The Ford Police Interceptor Utility is the go-to police vehicle today. Ford worked hard to make it a superb Crown Vic/Taurus replacement. It’s based on the Explorer, and it stands out from its competitors thanks to its variety of powertrains. That includes a hybrid, which is the standard powertrain for the vehicle. Full-time all-wheel-drive and a 10-speed automatic are also standard.

  • 3.3-Liter V6 hybrid / 3.0-Liter V6 / 3.3L gas
  • 318 hp (237 kW), 322 lb-ft (436 Nm) /400 hp (298 kW), 415 lb-ft (562 Nm) / 285 hp (212 kW), 260 lb-ft (352 Nm)
  • AWD
  • SUV