Each year, our research team collects hundreds of data points from dozens of insurance companies in order to generate rankings of the best providers. For State Farm in particular, we collected over 70 pieces of data (including its total written premiums, complaint ratio, state availability, types of coverage offered, J.D. Power ratings, and more), analyzed the average costs for a variety of driver profiles and locations, and surveyed past customers on their experience. After 1,950 total hours of research, we rated State Farm insurance 4.7 out of 5.0 stars and named it Best Overall in 2023.



Our State Farm Insurance Review & Methodology

As the biggest car insurance company in the nation, State Farm insures more drivers than any other provider. Positive State Farm auto insurance reviews as well as the provider’s many discount opportunities, ability to quickly handle claims, and A++ financial strength rating from AM Best make it a great choice for most drivers. The bottom line? State Farm is our top pick overall.

How We Rated State Farm Insurance

We refresh our review standards multiple times per year to keep our information current. Overall, our insurance research falls into six main categories: industry standing, availability, coverage, cost and discounts, customer service, and technology.

Industry Standing

Insurers with strong financial ratings and customer-first business practices receive the highest scores in this category. We rated State Farm 4.8 in this category because it has been in business for a century and has excellent financial strength ratings.


We consider availability by state as well as exclusions for specific groups of drivers. We rated State Farm 4.8 for availability – it’s available in all states except Rhode Island and Massachusetts, where it no longer accepts new business. 


This rating is based on the types of insurance available, maximum coverage limits, and add-on policies. Our coverage rating for State Farm is 4.6. The company offers plenty of coverage options but does not offer new car replacement, which many of its competitors offer. Allstate, Travelers, and Liberty Mutual offer this coverage.

Cost and Discounts

Our research team reviews auto insurance rate estimates generated by Quadrant Information Services for a variety of drivers in every state. Companies with lower prices and many car insurance discount opportunities receive the best scores.

Our cost data for State Farm includes prices for male and female drivers of many age groups within the 100 most populous zip codes per state. The age groups include teen drivers ages 16 through 19, young adults who are 21 and 25 years old, and adults aged in 10-year increments through age 75. Our data also includes costs for drivers with past accidents and violations on their driving records. We rated State Farm 4.6 in this category for providing low average costs and a variety of discounts.

Costs in this article are based on averages for three vehicles – a 2022 Toyota Camry, 2022 Hyundai Accent SE, and 2022 Ford F-150 XL – with an annual mileage of 12,000 miles. Unless noted otherwise, averages are for married 40-year-old male and female drivers. Minimum coverage matches the minimum requirements per state, while full coverage includes comprehensive and collision coverage with a $500 deductible.

Customer Service

We comb through hundreds of online customer reviews on sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, and Google. We also evaluate consumer feedback studies from experts like J.D. Power, including the J.D. Power U.S. Auto Insurance Study℠ and J.D. Power U.S. Auto Claims Study℠. To gain additional customer insights, our research team conducted an independent survey of 7,000 participants in 2022 that covered general satisfaction, cost satisfaction, interaction with agents, and more. With this proprietary survey data and our third-party research, we rate State Farm 4.7 in this category.


Our last research category covers technology. In our experience, auto insurers with mobile apps, advanced online services, and telematics programs are more likely to meet consumer needs. State Farm has a reliable mobile app, a usage-based insurance program, and an app-based educational program for young drivers, so we rate it 4.4 in this category.

State Farm Quick Facts

Headquarters: Bloomington, Illinois

Founded: 1922

Availability: Nationwide, though the company no longer accepts new auto customers in Massachusetts or Rhode Island

Policies and accounts: Over 83 million

Market share: 15.9 percent in 2021 according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

AM Best financial strength rating: A++ (Superior)

Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating: A+

State Farm Insurance Industry Ratings

In the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Auto Insurance Study℠ State Farm was rated very well, placing above average in most regions and number one in the Southwest. This study measures customer satisfaction with auto insurance in 11 geographic regions across the United States. State Farm also has an A+ rating from the BBB.



How Much Does State Farm Car Insurance Cost?

Our rate estimates show that State Farm is an affordable option for minimum-liability policies. Basic minimum coverage from State Farm costs about $791 per year or $66 per month. These average rates are about 14 percent cheaper than the national average of $823 per year. (Minimum liability covers other drivers, their passengers, and their property when you cause an accident.)

Good drivers without any tickets or accidents on their records can also find full-coverage policies for about $1,721 per year or $143 per month. That’s about 14 percent cheaper than the national average of $2,106 per year or $176 per month. Of course, not everyone has a clean driving record or a perfect credit score, and these factors can affect your rates.

Full-Coverage Car Insurance Cost Comparison

Full-coverage insurance covers you, your passengers, and your vehicle in a wide variety of situations. It includes liability insurance along with collision and comprehensive insurance (we break down insurance types in the coverage section of this article).

Below, you can see how State Farm’s average costs compare to rates from other companies. The estimates below apply to 40-year-old drivers with good credit and clean driving records.

Car Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Cost EstimateAverage Monthly Cost Estimate
Erie Insurance$1,844$154
State Farm$1,876$156



What Is State Farm’s Cheapest Auto Insurance Coverage?

Minimum coverage is the cheapest option from State Farm. Like the name implies, minimum coverage is the lowest level of coverage available. Typically, it only compensates other drivers when you cause an accident. 

Different states require varying levels of minimum-coverage insurance. One state may require basic liability only, while another may require liability insurance plus uninsured motorist and personal injury protection. Minimum coverage costs more in states with higher requirements.

Below, you can see how minimum-coverage rates from State Farm compare to those from other companies.

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Car Insurance ProviderAverage Annual Cost EstimateAverage Monthly Cost Estimate
Erie Insurance$681$57
State Farm$791$66
American Family$1,182$99

We recommend that you collect and compare car insurance quotes from several providers available in your state. This is the best way to find the cheapest car insurance coverage for your circumstances.

State Farm Car Insurance Rates By Driving Profile

Here’s how State Farm premiums can change according to different driving profiles. Spoiler alert: State Farm is reasonably affordable even if you have an accident or DUI, but it’s expensive for those with poor credit scores.

Driving ProfileState Farm Average Annual Cost EstimateNational Average Annual Cost Estimate
Speeding ticket$2,120$2,661
At-fault accident$2,243$3,121

State Farm Car Insurance Rates By State

Of course, car insurance costs depend on a variety of factors, with one of the biggest being the state where you live. Below, you can see how State Farm car insurance estimates compare to each state’s average. According to our estimates, State Farm insurance rates are usually cheaper than the statewide averages.

StateState Farm Annual Cost EstimateState Average Cost Estimate
Washington, D.C.$1,690$1,898
MassachusettsData not available$2,830
New Hampshire$1,264$1,373
New Jersey$2,395$2,552
New Mexico$1,920$2,262
New York$4,220$3,653
North Carolina$1,220$1,626
North Dakota$1,280$1,372
Rhode IslandData not available$2,700
South Carolina$1,864$1,934
South Dakota$1,453$2,117
West Virginia$1,260$1,708

State Farm Car Insurance Rates By Age

Car insurance costs vary greatly by age. Teens are much more likely to get into car accidents and fender benders, so they pay more for insurance. Below, you can see the average full-coverage rate estimates for State Farm insurance for each age group. These costs are for teens who purchase their own policy, but many parents choose to add their teens to family policies to save money.

AgeState Farm Annual Cost EstimateState Farm Monthly Cost Estimate

*Costs taken from 2022 data.

State Farm Car Insurance Rate Comparison For 16-Year-Olds

Here’s how State Farm car insurance compares to other providers for 16-year-olds.

Car Insurance CompanyAnnual Rate EstimateMonthly Rate Estimate
Erie Insurance$5,760$480
State Farm$5,300$442

State Farm Rate Comparison For 21-Year-Olds

Here’s how State Farm’s rates for 21-year-olds compare to rates from other providers.

Car Insurance CompanyAnnual Rate EstimateMonthly Rate Estimate
Erie Insurance$2,103$175
State Farm$2,322$194

*Costs were taken from 2022 information.


State Farm Auto Insurance Discounts

Discounts are common in the car insurance industry, but not all companies offer the same ones. Based on the types of discounts it offers, State Farm can be a good option for students and parents with young drivers in the family. The company also offers discounts for bundling if you have types of insurance. Below are the details on all State Farm’s discounts.

State Farm DiscountEligibility Details
Accident-FreeSave money by staying accident-free for three continuous years while being insured by State Farm.
Defensive Driving CourseSave 10% to 15% by taking an approved defensive driving course.
Good Student DiscountSave up to 25% by maintaining a GPA of at least 3.0 or ranking in the top 20% of your class (only available to students).
Good Driving DiscountSave money by going three years or more without moving violations or at-fault accidents (only available to new customers).
Driver Training DiscountSave money by taking a driver training course (only available for drivers under the age of 21).
Student Away at SchoolSave money when a State Farm-insured student under 25 years old moves away to school and only drives the vehicle while at home for vacations or holidays.
Vehicle SafetySave up to 40% on MedPay coverage if your car was made after 1994 (depending on the make and model).
Passive RestraintSave up to 40% on MedPay coverage if your car was made after 1993 and has factory-installed air bags, seat belts, and other passive restraint systems.
Anti-TheftSave money if your car is equipped with an alarm or other approved anti-theft device.
Multiple AutoSave up to 20% if two or more cars in your household are insured by State Farm and owned by related individuals.
Multi-PolicySave up to 17% by bundling your car insurance with one of State Farm's other insurance products, such as life, homeowners, condo, or renters insurance.

State Farm Steer Clear Discount

State Farm’s Steer Clear® discount can save young drivers up to 15 percent on their premiums to encourage them to drive safely. The discount is given when you complete the company’s safe driver discount program within six months. The program is available to drivers under the age of 25 who have clean three-year driving records, but excludes those living in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, North Carolina, or Rhode Island.

The State Farm Steer Clear app is focused on driver education and involves the following:

  • Course training: Drivers complete five training modules in the app, which include videos, quizzes, and driving scenarios.
  • Mentoring: Drivers’ friends and family can provide feedback and log progress in the app.
  • Driving practice: Drivers need to complete at least five hours of driving over 10 trips.
  • Certification: Upon successful completion of the program, drivers get an in-app certification they can send to State Farm for a discount.

State Farm Drive Safe & Save Discount

Using State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save™ app could save you up to 30 percent if you practice safe driving habits. The Drive Safe & Save program only results in a discount on your State Farm auto insurance and won’t raise your rates. 

The State Farm Drive Safe & Save app uses phone Bluetooth sensors to monitor your driving habits. Bluetooth sensors are supplied to you when you download the app and sign up with your State Farm account information. State Farm then uses the data to determine how safe of a driver you are.

The information that your phone monitors includes:

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Cornering
  • Speed
  • Phone use
  • Time of day
  • Time traveled

Are State Farm’s Safe Driving Discounts Worth It?

With both Steer Clear and Drive Safe & Save, drivers can save on their car insurance rates from State Farm by driving safely. For younger drivers, Steer Clear is a great option to lower rates that are many times much higher than more experienced drivers. It is also easier to earn, without having to have a constant tracker on your phone.

Unlike other telematics programs such as Progressive’s Snapshot®, Drive Safe & Save will not raise your rates if you have a low safe driver score. If you are okay with the app tracking your driving behaviors, it will most likely be worth it for you to enroll. 

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State Farm Auto Insurance Coverage

With State Farm, you can get all the standard types of car insurance offered by most companies. These include:

  • Liability auto insurance (bodily injury/property damage liability): Covers other people’s vehicle repairs and medical bills when you cause an accident
  • Collision insurance: Covers your car if you cause an accident
  • Comprehensive car insurance: Covers your car from environmental damage, theft, vandalism, and collisions with stationary objects
  • Medical payments (MedPay): Covers medical bills after an accident
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): Covers medical bills, lost wages, and funeral costs
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM): Covers your vehicle and medical bills if someone without enough auto insurance causes an accident

An infographic table that shows what the six standard types of insurance do and don't cover, and where they're required.

State Farm Auto Insurance Add-Ons

You can get a few add-ons from State Farm. These include rental car coverage, travel expense coverage, and roadside assistance. 

Rental Car Coverage

If you have car rental expense coverage, State Farm will pay for a rental car while your car is being repaired after a covered claim (up to the limits you choose). The company will also cover up to $500 of a deductible if you get into an accident while driving a rental car.

Travel Expense Coverage

With travel expenses, State Farm will pay for meals, lodging, and transportation if you get in an accident more than 50 miles from home and can’t get back home. State Farm covers up to $500 for these expenses per loss.

Roadside Assistance

State Farm offers emergency road service that includes one hour of labor at the breakdown site, towing to the nearest repair shop, fluid delivery, battery jump-starts, spare tire installation, and lockout services.

Does State Farm Cover Rideshare Drivers?

Yes, State Farm offers a rideshare coverage option. This means you can be fully covered while working for companies like Uber or Lyft. Without rideshare coverage, you aren’t covered while you are on an app and waiting to accept a trip.

Can State Farm Cover Classic Cars?

Yes, State Farm offers classic car insurance. This insurance covers agreed value instead of book value. In other words, you come to an agreement on what your car is worth with your agent. This is important because classic cars can appreciate instead of depreciate over time. State Farm can also cover up to $500 of spare parts for your car.

Can State Farm Cover SR-22 Insurance?

If you’ve been convicted of serious driving violations, you might need to file an SR-22 form with your state proving you have insurance for three years. State Farm can offer coverage in this situation and file the form with your state.

What State Farm Is Missing

State Farm has a variety of coverage options and some extras, but it’s missing a few things you may see at other companies. 

New Car Replacement

Some companies offer a coverage option that replaces your recently purchased car with a brand-new model in the case of a total loss. State Farm doesn’t offer this option.

Accident Forgiveness

This add-on keeps your rate the same after one at-fault accident. Of course, accident forgiveness increases your bill a little, so it may not be worth it if you never get into an accident. State Farm offers a safe driver discount but doesn’t offer accident forgiveness. 

Diminishing Deductible

This add-on decreases your deductible by a set amount each period you go without filing a claim. Whether you call it a diminishing deductible, vanishing deductible, or deductible savings bank, State Farm doesn’t offer it.

Pay-per-Mile Insurance

While State Farm has a usage-based program, it doesn’t offer a simple pay-per-mile program. Examples of this type of insurance include Allstate Milewise®, Nationwide SmartMiles®, and Metromile. These programs charge a base rate per month and a rate per mile.

Other State Farm Insurance Products

If you have other motorized vehicles, you can probably insure them with State Farm, as well. State Farm covers motorcycles, boats, ATVs, motorhomes, travel trailers, and more.

As far as other types of insurance go, State Farm also offers:

  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Small business insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Liability insurance



State Farm Insurance Customer Reviews

Overall, customers have positive experiences with State Farm. State Farm insurance reviews often mention agents who make personal connections and offer help quickly. On the other hand, some negative State Farm reviews talk about poor customer service or miscommunication in the billing department.

State Farm has a 1.2-star rating from customers on the BBB. However, this rating is from under 700 customers. Considering the company is the most popular provider in the country, only a small fraction of people have reviewed it on the site. State Farm holds an A+ rating from the BBB because it has responded to every complaint on the site.

State Farm Insurance Complaints

The NAIC collects insurance complaints for all providers in the industry and publishes a complaint ratio. A ratio of 1.0 is average for the industry, while a lower ratio indicates fewer complaints and a higher ratio indicates more complaints. 

State Farm had a complaint ratio of 0.95 in 2021. This means the company had slightly fewer complaints than what was average for the industry. Below, you can see how State Farm compares to other companies with different complaint ratios.

Ratings from the complaint index by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for top recommended car insurance providers

State Farm Mobile App

The State Farm mobile app gives members access to insurance and financial information and provides the ability to manage their policies and accounts. Within the app, you can:

  • Pay your bill in multiple ways including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • View your insurance card and save it to your mobile wallet
  • View coverage details
  • File a claim and track its status
  • Request roadside assistance
  • Contact customer service
  • Manage State Farm banking accounts

Overall, customers are very satisfied with the app and have shown this through high ratings on both the App Store and Google Play. State Farm’s mobile app has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store, and a 4.7-star rating on the Google Play Store. 

Ratings From Our Customer Experience Survey

In 2022 our team surveyed nearly 7,000 car insurance customers. Of this group, 1,334 people had State Farm insurance. These customers rated their overall satisfaction with State Farm at an average of 4.2 out of 5.0. This lined up with the average satisfaction score for the survey. Below, you can see how customers rated State Farm in a variety of aspects.

Aspect SurveyedState Farm Rating (Out Of 5.0)Industry Average Rating (Out Of 5.0)
Overall satisfaction4.24.2
Customer service4.14
Coverage selection3.93.9
Claims service4.24.2
Mobile app rating4.24.2

Motor1 pie chart that shows the percentages of each satisfaction level from State Farm policyholders



State Farm Auto Insurance Reviews: Conclusion

We rated State Farm auto insurance 4.7 out of 5.0 stars and named it Best Overall. State Farm has many cheap car insurance options and special programs to give you the most affordable prices. It also has high customer satisfaction overall and high ratings from J.D. Power and the BBB. Although State Farm is a great option, we urge you to shop around and compare options before committing.

State Farm Auto Insurance Competitors: Top Companies

If you’re shopping for cheap car insurance, you don’t have to go with the first quote you get. It’s always a good idea to add others into the mix to see which company gives you the best value. In our review of the industry’s best car insurance companies, a few others performed as well as State Farm or better in certain areas:

  • USAA: This insurance provider offers the best prices and customer service for military members and their families. We rated USAA with 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. Learn more in our complete USAA auto insurance review.
  • Geico: This insurance provider is one of the best options for car insurance overall if you don’t qualify for USAA. Our Geico auto insurance review found that many people find comprehensive coverage and cheap rates through Geico.
  • Progressive: This insurance company also offers competitive prices and a number of discounts, and it’s great for tech-savvy shoppers. Read our full Progressive auto insurance review or check out our Progressive vs. State Farm comparison to see how these two stand up to each other.

State Farm Insurance Reviews: FAQ