CAP HPI's Mark Bulmer said: This SUV has started to establish itself in the market and has proven to be a solid investment with low depreciation. As the cars ages, it’s clear the 4x4 models are highly sought after in both petrol and diesel form. This car is well built, and the engines are already tried and tested in other vehicles. It represents value for money motoring, and if it fits your vehicle needs, should be considered. Prices start at £5,500 to circa £14,000.

We say: If you're after a small, cheap SUV to abuse in the winter, then look no further. It's fairly simple and sparsely equipped, but if all you need is a 4x4 to get you to the shops when you'd otherwise be snowed in, who cares whether it has a reversing camera? It's a workhorse, but the sort of workhorse you'll bond with.