As we'll highlight in a moment, there are more powerful cars with starting prices well below the Panamera GTS' $128,300 price tag. But this is a more engaging, more enjoyable vehicle. The Panamera, despite its size and mass, feels agile and willing when presented with a corner. You can push the Porsche in a way that a faster car, like the Mercedes-AMG E63 or BMW M5, might not appreciate. In short, this feels like a sports car when exercised, rather than a very fast sedan with confident handling, like you'll find elsewhere in Germany. That's partially down to our test car's Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control, a system that quashes body roll using active anti-roll bars. This $5,000 option also includes rear torque vectoring, for more speed on corner exit. Even without this package, though, the Panamera has the steering rack of a smaller, more eager car.