While you have no choice but to pay for the insurance required in your state, you can choose which provider to use. We evaluated the top car insurance companies to show you precisely what to look for during your own research.

In this article, we will cover the ways to determine which provider is right for you and what aspects of the company you should look into. We will also touch on a few ways to save money.

Whenever you shop for car insurance, we recommend getting quotes from multiple providers so you can compare coverage and rates. In addition to the insurance company you choose, factors such as your age, vehicle make and model, and driving history can affect your premium, so what’s best for your neighbor might not be best for you.

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Reviews Of The Best Auto Insurance Providers

With our top insurance reviews, we investigated some of the most popular choices. In our ratings, we gave an overall score to each company. We also looked at the A.M. Best rating and J.D. Power Claim Servicing Score.

Beyond that, we evaluated the available coverage options to determine which provider offers the most benefits. Among the benefits, we were most interested in usage-based coverage options, accident forgiveness, and new car replacement (to cover auto loans). Here is what we found.

Best Auto InsuranceOverall Star RatingAM Best Financial Strength RatingJ.D. Power Claim Servicing ScoreUsage-Based InsuranceAccident ForgivenessNew car replacement
1. USAA4.8A++5/5
2. Geico4.6A++3/5
3. State Farm4.6A++3/5
4. Progressive4.6A+3/5
5. AAA4.1A3/5
6. Liberty Mutual4.5A3/5
7. Allstate4.2A+3/5

#1 USAA Reviews: Best For Military

If you are a military member, veteran, or part of a military family, you can’t find a company with better reviews than USAA. Let’s take a look at what some customer reviews are saying on Trustpilot.

“I am surprised by all the negative reviews about USAA. I have had them for almost 20 years. I am still serving Active Duty and always have had positive responses with them. I started off using Auto insurance with them. 

They were always competitive and easy to work with. In my lifetime of claims, I have never had an issue and they responded quickly with any claims. Once I moved back to the US after 10 years overseas, I started to use their banking services with checking and savings. Never had an issue and love getting reimbursement with foreign ATM charges. Do wish they had more physical locations but now that they have mobile deposit made missing a physical location not an issue.”

– Juan Torres via Trustpilot

“They have a history of excellent customer support, and I currently recommend them for property insurance (primary residence & rental properties). Their banking (mortgage loans, checking & savings) products are exemplary as well.”

– Levi Romans via Trustpilot

Among the Trustpilot reviews, it’s important to note that the company seems to have an unusual amount of negative reviews. As the happy customers state, there doesn’t seem to be something right with the abnormal amount of complaints, especially considering the following rankings.

  • Top scores in the Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study
  • Top of the chart in the Auto Insurance Shopping Study
  • Highly recommended during the Auto Insurance Customer Claims Satisfaction Survey
  • A++ financial rating from AM Best

While this company offers other products and services for members, you cannot get coverage unless you have an affiliation with the military.

Average costs appear to be some of the lowest in the industry.

In addition, you can expect fast claims service with USAA. You can report the claim in mere minutes with the website. Plus, it’s simple to check on the claim, any time of the day or night.

Pros Affordable rates and numerous discounts Good option for military members and young drivers Superior financial rating from AM Best Nationwide availability
Cons Only available for military and their families

To learn more about this auto insurance provider, check out our USAA auto insurance review.

#2 Geico Reviews: Best For Students

One of the most well-known companies in the market is Geico. This provider has a wide range of discounts, and appears to cater to young drivers with good grades. You can see from the auto insurance reviews, that there is a mixture of both bad and good feedback regarding policy coverage. Here are some to consider from Trustpilot.

“I got into an accident with an Infinity Insurance Policy holder, he rear-ended me, he got the ticket and police report clearly stated he was at fault. Dealing with Infinity was and is a nightmare, so I gave up trying to claim with Infinity and claimed against my insurance, Geico. It was like night and day with the adjusters, always returned calls and texts, answered every question I had and on top of that talked with me about the Subrogation process, since I was not at fault for the accident. I dropped my car off at the auto collision center of my choice, and since I have an Audi, they approved all OEM parts for my car, and talking with collision center, most insurance companies won’t approve OEM parts, like State Farm is the worst he said, but Geico just wants an explanation as to why OEM is necessary and almost 90% they approve it.”

– John Kang via Trustpilot

“Geico treated me unfairly and I want others to be aware. Another Geico policy holder slammed into me while I was sitting still causing a neck injury and damaging my vehicle. I too am insured by Geico. I was lied to and told that there would be two settlement checks issued to be forced to settle at an unfair amount. I am left with medical issues and a car that doesn’t operate properly and has a lot of issues. After spending 6 months fighting the way I was treated speaking to numerous Geico supervisors I have gotten nowhere. I am canceling my several-year policy and cutting ties with Geico. No one should be treated this way. I pray you are not a victim of an accident and Geico is the at fault party’s insurance provider. You will need a lawyer just to be treated fairly.”

– Cassandra Drinnon via Trustpilot

The majority of negative reviews seem to be a misunderstanding about what was covered and how the policies worked. When researching the company on other fronts, we see a different picture altogether.

  • A+ rating from BBB
  • Top scores in Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study
  • Average scores in Auto Insurance Shopping Study
  • Average scores in Auto Insurance Customer Claims Satisfaction Survey
  • A++ AM Best financial rating

You can file an auto claim through the website, by calling Geico, or by using your mobile app. The claims process is straightforward and payout appears to be prompt in uncomplicated cases.

Pros Many choices for coverage A+ rating from the BBB and A++ financial strength rating from AM Best High level of customer satisfaction Available in all 50 states
Cons Average quotes experience

To learn more about this auto insurance provider, check out our Geico auto insurance review.

#3 State Farm Reviews: Best For Teens

If you have a young driver in the home, you might do best with State Farm. Among the various car insurance reviews, State Farm often ranks at the top for families with teenagers. Typically, auto insurance premiums skyrocket with a lack of driving history, but many find State Farm’s rates to be reasonable. Let’s look at a few Trustpilot reviews, both for the good and bad.

“LOVE State Farm! All of my insurance, banking and financial planning is through SF. Quick service, both at the agent’s office and on the phone. Needed a tow, they sent someone ASAP and no [money] was paid out of pocket for the tow. Had a checking acct question and they were available on the phone super late and to chat with online as an IM. Love my agent!”

-euroqueen2015 via Trustpilot

“After 25 years we are searching for a new insurance company. After our last claim on a brand new Jeep Wrangler Sahara Limited Hyper green was struck by lightning while my wife was going down the interstate. I will never recommend them or here in Missouri as well. The brand new Jeep with 27,000 miles was total loss fried out electronics. It took them 2 months to settle with a first counterclaim offer. We lost $6,000 in value on a brand new vehicle just because of geographic location.”

-Brandon Diehl via Trustpilot

Among the other research we’ve done, we found that State Farm also has these accolades.

  • A rating from BBB
  • A++ financial strength rating from AM Best
  • Good scores in Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study
  • Average ranking in Auto Insurance Shopping Study
  • Average scores in Auto Insurance Customer Claims Satisfaction Survey

If you desire to work with a company offering other financial products besides just auto insurance, State Farm might be the right choice for you. The company maintains high satisfaction ratings and continues to excel among auto insurance reviews.

Many customers rave about the ease of filing a claim with State Farm. You can expect personalized care from your agent after a covered incident.

Pros Comprehensive coverage offerings Extensive selection of discounts Positive online quotes process A rating from the BBB
Cons Reported errors with autopay Not available for new customers in Massachusetts or Rhode Island
To learn more about this auto insurance provider, check out our State Farm auto insurance review.

#4 Progressive Reviews: Best For Comparison Shopping

Another option for military members as well as civilians is Progressive. This company provides a range of coverage options and has a large portion of the market share. Let’s take a peek at a positive and negative review from Trustpilot.

“Online Insurance. You can only expect so much, this is a business working to a high level of efficiency. I got what I expect, fast and easily update-able policies, lots of notifications, low prices and great service.”

-Benjamin Bailey via TrustPilot

“Progressive has a lot of publicity, but their auto insurance prices are high. I was with them for a year because it has good accessibility in their online platforms. When I applied to other insurers, I realized that their costs were high. Now, I have insurance with a better offer and I pay less than half.”

-Gabriel Ramos-Toledo via TrustPilot

In addition to looking at the auto insurance reviews, we also see the following favorable rankings for Progressive.

  • A+ financial strength from AM Best
  • Average scores in Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study
  • Median ranking in Auto Insurance Shopping Study
  • Average scores in Auto Insurance Customer Claims Satisfaction Survey

What truly sets Progressive apart is the Name Your Price tool that is offered. You can easily find the rates for Progressive as well as other companies without having to spend a lot of time comparison shopping.

While the prices do go up a little compared to some other companies, you will receive exceptional service and a fast claims process. You can even have the repairs guaranteed if you use an in-network provider.

Pros One of the top auto insurers in the United States A+ financial rating from the AM Best Great choice for high-risk drivers Several money-saving features
Cons Average claims process Mixed customer service reviews

To learn more about this auto insurance provider, check out our Progressive auto insurance review.

As you can see, all of these companies have a lot to offer. Enter your zip code in this tool or call (844) 246-8209 to explore pricing for these popular providers:

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Why Do You Need A Reputable Auto Insurance Provider?

At first glance, it might seem logical to go with the cheapest insurance company. While everyone wants to save money, you must evaluate the cost associated with these cheap insurance premiums.

If you choose a company with a poor reputation, you might have trouble getting the claims paid. Even if the company does pay out, it could take longer than expected, leaving you without a car in the worst case scenario.

Skimping on the policy itself is just as dangerous. By lowering your coverage options in order to get rock-bottom car insurance rates, you put yourself at risk. If you cause an accident and the other person is severely hurt, you are liable for the damages, although the insurance company may pick up some of the bill.

Let’s say that their injuries cause a settlement of $500,000, but your insurance covers only $100,000 of liability insurance. This problem equates to you having to pay $400,000 to cover the loss. Are you in the financial position to do that? Most people are not.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to read through auto insurance reviews to make sure you choose the best company. Then, you want to evaluate the bodily injury and other terms to make sure you have enough protection in the case of a catastrophic accident.

Auto Insurance Reviews: What To Look For

As you evaluate what the insurers offer, it’s helpful to look at a few key places for guidance on best auto insurance reviews. We use a few trusted resources when doing our research.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): The Better Business Bureau (BBB) provides company rankings based on customer complaints. If the company chooses to be accredited, this indicates that the organization strives to maintain high-quality service. BBB also reports helpful customer reviews and ratings. However, accreditation shouldn’t be your primary determining factor as it does cost a good deal of money to achieve this status, and not all organizations want to pay for it.
  • AM Best: You need to know what the financial rating of an insurance provider is. This standing allows you to see if the company can pay for its claims. AM Best is one of the resources used when looking at financial health.
  • J.D. Power: This company conducts various surveys, including customer satisfaction, buyer behavior, and quality. While J.D. Power doesn’t deal exclusively with insurance companies, there are some fantastic resources available. Consider looking at the Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study, Auto Insurance Shopping Study, and the Auto Insurance Customer Claims Satisfaction Survey.
  • Trustpilot: If you want to evaluate car insurance reviews from customers, Trustpilot offers a great resource. Nearly one million reviews are published each month. These auto insurance reviews help you to grasp a better understanding of how well the company interacts with its customers.
  • Google Reviews: Searching Google Reviews can be an excellent way to learn more about an insurer’s reputation and competency.

How To Get The Best Auto Insurance Rates

After you’ve evaluated all of the best auto insurance reviews, it’s time to pick the company you want to work with. Thankfully, there are still some ways to lower your rates. Here are some tips to lower your car insurance premiums, as per guidance from the Insurance Information Institute.

  • Shop around: The easiest way to get a lower premium is to receive multiple quotes. We recommend getting a least three when you are comparing coverage.
  • Evaluate your vehicle: Some cars come with a higher insurance premium because of the expensive parts or high cost of replacement. Other vehicles are known to be among the cheapest to insure. Before you purchase a vehicle, you should get an insurance quote to understand where it falls.
  • Raise the deductible: If you can afford to take a greater financial hit after an accident, consider increasing the deductible. Simply going from $250 to $500 per incident can make a big difference in your payments.
  • Reduce coverage: If you have an older vehicle that isn’t worth a lot, you might be able to drop comprehensive and collision coverage. Just make sure you have the money to pay for repairs and can cover a total loss.
  • Bundle insurance policies: If you choose an insurance company that offers other financial services other than auto insurance, you might be able to bundle your policies and save more money.
  • Keep your credit score up: It doesn’t matter what type of insurer you use, your credit scores will also determine the premiums. When you maintain a good credit history, your insurance premiums drop.
  • Maintain a clean driving record: If you are accident-free and don’t get any tickets, the insurance company will often reward you. On the other hand, if you get into trouble, you can expect to pay more because you become a liability.
  • Shop all discounts: Ask the company what other discounts are offered. You can find rewards for being a good student, paying your premium in full, and taking a safe driving course.

With a little diligence and time spent searching through the best auto insurance reviews, you will find the policy and rate that works for you.

Before you make your choice, we encourage you to take a look at our reviews of our top best insurance providers, based on financial strength, availability, customer service, costs and discounts, coverage, and technology.

Best Auto Insurance Companies of 2021:

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In an effort to provide accurate and unbiased information to consumers, our expert review team collects data from dozens of auto insurance providers to formulate rankings of the best insurers. Companies receive a score in each of the following categories, as well as an overall weighted score out of 5.0 stars.

  • Industry Standing: Insurers with strong financial ratings and customer-first business practices receive the highest scores in this category.
  • Availability: We consider availability by state as well as exclusions for specific groups of drivers.
  • Coverage: This rating is based on types of insurance available, maximum coverage limits, and add-on policies.
  • Cost and Discounts: Our research team reviews sample quotes for a variety of drivers in every state. Companies with lower prices and many car insurance discount opportunities receive the best scores.
  • Customer Service: We comb through customer reviews and consumer feedback studies from experts like J.D. Power.
  • Technology: Auto insurers with mobile apps, advanced online services and telematics are more likely to meet consumer needs.