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Progressive roadside assistance covers towing, emergency roadside maintenance, and fuel delivery in the event that your vehicle breaks down. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Progressive roadside assistance includes and compare it with that of the best car insurance companies.

Whether you like Progressive or another service provider, we recommend getting at least three car insurance quotes and comparing coverage and rates. To get started, use our tool above or call our team at (844) 246-8209.

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Progressive Roadside Assistance Overview

Progressive roadside assistance is offered as additional coverage, which means you buy it on top of your existing Progressive car insurance policy and it cannot be bought independently from a Progressive policy. This coverage can be used for a car, RV, or motorcycle. You can even purchase a similar “waterside” assistance policy for boats.

Progressive Roadside Assistance Coverage

Here are some of the details of what exactly Progressive roadside assistance covers:

  • Towing: Progressive will arrange to tow your vehicle anywhere within a 15-mile radius or to the nearest qualified repair shop. You will have to pay for further towing.
  • Winching: Progressive will arrange to pull your car from a ditch, snowbank, or any location in which it’s stuck.
  • Battery jump-starts: If your car has a dead battery, Progressive has you covered.
  • Fuel delivery: You still need to pay for the cost of fuel, but Progressive will cover the delivery fee if you run out of gas far from civilization.
  • Battery charge for electric cars: Progressive will pay to tow your car up to 15 miles or to the nearest qualified charging facility.
  • Lockout service: If you lock your keys in your car, Progressive can send a locksmith.
  • Flat tire change: A mechanic will be sent to change a flat.
  • On-scene labor: Progressive will pay for up to one hour of professional roadside maintenance.

Progressive Roadside Assistance Policy

There is a limit to the number of roadside events your policy will cover in a year, so you can’t request Progressive towing service every day. Check your policy limits – some services may vary from state to state. Price may also fluctuate, but expect to pay around $16 a year on top of your existing insurance premium.

In the case of an emergency, you have two choices with Progressive towing service coverage. You can either reach out to Progressive, who will dispatch a local towing company on your behalf, or you can call the towing service directly and Progressive will reimburse the cost.

Progressive Roadside Assistance Mailing Address

Reimbursement requests can be handled online, or you can mail your receipt to Progressive’s roadside assistance office in Massachusetts:

Progressive Reimbursements
PO Box 9147
Medford, MA 02155

Progressive Roadside Assistance Cost

Like car insurance rates, roadside assistance prices are not set. The costs listed below are what you can expect to pay.

How Progressive Roadside Assistance Compares

Roadside Assistance ProviderApproximate Cost/YearTowing ServicesRoadside MaintenanceLockout ServiceFuel DeliveryCustomer Service
Progressive Car Insurance$1615 miles or nearest repair shopYes, 1 hourYesYesB+
Geico Auto Insurance$14Nearest repair shopNoYes, up to $100NoA-
State Farm Auto Insurance$5Nearest repair shopYes, 1 hourYes, up to 1 hourYesB+
USAA Car Insurance$14Nearest repair shopYes*YesYesA+

*Amount of time varies by policy.

Keep in mind that most insurance providers do not offer stand-alone roadside assistance services, so you can’t get roadside assistance without a traditional Progressive policy. Roadside assistance costs are added to your existing liability, collision, or comprehensive premiums.

While State Farm may offer a lower cost for its roadside assistance, you still could end up paying more for State Farm coverage overall than a provider like Geico. Geico generally offers lower insurance premiums on standard offerings such as liability auto insurance and comprehensive car insurance coverage.

Progressive Roadside Assistance Reviews

Progressive roadside assistance is one of the more costly roadside assistance programs compared to other insurers. However, it is only slightly more expensive than competitors, and in some cases may be less expensive overall if your Progressive car insurance policy is cheaper than competitors’ coverage.

What Does Progressive Roadside Assistance Include?

Progressive’s roadside assistance package includes standard roadside services such as towing, lockout service, and fluid delivery. It also includes some non-typical coverage such as electric battery coverage and even roadside assistance for RVs and boats. Overall, we think this is a quality policy add-on for customers who already insure their vehicles with Progressive, but it may not be worth switching to Progressive just to receive.

Progressive Roadside Assistance: Conclusion

Roadside assistance coverage is not very expensive and can easily pay for itself. Think about how often you’ve had to use a towing, winching, or locksmith service in the past. If it is at least once every few years, a roadside assistance add-on may be worth it.

While the Progressive roadside assistance program compares well with competitors’ programs, we don’t recommend choosing a car insurance provider based on the emergency roadside assistance program alone. Decide which types of car insurance you need for your primary policy and go from there. You can compare quotes from top auto insurance companies by calling (844) 246-8209 or by entering your zip code below.

Compare auto insurance rates
Enter your zip code to shop for the best rates in your area:

Best Roadside Assistance Companies

We think that Progressive, Geico, and AAA have some of the best roadside assistance options, and we’ve rated each of these companies highly among insurance providers more generally as well.

Progressive Insurance: 4.6 Stars

Progressive coverage is affordable and offers a number of valuable add-ons like rental car reimbursement, custom parts and equipment value, and roadside assistance. While its roadside assistance is a little more expensive than other providers, it is also the most comprehensive. We think most customers will be satisfied with Progressive’s towing service.

We also like Progressive for its plans for high-risk drivers, including drivers in their 20s and those with DUIs on their driving record. Plus, Progressive is highly rated by industry professionals like AM Best.

Geico Insurance: 4.6 Stars

Geico has some of the lowest rates in the industry and consistently earns high marks in customer satisfaction. Its roadside assistance program has some important and useful features, including towing, winching, and lockout service, and its roadside assistance app makes it easy to get help on the road.

As the second-largest insurer in the nation, Geico has extensive options for coverage. One that stands out is mechanical breakdown insurance, which could complement a policy with roadside assistance.

AAA Insurance: 4.5 Stars

AAA is known for its roadside assistance services. While many insurance providers require you to be a policyholder to be eligible for their roadside assistance program, AAA simply requires a AAA membership. Depending on which tier of coverage you choose, a AAA membership costs $38 to $164 per year.

On top of towing, jump-starts, tire changes, and lockout services, AAA also offers fuel delivery and winching and extractions.

To learn more, check out our Progressive insurance review, our Geico review, or our AAA insurance review. You can see how each insurance company compares in our comparison articles for Geico Vs. Progressive or Geico roadside assistance Vs. AAA.

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