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Thinking about adding a spouse to your car insurance policy? In most cases, this is a good idea. Insurance companies expect that drivers will let others borrow their cars, especially spouses. But what are the benefits of adding your spouse to your car insurance, and should you always do it? This article examines those questions to help you decide.

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Should You Add A Spouse To Your Insurance Policy?

Most insurance companies require that you add your spouse to your car insurance policy. You are generally supposed to list all licensed drivers in your household on your policy. Insurance companies assume these people may regularly use your car.

Failure to add your spouse to your insurance policy after they move in with you could be a violation of your auto insurance contract. If your spouse gets into an accident with your car and wasn’t listed on your policy, your claim may be denied.

Even if you aren’t required to add your spouse to your insurance, it is usually worth doing so for a couple of reasons. The benefits are a little different depending if you and your spouse share a vehicle or drive separate cars. In both cases, it is usually recommended to be listed on one another’s policies.

My Spouse And I Have One Vehicle We Share

If you and your spouse share a vehicle, your spouse certainly needs to be added to your coverage. Your rates are likely to go up when you add another person to your policy, however, this is cheaper than buying a second policy for your spouse.

If your spouse has a better driving record and credit score, you might even consider registering the car in your spouse’s name and having them listed as the primary policyholder.

My Spouse And I Have Our Own Vehicles

Even if you and your spouse have separate vehicles, you should consider getting listed on one another’s policies. In this case, consider purchasing both policies from the same insurer. If you and your partner have different auto insurance providers, you should consolidate.

Adding a spouse to your policy will probably increase it slightly. However, if you purchase two policies with the same insurer, you will likely qualify for a multi-car discount. You will most likely pay less for your combined policies than you pay individually with separate policies.

Additionally, when your insurer finds out that you are married, there is a fair chance your rates will decrease. Married people tend to file fewer claims and so generally can secure lower premiums.

Finally, there is a convenience to having two policies bundled under one account. You can manage your policies in the same place and pay your bill together, rather than juggling multiple companies and providers, each of which may have a different claims process and billing cycle.

How To Add Your Husband Or Wife To Your Car Insurance

If you are ready to add your spouse to your car insurance, simply contact your insurance provider (or your spouse’s insurance provider) and ask to do so.

When you add your spouse to your policy, you can either add your spouse as a policy co-owner or as a listed driver. Co-owners have control over the policy and can file claims, change coverage, and pay bills. A listed driver is covered by a policy, but cannot do any of the above-mentioned things.

In most cases, there’s no reason not to have your spouse listed as a co-owner.

When Not To Add A Spouse

Why wouldn’t you add your spouse to your coverage?  One reason may be if they have a very bad driving record. If they are seen as particularly risky to insure, it may be better to have them have their own high-risk policy.

You can specifically exclude a spouse from coverage. However, not all auto insurance companies will allow you to do this. Contact your insurance carrier and ask if you are interested in this option. If you decide to list your spouse as an excluded driver, that means they can never drive your vehicle.

Our Recommendations For Car Insurance

Marriage may ultimately result in lower car insurance premiums, especially if both people have strong driving records. Bundling policies is often cheaper than buying two policies separately, too. If you’re recently married, it’s a great time to reassess your car insurance options. During your search, consider two providers that performed well in our industry-wide review: USAA and Progressive.

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Compare auto insurance rates
Enter your zip code to shop for the best rates in your area:

USAA: Best For Military

USAA was founded in 1922 and has since grown into one of the largest car insurance companies in the U.S. Originally founded by military officers, USAA continues to offer insurance and banking products exclusively to military service members and their families. If either you or your spouse is eligible for a USAA policy, then you can both get USAA car insurance after your marriage. If this is an option for you, we recommend getting a quote from the insurer.

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Progressive: Best For High-Risk Drivers

We think Progressive car insurance is a particularly good option for high-risk drivers because of offerings like small and large accident forgiveness. Some of the discounts offered by Progressive include a good student discount, and savings for multiple policies and vehicles. Homeowners who bundle their car insurance and drivers who’ve installed anti-theft devices can also save money with Progressive.

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