Despite the change from a twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 to a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, the Panamera GTS is not significantly more powerful than the S. Power increases from 440 to just 453, although torque sees a sizable jump from 405 pound-feet to 457. The extra twist is the primary contributor in the GTS scooting to 60 miles per hour three-tenths of a second faster than the 4S (3.9 seconds to 4.2).

On the road and with the drive mode set to its most aggressive, the 4.0-liter engine and eight-speed dual-clutch transmission are natural partners. Dip into the throttle and the ample torque will move the Panamera ahead eagerly – the transmission only steps in when really necessary, dropping multiple gears in short order before firing off rapid upshifts as speeds climb. The Panamera GTS loves to run.