent comment about the Bertoni motorcycle goggles is that they have a clear lens and do not fog. Most say they offer excellent airflow. Others are pleased by the quality of the photochromic lenses.

Some people complain about pressure around the bridge of the nose. Others say that the photochromic lenses could darken more. However, even the least enthusiastic reviewers agree these are good lenses overall, if perhaps highly-priced.

#2 Best Photochromic Lenses: Bobster Night Hawk

Bobster Night Hawk

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Pros Photochromic lenses Can fit over glasses
Cons Easily scratched Run small

Cost: About $40

If the Bertoni goggles are too pricey for you, you might consider the Bobster Night Hawk goggles. These lenses are also photochromic, have an anti-fog coating, and offer excellent airflow. While not as highly reviewed as the Bertoni’s, these make a good substitute.

Our Experience

Bobster Night Hawk

The Bobster Night Hawk goggles are shaped similarly to the Bertonis. As with the Bertonis, we found the Bobster goggles fit comfortably. The eyepiece is flexible and thickly padded so that there isn’t too much pressure around the eyes. Airflow is also excellent with no fogging.

The photochromic lenses work even better than the Bertoni glasses, getting darker in direct sunlight.

Overall Rating4.3 out of 5

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 3.9 out of 5 based on over 230 reviews

Most reviewers like that these goggles are photochromic and don’t fog much, even on hot days. The polarized lenses reduce road glare and provide a clear view of the road.

Some people complain that these black frame goggles are too small for their faces. The Night Hawk goggles don’t fit over glasses with large frames.

#3 Best For Glasses: Biker Armor Motorcycle Safety Goggles

Biker Armor Motorcycle Safety Goggles

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Pros Excellent airflow Fits over eyeglasses Polycarbonate lenses
Cons Can get hot Foam padding lets in rain

Cost: About $40

The Biker Armor Motorcycle Safety Goggles are another low-cost motorcycle goggle option with good airflow and a comfortable fit. These are designed to fit over glasses and offer ample space to be worn with prescription lenses.

The foam padding material that cushions these goggles is comfortable, but has some drawbacks – it isn’t waterproof and can deteriorate after a few years.

Our Experience

Biker Armor Motorcycle Safety Goggles

These motorcycle goggles feature foam padding that helps distribute pressure, but this padding can get warm. Comfort is improved by the easy-to-use adjustment strap, which was the best of any goggles we tested.

The Biker Armor goggles stand out in regards to airflow, which is cool and prevents fogging while still protecting the eyes from harsh winds.

Overall Rating4.3 out of 5

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.4 out of 5 based on over 260 reviews

These motorcycle goggles are most consistently praised for their comfort. Those with dry eye issues report that these goggles do a good job of not allowing in too much air while staying relatively fog-free.

Some note that these glasses aren’t the best in the rain, as the foam tends to let in water. This foam material also can deteriorate after a few years. Regardless, these should serve as great goggles for any motorcycle or dirt bike riding enthusiast.

#4 Best Value: GGBuy Pilot Glasses

GGBuy Pilot Glasses

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Pros Inexpensive Comfortable padding Don’t fog
Cons Lets in too much air

Cost: About $15

The GGBuy Pilot Glasses are a good pick for motorcyclists who want low-cost goggles for city cruising. They are comfortable, look good, and didn’t fog at all during our testing.

However, we think that these may not be the best goggles for the highway because they let in a little too much air. At the highest speeds, our tester’s eyes started to dry out.

Our Experience

GGBuy Pilot Glasses

The padded frame of these goggles is flexible and not too tight on the face. However, the pressure didn’t feel as evenly distributed as with some of the other motorcycle goggles we tested. That said, these goggles offered a good adjustment mechanism and would fit a variety of head sizes.

While the GGBuy goggles do not fog, they also let in a bit too much air when traveling at high speeds.

Overall Rating4 out of 5

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.3 out of 5 based on over 330 reviews

A lot of reviewers are impressed with the quality of these motorcycle goggles given the low price. They look good and feel comfortable.

Some reviewers, like us, noted that these goggles don’t entirely keep the wind out of your eyes. The vents around the lenses are too large. Others point out that you get what you pay for, and the material quality of these riding goggles could be improved.

#5 Best For Off-Road Riding: Get Lost Motorcycle Goggles

Get Lost Motorcycle Goggles

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Pros Photochromatic Small design fits more helmets No-foam design
Cons Can fog when stopped

Cost: About $40

The Get Lost Motorcycle Goggles feature a low-profile design that may appeal to the retro racer in you. While foam padding around the eyes can increase comfort, some don’t like the material for motorcycle goggles because it is not rain-resistant and can deteriorate after a few years.

The motorcycle goggles have good airflow and don’t easily fog while moving, but they can be prone to fogging while stopped, especially if it is cold outside.

Our Experience

Get Lost Motorcycle Goggles

The Get Lost motorcycle goggles performed adequately by our testing metrics but didn’t stand out in any particular category. They are comfortable, but lack padding around the eyes and so may not work as well on long rides. On the other hand, these goggles are well-sealed against the wind and elements

While the goggles protect against wind, they also have reduced airflow, meaning that they can fog. In our experience, they did not fog much, but more than the other goggles on this list.

Overall Rating3.5 out of 5

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.2 out of 5 based on over 760 reviews

A lot of reviewers find these lenses quite comfortable. The photochromic lenses help provide a crystal clear view of the road. The foam-free design means that less dust and debris collect around the goggles.

Some note that these motorcycle goggles are tight around the nose. Others have pointed out that they can fog on cool mornings.

Motorcycle Goggles: Bottom Line

You may need to try a few different pairs before finding the best motorcycle goggles for your face. Generally, you’ll want to look for lenses with good airflow and that fit well with your motorcycle helmet.

Other Motorcycle Goggles We Recommend

It can take some research to find the perfect pair of motorcycle goggles. We haven’t been able to physically test every pair on the market, but the following goggles are well-reviewed by customers.

Jamiewin Motorcycle Goggles

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Cost: About $20

Amazon Review Score: 4.6 out of 5 based on over 7,400 reviews

These anti-fog goggles are designed for motocross, but can also be used for scooter or motorcycle riding. This headgear is lightweight and will protect your eyes from dirt and debris. The Jamiewin goggles may be a good pick if you’re looking for a stylized design, as they are offered in over a dozen frame styles and lens tints.

Oakley L-Frame

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Cost: About $40

Amazon Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 based on over 540 reviews

The Oakley L-Frame goggles employ a basic design that can fit over your glasses. They are padded with triple-layer foam fleece for comfort, and the Lexan lens is impact- and scratch-resistant. Reviewers say these goggles fit well though they may not fit over especially thick glasses.

100% Strata 2 Biking Goggles

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Cost: About $25

Amazon Review Score: 4.7 out of 5 based on over 3,100 reviews

This is another pair of goggles designed primarily for ATV and BMX riding, but which can also function as motorcycle goggles. The 100% Strata 2 goggles are available in nearly 30 colors with a wide range of style options to choose from. Polycarbonate lenses block dust, debris, and UV rays.

How We Tested

The motorcycle goggles in this article went through two rounds of reviews. We started by searching Amazon for top products and looking at customer reviews, especially in regard to comfort, longevity, and protection.

Our product testing team then ordered motorcycle goggles that best met these standards. We try to review a range of goggles at different price points. We tested each pair of goggles, paying specific attention to comfort, adjustability, and airflow. Each pair of motorcycle goggles was given a rating out of 5 stars based on this criteria.


To test comfort, we wore each pair of goggles for an extended period of time and in different conditions: both on and off the road. While testing comfort, we paid attention to the feel of the goggle material against our face, as well as the pressure around the eyes.

The highest comfort ratings were given to those goggles that evenly distributed pressure around the eyes, with the fewest “hotspots” of pressure. The best motorcycle goggles use soft materials that don’t dig deeply into the skin while still providing a safe, sealed eye enclosure.

Different goggles may be comfortable for different people. Everyone has a different head size and face shape, which determine how well a particular pair of goggles will fit. We tried to base our comfort score less on the size of the goggles than on the materials and pressure distribution around the eyes.


Finding the perfect comfortable fit is easier the more adjustable a pair of goggles are. You may even want to adjust your goggles each time you wear them. We tested adjustability by wearing and handling each set of goggles.

Goggles that offer the widest range of adjustment levels scored best in this category. Goggles that have easy-to-use adjustment mechanisms also scored higher in this category. For instance, some goggles feature a thin elastic strap.

eyeglass elastic strap

Other goggles have thicker straps and easier-to-use drawbars that better set the strap length.

eyeglass strap


Airflow is important for visibility and comfort. Goggles without adequate airflow tend to fog, blocking a rider’s view of the road. Goggles with too much airflow can result in dry eyes, forcing the rider to squint.

Airflow was tested by wearing the goggles on the road. The goggles with the best airflow allow a comfortable amount of air to prevent fogging.

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