A fifth wheel trailer is a costly investment, and towing such a load with the wrong hitch can damage your truck and your trailer. For this reason, finding the best fifth wheel hitch can be as important as picking your trailer in the first place.

If you’re looking to install a fifth wheel hitch into your truck, you’ll need to find a compatible model that is durable and reliable. This article will explain the basics of a fifth wheel hitch and recommend several of our favorite options.

What Is A Fifth Wheel Hitch?

A fifth wheel is a type of travel trailer that is similar to an RV, except without a motor. Instead of moving on their own power, fifth wheel trailers are designed to be pulled by a truck. Given their large size, towing a fifth wheel camper requires a 1.0-ton truck equipped with a fifth wheel hitch.

A fifth wheel hitch is a large, U-shaped block that’s installed into the truck bed. A kingpin connects a trailer to the hitch. Compared to a traditional ball hitch, a fifth wheel hitch is more stable and silent.

Fifth wheel hitches do, however, have some drawbacks. They take up a lot of space in the trunk and can be heavy. They can also be expensive.

5 Best Fifth Wheel Hitches

Best Fifth Wheel Hitch

  1. Editor’s Choice: B&W Trailer Hitches Companion
  2. Best Gooseneck Adapter: Andersen Hitches Fifth Wheel Connection
  3. Best Puck Mount Hitch: CURT Q25
  4. Best Sliding Hitch: B&W Trailer Hitches Patriot Slider
  5. Budget Pick: CURT E16

#1 Editor’s Choice: B&W Trailer Hitches Companion

Pros Easy to install and remove High weight capacity Manufactured in the United States
Cons Heavy

The B&W Companion fifth wheel hitch is both durable and versatile. It can be installed and removed with ease. This makes it a good choice for those who don’t want a fifth wheel hitch permanently taking up space in their pickup truck bed or who often convert between fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches.

This durable winch is manufactured in the U.S. and covered in UV-resistant powder coat paint. It features a cam-action latching handle and a fully articulated swivel head. B&W guarantees the longevity of the Companion with a lifetime warranty.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $1,000
  • Weight: 70.0 pounds
  • Maximum weight capacity: 20,000.0 lbs.
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • Lifetime warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon review score: 4.8 out of 5 based on over 680 ratings

Many people who purchase this fifth wheel hitch install it themselves and say the process is extremely easy. The vast majority of reviews for the Companion claim that it is durable and works well.

“The cam lock style works great, and that’s the reason I bought the B&W brand hitch. [Switching from] gooseneck to [fifth] wheel or vice versa [takes] under 10 [minutes].”

– Beaudeane via Amazon

There are very few negative reviews of the Companion. Some complain that it is heavy, and a few people reported that their hitch was delivered with some parts missing.

#2 Best Gooseneck Adapter: Andersen Hitches Fifth Wheel Connection

Pros Relatively lightweight High weight rating Quiet
Cons May void warranty on LCI trailers

The Andersen Hitches Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection features a gooseneck ball, rather than the locking jaws typical of a fifth wheel hitch. This means that it can attach to gooseneck trailers while offering some of the same advantages as a standard fifth wheel hitch. This mount is placed in the bed of your truck, moving weight off your bumper and rear axle.

The hitch is available in several variations, including a flatbed mount, rail mount, and raised mount. Each has around 3.0 feet of adjustable height. This hitch is regarded for its lightweight design, which won’t add too much mass to your tow vehicle.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $1,000
  • Weight: 35.0 lbs.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 24,000.0 lbs.
  • Greaseless coupler
  • Manufactured in the United States

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon review score: 4.7 out of 5 based on over 1,000 ratings

Reviewers say the Andersen hitch is extremely easy to install. This well-made hitch offers a quiet ride. A few people also mention that Andersen’s customer service is top-notch.

“Super light and easy to install. My 10-year-old was able to install the hitch in the bed with very minor supervision.”

– Daniel W.S. via Amazon

The few complaints lodged against this hitch typically have more to do with the seller than the hitch itself. Some people received their hitch with missing or broken parts. One woman claimed that using the Ultimate Fifth Wheel Connection voided the warranty on her LCI trailer.

#3 Best Puck Mount Hitch: CURT Q25

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Pros Quiet Durable and secure Easy to use
Cons Heavy Can be difficult to unhook

The CURT Q25 hitch is compatible with Chevy, Ford, GMC, Nissan, and Ram puck systems, one of the simplest ways to install a fifth wheel hitch. Keep in mind that each of these manufacturers has a different puck system and so you will need to get the right Q25 variant for your vehicle.

Once installed, this fifth wheel hitch is easy to operate thanks to a lockable throw handle. The self-angling head and spherical axial bearing result in a quiet operation. Choose this fifth wheel hitch if you’re looking for a reliable hitch and have a truck with holes for puck mounting.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $1,300
  • Weight: 111.2 lbs.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 25,000.0 lbs.
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Dual jaw design
  • Carbide powder coat finish
  • 10-year limited warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon review score: 4.4 out of 5 based on over 65 ratings

Reviews of the Q25 claim that it is easy to install, heavy-duty, and especially quiet on the road.

“Awesome hitch, I’ve had many but none were this quiet.”

– William B. via Amazon

A few users note that it can be difficult to unhook a trailer from the Q25 fifth wheel hitch.

#4 Best Sliding Hitch: B&W Trailer Hitches Patriot Slider

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Pros Can slide to increase trailer clearance Manufactured in the U.S. Smooth operation
Cons Heavy

The B&W Patriot Slider has a lot of the same features as other B&W hitches: It is built durably in the United States and is SAE J-2638 certified for safety.

The Patriot Slider is a good option for those with short truck beds. The sliding rails offer an additional 12.0 inches of front-to-back slide. A fully-articulated head provides a smooth and quiet tow. And though this hitch is heavy and you may need help lifting it into your trunk, it is fairly easy to install once there.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $950
  • Weight: 153.0 lbs.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 18,000.0 lbs.
  • UV-resistant powder coat paint
  • Lifetime warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon review score: 4.8 out of 5 based on over 95 ratings

Many Amazon reviewers note that the Patriot is very well-built. The rugged design holds up under extreme conditions. Most say that it is easy to install and provides smooth operation. It is also very easy to couple and decouple this slider hitch.

“Slide mechanism is fluid and smooth as silk. Hitch lock is solid with positive engagement leaving no question if it’s locked or not. [The saddle] is fluid and smooth in movement reducing stress on the trailer and truck. It’s built like a tank in the USA.”

– Amazon Customer

A common issue with this hitch is that it is heavy and therefore difficult to lift alone.

#5 Budget Pick: CURT E16

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Pros Low cost Easy to operate Adjustable height
Cons Low load capacity

The Curt E15 is a low-cost fifth wheel hitch for those with long bed trucks. The hitch height can be adjusted between 13.0 and 17.0 in. and the E15 mounts on base rails, making it easy to install into any truck bed.

Other features include a dual-axis pivoting head that allows 10 total degrees of lateral movement (side-to-side) and an anti-rattle skid plate to reduce noise.

Key Features

  • Cost: About $500
  • Weight: 95.0 lbs.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 16,000.0 lbs.
  • Carbide powder coat finish
  • Limited lifetime warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon review score: 4.3 out of 5 based on over 250 ratings

Reviewers are pleased with the overall quality of this trailer hitch, given its relatively low cost. The auto-locking feature makes coupling simple. Some point out that the E15 is not quite as robust as pricier alternatives, though it is generally reliable. Others note issues with installation, saying it took some finagling to fit on their universal rails.

Fifth Wheel Hitch Buyers Guide

When looking for the best fifth wheel hitch, there are a few key factors that will determine which one is right for your particular vehicle. The length of your truck bed, the weight of your trailer, and your truck’s towing and cargo capacities will all help determine what type of fifth wheel hitch you need.


Before you think about installing a fifth wheel hitch, be sure that your truck is able to tow your trailer. Towing capacity is the maximum weight your vehicle can pull. In some cases, your truck may have a different capacity depending on whether you plan to use a fifth wheel hitch or a gooseneck hitch (a gooseneck hitch can increase towing capacity).

Any trailer hitch will have a maximum load capacity indicating the most weight it is rated to pull. If you’re planning to buy a fifth wheel hitch to tow a travel trailer, make sure you get one that’s rated to tow its full weight.

You may also need to concern yourself with your truck’s cargo capacity. Cargo capacity is an indication of how much weight can be loaded into the cab and trunk. Fifth wheel hitches are installed in the trunk and are often very heavy.

Mounting System

There are several ways to mount a fifth wheel hitch into your trunk. The most common two methods are puck mounting and rail mounting.

Many trucks come off the assembly line with a puck mounting system. This consists of a set of pre-drilled holes in the truck bed, ready to accommodate a fifth wheel hitch. The size and spacing of these holes differ between brands and so you must purchase a compatible fifth wheel hitch.

If your truck doesn’t come with a puck mounting system, or you prefer not to use it, another way to install a fifth wheel hitch is by using a rail mounting system. Metal railing is attached to the truck bed, and the fifth wheel hitch is connected to these rails. There are permanent and removable rail mounting options.

Sliding Hitches

The length of your truck bed will also determine the best fifth wheel hitch for your vehicle. If your car’s truck bed is short, your trailer might scrape or damage your cab on tight turns. If this is a concern, you may want to consider a sliding hitch. Sliding hitches can slide forward and backward as needed to increase clearance.

Best Fifth Wheel Hitch: Bottom Line

There are a number of high-quality fifth wheel hitches available from brands like Andersen, B&W, and CURT. There is no one best fifth wheel hitch for every truck because the right option depends in part on your towing capacity and the length of your truck bed.

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