Entered by: John Neff, age [REDACTED] 

My entry is a Rolls-Royce Cullinan Overlander with a quad-turbo V12 engine. I love overlanding vehicles, and because Rolls-Royces are the best vehicles of their kind, I think the company should make its version of the perfect overlander. 

My design has a jacked-up suspension for larger wheels and tires, Vibranium skid plates, and a raised roof with extended rear section for spacious living quarters. 

Special features include a beefy roof rack with matching leather steamer trunks, 360-degree lighting with surveillance cameras, Vibranium skid plates, a carbon fiber shovel, and jerry cans filled with essential liquids for roughing it outdoors: fuel, water, wine, and LaCroix. 

My favorite feature, though, are the elegant portholes along the sides of the raised roof. These are designed to let "Jesus shafts" of light stream into the cabin in the morning, thereby waking you up as gently as you rise to meet the day back in your French villa.