Answering a question probably no one ever asked, Newport Convertible Engineering decided to turn a sedan into a convertible. Not just any sedan, but the Tesla Model 3, while keeping all four doors and replacing the fixed metal roof with an electrically retractable soft top. It takes anywhere between two to three months to complete the conversion and it’ll cost you $30,000 for the manual top, plus the donor car. Should you want the electric-folding roof, the price jumps to $39,500.

Newport Convertible Engineering mentions there are seven steps it needs to follow in order to turn the Tesla Model 3 sedan into a convertible: stripping out the interior, beefing up the body, making the actual design, and then doing the necessary body cuts. After that, NCE starts manufacturing the bits and pieces necessary for the convertible top and picking out the upholstery and installing it. The final step is to test the soft top and make sure water doesn’t infiltrate into the cabin.