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Best Car Cleaning Products

A properly-cleaned car is good for resale value, mental health, and the overall health of your vehicle.
Written and Tested By:
Ben Kasierski
Written and Tested By: Ben Kasierski Contributor – Motor1 Review Team

Ben Kasierski is a North Carolina native who covers the latest automotive and motorcycle products. He has tested hundreds of car detailing products – including tire shines,  car wash soaps, and full detailing kits – as well as gadgets to make life easier for the everyday driver like key finders and GPS trackers.

Last Updated 01/08/2024

Motor1 Reviews Team Take:

  • Keeping your vehicle clean inside and out is a great way to improve your vehicle’s visual appeal, resale value, and riding experience. From top brands including Chemical Guys and Mr. Siga, we’ve got recommendations from all our best detailing roundups.
  • These products cover every aspect of car detailing and cleaning such as interior cleaners, tire cleaners, and more.
  • We found the best car wash soap is Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow as it excelled at making every part of our test car’s exterior shine.
Best Car Wash Soap
Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow

A sudsy soap that’s tough on grime but not your car’s paint.

Best Interior Cleaner
Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner And Protectant

An interior cleaner safe on all surfaces and your budget.

Best Tire Shine
Chemical Guys TVD-107

The best tire shine gel for a squeaky clean look on your vehicle.

Best Microfiber Towel
Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

An absorbent towel fit for tough cleanup jobs.

The best car cleaning products can deliver professional-looking results as long as you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease. In the past few decades, detailing tools have evolved to become more effective and easier to use, making at-home detailing accessible to more people. Mike Pennington, the Director of Global Training, Event Marketing & Consumer Relations at Meguiar’s, had this to say when we asked him how car detailing has changed in the last 30 years:

“[Detailing] products have evolved to become much better — easier to use, better performing, fewer steps[…Getting] the results you want has become easier for a broader spectrum of people. [Y]ou don’t have to be a professional detailer to deliver results.”

To help readers find and select some of the top detailing products, our expert review team sprayed, soaped, and soaked our testing vehicles with everything from car shampoos to detailing products to create our review guides. Out of so many soaps tested, which ones are the best to help you get a clean car with the least hassle? 

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a roundup of the best car cleaning products from our experiences to expand your arsenal of car cleaners. We’ll touch on everything from interior cleaners to tire shines that will give your car that spick-and-span glow.

Car Cleaning Product Reviews

A man cleaning the exterior hood of a vehicle with a hose.

For this review, our team thoroughly tested and evaluated each car cleaning product based on several criteria. The criteria we chose were different for each type of product, but you can find links to those reviews here and at the end of this page.

The scores in each category are compiled into a single overall rating that ranges from 1.0 to 5.0 stars. Each car cleaning product’s ratings, including their overall ratings and awards from our team, are highlighted below:

What Are The Best Car Cleaning Products?

Based on these criteria, we named the Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow, Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner, Chemical Guys TVD-107, and Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth as the best-rated car cleaning products on the market in 2024.

Brand/ModelCostOverall RatingAward
Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow$10.99 – $39.99 depending on size4.8Best Car Wash Soap
Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner$11.99 – $54.99 depending on size4.9Best Interior Cleaner
Chemical Guys TVD-107$11.99 – $59.99 depending on size5.0Best Tire Shine
Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth$12.984.8Best Microfiber Towel

*Because cost data fluctuates, the prices in the table above are approximate values that our team regularly updates.

For those interested in learning more, we’ve provided a detailed review of each of the best car cleaning products in the sections below:

1. Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow: Best Car Wash Soap

The Chemical Guys Honeydew cleaner.
  • Cost: $10.99 – $39.99 depending on size
  • Amazon review score: 4.7 out of 5.0 (approx. 22,700 reviews)
  • 16.0 oz, 64.0 oz, and 128.0 oz units available
  • Can be bought as part of car wash kit
  • pH neutral
  • Safe on all exterior car surfaces
  • Streak- and spot-resistant

Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Review

Because of its formidable cleaning capabilities at a price that won’t break your budget, Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow is our top overall pick for best car wash soap. Its pH-balanced formula is tough on grime but not your car’s paint job. We also love how well the soap’s honeydew aroma pairs well with its spot-free shine.

Here’s how the Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow performed in each category below:

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Streak and Spot Resistance5
Overall Rating4.9

Compared to the rest of the car wash soaps we tested, the Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow was the best at tackling dirt without hassle. This soap is great for anyone looking to complete a basic wash of their vehicle. For more car wash soap choices, check out our guide to the best car wash soaps.

Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Pros And Cons

Below are the pros and cons of the Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow:


  • Streak- and spot-resistant
  • pH neutral
  • Honeydew melon aroma scent


  • Higher price

Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow: Our Experience

This soap smelled amazing, and our team couldn’t get enough of the snow foam it formed over our testing car. Just an ounce of the Snow in a gallon of water was enough to overwhelm us with suds.

The Snow began to foam with stirring and spread easily across our test car. Our vehicle had no evidence of streaks after washing, and water spots were also not evident. We liked how this soap acted as a wheel cleaner, making the rims glisten.

As its name implies, this soap smells just like a fresh honeydew melon. The best part is the scent isn’t necessarily overpowering, so sensitive noses can breathe easily. All these impressions came together as we gave this product our highest rating for car wash soaps.

The Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow being used to clean the exterior of a vehicle.

Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

Many reviewers rave about the soap’s foaming abilities and its fruity smell. Worth noting are the positive reviews from car owners who used foam cannons to spray their vehicles and microfiber towels for drying.

2. Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner: Best Interior Cleaner

The Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner.
  • Cost: $11.99 – $54.99 depending on size
  • Amazon review score: 4.6 out of 5.0 (approx. 32,000 reviews)
  • 16.0-oz. spray bottle, 0.5-gallon unit, and 1.0-gallon unit available
  • Can be purchased as part of a car cleaning kit
  • UV protection
  • Safe for nearly all interior surfaces
  • Spot-free finish

Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner Review

With lasting UV protection and spotless shine, it’s no wonder the Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner and Protectant is the number one Amazon bestseller for Automotive Upholstery Care Products. This detailer made our overall pick for best interior car cleaner because it packs a punch against stubborn stains without damaging your car’s interior.

You can see how the Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner performed in each category below:

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Dust and Stain Removal5.0
UV Protection5.0
Overall Rating4.9

Chemical Guys wasn’t messing around when it named this product the “Total Cleaner.” Our review team found the all-purpose cleaner to be highly effective on stains without damaging the interior of our test car, and it left a noticeable gleam with an inviting, fruity aroma.

Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner Pros And Cons

Below are the pros and cons of the Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner:

Pros Three different scent options Two different bottle-size options UV blockers
Cons Thinner formula

Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner: Our Experience

We were able to spray this on nearly all interior surfaces without damaging them. The formula’s watery texture caused it to drip more than expected, so users should be wary of spraying too much of the product.

No remnants of dust remained after a once-over with the Total Cleaner and a microfiber towel. Stains took little effort to tackle, too. The Total Cleaner’s streak-free finish left a nice layer of UV protection over all cleaned sections of the car. That’s why we gave it our top spot in the interior cleaner roundup.

We recommend the Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner and Protectant for anyone who wants a versatile, affordable interior detailer.

The Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner being used to clean the interior door of a vehicle.

Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner: What Customers Are Saying

Customers love the Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner and Protectant’s versatility and usefulness on stains and scratches. There are some negative reviews regarding the cleaner not being suitable for all surface types as advertised.

3. Chemical Guys TVD-107: Best Tire Shine

The Chemical Guys VRP cleaner.
  • Cost: $11.99 – $59.99 depending on size
  • Amazon review score: 4.6 out of 5.0 (approx. 24,000 reviews)
  • Can be bought in 16.0-oz. or 1.0-gallon units
  • VRP (Vinyl, Rubber, Plastic) gel
  • Wet shine
  • Light tropical scent
  • UV protection

Chemical Guys TVD-107 Review

The Chemical Guys TVD-107 received a rare perfect score in our best tire shines guide. Its gel texture makes choosing the amount you want to apply easy, and little effort is needed to scrub it into a tire’s treads. Ultimately, it leaves long-lasting shine and UV protection.

You can see how the Chemical Guys TVD-107 performed in each category below:

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
UV Protection5.0
Overall Rating5.0

Our review team is confident the Chemical Guys TVD-107 tire shine can handle any level of wear and tear on a tire. We recommend this product to anyone who wants tires that will look brand new for months.

Chemical Guys TVD-107 Pros And Cons

Below are the pros and cons of the Chemical Guys TVD-107:

Pros Two different size options Gel texture for an easy application Nice scent
Cons Poorer finish on plastic surfaces

Chemical Guys TVD-107: Our Experience

What we especially liked about the TVD-107 was its versatility. The geniuses at Chemical Guys created a formula that’s not only suitable for rubber but also vinyl and plastic, so the TVD-107 doubles as an interior cleaner. Its sling-proof formula acted as a rubber restorer, too, without staining the wheel wells of our testing vehicle.

Due to its gel texture, the TVD-107 was very easy to apply and required no additional spraying or water. A high-gloss wet shine was produced on the whole tire, including in the hard-to-reach crevices of the treads. It was for these reasons we gave this product our top spot in the tire shines list.

The Chemical Guys VRP being used to clean a vehicle.

Chemical Guys TVD-107 Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

Chemical Guys TVD-107 is currently the number one bestseller on Amazon for Automotive Wheel Care. Customers rave about the TVD-107’s versatility as a multi-surface cleaner. Some negative reviews, however, comment on the TVD-107’s lackluster finish on plastic compared to rubber and vinyl.

4. Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: Best Microfiber Towel

The Mr. Siga Microfiber Cloths.
  • Cost: $12.98
  • Amazon review score: 4.7 out of 5.0 (approx. 66,500 reviews)
  • 12 towels per pack
  • Polyester/Nylon blend threads
  • High-quality stitching
  • Lint- and streak-free
  • Extremely durable

Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Review

Following rigorous testing, the Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth was our product testing team’s choice as the best microfiber towel in the industry. Its non-abrasive and extremely absorbent microfibers won’t scrape paint off of your car’s paint job and can handle cleanup like a pro.

You can see how the Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth performed in each category below:

Review CategoryScore (Out of 5.0 Stars)
Overall Rating4.8

Mr. Siga microfiber towels are one of our favorite quick detailer products with promising value. If you’re curious about other potential towels for your next auto detailing job, check out our list of the best microfiber towels for more options.

Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Pros And Cons

Below are the pros and cons of the Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth:

Pros Lightweight Lint- and streak-free Reinforced edges
Cons Multiple washes can make the towels less absorbent

Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: Our Experience

Compared to the other microfiber towels we tested, the Mr. Siga towel offers remarkable absorptive abilities. This car drying towel easily absorbed all of the water and suds after a car wash. It also soaked up interior cleaners well without scratching our testing vehicle’s dashboard.

The undetectability of the Mr. Siga towel is unmatched. After careful examination by our product testing team, we could not find a single piece of lint nor any scratches left behind. There were no streak marks left anywhere, either.

Featuring high-quality stitching with reinforced edges, these microfiber towels held up well through rigorous use. After some heavy-duty cleaning and a rinse in the washing machine, they seemed brand new. We couldn’t find any loose bits of lint or unraveling strands of fiber coming from the towels. It truly stood out as the best microfiber available on the market during our testing.

The Mr. Siga Microfiber Cloths being used to clean the exterior of a vehicle.

Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Reviews: What Customers Are Saying

Many reviewers mention the fact that the microfiber cloth is lint-free when wiping down surfaces. Individual reviews speak to the microfiber towel’s ability to clean up grime and its functionality on delicate surfaces. Several reviewers warn, however, about placing these towels in the dryer as it can cause them to shrink.

Car Cleaning Products: Buying Guide

You might be wondering why it’s so important to keep a car clean. Isn’t it enough to bring it to the car wash every so often? Apart from keeping your car’s health safer in the long run, clean spaces promote greater mental health and well-being, according to verywellmind.com. Keeping a car clean inside and out can make a world of difference.

All of the different kinds of car cleaning products featured in this review are designed for slightly different purposes, but there are some general trends you should pay attention to when shopping for this kind of product.


Unless you’re a professional car detailer or prepping a car for an automotive auction showroom, then you shouldn’t be spending your entire paycheck on a car vacuum or your last few bucks on new floor mats. All of the car cleaning products in this review are well within the reasonable asking price for each type of product.

Surface Compatibility 

There’s no steadfast rule for what type of car cleaning product can be used where. Ultimately, this means you’re going to need to read the fine print on each specific car cleaning product and check to see if it can be safely used on that particular part of your car.

Multi-purpose car cleaning products do exist, but they may not be as effective as specially designed and purposed car cleaning products. However, you’re less likely to run into limitations on where you can apply a multi-purpose car cleaning product.

How Do I Detail My Car Like A Pro?

Detailing a car isn’t a particularly difficult task in itself, but doing it to a high standard is. There are numerous helpful guides online that can offer additional tips on detailing. Below are a couple of simple steps you can take to transform your beat-up daily driver into what looks like a new car:

  1. Take your time. While this isn’t the most Earth-shattering advice you’ve ever been given, it’s something that all professional detailers do. Paying attention to the details is what ultimately separates professional car detailers from beginner detailers and DIYers.
  2. Only use microfiber on your vehicle’s exterior. Sure, the big cotton towel from your bathroom will dry your car the same as a microfiber towel – but it will leave scratches, swirls, streak marks, and more behind on your car’s paint job.
  3. Work from the top down when washing your car. This is because the lower part of your vehicle comes into close contact with road contaminants, so you don’t want to spread that to other areas of your vehicle that were otherwise untouched.
  4. Never work in direct sunlight with car cleaning products. Besides simply making the detailing process hotter, sweatier, and generally more uncomfortable than it would be in the shade – almost all car cleaning products don’t perform as well on hot surfaces or in these conditions.

Best Car Cleaning Products: Bottom Line

If you’re looking to spend the day sprucing up your favorite ride, then hopefully our recommendations for best car cleaning products have given you a great place to start. Whether you need to clean those muddy tires with the TVD-107 or de-grime your interior with the Total Interior Cleaner, we guarantee these products will bring the best out of your vehicle:

  1. Best Car Wash Soap: Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow
  2. Best Interior Cleaner: Chemical Guys Total Interior Cleaner
  3. Best Tire Shine: Chemical Guys TVD-107
  4. Best Microfiber Towel: Mr. Siga Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Car Cleaning Products: FAQ

Below are some common frequently asked questions about car cleaning products: 

How do I wash my car?

To wash your car, first, fill a bucket with clean water and soap. Next, rinse your car with clean water and then soapy water from your bucket. Use your wet rag to scrub your car with soapy water. Finally, rinse your car with clean water and dry it with a dry towel.

Washing your car’s exterior requires these basic tools:

  • Car wash soap
  • At least two towels/rags (one dry, one wet)
  • Bucket
  • Source of clean water (like a garden hose)

Do I need to wax my car?

Although not necessary, adding a layer of car wax to your vehicle after washing can protect it from further damage. Waxes have a polymer formula that preserves the layer of clear coat on your vehicle’s exterior to stop debris from scratching it.

Why is it important to keep your car clean?

Leaving the exterior of your car dirty can create ground-in stains that only become tougher and more visible over time, making cleaning difficult. You should clean the interior of your car to prevent the buildup of bacteria, which can negatively affect your driving experience and leave your car smelling foul.

Car Cleaning Products Ratings: Our Testing Process

The car cleaning products in this article went through two rounds of reviews. We started by searching Amazon for top products, looking at factors like Prime shipping eligibility, customer ratings, Amazon superlatives, and price.

The car cleaning products that best met these standards were ordered by our team for testing. A team member tested each product on a car. All of these products were tested with various criteria based on what they were designed for.

Links to each article that describe the testing processes in further detail for each category are provided below:

  1. Best car wash soaps
  2. Best car interior cleaners
  3. Best tire shines
  4. Best microfiber towels

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