Top Speed: 204 MPH

Everything in this list said about the Dodge Challenger Hellcat can also be said of the Charger Hellcat, its four-door sibling. Both cars came out first as 2015 models, both can reach a top speed of 204 miles per hour thanks to their 707-horsepower engines, and both can be bought used for well under $50,000 today.

  Engine Power Top Speed Price When New
2015-Present Dodge Charger Hellcat Supercharged 6.2L V8 707 HP / 650 LB-FT 204 MPH $64,990

The major differences between the two-door Challenger Hellcat and four-door Charger Hellcat are, well, their number of doors, but also their base prices when new. The Challenger Hellcat was about $4,500 cheaper than the Charger Hellcat's base price of $64,990. That means you might be able to find newer versions of the former for under $50K than you can the latter. 

Still, there are plenty of used Charger Hellcats under $50K to be had. KBB says the "Typical Listing Price" of a first-year 2015 model is just $36,734. Meanwhile, on CarGurus, there are dozens of Charger Hellcats for sale under $50K, this one being the cheapest at $35,900.