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  • The best budget dash cam in 2023 is the Z-Edge Z3Pro. It topped our lists for its excellent interface, superb video quality, and fast installation. 
  • Our runner-up is the Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam. We love the features for the price point, although our top pick slightly beat out the user interface.
  • The 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S is an excellent all-around dash cam and would be higher in our list if it could record in 4K resolution.
Best Overall
Z-Edge Z3Pro

A high-quality dual-camera dash cam that can also act as a parking monitor.

Best Screen
Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam

A high-quality dash cam with an incredibly bright and clear screen display.

Best Wide View
70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S

A high-quality dash cam with an undistorted wide view lens.

Best Cheap Dash Cam
Galphi Dash Cam 2K

A great dash cam with an incredibly helpful voice guidance feature.

Best Heat Handling
Rexing Dash Cam V1

A weather-resistant, low-profile dash cam that records quality footage.

The best budget dash cam can provide high-quality video and pictures while you’re behind the wheel. Dash cams are incredibly useful for proving who’s at fault in the event of an accident. Insurance agents, police officers, and court officials may ask questions about the circumstances surrounding a car accident which makes quality dash cam footage essential.

This review focuses on dash cams under $100, but our product testing team has also previously reviewed the best dash cams with no price restrictions. As is standard across all of our content, our top picks were formulated through hours of research, testing, and unbiased review.

Best Budget Dash Cams

Best Dash Cams Under $100

For this review, our team thoroughly tested and evaluated each dash cam based on each item’s ease of installation, video quality, and user experience. The scores in each category are compiled into a single overall rating that ranges from 1.0 to 5.0 stars.

Each dash cam’s ratings, including their scores in each review category, are highlighted below:

What Are The Best Budget Dash Cams?

Brand/ModelOverallInstallationVideo QualityUser Experience
Z-Edge Z3Pro5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Kingslim D54.7 out of 55 out of 55 out of 54.5 out of 5
70mai Smart Dash4.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 54.5 out of 5
Galphi 2K4.3 out of 54.5 out of 54 out of 54.5 out of 5
Rexing V14.2 out of 54 out of 54.5 out of 54 out of 5

Our Review Standards

The dash cams in this article went through two rounds of reviews. We started by searching Amazon for top products, looking at factors like Prime shipping eligibility, customer ratings, Amazon superlatives, and price.

The five dash cams under $100 that best met these standards were ordered by our team for testing. A team member tested each product on a car, taking note of how easy the dash cam was to install and set up, how high of quality video the dash cam captured, and how it was to use and interact with the dash cam. Each dash cam under $100 was given a rating out of 5 stars based on these criteria.

Dash Cam Testing Process

Our team tested the budget dash cams against the following criteria:

  • Ease Of Installation: To test this, our team members went through the process of installing and setting up the dash cam to full functionality.
  • Video Quality: This is arguably the most important characteristic of a dash cam as low-quality footage won’t be too useful. We tested video quality by capturing both pictures and videos with the dash cams and observing which captured video quality was highest.
  • User Experience: Our team tested for user experience by connecting to the dash cam via the dash cam’s app and seeing how easy it was to save photos and videos.

Why You Can Trust Us

Each year, we review over 1,000 auto products. Our team of product experts thoroughly researches top products and tests items on real vehicles when possible before making our recommendations.

We publish hundreds of product and service reviews to bring car enthusiasts detailed guides on automotive tools, detailing kits, car seats, pet products, and much more. For more information on our testing methodology and how we evaluate every product, check out our methodology page here.

#1 Best Overall: Z-Edge Z3Pro

Cost: Around $100

Amazon Review Score: 4.1 out of 5 based on over 500 ratings

Other Key Features

  • Nighttime vision
  • WDR technology
  • Built-in G-sensors

Z-Edge Z3Pro and accessories

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The Z-Edge Z3Pro is our pick for the Best Overall dash cam under $100. This dual dash camera can capture up to 2560 x 1440p at 30 frames per second (FPS) through the front-facing camera and 1920 x 1080p HD footage at 30 FPS through the rear camera. With an advanced NTK96675 processor, both front and rear dash cams have night vision meaning you’ll have no problem capturing video footage in low-light conditions.

This dash camera features several automatic safeguards including automatic recording once turning the ignition, built-in G-sensors for automatic recording when a crash is detected, and a parking mode watchdog for around-the-clock surveillance of your vehicle. The Z-Edge Z3Pro also features wide dynamic range (WDR) technology that balances exposure to give the highest image quality possible.

What’s In The Box?

A range of accessories are included in the box along with the Z-Edge Z3Pro. Those who purchase this product can expect a suction cup mount, car charger and charging cable, micro USB cable, a hand tool and cable clips, a user manual, and a thank you card included in the box.

Our Experience

Z-Edge Z3Pro

In our experience, there isn’t a dash cam under $100 that will provide the video quality, user experience (UX), and as easy an installation process as the Z-Edge Z3Pro.

Overall Rating5 out of 5
Ease of Installation5 out of 5
Video Quality5 out of 5
User Experience5 out of 5

Z-Edge Z3Pro sample image in daylight.

Ease of Installation: The Z-Edge Z3Pro was a breeze to install and get set up fully. This dash cam features a suction cup mount that fits nicely under your rearview mirror. You can lock the dashboard camera into place making the installation process easier than any other dash cam under $100 that we worked with.

Video Quality: In terms of video quality, there are not many dash cams under $100 that offer full HD (FHD) video. With a 155.0-degree field of view, thanks to a wide-angle lens, the HD video that this dual dash cam captures will give you the least amount of blind spots and the best chance of capturing license plates.

User Experience: Compatible with Android and iOS, the Z-Dash Cam app is incredibly easy to use. The app makes capturing and downloading images or videos quick and simple. Built-in Wi-Fi also makes connectivity issues a thing of the past as connecting the app to the dash cam couldn’t be simpler.

What Customers Are Saying

The vast majority of reviewers rave over the inclusion of both front and rear cameras to document incidents on the road to the fullest extent. Some reviewers note how effective this dash cam was for rideshare drivers who work for companies such as Uber or Lyft. One negative review notes issues with the installation process.

#2 Best Screen: Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam

Cost: Around $75

Amazon Review Score: 4.3 out of 5 based on over 3,300 ratings

Other Key Features

  • Nighttime vision
  • 2.0-inch IPS screen
  • Features a Sony Starvis Sensor

Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam and accessories

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There are not many dash cams with a screen as high-quality as the Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam, especially within a $0 to $100 price range. The 2.0-inch in-plane switching (IPS) screen is one of many helpful features that this dash cam has. One of these features is a GPS module that’s attached to the dash cam which allows you to playback recorded videos with GPS data.

This dash cam has superior night vision thanks to the dash cam’s high dynamic range (HDR), six-layer glass lenses, and the inclusion of an image sensor in the form of a Sony Starvis Sensor. In the parking mode, this dash cam has both collision and motion detection. Ultimately, this dash cam can produce video up to 4K resolution and can even capture time-lapse videos.

What’s In The Box?

Quite a few additional accessories are included in the box along with the Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam. Customers who purchase this product can expect to receive a GPS bracket, car charger with 3.5-meter power cable, five cable clips, two static stickers, two double-sided adhesive tape rolls for GPS, a pry tool, and a quick start guide.

Our Experience

Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam attached to windshield.

Throughout the testing process, the Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam continued to impress our team members. We were big fans of the small IPS screen to give drivers an idea of what their dash cam is recording.

Overall Rating4.7 out of 5
Ease of Installation5 out of 5
Video Quality5 out of 5
User Experience4.5 out of 5

Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam sample image

Ease of Installation: Installing and setting up this dash cam was no problem at all. We simply applied an electrostatic sticker onto the inside of the windshield, stuck the adhesive tape to the dash cam, and installed the dash cam onto the glass. We also appreciated the inclusion of a pry tool to make removing the dash cam from a windshield much simpler.

Video Quality: The quality of video that this dash cam recorded doesn’t leave much to be desired. In terms of video quality, it doesn’t get much better than ultra HD 4K video. Additionally, a 170-degree wide-angle lens means your dash cam’s viewing angle is wide enough to capture anything in front of you on the road.

User Experience: Where this dash cam loses minor points is in the UX of its app. This app was the most difficult to set up and downloading pictures and videos was an arduous process.

What Customers Are Saying

One reviewer in particular notes they own five different dash cams in each of their vehicles and that this is by far the best dash cam they’ve used. Many reviewers were impressed by the ease of installation and a few noted how much they liked the wide-angle view. A few negative reviews were concerned with the quality of the rear-facing camera.

#3 Best Wide View: 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S

Cost: Around $40

Amazon Review Score: 4 out of 5 based on over 8,000 ratings

Other Key Features

  • Nighttime vision
  • Sony IMX307 image processor
  • Voice control technology

70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S and accessories

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The 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S is equipped with the Sony IMX307 image processor and F/2.2 aperture so your dash cam can provide clear images at 1080p resolution, even in low-light scenarios. This dash cam also features loop recording and evidence protection, meaning the oldest videos are overwritten by the latest ones. However, videos can be stored locally on a microSD card from 16.0 GB up to 128.0 GB.

This 1080p dash cam can automatically record an emergency situation and save the videos thanks to a built-in G-sensor. Emergency 1080p videos are safely locked as “event files” to prevent an overwrite. This dash cam offers a hands-free driving experience while still providing additional peace of mind as you can record video and take pictures thanks to the voice control technology that’s featured on this dash cam.

What’s In The Box?

Customers who purchase the 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S can expect to receive the dash cam itself and a range of other accessories. Accessories that are included in the box are a USB cable, power adapter, electrostatic sticker, heat-resistant adhesive, and a user manual.

Our Experience

70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S attached to windshield

The 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S was a joy to work with and gave our team little to no problems during the testing process.

Overall Rating4.5 out of 5
Ease of Installation4.5 out of 5
Video Quality4.5 out of 5
User Experience4.5 out of 5

70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S sample image

Ease of Installation: In terms of the installation process, there were few dash cams easier to install than the 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S. Remove the wrapper covering the sticky surface on the dash cam mount and slap an electrostatic sticker on your windshield and this dash cam is good to go.

Video Quality: The video quality of this dash cam was high and the 130.0-degree wide-angle lens meant there was no distortion towards the edges of the pictures and videos this dash cam took. We believe you won’t have any issue capturing license plates or incidents on the road with this dash cam.

User Experience: The 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S’s app is easy to connect to and the app itself is straightforward to use. There’s no guesswork involved with this dash cam as the user manual explains every step clearly.

What Customers Are Saying

The majority of customers rave over the simplicity of operation and how budget-friendly this dash cam is. Even more customers comment about the quality of video this dash cam records. A few negative reviewers claim they had difficulty setting up their dash cam.

#4 Best Cheap Dash Cam: Galphi Dash Cam 2K

Cost: Around $80

Amazon Review Score: 4.4 out of 5 based on over 2,000 ratings

Other Key Features

  • Nighttime vision
  • Voice guidance
  • WDR technology

Galphi Dash Cam 2K and accessories

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Able to record 1440p video at 30 FPS, the Galphi Dash Cam 2K is a good dash cam for recording what’s happening on the road in front of you. You can use the exclusive app, Petzio, on both the App Store and Google Play Store, to view recordings, manage dash cam settings, and download videos. A GC complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensor with F/1.8 aperture and WDR technology allows this dash cam to have crystal-clear recording even in less than optimal settings.

Equipped with a G-sensor, this dash cam will automatically save videos when a collision is detected. Furthermore, loop recording overwrites unprotected files while parking monitoring supports 24-hour continuous monitoring. A 170-degree wide-angle lens ensures your dash cam captures every corner of the road and limits its blind spots. Voice guidance orally tells you the current status of the dash cam and what it is doing.

What’s In The Box?

Included in the box with the Galphi Dash Cam 2K is a car charger, extra stickers, user manual, and registration card. In terms of included accessories for the installation process, customers can expect to receive electrostatic film, a wiring trim tool, and a reset needle.

Our Experience

Galphi Dash Cam 2K attached to windshield

In our experience, the Galphi Dash Cam 2K captures nice and clear videos while also having an easy-to-use app.

Overall Rating4.3 out of 5
Ease of Installation4.5 out of 5
Video Quality4 out of 5
User Experience4.5 out of 5

Galphi Dash Cam 2K sample image

Ease of Installation: This dash cam had a relatively simple installation process. All our team members needed to do was place an electrostatic sticker on the windshield of our testing vehicle and place the dash cam over it. In terms of installing a dash cam, it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Video Quality: The dash cam takes nice clear pictures and videos with a nice range of view thanks to a 170-degree wide-angle lens. Although this dash cam doesn’t have many blind spots, its video quality is not of the same standard as some of the other dash cams we’ve tested.

User Experience: Navigating through the app to download video files really wasn’t much of a challenge. We felt that the process was relatively self-explanatory, though there is also a user manual included in the box so you don’t need to worry about missing out on any steps.

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers note the easy installation process and how user-friendly the app is. A few negative reviews complain that the dash cam doesn’t come with a microSD card.

#5 Best Heat Handling: Rexing Dash Cam V1

Cost: Around $95

Amazon Review Score: 4.1 out of 5 based on over 5,100 ratings

Other Key Features

  • Nighttime vision
  • Supercapacitor
  • Parking monitor feature

Rexing Dash Cam V1 and accessories

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The Best Heat Handling dash cam under $100 is the Rexing Dash Cam V1, as this dash cam can survive temperatures as high as 176.0-degrees Fahrenheit and as low as negative 20.0-degrees Fahrenheit due to the supercapacitor that’s featured in this dash cam. A 170.0-degree seven-layer glass lens paired with WDR technology allows you to capture a wide view with a clear image. The dash cam also features loop recording and a G-sensor.

While the display featured on this dash cam may not be touchscreen, it is a high-quality LCD screen with durable buttons to navigate through the screens. This dash cam is able to capture 2160p video without being so bulky that it obscures the driver’s view. The parking monitor feature automatically turns on and records 20 seconds worth of video when the car detects vibration.

What’s In The Box?

There’s not much outside of the car dash cam itself included in the box when you order a Rexing Dash Cam V1. Customers who purchase this product should expect to receive an in-car power cable, two 3M adhesive mounts, a USB computer cable, and a user manual.

Our Experience

Rexing Dash Cam V1 attached to windshield

The Rexing V1 Dash Cam features a low-profile design and a large screen. Although the screen may add to the size of the dash cam itself, it benefits the driver when they want to review footage.

Overall Rating4.2 out of 5
Ease of Installation4 out of 5
Video Quality4.5 out of 5
User Experience4 out of 5

Rexing Dash Cam V1 sample footage

Ease of Installation: The dash cam was quite easy to install as it uses an adhesive mount. While you can adjust the camera up and down after installation, it makes adjusting the dash cam left to right nearly impossible.

Video Quality: In terms of video quality, the Rexing Dash Cam V1 was one of the best in class. The details of license plates and other objects on the road came out crisp and clear after downloading the video footage.

User Experience: The large LCD screen and buttons positioned below the screen make reviewing video footage and navigating through different screens on your dash cam exceptionally easy. Furthermore, the dash cam’s app was quite user-friendly. We do wish the LCD screen was a touchscreen though.

What Customers Are Saying

The majority of customers rave over the dash cam’s video quality with one reviewer claiming the footage this dash cam captured resulted in him receiving $1,500 in damages. Other reviewers like the quick attach and detach system. A few negative reviewers note their problems saving footage.

#6 Vantrue E1 Lite Dash Cam



The Vantrue E1 Lite Dash Cam costs just under $100 but packs a number of useful features. In addition to GPS tracking, speed monitoring, and a parking mode, it also has some less-common but potentially useful functions. The camera lens is designed with a high dynamic range and has a wide aperture for excellent nighttime performance. The E1 lite also has voice activation features for hands-free operation.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $100
  • Nighttime vision
  • Parking monitor feature
  • Voice commands

What’s In The Box?

The E1 Lite comes with a power cable, plastic crowbar (for tucking cables) and a lens cleaning cloth.

Our Experience

We found the E1 very easy to install and use. It pairs with a smartphone app that allows you to fine-tune camera settings such as exposure and recording interval.

Overall4.2 out of 5.0
Ease of Installation4.5
Video Quality4
User Experience4

Ease of Installation: We had no issues installing the E1. It is very small and easy to tuck behind a rearview mirror

Video Quality: The E1 records at 1080p, but looks excellent considering this relatively low resolution. The high dynamic range makes it easy to make out vehicles and license plates (though a higher-definition camera would make this even easier).

User Experience: You can control the E1 using buttons on the camera or by using the app. The buttons aren’t very intuitive, but the functions are explained in the user manual. It is much easier to control this camera using the Vantrue app.

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 4.3 out of 5 based on over 500 ratings

Customers are impressed by the video quality considering the low price. Another thing users like about this dash cam is the small size. A couple reviewers complain that the recording angle (160 degrees) is too narrow, failing to capture as much of the road as they would like.

#7 Scosche NEXS1



Nexar makes some of the most user-friendly dash cams for those who don’t feel tech-savvy. These dash cams are designed to be as easy to use as possible by including no confusing buttons, coming with a micro SD card, and functioning through a simple app. The Scosche NEXS1 is powered by Nexar technology to provide a low-cost dash cam for those who don’t need extra features and just want a budget dash cam for insurance and accident monitoring.

Key Features

  • Cost: Around $60
  • MicroSD card included
  • Suction or sticker mount options
  • Starvis image sensor

What’s In The Box?

In addition to the camera, the Scosche NEXS1 comes with:

  • 12.0-volt car port to USB adapter
  • Charging cable (with dual USB port)
  • MicroSD card with SD adapter
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Clips for tucking the cable
  • Extra adhesive stickers

Our Experience

The NEXS1 is a straightforward dash cam that uses the Nexar app to function. While this app doesn’t work with some older Android phones, it makes it easy to review and export clips.

Overall4.0 out of 5.0
Ease of Installation4
Video Quality3.5
User Experience4.5

Ease of Installation: The Scosche NEXS1 isn’t hard to install, but the adhesive mount doesn’t allow for side-to-side adjustment. This is fixed if you opt for the suction mount, though this option pushes the total cost just north of $100 for this dash cam. The cigarette charging port has two USB outputs so that you can power the NEXS1 and a smartphone at the same time.

Video Quality: While the video quality isn’t poor, it isn’t quite as good as some of the other dash cams on this list. That said, it is good enough to make out license plates and key accident details, so should serve fine for insurance purposes.

User Experience: As with all Nexar products, the NEXS1 is designed with ease of use in mind. The camera has two buttons (one for power, one to sync with your phone). The downside is that there is no screen either. A red light lets you know the camera is on and recording. The app is simple to navigate and stripped down to include only the most important information and features for those concerned with saving clips for insurance filing.

What Customers Are Saying

Amazon Review Score: 3.6 out of 5 based on over 100 ratings

Those who like this camera say that it is simple and easy to use, especially compared to some more expensive alternatives. Those who want a dash cam that simply works and allows you to easily download videos to their phone prefer this dash cam.

Some people complain about Scosche customer support. At least one reviewer complained that it took weeks to get a response after reaching out with a complaint.

Budget Dash Cam Buyers Guide

Dash cams under $100 are more basic by design due to their lower price point, but they can still offer impressive features. Two aspects of a dash cam that we believe will set it apart from the rest are the inclusion of both front- and rear-facing cameras and night vision.

Front And Rear Cameras

Only one dash cam that we tested featured both front and rear-facing cameras, the Z-Edge Z3Pro. This dash cam was unequivocally the best overall dash cam under $100, mainly thanks to the inclusion of both cameras. For those who work in the rideshare industry – Uber or Lyft for example – a dash cam is a necessary piece of equipment, especially a dash cam with a camera that faces the cabin of the car.

A rear-facing camera can capture all of the activity that happens within the confines of a car’s interior, allowing a driver to monitor anything happening around them. Beyond its use in the rideshare industry, dash cams with front and rear cameras can capture the impact of a crash or collision on a driver, furthering the impact of dash cam footage if reviewed in a court of law.

Night Vision

All of the dash cams featured in this review have night vision and can effectively record footage in low-light conditions. If the majority of your driving is at night or if you simply want a dash cam that can record high-quality videos in all lighting scenarios, then you’ll want to look for a dash cam under $100 that includes this feature.

Best Budget Dash Cams: FAQ

*Data accurate at time of publication.