Base Price: $421,321

The Aventador S Coupe packs a potent 729 horsepower 6.5-liter V12 engine, with outrageous styling that makes it look fast while parked at the curb. At that, an extensive list of options, many of them purely cosmetic, is available to jack up its already staggering sticker price even further. 



Fully Loaded

Aventador S Coupe



There’s a choice of 41 separate paint colors and six seat upholstery treatments for the Aventador. Buyers can choose from special brake caliper colors for $1,400. There’s also several carbon fiber exterior and custom trim items available, with a lower carbon fiber treatment costing a whopping $19,200. If you want the engine cover in carbon fiber it will cost you $2,700; the same on the X-frame is another $5,500, and it’s $4,500 to do likewise to the engine compartment. A carbon or transparent hood is $7,600. Wheel upgrades are priced as high as $6,700. 

A premium “Sensonum” audio array costs $4,200. Heated power seats are $4,200 and it’s $7,200 for manual sport buckets. A leather or suede-wrapped steering wheel is available for $800. Interior cabin upgrade packages cost as much as $10,500. Other options include a garage door opener ($700), a smoker’s package ($500), a travel package ($1,100), and a garage door opener (700). A fire extinguisher is $800 for safety’s sake.