While everyone seems to be talking about the BMW Z4-based Toyota Supra, there are still tuners out there turning their attention towards the legendary Mk4 generation. You’ve probably seen or heard stories of A80 Supras being dialed to ridiculously high levels of power, but this one takes the cake. Enter the heavily modified 2JZ engine, putting down a whopping 2,033 horsepower and 1,303 pound-feet (1,766 Newton-meters) of torque during a recent dyno test.

Still not impressed? Well, it’s worth noting these amazing output numbers were measured at the wheels, so the engine’s output is even higher at the crank. Considering an industry-accepted 15 percent power loss from the crank to the wheels, this amped-up Supra could be making roughly 2,390 hp and 1,535 lb-ft (2,081 Nm).