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When browsing for auto insurance, you want to be sure that any given provider is legitimate. One way to do that is by checking insurance companies’ codes, which can help you make sure that the companies are reliable while making it easier to look at financial data and complaints.

This article will discuss two types of insurance company codes: the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) number and the DMV code. We’ll tell you what these codes are for and how to look up your provider’s code.

When looking to buy car insurance, it’s always a good idea to compare rates. You can learn a lot from an NAIC report, but you should also read reviews dedicated to explaining coverage in common language. Start by reading our review of the best car insurance companies, and when you’re ready to begin looking for a policy, use our quote comparison tool above. Or, for an even easier experience, call (844) 246-8209 for free quotes.

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What Is An Insurance Company Code?

An insurance company code is a specific code assigned to authorized insurance retailers in the U.S. There are two types of insurance company codes: the NAIC code and the DMV code.

What Is A NAIC Code?

An NAIC insurance company code is a five-digit code that is assigned to an insurance company by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which is an organization created to conduct regulatory oversight of insurance practices in the U.S.

Because each state has its own insurance commissioner and insurance laws, the NAIC used insurance company codes to can track companies across state lines and helps to establish standards and best practices. The NAIC also provides consumer productions and reports.

Insurance companies’ codes can be used on the NAIC database to do the following:

  • View the number of closed complaints
  • Report fraud
  • Review enforcement actions taken against a company
  • Read market conduct examination reports
  • Download financial statement data

While you’re required to have liability insurance in your state, you don’t have to use a specific provider. If you have a complaint with your insurance company, contact your state insurance commissioner. These complaints will then be listed and searchable under the insurance company’s code.

NAIC codes don’t only apply to automobile insurance companies. Any American insurance company that underwrites coverage has an NAIC number, including health insurance, life insurance, and fire insurance companies.

Also, a single insurance company may have more than one NAIC number. This happens when the parent company includes multiple underwriting organizations. When this is the case, the NAIC groups each organization into a group code under the parent company to keep things simple.

What Is A DMV Code?

A DMV code is a three-digit code assigned to insurance companies that are authorized to sell insurance in that state. While NAIC codes are standardized across the nation, DMV codes are specific to individual states and issued by a state’s insurance commissioner, as each state has different insurance laws and regulations.

As a consumer, you do not really need to know which company is assigned which codes while shopping for auto insurance. This is something you do not need to know until after you have purchased insurance.



How Do I Find An Insurance Company Code?

Insurance company codes can be useful for looking up financial reports, complaints, and enforcement actions. If you’re looking for an NAIC code, you can visit the NAIC website for a list of insurance companies’ codes.

DMV codes should be listed on your insurance card and may be needed in order to register your vehicle. Contact your car insurance provider for more information.

Listed below are the NAIC codes for our top 12 best car insurance providers for your convenience:



Other Valuable Ratings For Car Insurance Companies

There are a number of rating agencies and websites that review car insurance providers, many of which can be helpful. Before purchasing auto insurance, consider checking the following ratings. These are not property and casualty insurance company codes but are reliable numbers that can help you better understand a company.

RatingWhat it tells you
J.D. Power Auto Claims Satisfaction Study℠This score gives an indication of how satisfied customers are with the claims process. It might tell you how likely it is your claim will be accepted, as well as the speed and ease of the claims process with a particular company.
AM Best Financial Strength RatingThis rating indicates the financial strength of a company. The stronger a car insurance company’s financial strength, the more able it is to meet obligations and pay out claims.
Better Business Bureau RatingBBB ratings are based on customer satisfaction and company reputation. A company with a high BBB rating is known for treating customers fairly and making reasonable efforts to resolve complaints.
Provider ReviewsOur provider reviews offer consumer-focused analyses. Scores are based on customer reviews, ease of claims filing, and quality of coverage.



Our Recommendations For Auto Insurance

Shopping for car insurance can be complicated. With dozens of options, it is more important than ever to be an informed shopper.

The best single piece of advice that we give to people looking for car insurance is to compare quotes and plans across multiple providers. Get started by using our quote comparison tool and checking out some of our top recommended providers. Or call our team at (844) 246-8209.

Geico Insurance: Best Discount Availability

Geicos insurance company code is 35882 with the NAIC. With Geico auto insurance, you are eligible for a wide range of discounts. Student drivers receive discounts for good grades, and safe drivers can track their driving to receive premium reductions. Geico boasts nationwide availability, affordable rates, and an easy claims process. Geico is low-cost and highly recommended. It’s a good place to start when comparing quotes.

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USAA Insurance: Best For Military

USAAs insurance company code is 25941 with the NAIC. USAA auto insurance policies are both comprehensive and inexpensive. The insurer has one of the strongest customer service reputations in the industry as well as some of the lowest car insurance rates on the market. Keep in mind that USAA car insurance coverage is only available to military members and their families.

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Compare Car Insurance Rates
Get matched with a top provider and compare instant quotes in just a few clicks

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