Best Sunshade
Alien Sunshade Bikini Cover

A soft-top alternative that makes open-air riding more comfortable.

Storage Box
Bestop Highrock Under Seat Lock Box

A nearly impenetrable storage box for peace of mind.

Grille Inserts
Hooke Road Front Grille Inserts

A set of inserts to protect your car while making a statement.

Best Roll Bar Grab Handles
Danti Roll Bar Grab Handles

A set of grab handles for taking tight turns and getting in and out.

Best Bed Liner
BedRug Liner

A fully-waterproof bed liner that looks and feels like carpet while offering exceptional resistance to stains, mold, and mildew.

You’ve just bought a brand-new Jeep Wrangler and can’t wait to prep it for some mudding in the woods or a camping trip adventure across the desert. Before you go tackling the Sahara, though, you’ll want your toy to be loaded with everything to make your trip worthwhile.

Our review team has rounded up and reviewed the best Jeep Wrangler accessories to give you upgrade options. We break down some of the best aftermarket additions on the market that can do everything from increasing storage space to opening cold drinks.

6 Best Jeep Wrangler Accessories

A Jeep Wrangler off-roading outdoors in the mountains.

  1. Best Sunshade: Alien Sunshade Bikini Cover
  2. Best Storage Box: Bestop HighRock Under Seat Lock Box
  3. Best Grille Inserts: Hooke Road Front Grille Inserts
  4. Best Roll Bar Grab Handles: Danti Roll Bar Grab Handles
  5. Best Bed Liner: BedRug Liner
  6. Best Bottle Opener: Iceboxx Body-Mounted Bottle Opener

Jeep Wrangler Accessories Buyers Guide

When purchasing accessories for your Jeep Wrangler, it’s important to know whether or not they are designed for your Wrangler’s model. For example, a roof rack that fits on a Jeep Wrangler JL may not fit on a Jeep Gladiator, and so forth. Be sure to check if the accessory you’re buying can be used with your vehicle before acquiring it.

Our Review Standards

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#1 Best Sunshade: Alien Sunshade Bikini Cover

Protect yourself from the sun while still getting an open-air experience by using the Alien Sunshade bikini cover on your Wrangler. This sun shade installs in less than 30 minutes and is compatible with the factory hard-top of your Jeep.

Thanks to its bungee cord design, the Alien Sunshade requires no tools or vehicle modifications for installation. It’s made of high-quality polyester with double-sewn edges and treated metal grommets that provide long-lasting protection.

Key Features

  • JK Compatibility: Sport, Sport S, Sahara, Rubicon (2007 to 2018)
  • JKU Compatibility: Sport, Sport S, Sahara, Rubicon (2007 to 2018)
  • Reinforced layered stitching
  • Heavy-duty mesh filters
  • Reduces wind and UV exposure
  • Available in many colors 

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.4 out of 5 based on over 5,200 ratings

One of the features that customers appreciate the most about this cover is its adjustability. Many say that it goes on easily and doesn’t move around, even at high speeds. Some claim the bungee cords aren’t long enough to install this cover in their Jeep.

What Is It Good For?

If you’re looking for a bikini top to improve your open-air riding experience, consider adding the Alien Sunshade bikini cover to your Wrangler. It’s easy to install, is very durable, and protects you and your passengers from unwanted wind noise and sunburns.

#2 Best Storage Box: Bestop HighRock Under Seat Lock Box

Jeep owners know the struggles of hiding their possessions when about town with the top down, and the Bestop HighRock under-seat lock box can lend a hand. Its carbon steel body with a powder-coated finish is nearly impenetrable from any intruder.

To prevent itself from being stolen, this lockbox secures to your Wrangler’s factory seat mounting points. And the best part is that the Bestop HighRock doesn’t interfere with your seat’s adjustability when installed.

Key Features

  • JK Compatibility: All 2007 to 2010 models
  • JKU Compatibility: All 2007 to 2018 models
  • Includes relocation kit for JKU models
  • Pick-resistant lock

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.7 out of 5 based on over 2,100 ratings

Customers compliment the amount of storage space this box offers. They also like that it doesn’t take much effort to install and needs little readjustment. A complaint some customers have is their boxes rattle, especially on bumpy or uneven roads.

What Is It Good For?

The Bestop HighRock under-seat lock box is designed for those who need to keep their valuables safe when driving their Wrangler. Although the glove box on most Jeep models may lock, this lock box adds another layer of security that’s hard to match.

#3 Best Grille Inserts: Hooke Road Front Grille Inserts

The Hooke Road front grille inserts feature a matte black finish that complements a Jeep Wrangler’s trim. Their open mesh design prevents gravel, twigs, and other debris from entering your car without compromising airflow to the engine.

Each Hooke Road insert is made with high-quality ABS plastic that is UV-treated to prevent fading. Thanks to their built-in clips, these inserts take little time to place in your Wrangler’s grille without requiring tools.

Key Features

  • JK Compatibility: All 2007 to 2015 models
  • JKU Compatibility: None
  • Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA)-certified
  • Includes seven inserts

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.5 out of 5 based on over 5,700 ratings

One piece of advice that many customers give is to be gentle when installing these grille inserts so as to not break the plastic clips. Many commend these inserts for enhancing the appearance of their Wranglers, as well. Some say they are difficult to clean when washing their vehicles.

What Is It Good For?

When you want extra protection from an aesthetically pleasing mod, the Hooke Road front grille inserts are a must. They may not be as flashy as an LED light bar, but sometimes subtlety can make all the difference.

#4 Best Roll Bar Grab Handles: Danti Roll Bar Grab Handles

Whether you’re a cautious passenger or riding shotgun on a hill climb, the Danti roll bar grab handles are great for gripping. They come equipped with non-slip handles to ensure the best possible hold for getting in and out of your Wrangler.

Each Danti handle is made with ABS plastic and canvas straps, which makes them both durable and weather-resistant. And thanks to their simple design, these handles can fit on all Wrangler models.

Key Features

  • JK Compatibility: All models
  • JKU Compatibility: All models
  • Nylon webbing
  • Available in a variety of colors

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.4 out of 5 based on over 8,700 ratings

Many first-time Jeep owners rave about these handles for their simplicity and longevity. They like that this pack comes with four handles, which either fully outfits their JKU model or leaves a spare set for their JK. A few customers claim these wear down after extensive sun exposure.

What Is It Good For?

We recommend checking out the Danti roll bar grab handles if you like to have something to hold onto when offroading. These handles also work great to help support elderly or disabled passengers to get in and out of a Wrangler.

#5 Best Bed Liner: BedRug Liner

The BedRug Liner for Jeep Wranglers offers a significant durability upgrade over the factory bed liner. That’s because this liner is made with 100 percent waterproof polypropylene. This plastic material is more resistant to mold than standard carpeting and provides thick, sound-dampening padding.

Key Features

  • Compatible with most all Jeep models
  • Fully waterproof
  • Resistant to stains, mold, and mildew

What Customers Are Saying

While there aren’t many ratings for the BedRug liner, those that do exist are largely positive. According to reviewers, this liner perfectly fits most Jeep models. Most reviewers claim this bed liner is very simple to install and offers a significant upgrade to their truck bed.

One reviewer does mention that the suggested cutout guides aren’t perfect. Customers may have to make some adjustments depending on their Jeep model, though this is not difficult.

What Is It Good For?

A thick, soft bed liner can help protect your trunk cargo. A liner will also significantly reduce noise. The BedRug liner offers a soft, carpet-like surface that is made from plastic and so highly resistant to mold. This makes the BedRug liner a great accessory for those who use their Wranglers in rugged or wet environments.

#6 Best Bottle Opener: Iceboxx Body-Mounted Bottle Opener

The Iceboxx body-mounted bottle opener may not be as practical as a winch or spare tire, but it gets the job done. This bottle opener can be mounted anywhere on the frame of your Wrangler using its included screws and washers.

Key Features

  • JK Compatibility: All models
  • JKU Compatibility: All models
  • “ICEBOXX” engraved insignia

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.7 out of 5 based on over 800 ratings

Reviewers tend to like this bottle opener for its sturdy design. Some customers claim that this opener attaches well to the tailgate. A few reviewers say to not install this opener near a door, as the angle of the opener can cause drinks to spill.

What Is It Good For?

For anyone who keeps forgetting their bottle opener at home or enjoys tailgating, the Iceboxx body-mounted bottle opener is worth considering.

Jeep Wrangler Accessories: Bottom Line

For many, owning a Jeep Wrangler is capitalizing on a sense of adventure. So finding the right accessories for better functionality, both off-road on asphalt, can be as simple as some high-quality seat covers, or a DIY project of replacing the front and rear bumpers.

Jeep Wrangler Accessories At A Glance

ProductJK Compatibility JKU Compatibility
Alien SunshadeSport, Sport S, Sahara, Rubicon (2007 to 2018)Sport, Sport S, Sahara, Rubicon (2007 to 2018)
Bestop HighRock Lock BoxAll 2007 to 2010 modelsAll 2007 to 2018 models
Hooke Grille InsertsAll 2007 to 2015 modelsNone
Danti Grab HandlesAll ModelsAll Models
BedRug LinerAll ModelsAll Models
Iceboxx Body-Mounted Bottle OpenerAll ModelsAll Models

Jeep Wrangler Accessories: FAQ

*Data accurate at time of publication.