Entered by: Brett T. Evans, age 372 months

I thought it would be cool if Rolls-Royce made a sport utility vehicle back in the 1970s, so I made a two-door Rolls-Royce Cullinan Camargue. It has the same crisp styling that made the original Camargue so infamous, but I couldn't resist peppering in some styling elements from further back in Rolls-Royce history.

For example, the landau bars and fabric roof, full disc wheel covers, and massive radiator shell scream vintage luxury. The formal roof and thick pillars give rear-seat passengers plenty of space and privacy, and the driver has a supreme, commanding view of the road ahead thanks to a high-riding seating position, long hood, and Spirit of Ecstasy radiator ornament. A trunk rack is optional.

Powering the Cullinan Camargue is a 6.75-litre V8 engine, boosted courtesy of a turbo- and supercharger combination. Its output is sufficient for the high-sided, all-terrain coupe, and a power reserve gauge keeps the driver abreast of how much the engine has to give.